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WGR550>Topics>>11/29 Paul Hamilton discusses Chan Gailey's comments about Fitzpatrick and more

11/29 Paul Hamilton discusses Chan Gailey's comments about Fitzpatrick and more

Nov 29, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning mr. Hamilton very. Well and good you know life. Because I think Chan Gailey was given you guys lip service yesterday if I didn't believe that I would be apoplectic today. Well I had I have to disagree. They know our -- to boulevard about this and -- -- same way you do and I've felt all along the Chan Gailey is all in with Ryan Fitzpatrick and I don't think that's changed. And the one thing we have to look at to this -- he calls plays. I mean look at the world you know when when your when your third inches. And your dog you're throwing the ball most the time -- have empty that that's fuel cost -- closest Tom Brady back there. And that Ryan Fitzpatrick and he calls play is what we have all the confidence the world of them like exactly what he said yesterday. And it. -- -- he'd never he never differs from that so I -- I truly believe he believes everything he's said yesterday. But. Boy I hope not Paul. Could could and could he. Couldn't you just believe it inside the season. Because he's in net. You know that mode of I've got to do everything trying to win football games now and coaches don't necessarily think -- you know. Next season it beyond until the season's over could be just be saying that. Now this is where we our Ryan Fitzpatrick when they start evaluating offseason go you know I just can't cut it anymore. That does happen you know with coaches and stuff I. I just don't think in this particular case does the these guys -- blinded by Ryan Fitzpatrick human body next. It's it's just it's it's owes me how they. You know they they don't have a plan B you know they just. This is our guy and you know what Simon -- them and the contract really use your world and I mean it's not that big -- deal or whatever and but -- understand. You know there there are just like this this is our -- vacated by doubt and let you know he's he's the franchise quarterback we've got our guy. That's exactly what he would you know -- said that state they need our young quarterback. But it's his point was. You were young quarterback if not for the near future. -- you know Ryan Fitzpatrick is the guy and he's done a postwar. All of southern garbage and he surely has -- name. Third -- -- that's good genes. When you don't win your -- game in whatever. You'd have that does happen. It's not always bad but it's that bad too much of the time. Then you know that the of the constant overthrowing those you know plays that appear to be touchdown that they are completed. And you just -- the guy in stride or whatever and there's just too many of those than for what. Faulted is. You know -- when it really matters when the game on the line. Most of the time something goes wrong whether it's intercepted whether a ball dropped over the -- -- right. Whether the ball's overthrown or under -- And then he could be having the -- don't boo knowing it was a perfect example you permanent crepe game. He played very well an -- -- a couple of putts some passes were absolute beautiful throws. Where he just you know later. We're right where it needed to be whatever. Well when they absolutely needed a play. Something went wrong course all the worse whatever. But in a -- system that's just EMI all of them and he's been that way since he's been here. All the he's won before thing just sounds to me like such a cop out is winning percentage is worst than Trent Edwards like out. Try it once and can still like to say that a guy and I'm -- I I know that you're just telling us what Gailey said but it just. Comes across like I hope so since he's won some games he can win games. I just I don't know it's it's really it's -- Little chip labored as well enough games she's 1930. As a starter for the Buffalo Bills I'm not impressed. -- he won nineteen games. Someplace you don't -- birdied. But actually just record burden -- drill instructor. You know as I approach to the -- -- I don't think it's good enough. And I don't think that. Even if the bills get better and get better players that he's the guy that's gonna leave them to the promised slogans. I don't think he's capable of it and they do I think I'd feel they don't think that the you know -- -- arrested yesterday and and it's -- I could be wrong bad I mean. It's not particularly those who lied before in the National Football League he you know. There's there's a code that there's if you're lying to help the football team that's not flying and that's where they feel. And but you know he's in cheese this after simply for its its subject isn't. He's not fragile like I'm Hispanic some promise that it needs to be wanted he needs is said coach don't want him. And to show him that he likes him and show him that he's a big part of that team. The Fitzpatrick isn't like that he you know -- pretty level -- whatever. And yeah he's seemed to be able to take certain Chan Gailey. You know it talks about Justin Rogers and one before potter was caught he talked about Hitler whatever