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11/28 Bills CEO Russ Brandon on blackouts, sell outs, and more

Nov 28, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Bill CEO Russ Brandon is joining us live on line from 1 -- -- the morning Ross. Morning guys I don't do pretty good round began having a lively conversation this morning about punctured or cut them answered you stand on there and that's right. He did and and speaking of that more copper shuffling actually I just had it in my sports update but it is official now some more another big east team leaving our the ACC Louisville -- what you think of that it is official now. It's said you know is we were grown up as you guys both know the big east Syracuse Georgetown all the the big rival reserve going to the wayside over there are so it's disappointing but you know it's what college sports has become. -- trying to soften us up by talking about Syracuse now browsers tonight's. Howard rather have food and -- Our -- got a lot to get sued to talk about on the first off you know fans probably wanna know. 11 question I got via. Attacks was about Ralph who danced. Always seem to wanna know about Ralph and and how he feels about all this and we know the you talked to him regularly so I don't bomb. Two part question how does he feel about it and I guess does he ever feel a desire or anything like that I don't -- publicly talk about it or anything along those. Well -- I don't know you know from a public standpoint you know mr. Wilson. Obviously is achieved a lot this franchise over the last fifty years and in the loyalties that the fans have had towards towards him and and he's had towards buffalo. He is -- question obviously. You know and mr. Wilson I talked to him on almost on a daily basis and nobody does as well. In the he has his finger on the pulse of the organization. -- not -- -- let me. -- lack of a better way of asking this question because we get a lot of calls texts and tweets about what exactly is the you do what you're in charge of what you're not in charges so for a -- of a better way to ask you this. I'll just say can you define your job description as the CEO of the Buffalo Bills. Yeah on the CO. If it's pretty easy throws in a -- my responsibility is it dated date. Operation of administration of the organization. You know it's it's pretty simple. Buddy nix is a general manager has said it today he was tired and and sent it to you guys probably fifty times since. He's in charge of the football operation is full autonomy. Over at the coaching staff the 53 man roster. Player personnel and you know we talk all I'm on a daily basis in my focuses mainly on on that side. Are related to. You know the budgetary elements of the administration -- worked closely with Jim over -- from. Overseas. The majority of our salary cap initiatives. And you know I have the day to -- responsibility of the entire operation so. And my focus is mainly on the business because when we brought body in this general manager that's where his focuses very similar. If you if you look at nine I think I might have talked to Jeremy about this previously. More very similar if you just look at our division. With a team like Miami you guys all know who Jeff Ireland is you know with the jets you know Mike Tannenbaum as. You probably don't know who -- Gladys or who -- he -- and those are guys are both present CEOs of the jets and dolphins respectable. Bill CEO Russ -- joining us here on WHR Ross this game. The remaining games is it looking like black -- will be the the story of the rest of the season. We have significant inventory -- term is that there's we've talked about you know this game will be blacked out. Against Jacksonville but we have a quarter bit of inventory to move percent moves in the jets and I'm not optimistic -- -- -- for any game. Correct how many tickets are to be moved for Jacksonville can use do you know -- we're close to 151000. -- movement. You know I've been one positive drug going into the weekend it's -- 52 in and a pretty nice days so hopefully we'll have pretty good walk up put we're not remove that kind of inventory in the next port four. Have you given any. I guess is betting you're looking back to the 85 per cent thing with the NFL had their because. If the 85% rule was you guys decide to -- data that you would have to move as much to get the game on television mean is that. Is that a a process that you would it would continue develop and evaluate and you thirty year basis -- -- continues to offer. Whether we look at everything and year to year basis but I can tell you that that is not an option for us for variety of reasons as I've told him many times when we mess we usually miss big. We usually missing December. We have a twenty year sampling of selling out 58% of her games -- than the month of December from 1990 to today. December's always been a challenge in this market for whatever reason. And you know when you look at it from our standpoint. We have the lowest ticket prices in the league we need to Vienna sold out capacity. To. To hit all of our our business benchmarks and platforms and -- and that's why the 85% rule it number one doesn't really work because you know worry in a position. We're we really focus on affordability and that's something we're we're obviously I'm very congress in a moving forward. I know it's a few weeks down the line but we always get the questions about how the Toronto game works. As far as sellouts and blackouts can you just letter we know about that he as far as the TV restrictions and other concerned. -- -- game will be on television all games up there will be on televisions no different cells and spend the last four years. And you know continue our efforts are are our friends at Rogers contain their efforts on the sales process up there but a victim will be shown on local television. Lieutenant governor Robert Duffy came out and said that although the lease deal is not. Done yet talks have gone quote extraordinarily. Well can you comment on his comments but it's nice to hear -- No it's -- where you we've we've. -- have been very productive conversation with the the statement counting for the last few months. Obviously. The tragedy down in downstate -- -- it. Hurricane sandy is really slow the process down. But we we continue having -- very productive discussions. And it's obviously you know -- number one focus off the field. Bill CEO Russ Brandon -- WH -- Russ about the incident that happened after that the Thursday night game. With a fan I don't know all the details I'm sure that nice -- I'm sure I'm guessing there's an investigation of some sort for the -- That was found dead what is the organization and what is your role in helping figure out what happened. And it hasn't -- any sort of discussions in terms of you know. I'm your property you know that there have been rules put in place for safety. Tom I just wanna get your comment on it in in May be a follow up as well. You know first and foremost you know our heartfelt sympathies brought heard her confirm him and obviously it's it's -- complete tragedy. And we are working daily with local law enforcement officials. Related to the incident and you know and it's really in their hands at this point. But you know Jeremy you know we've talked about on your show many times you know our number one off the field. Focus is on our fan code of conduct. And safety here at this facility. And you know it's really. And what you -- is you know over the last