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11/26 Stevie Johnson still has hope for the Bills' season

Nov 26, 2012|

Stevie Johnson on Schopp and the Bulldog

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Much over the Bulldog who welcome back to WGR Buffalo Bills football Monday Hillary who is Stevie Johnson -- Stevie. They were a robot or. OK so we have a little less time at this time -- day that we -- at the top of the hour. Look. Do you think Ryan Fitzpatrick should call more plays or don't you Steve. Not a -- answered a question like that is news. If they're true though I would amidst a bit audible dot com that's a -- to say we use certain peace -- are certain look. Malaysia have. Are all of what I ballclub matters aside and shared play call. Do you get the sense that he because that -- heard a few different things today I mean they're both guys Ryan Fitzpatrick in Chan Gailey on their morning show here Stevie -- on. Brian cities created globalized just as much as he's always been. The first time I've ever recall hearing Gailey talked about in daily said he's not always allowed to Donald it's different from any other year. But that there are certain circumstances that that he really doesn't want its Patrick does change the play points. Yeah army in our armed elections you know whatever -- news Argo. You know player I've out there and put all on everything combo for the most part. Rushed out of the way after that it as if -- Indianapolis called very. A -- we we could audible or someplace. Figure there's that other -- it -- and we did so there's no doubt -- beat him by emotion so. -- which where doctors. Stevie one little thing I think maybe it's not so little that bugs me about about play calling with the bills is that seems. Whether it's CJ Spiller or or yourself this happened yesterday. -- earlier Fitzpatrick the ball goes to one certain guy a few plays in a row. Like for instance you read that sixty yard or so catch yesterday then the next pass was a pass for you word look like there was a a miscommunication and then the next pass was a pass for you. You had knowledge that you think I'm wrong like what what's up with that if anything. All you have is you have a lot -- if he's really complain. As he gave little if pretty -- to play -- -- spiritual guide you know there are still. But often they're competent guy -- in August when it was supposed to be. -- my it was my turn I guess. You know -- you put it you know real well -- -- Selig and -- Let people live well. I guess at the risk of sounding naive I'm thinking after that sixty yard pass maybe you want a play off. Or maybe he whether it's change of pace for the -- defense or just you know. Do you need to catch your breath after a play like that or no are you ready for the next one. Well oddly enough that battled -- -- will play. -- -- Either -- where we never keep our player awful -- -- -- -- -- Iraq or or season. Well I'll literally bring about give -- the feel that I appreciate it if you go to every play out when a limited mad about it at all. You know I think we have coming up again what a loss in somehow we still have. Oh make him make -- play out well. Related to go you know got beat these jaguar -- We got it got a wicked game got a without. Last thing on this from yesterday on that one you've caught the long when he caught. Did you you must -- I guess intuitively -- not you did did you not think you could beat the guy down the sideline what was the play as you saw. Of those big guys. Physical for the middle and -- but I've read the DVR -- what I haven't spoke. My old boat load it up alert and I'll I'll read -- I'll read their ankle got. But do I look back. -- back to Russia a monthly number forty. Gave -- -- in a big of occurred a little low earlier rely wanna true. And without pretty much. The reason why they occurred in. In it and get tackled out -- -- Your way and your legs all go to -- helping. Your skirt right there. So you mentioned in the in the course of responding to one of those queries there about feeling like going into the game you can win the game. And keep their playoff hopes alive or have appeal wrapped for the season. If you lost and then followed up with you know somehow you're still alive like -- -- How are you guys looking at this Stevie I mean you've got to feel like if you public yesterday was a must win kind of game -- to hear about it to play a playoff game. You must feel pretty close the life support at this point. You definitely -- -- you created you know I felt as if we get real important outlet. I mean you know and by the seven -- -- still make playoff and I think we have we have a shot a moderate throughout the rely on other table would do what we know we don't want to. But you that there's no we put ourselves -- you know when you're not seventeen ought to play all the talk about people a lot of a sort of -- too -- that we can make your. Respecting that and -- you know my -- icu that way but I know why the team would see it that way and that's probably what. You guys is how you guys should look at it at some point Stevie maybe we best do this in prior years. You have to start to look for other motivational tools maybe late in the season and one might be especially this year. Jobs. Of maybe your quarterback meet your head coach this kind of thing this is what will frankly this is what fans are going to be talking about not. You guys went in five straight you know the rest of the way here that. Sounds like a lot you know. And we understand that we understand it is going to be -- were talking about. Curative -- that guy aired. I think we auditors understand that we dog so like. Everybody's job as a -- I'm not say you know what nobody -- for all of his order today. You know all we can do we care what he worried about you know what their -- -- outside. All we can do is put up put them over the back open up our Eduardo. A scrapbook in in try to win that big game you know and and try to change. You know what people say about it and it was on modality -- so a -- local law that we detailed in -- so -- got to describe -- and -- to your work. -- given given the stakes the approached the team had its like a playoff game men and and like you Marty said. Podium. -- come out of that game what did you feel like you're playing a team that gives up a lot