not so glowing terms or whatever so. It's not like that Fitzpatrick always needs as -- homicides and -- like Chris said. You know hey. Knowing he -- to play batter something I'm most lines that. I just. I see this result is that all of what Fitzpatrick. And that they set. The play calling to me is what's telling -- he calls plays like he has bombardier quarterback. Yeah we were talking about this earlier and any could have gone. And it might be semantics I I got two things I wanna bring a reply I think he could have simply said we'll get calls and your cue balls listed at 30550. All you do -- say. Well you know that's an off season issue you know Ryan Fitzpatrick sharp guy right now I'm just concentrating on Tony twelve. You know down the road who knows we'll deal with that in the offseason so maybe that's you know your point he could if we all did there was say that if they were seriously. The looked at the end of the -- He can go with that the other this season reevaluate opposition. -- -- Note that cookies and go -- semantics while he said you guys in the near future. Maybe its definition of the near future is only the next five games of the season. Or or or heat he sticks he's got our answer. But we're gonna draft -- answer that we might need it to stick around next year to meant to the guy and then we'll switch it over. I guess that's possible -- Just the way he said it it didn't sound like he's planning evolve while making it changed next year. And you know if -- not. Willing or doesn't think they're going to get quarterback of the future he just doesn't sound like you're going to play the quarterback of the future. Let's grab some calls -- this 8030550. -- join us terrier -- all here on WGR. I -- the bigger than Dario. -- you're know what I want to say it meant the -- for Favre started on your arm off or aren't forgotten horse. What they don't carry out. -- -- -- in it and change here and men are I would like you to look what you're guards recently that parts. -- that that's what if it. -- Terry thanks. What -- I mean again getting to -- -- comments falling he said the looks are well you know buddy -- I can credit nobody would but he set a couple of whatever was 23 -- whenever that he was Delgado just quarterback this year. I think that. To a lot of people myself included that was a sign that the bills were ready to move on from Ryan Fitzpatrick. That's the first I've heard one bad. One of the two of them have they have cracked a little bit although he didn't say. Either who would play. Meters that they got to -- got to. -- and I don't think you really give any indication whatsoever. You know if they got to move would be because it plays or whatever but at least. You would have a plan B here where there is no plan B right now I mean we talked about -- Jack again yesterday and -- to a point where. He's not at any point -- this play. -- if he had the way we can throw little package together and needed you know it's so what you put the wide receiver there. You know would have three plays that you use or whatever and I understand -- -- -- reps in practice but the guys the village idiot. I mean this is a quarterback who you know where people -- -- understand playbook. And I think by now even if he's not getting reps. That he grossly can repeat it back the other. Because you don't know what's yet to put him into a game and it's like. I know NFL coaches want to make this sound like you have to have. You know three college degrees a master's degree of doctorate whatever. The figure this stuff out but. Well let's be honest. Most players in the National Football League don't have the brains of right dispatcher. They can go to Harvard. -- many didn't graduate. And many in the world ever graduated its its not like you know we're dealing with. You know of our will big -- -- tank here. So. And I just I -- -- -- believe that. Jackson is is walking around with absolutely no clue about what Buffalo Bills are doing I just. Mean this is a guy who's played quarterback in the National Football League that's for sure you have a pretty good grasp what the buildup to. 8030550. Join us get to a call here again in the second but I wanted to just bring that up again because Paula we get so many. So many comments calls texts tweets about the so for the record again yesterday it was brought up and basically that the bills maintained he'd. Doesn't get enough rapture he can't get wraps what he was not from it he's not familiar with the playbook that was not gonna play right. But -- going to -- don't know what he's doing. Stopped because. -- was not calling him stupid he refused saying any quarterback -- to that position -- know what they're doing. You know others. -- if these says if it's. If -- got hurt right now and they want the big bad and just you know Jackson's up as the backup he would have to get a lot of reps because you long ways to go. Let's go to Q Brian next year at Paul and WG are gonna have Brian. And when -- -- good morning. I couldn't we probably won't I agree it's it's like. If they keep going under the same I understand and really. -- all the good game and that many times you played solid that Patrick. This could patrol. Always increase over and over again you've got to about players are speller and -- and it and your quarterback. You remarkably trouble better between march and -- could be a solid. Why -- you repeatedly spread the field and what -- that's not your cornerback where almost limitations. Has no chance in -- brought she can't play action all. We can't seem like -- looks like Colin is really -- -- died in what it's Patrick may or may not be best suited to do. Well we -- totally outside going well PW but I feel well. Between march. Olympic compared I doubt that -- just -- and all the planned step net debt that -- You play action pass and try to get important controlled vault World Cup torture. