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Jerry Sullivan- Bills player reaction says a lot about the team

Nov 26, 2012|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But I -- your -- call. Maybe just -- -- -- saying what Jerry Sullivan has been talking about. He's not quite as not at all as. Opinion -- about the play calling as he was yesterday. Soviet. You can hear that interview also ones with Chan Gailey and Ryan Fitzpatrick at WGR 550 dot com be careful. Around the -- one especially where he talks about. Fifty yard field goals again the percentages of making all the arrest. Jerry -- that before if you heard -- explanation this morning for why he chose not to try a 52 yard field goal. If you heard that -- job interview you would end the interview. You wouldn't ask him any other questions you just move on my goodness if percentages could sue he would be in court based on his. His commentary about what the percentages tell you that do from the NT 34. Not the first time this year indoors. I don't know where the percentages come from because it seems so often. Coach -- pond and the next thing you know team gets 21 downs that you plan adults often in their right back we were at the what it would -- game. And sometimes it works but the don't have the three points which is so precious. Me coaches will kick field goals when their. Fourth and one because they need to three points right. Apparently if it's a 50% -- I don't know what the percentages of the field goal but I think you because fourth and fourteen -- that would have been my second choice because. What the -- -- the 34. Bring it Spiller again at a chance to -- -- the ball situation where he might get out in space because. Fourteen yards in and they are gonna play their little. Prevent so you -- probably get ten of them back anyway. Right might have been no Charlotte and it's although it gets stopped at -- found another thirteen when he threw it what's the difference. So that's. -- is that the third option to me am sorry what in the but the eleven to products. I think you're right and you know what else you would do you would think about third down differently if you planned to go on fourth but. That idea seems so outrageous to Gailey and so many coaches that third and fourteen is like give up down I liked Indianapolis. Then a third in nineteen or something. Maybe another touchdown drive -- third and very long 73 and seventeen that's. Draw screen that's a coach a common coach gonna give up called he kicked a field goal. And -- Hung in that he found Wayne open as Reggie Wayne -- opened the current seventeen point five yard game. They almost Adam I was one of the best -- -- from -- more points play the game. Two out of creature uses the number about six a lot of -- two out of three field goals from fifty yards and beyond here. They make two out of the. Out of three yes. That's and that includes 56 at these that I don't know it includes 66 -- is the old. Forty the 43 point four as far as having -- -- that's -- two yards they make it easily. Right now the forty yards right down the middle there right off -- -- that hole and I think you'll. Did this or that he wrote this in your column this morning. That decision. Not not to take pointedly at the very conservative. Opinion and deep and long field while that itself. Coupled with an eight yard line with one time now. Then throwing it trying to get yards back. Just didn't. Just didn't line up in my head like. Right it's a consistency that's my biggest problem Gailey now that doesn't seem to know we is that what this team is and I think it's got to be confusing -- team. Are we aggressive are we conservative what are we believe what's our identity. Well we're we're now a team with one timeout and it's all eight yard line with Bryant that's -- is gonna come out growing. There are lucky getting give up a touchdown there right they get to the one yard line and -- like that with a second so what are weak and I don't. I'm confused because. This is the the coach -- in Houston just totally blinked and when the other team. Crowd the bin -- played seven in the box against the spread didn't know what to do I don't I don't know and that's that's a problem in the modern NFL and get back to iron this guy and a -- I like these. Percentage. Bleeding. And analysis kind of conversations as much as anybody. But my biggest problem with Gailey isn't inconsistency is that these things just too often don't work. That the decisions at the end of the first half backfired they give up points upon didn't work in the drove the points. Fourteen to 49 what do you really need the details four year fourteen and 29. Mean no important wins rarely an important gain how much time. Is enough time I'm really asking this to I don't think to win two thirds years or whatever it is really asked to be enough time. And it very well. That might might be that -- studies done by. -- -- a certain point you you'll arrive that it and you say I don't need the explanation I don't care for it. Just know what my record is continuity is not good from a boost to retreat in. The. I think that the numbers that Mac and the good -- to get out real early in the air when he was struggling. And I looked at his record I think since the merger I think this to coaches that had this kind of record over three years and survive. -- -- And one of them isn't Dick Jauron who added quite a better record then geely as it's five games now. He at least fourteen and 29 I was nineteen and 24. -- five games better. That's significant. And -- a lot of. Other Geron thing was -- the -- lack of command on game day and that's what I was given that. To -- in his first year of a bowl losing it if they didn't seem to lacked that bit and -- -- -- he didn't have the opportunities circumstances. Didn't allow him to commit all these gaps and suddenly he's got his -- stretch here and it's just like man. Mean that TJ Graham thing and I I got to Stevie today is that it. Got to give him credit he he said what he thought that the kid hadn't run the pattern and practice and they trying to game let's twice in three weeks he's called on his head coach. -- it's more -- -- -- here with us well let last week he said. And trying to like nail them is just last week I asked them all I'll come. -- after the Miami