decade we have implemented. An enormous amount of programs. To put an enormous amount of resources. Towards making the experience better Ralph Wilson Stadium. And you know and that's something that. That continues to be. Focus within our organization because anytime you have one incident or one fan. Has your experience ruined because of another it's it's an issue. So in regards to the excellence and where where it happened is that is that considered -- a huge stadium proper that the part of the stadiums land. Well in others it's really off of our property. But you know obviously we as we said in the statement we know that mr. Kirk was in the in the facility and ejected from the facility for. -- disorderly conduct them but you know legacy attitudes in the hands of the law enforcement officials and in naturally. Focus right now mr. -- and assist in the processes. As much as we can. You said you alluded to I believe several months ago I could be wrong about this I apologize but I think you alluded to several months ago maybe. Having discussions in the future may be even bringing in the I guess eastern side of the state a little bit more as far as your regional efforts with that includes something of working more over in the Syracuse area maybe in a pre season game or something along those lines. You know we're always -- -- regional allies so as you know it's going to be a big success for us over on the side with Rochester and we have rendered into an agreement in Syracuse with the local broadcasts and in and working closely with them Syracuse still. And it is focused is the number one the bills in the number one team in the market. And it's something that -- hopefully I'm gonna try to implements more programs to bring our fans over from Syracuse as well but. You know the way our market is -- we've had a regional allies in a big way. Obviously troops from Toronto on down is relieved. Which really worked well for -- something we need to do in the future. Speaking of bill CEO Russ Brandon here on WGR is out weekly segment -- With regard to to ticket sales and you know the news that. The next three games are likely going to be blacked out -- not optimistic it this is a season that. You know coming in there was a lot of excitement and you I I would think that you would have been more optimistic and in the years past -- these games. Would be sellouts are rated team would be competitive in the spot so what is it. What kind of challenge is -- for the ticket office and and I guess what's the answer what's the next step from here to try and avoid the situation can you go to the league and ask for fewer December games. -- you can -- is you know -- we've talked about that to him -- we go to movies and you can really the only thing you can do with the news is put in a request to -- facilities being utilized -- that -- that's really all you can do you book a bunch of December. Thanks to stop on our southern built like cart car shows are so on the lower were booked in December the end a tea. It it has is -- pose a challenge. And you know we will have conversations with the league about it but. You know the focuses. That we have to try to move every piece of inventory that we have in the building and to December home games. While they're not optimal from a sales standpoint there are optimal from a competitive standpoint. And you know we've. Are born in this game with a focus of -- as many people in the building and they are loyal fans to have great job of rock and house and we need this Sunday the Pope has put us over the top. And you always say consistently have a statistic I wanted to get this on the air because that we have. You don't dozens of texts if you had a better team -- sellout in December. You know my -- better term is that you know. I've heard that many times and in the 2008 we sold us 61% of our games in December. And in the 1990s -- winningest team in the AFC they sold out 50% other games in December. You know like I said there's twenty years sample and the fact is as at December games. Have always pose a challenge here. And continue to pose a challenge here and you know we've got to find a way to overcome. -- a few weeks ago I was down -- tell you below married it gonna live show there to kick off their basketball season I had any -- on their athletic director. And since he brought your name and the conversation I'll askew and he said there had been discussions and he got preliminary talks may be about down the road investigating maybe you be playing. At Ralph Wilson Stadium is that something that you like to explore further. Absolutely you know we've we've stand I've had numerous conversations relative to the subject and you know of -- there on the right track and Jeff Quinn their staff's done a great job and I'm Danny as a yeah -- young rising star in the business I think we've got an opportunity to do some some fun things that could to bring you be a little bit more exposure and we're gonna certainly look at every opportunity to. To promote their Brandon and tried a couple of months with a stone here and and hopefully get some. You know maybe a real meaningful game down here that would be really great for community. They'll CEO -- friend here on WGR -- some. I guess best of luck for the the remainder of the season my mom my last question will be something along once because you know it is people. Ask us and wonder about the -- football side burst the business side. Where did that to meat because you know I think it one of the things it's obvious is this year there was a lot of juice come into the season people really. Optimistic your your ticket season ticket numbers climbed this year correct. They climbed yes Senator Clinton so I mean I think obviously your goal would be to have the same thing happen next year. And I think you know you hope you've been around obviously so the Buffalo Bills fans are. They have hope every year but. Sometimes it feels like. Why should I believe this time so issue as you approach next year how does the business side in the football side. Where did they meet in terms of you know giving a charge giving missed giving the fans something that they would say they can believe -- Well in Germany the focus is hours on football here you know the business two told him into its born and fans don't wanna hear about the business side they wanna. Talk about wins and we haven't had enough of them this year you know we've. At a high level of expectation coming season and through eleven games were not worry wannabe. -- full confidence and in body and what he's done and what he's gonna continue to do. And building this roster and given us an opportunities do. To win games in the future but. You know -- Nothing drives the football operation on the business back and prime issue that football drives to train and in an image should because that's overall in the business for work. We're not in the business. Of talking about business we're in the business of winning games and any time you don't win enough for one minute it's lousy and it's depressing and you know as I've told -- times -- you know we all feel you know everyone over here. Works or tails off and the main focuses. And to try to bring the best product you can your fans and and right now our focuses. To do that and he knows we know others. A lot of negativity in the market and rightfully so and you know we've got to try to turn that around. Hire us thank you very much thanks for us.

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