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Barbara thanks for the call. Both Germany just -- feature. You know it online forests and once again it's very well the -- something we sure and I and our talked about earlier in the week that. I don't play that Donald Jones there's -- safety even near there safety on the side of the field. So you don't have to roll laser -- to Donald Jones there and that's the way he always throws that ball. You can put -- under that all give -- more towards the middle of the field. And let Jerod what you're wide receiver -- a ball. And any doesn't seem to do that then and it's. His play quarterback long enough in this league I don't understand why. He he's so hard added that he everything on the line everything's -- later everything. You know and instead it. Just like here's the ball was given up there let's give away underwritten look. That's a wide receiver go get written but also Britney -- don't have trees standing that I just don't understand that. -- book before you don't dissect and haven't asked about injuries anything to update anything we what Aaron Williams is after I think some other guys to bring up Mark Anderson what's going -- an injury. He had no winners this week Campbell puzzled by air Williams because I watched him. For ten minutes to everything and individual drills and minutes said he didn't practice on the injury report. So you'd -- you know usually when a player. Participates. Like he did in the individual part of practiced. He's he's listed as limited. But -- limit listed as did not practice so that was the one thing I didn't understand Kyle Williams way I'm. You know we we don't talk to and the -- to back structure was just his regular Wednesday stop that he -- because because of Psycho wolf -- -- back practice to. Thank you for jumping go to the -- find all. The defined. I'm from their injuries stuff I appreciate you making -- put some humor Aaron Williams and limited that's really actually it's funny that the bills would put that down because well anyway. What he's not he. -- not gonna go back and play right would they just keep Mckelvin in there. I think he would place some out of -- he would start. But you know they they use so many corners in the game. Who knows because they're really up against -- with mr. Rogers now we talked about the slot receiver a Monday and you know he put it out there that he may be making a change there and it would be -- it would be Mckelvin. And they didn't say who would be outside. It would be you know of Williams is healthier than maybe they're thinking that would Mckelvin inside again and and you know using Williams outside so you know who knows. Today I think I take -- they feel that Brooks is not. Has not come a long enough that he can actually be ready to start outside at this point. Worry and you know he missed so much practice. Mean they're just trying to give him. Back going again on the outside or whatever. It just doesn't felt like its -- -- wanna put on his plate right now you me he's still trying to learn the outside and they're still not. Comfortable enough where he plays a whole lot of played some. You know the last game so I just don't they bring out some they wanna put earnestly. Mr. problems ball I have which Justin Rogers. One he can't play and that is the larger of the two problems to Chan Gailey said something -- you guys on Monday about confidence and he's not playing with a great deal of confidence. And he said if we can get Rogers to play with a great deal of confidence his chance to be decent. And I thought wow there's a ringing endorsement if we get this get to play with a great deal of confidence he's got a chance to be decent. -- kidding me. Although I think I think what because I think he's being honest like all the and and it Roger's case I like him better lecture. It does seem to be competent thing he does and be getting worse -- getting better. Not he he thought it was the other way he bodies better this year was last year maybe he'd see what he learned more. But is it doesn't seem to be applying on the field I was trying to repress the last year to be quite honest with you yet this element now yeah exactly ever once again another player. Who. We've seen -- doable for -- But that doesn't mean we got to keep real about if you know he's not doing the job right now. All right -- -- -- at work on covered -- and enjoyed your article the website and as always thank you for coming -- let us this morning. -- -- --

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