game the common complaint of fans is all the spread about and pass on third shortage that well the fans sometimes the fans are right. Oh did use the odd sometimes coaches out think themselves right Eric they I mean it's there. That's after the great simply said I recite here for a reason what does that tell you it's those you. Well I wouldn't blame him for this that's the biggest play your teams had chance to beat New England there it is again and that game. The Mario Williams injury. That that call the -- yesterday he insult but -- kicker. Clearly what what if he's a 52 yard field goal with 12 left in the game from now during this run to be the 2011 giants -- And he's gonna send it Lindell out there does he think that he's going to be confident and all that matters to Iran and now on. But you tell me about wouldn't tell us about and -- reaction Europe he was diplomatic believe. That was someone else wrote that in I was in there for him but yes you're right I was told he was diplomatic it might have been some rolling of the eyes 1 of these what am I supposed to say things most people don't -- Question their coach but getting back to -- Point about the insult the insults the kicker I think insults is offense. -- -- For the fourteenth and -- this is that's our big stand in the playoffs remember let's go and I think it's all that is deep that even though he said. Where they're playing well on the -- them what's so bad about what you do if it's on the field. At their -- 25 topic. Feel how about Ford earned nearly one part about fourth and eight under four minutes left at the bills 47 down a touchdown. You don't have the pump there either. Hitting the ball back. And I I've you know I try to be honest about -- what I thought the time maybe it's because of who the coaches that I said well in the situation. Maybe maybe this gives them a better shot but I I would entertain. Maybe go for there again it is the game over. If you give the other team the ball their midfield I mean I don't know what the percentages say on that. -- -- troubling there where they are the ball that's huge trouble or trouble and your defense never stops anybody in the fourth quarter. When I would I would still really like to known I you know. I'm gonna dominate say this but I am that's part of me that's thinking something else which is going potter is not worth it. But like Jerry thirteen and a half minutes in the fourth quarter -- doesn't touch the ball. Eleven minutes parade or eight minutes in the second -- -- nothing like what. It just doesn't. It just doesn't make -- a guy called let's listen to post game show and wants to defend daily by saying he settled with a mediocre quarterback. If you wanna offer that is defense for the coach that you've got to wonder why you we give the ball the lightning in the bottle fourteen times. This so many things the pile up like that -- you detract from. But when he says it's -- term that's his explanation was Fred's term. That's that's your answer that he is -- in a deterrence or in my book that was his term I don't care about circumstances how much along the other team as the ball. Whether Fred's successful it's his turn and that's gonna cut in the plane time of the most dynamic running back. In the league right now the other thing that really. Boggled me was his it was sort of a convoluted explanation about long down and distance and he got something to do with Phil and I plan but he basically said. -- roll so you don't get Lou passing situations. He he he you have to throw. Our first and second downs you don't get into. Long passing down and distances to let him by surprise elected I don't know if I think so many reasons in this little classroom in his mind. And not. Uses the running back that it's it's just amazing it's like you know what. Want him twice. Even if it's like -- he makes big referenced the minus two all right once wild minus two a couple of times with eleven and thirteen. -- I'm -- it was pretty big or put it back to the points like -- or over. Or they -- and here it's like. On the field we're all oral item on the field throw him on second and twelve more often get the ball. In and if it's third and five. Once -- awhile. Goal on fourth down in your mind. Before fourth down rightly -- and so you know going report -- third five you might run a draw play if you have a running back on the field and they'll tell -- continue to pass. At the drop like those the period for the until you're ready to go forth now why can't they have that -- that the coach. In today's NFL. I don't and it just. And -- -- we knew we we are all over thinking about the over thinking is this fun for. Anybody. They have the lead 43 gains they have won fourteen of them that is terrible. You're really need all the details of honor the voice in the back of my head the voice in the back of my head and once I went and ran earlier. Malarkey Gregg Williams. Lead but we did we get into this. Not enough for employees in 33 and it's predictable that shocked and all the stuff and like -- it's all the same conversation. What the search never stopped stuck in the Arizona game for daily what happened in 20102011. -- would -- do -- and it all everything. Like when we get sick EU. But then it started happening and like -- Antonia. Big Dig and throw the ball to CJ Spiller wide open and Donald Jones for touchdowns none of this is happening. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In his NFL career started and won a game on the road against a team that finished with a winning record. And he -- started the game's. Never. Now I don't call with the jet game that the -- -- it is game. At -- the game so Brian Gay men and -- -- -- with ten for 25 from 140. And they won. Despite giving up three and yards rushing -- and a sign in the Arctic so. That's kind of -- the body of work there and guess who also gets thrown -- that -- -- it really has not beaten a team in buffalo. Don't -- -- go back to the dallas' you know. It's great record how many meaningful -- games that he -- with -- those guys I needed them you're gonna have to tell me that's all I look at apple is only so much explanation you can listen to why this guy is -- -- -- we're thinking the over thinking. Double -- just. You'll have to tell.

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