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WGR550>Topics>>John Clayton doesn't think Gailey is going anywhere

John Clayton doesn't think Gailey is going anywhere

Nov 29, 2012|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

No matter how -- depressing. Bill seasons become John Clayton is always a delight to talk with. And he joins us now Thursdays at five every week during the season on WGR John how was your Thanksgiving. I'm very nice when you watch football games then. 52 good games -- one comedy act which -- -- New York Jets and so. Would be the knicks drama with comedy. Like and I had -- drama -- this will probably John would know of course he's had -- -- this. A -- We had Mike princess I'm on the yes network in here the other day and the extent to which they were analyzing John the the Sanchez running -- that guys bought play. I -- hilarious. -- was hilarious delayed hilarious to hear all the analysis -- tried to explain in figured out. -- -- -- -- There was a -- watching NFL films you know -- the football follies so I felt watching the 76 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. A lot of the worst expansion teams ever became and it it was so laughable that ball -- at a guy's hand. Quarterback running into reruns of guards that you would -- the comedy act and you say while it was really that bad. John there there have been times this year and certainly I don't like I've talked about it -- between odds but certainly come up with you. I sort of defended the jets from like the circus seems to be just the circus is really. Every talking about a circus that is it might mean that that money and maybe they're pretty good but I think it turns out they're probably pretty funny. Did dominate it's pretty funny with a bigger jets and it's bad because what you watch is the -- to what the two championship means. To get into the -- deteriorate into this. And who do you blame them you have to blame -- management for getting this team as bad as it has. -- a nickel from Thomas still as to what they now have a running back Alex Thomas still would not be a factor now because he'll be a little bit too old. But they never could replace some of it what they want to LaDainian Tomlinson -- greedy you agreed with the outbreak that -- you establish concrete it without great. What did they really replaced Braylon Edwards really that they really -- find out is still in port Antonio almost no Jericho Cotchery could ever replace. I can tell you the best wildcat quarterback. That was on the New York Japanese on the Buffalo Bills would be glad snapped a week ago from Brad Smith to Tim Tebow. That's an embarrassment. You know what though I mean we're talking with the jets now I know but I've got to make this point. When they were. The good end of the spectrum they were nine and 710 and sixteen with a couple of pretty fortunate what his playoff wins that. That's what happened to them on their best day this is their worst day Revis out for the year Santonio Holmes was important out for the year. You know that -- is irrelevant. How much different are they really they looked at that one reason they look at that as the plane to -- and which especially in the second half makes a lot of teams look that bad. So you know. The thing about this for me Jonny -- is totally disagree with this for me it's that every season is really short. And you could end up thinking that the jets are great. Or that the jets are terrible and probably for me the whole time they've been just pretty good. I think what you again and again that would get a look at the big picture in the National Football League which I think is becoming more clear every year the differences between teams. -- that much. And I thought that coaching cliche that. Tried to motivate bad teams in the doing some things I think take a look at the Carolina Panthers and you look at their record of three -- that's horrible but you look at the fact that. What do they free insects and games that were decided by a touchdown or less. And about three of those losses they needed to convert one yard whether it's a goal line play whether it's a fourth -- 13 and one. And that they converted at that time they win that game and when you think that. Still you've got. 30% of all gains being decided by the fourth quarter comebacks. You've got more. Ten point comeback in the fourth quarter than it ever happened before. And you have it would 96 out of the hundred in seventy games or so that have been decided by a touchdown or -- the market isn't that. Bad -- it's really pretty close. But the problem it you've got to learn how to win and you've got to have that quarterback -- -- -- there and still -- it was able to get them there the problem that they have they've let. Don't three couple years past about the defense is older slower and the offense for -- It's not close to what it was three years ago. I like the Carolina point so wordy and up when -- think about the bills for this that it's really not that it isn't a big deal. To go thirteen years in a row going on thirteen years -- up playoff appearance but but you really should be patient in the that the -- is due to swing their way or that it's just more. An indictment. Of what the franchise is at this point that that the that would be accomplished sort of speak. Well I mean it still comes down and do what happens at the quarterback position and they'll -- that Patrick. Still has done better. Then a lot of the quarterbacks that have been there and you get more potential for ostensibly the big disappointment this year that the I mean that's like that can't be taken back in three key starters added to the deepest you'd think okay. Now it's time for the defense to really crack that -- and they'll put -- -- to try to overcome what the defense gives up. Has obviously been the problem with the team this year -- I hope they get they can tighten some things up next here on defense and you know still have the kind of schedule they had this year. Then they can get a