of points point six points a game. Had to expect to be able to do some business in the passing game in short the one big play to you they're just once in March. Going on downfield. Or anywhere really in the passing game. Just talk a little bit about what what went on in the game and what impact that it so that you guys were so limited offensively. I think that you thought that we we know we've moved the ball. But. In people who also got the expert or owner -- that's saint which -- which would -- -- and you know I don't know the oil play it by by boat -- really you know. Then that say that today bears they're special table where. Into that is that. You know beaten as we had a shot at in. To get the -- figured the game tied up. And you know we have we have it not make not make it -- -- -- -- we shouldn't. They're pretty much led -- -- sort of. Stevie Johnson with us here -- WGR -- prefaced -- question by acknowledging Stevie I know this is not your area. But a second time at least this year we've got to have a conversation going with the fans about. Whether or not a fifty or 52 yard field goal is really that big -- deal like that. Unlikely to make. What what might. The scuttlebutt on those sideline beat when for the second time in a dome at least this year. Your coach has decided to punt from the other team's 3435. Yard line. World. Although it though we're on the news acute because this isn't so. There and they -- OK we got we got little chilly day. Do we political point toward obviously we do. Do we wanna go opposite political portal -- to sort -- The other obviously have a competitor we do. -- when the coast when a coach make that decision. You know this is now Leo it was and in. We we put our defense back out there and in an open they've been big stop in there we go back have evolved sort of trotted out of its first out the president out. I don't know remote to play an open Internet if this cynicism and and that's really what we are we what are -- Cost. Well thank goodness that is not a fair question for me ask you ism I'm really setting you up but just you know we've we've had this one a couple times this year. And look. Fans of fans know why I wonder if he'll leave it sort of is up on the the modern league. Just fifty yard field goals and that the difference in field position from that -- is so minimal. Now mean that the points on up in the 220 yard pass this -- -- much of a gain. You know old look -- I what are what are we do go for the field goal -- -- and he'd he'd miss it in and they give them. You know that that field that should open this nothing desperate about work or coaches or upload. And you know such great outlet that part of our players are. I think you're right I got IE still don't feel like this is mostly about is not. Thinking Ryan Lindell can make that kick I think it's more to sort this old fashioned. Field position momentum plea defense kind of mentality. That. May not be so used on the game now in my opinion is -- The economy here regarding this but apparently they play well you don't want to air cars are often knows me. That at least and he's played better and you are our -- beaten them. They're pretty close they get they've got the ball. And then all of them all. Put it in -- score and when I hope our deepest we we gotta gotta be we -- beat better. Hopefully there's there's there's upcoming game you know will will be better we got our our our home crowd. Tobaccos and he's not -- they outnumber the comic side album ready as -- so we still have actually that was part of it and you know Obama -- ago. Stadium you've you've got a chance to play some defense yesterday and kind of belt failure quarterback out. Of a bad role do you take us through knows that there really remarkable play. As you would be remiss if we didn't talk some about it even though it's still ended in another three and out and and then bills didn't get the points are needed but. -- play an interception just gonna take us through your you're you're -- You know it is after a year or so the ball. You know they'll figure I'll still signal light. Made it this game it is gave out so we still he's still too early to what is your favorite part -- get the ball back. It left in the -- -- back out side the Meir of broker partner it is rather -- on who are great we are on the we got only one problem ball. In -- -- the water the big about -- corporate shop Taylor remember that this. And I'll always want to do that and then it gets out of -- right there. Not to knock at the ball like that like a basketball feel it in ugly to the all -- straight up when. -- never felt -- better than that flawed or every other way. In that it bounced up bright tomorrow so those are your opportunity. Two what do here on the -- again. I love that you explain that yes that the McGahee game Bulldog. Miami Ohio stay there and the ball the ball bounce and such a way that you really could have missed it the. Right it's worked out right Jamal got -- with your right hand right. Yeah I hit -- more right issues in the followed what border. And you know what I gotta say this -- before that should go the the three plays after that and you got lined up with like five seconds to go on the play clock. You know I'm a wanna see some. Some enthusiasm some urgency they they talk about it -- talks about how much enthusiasm he had after that. That play you made but then it just looked like you were barely lined up by the target to snap the ball you guys didn't look or. Guys really. You know other week we have the playing followed Millwood would -- Clark let. We had that we haven't actually a group play caller and it could get broken down by about a rushed. In any day that sources and it always makes it of course is similar to the right side that to the left could we had dollar rose pretty much. Wide open or on the overrode. In. But you know he -- -- to the left side it was late very heartfelt poster. In he's going to pick it up good yardage but it wasn't what about or what we -- that your you know try to game. Are you talking about third down there. This this Lugo pars the first. Per barrel we came out are difficult topple. Him. United European flushed out here and -- are on our all right -- glad we -- to catch up with you good luck next week -- result -- I.

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