little bit better but. Don't you could see what ends up happening in the footwork I think that the damage could come down on -- do they blow it up. They try to make it tweaks they've changed coaches what are they attended duke I think that belies its title at stake in the boat and don't try to blow up the vote. But what you have to try to do is continue to be aggressive and figure out what's wrong and it exit -- a matter of fixing the defense. To get the opted for a better chance and they continue to add talent to be the one thing at least he can say this year. This team had a talent that you have that worked out this year but you can see a step until -- -- -- quarterback is out the illegal that help you with the rest. There is something there with Mario Williams and you can see that mile walk at the offense can keep getting better with mortality. That things could get better -- that the patient is driving everybody involved locally. John after three years which is what we're will be with body Nixon Chan Gailey. You know lots of teams might look to make a change if if you know it's another unsuccessful season this year there were high expectations. What do you think that the team he put a percentage chance on them making any kind of a change -- GM or coach. I don't see it and that they -- that they do Libyan mistake and -- because he can't keep turning coaches he can't keep turning running -- You can only turn a quarterback if you know what's going to be a significant upgrade. And so. I would have to think that you know you stay the course and give one more year to see if they can turn it around understanding now that it. Still after this I mean there's probably no going back coming don't have to be changes after the season. Still I don't think that buddy nix took this job with the idea stick around for ten to fifteen years I mean you know that's. That he's trying to get the short term success of this team that can really came here I think that you concede. They'll reasonably well coached team and I think you can see some progress there but. Unfortunately the winds have not come out immediately got what he -- them. Realizing probably the best he can do it three entry in the division that you Oprah's scheduled that you can -- in the six games to at least get a lot cardiac -- and the patriots. -- I think that they need to add one more draft of one more year free agency defeat they can get this came back over the top repeat if you bring in a new coach. That means new players and what number what coach is going to come it's going to be a big name -- see that. And what group of players can come in -- -- right now seems to be eight down draft title here a lot of good vibes about the 213 draft. Might like to ask you have more about that if you know more about it but just can you explain Europe or give some examples of -- -- you see the bills as well coached. I mean I look at an -- and from the -- other really getting start of that offense. I -- I think -- -- a lot of good things for the first round pick the the -- him but I mean there are they getting the most out of a 31 year old. Old veteran running back it was undrafted. I mean you look at the names of wide receiver the only name is Stevie Johnson coming in dealing name but it's still it's got cameras not a named Paula Jones is not a name -- these are not named guys. And that's why he worked well coached and you look at the office supply and then. Fell as much as we've talked about -- that supply problems and had -- -- they held up pretty well this year has that they've done a reasonably good job. You know the one problem that Ryan Fitzpatrick as if it was the constant internal for the interception I mean it's like. That would you put the clean up eating clean that up and confident I bet -- the margin of error is so. To close because of the way that the content place and if they give up once grew one turnover that's seven point it's going to be taken back for. John -- the the conundrum we we're faced with when thinking about Gailey is offensive philosophy. Is as you lay that out the receivers aren't that talented. The quarterback Brinkley isn't that talented Spiller does look like a star. And yet week in and week out you -- now -- can be really zealots about this kind of thing but. I mean it's hard to argue with the notion that they're not giving -- the ball and a daily kids seem to figure out the the one guy on the team that's really dangerous is the guy you only won fourteen -- and. Yeah. Now that I think that Demi has. Center settling down the baby get the ball a little bit more but it also that they were buddy is he's not the biggest guy and the more you get the ball the more chance he has of getting hurt. And it on the sidelines injured doesn't really help this franchise whatsoever and particularly to a -- Well maybe some of it has to do with Fred Jackson and he -- coming up the concussion. I think he was healthy but also told -- you don't know what you really happy important for the game really been cleared to play they played not that different stopped. But how many more carries and they should get a little bit more but not a lot more the one thing that you look at. Bottom line he scores 22 points a game. And when you look at and say the -- of that team that's not that bad and the point four point should get to a good chance to at least. You'll get to a -- play opera when you're giving up 29 points a game. Still the topic isn't good enough to score thirty game. That's where the problem estimated at that they'll get. Two more big name receivers and start getting thirty points a game with them -- Fitzpatrick but 42 point six game you'll when you look at that group and you say that's. Still pretty good and that made it pretty well coached. John Clayton with us from ESPN we've talked a lot today about next year's draft. And as fate would have it if it were the year that the bills decided they were ready. To pick QB it wouldn't seem to be the best year for that you say more about what looked to be. You said overall there's a weakness. What more is there to say about all the draft looks at this point. Well image where I think it helps this team that we could win a little bit more down the stretch. And carry a little momentum into next year because this is a draft where I don't think you really wanna take a quarterback in the top ten of its like got. Did they wanted -- -- you may have disappointments and I say that and I told Matt Barkley is going to be there this year but. The more iconic bit different scout -- the -- watch Matt Barkley. And this is not indicative on Matt Barkley that is not a negative guy got to mention IC any adult. And Andy Dalton that the second round pick was a low first round value who's come into the league he said when he touchdown passes. Plots in the first two years Italy three quarterback in the history of the league to do that the other two being Dan -- And Peyton Manning. I'm sure that Andrew Luck has got to set that tie that record next year there will be some of these other guys they be Russell Wilson says that's going to be one that's gonna be a growing number. But still if you're taking -- at the top ten probably getting more than. Expectations. Of what you gonna get reality epic yet small hands. You can see that he struggled a little bit this year and it he's not but he's a good quarterback and if he's not rush into the starting job I think that could be a good situation. So like for example that seem to be in a position to draft like. Thirteenth or fourteenth didn't get him. That might not be a bad move that would be something that would -- I don't know where she knows that -- in the equation yet I still need to study it a little bit more. I think the Arkansas quarterback has struggled to do you look at this group of quarterbacks. Mean you know somebody will go in the top ten just because -- the quarterback -- that they can put undue pressure. On that quarterback that's like. Team can you have September 11 pick and then take Matt Barkley or another quarterback that might not get beat up bad. All right John worry headed. I'm going to go to Denver Tampa Bay. So. Status seem at first -- -- the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and former record great she on. And then you know very weird weekend I mean -- -- your weekend think it would be AFC all push campaign this weekend. Because you'll -- we have. Three divisions. In the AFC they can all actually for the can be clinched and only get to do it like three of the team is winning game and Europe itself but it points. Tampa's pretty good six and five but they're pretty good -- that. They really are coming all the big believer in Josh Freeman. Last year I think they would have enough good talent around him this year I think that you know they've. Run the ball very well they've made it easier for him to work play action in other defense is terrible -- take up 315 yards passing if you think the bill passed the -- has bad. What you get a hold of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And that way they didn't set the record and no team has given up for 4800 yards in passing offense and they don't get that before week's sixteen. Would you say the coaches made all the difference their job. Yes 100%. He got to the topic for the team he's given a personality to the -- well he kind of got to get significantly and we really look at a later they're Pete says isn't that good it's brought. Still they were able to go out and -- -- the -- well. Take make you make it better for Josh Freeman because god is good and he took it -- ten when the couple years ago he took the heat from last year with all the interceptions. But a lot of it was more on the receivers. And now he's got a good system there aren't offensive delegate -- the match up against the 300 yard passers and not a problem. Six -- I would never expect that. John Clayton any questions for -- -- any progress on the -- you know. -- -- they they they finished up two days of meetings with the mediators. Which of what was going on here. And the news is that. They're done they're not gonna meet with the mediators anymore. There's been no progress and so that. Yes this is a -- They're really going to blow the entire season after doing -- a couple of years ago when will they learn. On that no -- leave it here and talk to next week John. Once we get to questions we can't answer -- to go to break and we'll learn. Thank you John. Maybe when nobody goes back. -- -- Well this is somewhat of a familiar feeling. I'm very fond of John Clayton but at other times through the years -- Always talking about some upcoming. Changes that might be happening with the bills right coaching changes or what have you. I'm left thinking. Yeah I like -- and -- -- on -- mean that's really not fair it's his opinion and I'm giving you mine but. They're well coached they're offensive line. On talent shouldn't be as good as it is. Spiller -- stars on offense. I mean it's as if it reminds me at this point I'm constantly thinking of the the national guys think we should be terrible. Because were an outpost the stadium sold the whole everything about the bills his old. So it's like well you're where you should be expectations on the national level are being met by the bills they're irrelevant and bad. Why do you think I asked the murder at the end you think the coaches made all the difference Tampa. But -- -- ask questions like you tell me at 11 hand. You don't think the bills I mean really where sellers in the -- and make the change and then he's really defending. Basically what is normally I I think if he thought they would make a change I think you would outlets that he thinks that animated change so there's that. If it you know. The bit that Tampa it just turned on and you know that 65. 82 years ago they were they were the good to get out but. -- you know and knows isn't that is what you little secret gee I don't. But what George -- two. Thirds.

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