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WGR550>Topics>>Darcy Regier Dealing with another lockout

Darcy Regier Dealing with another lockout

Nov 29, 2012|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What's the most. Affective or. Intelligent use of the word -- eventful you can remember -- your life. -- IE boy I feel like it's my. I'm more likely to think of something is on even fall -- so and it's it's gonna be like that was on eventful. Well I'm -- -- most of my gates. Order. I have to say that you asked me I would have been similar similar release stumped just I don't know where and what a stupid question why what I have. That in my head that time that I thought the word eventful was best used. However. Right now I do have a winner. The headline reads macho Camacho oh week eventful. You could say it was you know what I what I do I only -- -- of me of one or two -- -- but. Yeah it's not a pretty. Several for wasting broke out during the second day of the viewing of the slowing fighter Tuesday. Including a scratching match that's of reasonably have ever read. A scratching match between his alleged girlfriend another woman who says she's his longtime girlfriend. And his sisters. I'm the actual girlfriend of macho. Here that that opinions and he -- the actual girlfriend of macho. And those who don't like it better not bring it. One woman said. They should think they should be thanking me for being with him at all times this woman kissed macho Camacho on the -- he's -- remember on. -- then she got into an altercation with Gloria Fernandez who claimed to have been a much of girlfriend for the last 25 years. And his sister's. Real -- -- much -- You've heard of your river -- that's mas macho on this is key and as ms. macho. And ought to called. God go I go to -- waited for her to the -- ms. macho. Is hearts and and and prayers go I've been -- You'll -- I think we had the same question popped into our heads when we saw the story. If I -- -- reading it -- well I saw this story before you got here and I said Greg. Two women eating. Your -- world yes we did have that does this do you want women fighting your way you want women forty to wait and and light on one hand it might -- -- like you know. Module that much like. These -- -- scratching each other over. I don't. Tell you wanna go. You -- allow women. Fighting to. Which are already out it's not a good book where you -- bowling -- with women fighting weight you're already you're not going to be fondly remembered me -- maybe you looked pretty screwed up. The Japanese really or maybe you were so awesome. That your -- your -- and women are beating each other senseless over. The claiming. It's tough to arrive at the conclusion to Austin. We have more time to debate this later. To -- -- -- Revere would be absolutely the right guy to ask this question though it or not it would change the subject. And I'm actually wondered why you guys talk about not having less and I'll be would you like to know which -- and I would share share our macho Camacho. -- -- -- He died he was shot and killed. -- -- at his wake women were brawler. Women claiming to be girlfriends of is his his family. I mean it had to be quite a scene there and we've just been debating whether you'd want this for yourself to have women. Brawling -- your weight seems like a great way to start our conversation with you missed you. Well there won't apply to be self. You don't think -- now I don't know. Happy Thanksgiving and happy Labor Day happy fourth has been a while courtesy of -- outdoor Memorial Day -- what is. What well. What is your day likely what are what is going on and and just I don't know it is it possible for you expressed to las publicly any frustration you might have with. The fact that we're gonna talk -- Rochester Americans hockey. Well I checked he. I checked the wire services. More specifically probably PS and Canada. Because they are probably is up to date is as as anyone with respect to that. The at -- and we are we're updated from the week. Regularly usually late evening and hand out. I just try to remain optimistic that. They'll keep working and it'll get done but outside of that it's the focus street does. End up being primarily a Rochester and -- -- In all of this go to part of of the work. Global -- the latest news. And I do recognize that there there might be some trepidation that it does speak to freely about all this stuff could I know that there are you guys have some. Restrictions but on the latest news is that the commissioner has proposed the idea of just a group of owners of a group of players without any of the leaders of -- group. Get together. Why what what do you think would be the motivation behind. I think it's true. You know I I don't know it I think that's correct but I think that did happen and I I think it just these. I suspect trying to provide an opportunity. For transparency between ownership then and the players and and and an opportunity for both sides to express themselves and beyond that I I don't know would also -- -- do you ever say to yourself I can't believe this is happening again. Follow him all right I don't I try and understand. A little bit of a -- and -- to war it is happening and and and I. You know he would either tell a story about it to tell yourself story about a -- talk internal aliens. And -- really haven't talked don't talk to the players. But you really bring it back to the level that they can partner we get -- rebounds. -- you're joining us last thing on this on the lockout before he gets it. The players that you know you're scouting and and watching over here. -- when players players sometimes we'll talk about a year they're losing you know like. Player has of an average five year career you know some longer. And to lose a year for them is no big deal do you think of in your career at the same way I mean obviously. You're. Career span is longer but is there a similar frustration like that that how can I be in this job. And have to give a year away like this. I mean -- everyone's involved. Recognizes that possibility of -- Lawson. And all that we don't. Don't -- season can war itself for personal reasons and then reasons for. You know that that transcend either owners and managers coaches players and people that work around the game of positions around the game. People you know he become very aware. Others being impacted by hand. And and denied it to -- back to this and single people can port. Both sides keep port. -- sabres general manager Darcy were here. Darcy the first player I'd like to ask you about is guys playing in Rochester are I'd like to know you can tell the fans about the year. Gregor Blanco was having so far in the Quebec leaguers that the stats. Just won't. Like all the charts. You talk a little bit about him and then I have one follow up on him that few people. He is. Progressing. Very well under Patrick -- guidance. And the Quebec like I've talked to Patrick on a couple of occasions. Just a few days ago. -- didn't endorse try and keep tabs that we have the ability and I did get operate she's a game day I watched almost all of his games. Truly hope he is progressing. Is often is very very highly skilled. -- the challenge for him -- him in improving his game is going to be to get more involved. In battles for parks. Because when he can get him when he can get the puck on the stick he can he can usually pretty good and that so. It's going to be more more involvement is physically in the game and can not maturation. Will be the full Christian and so far he's moving in the right direction. With with the way this all fell no training camp I'm wondering. Would you be able to. And it's another and say would you want to which I'd also like a response on. Would you be able to get him involved if this thing got settled and a weaker so when you started playing by the new year or something. But would he have a chance. To play. Like I guess legally is what I bought by the rules. And what are you have a chance. With how he is progressing. We we have the ability to bring an end to whatever training camp we would have. I would imagine lest these rules changed under the old rules we have the ability to keep -- -- nine games. Before you lose a contract season. And so those planes remain open to it to happen here to plant animal and that would depend on where he had his worst game -- now -- a -- I think the other in the -- considered in this process Israeli shortened season and depending on the -- this season. I can remember back to the 48 came a year -- so lockquote that your. It was it was essentially a sprint from beginning to the end of the year and sort. Makes it more difficult I think for younger players -- this makes it more difficult for. On the job training but. You know we're not there and and that still an unknown so those were the focus as some kind of TARP -- spoke with Patrick pharmacy well. Our intent would be right now I would -- get a -- here if for no other reason but the experience and then we have humor where I want true last. It's pretty cool you keep saying Patrick Waugh because -- -- the -- the coach. -- something you're impressed that he didn't talk a gray area apartment. You're still looking goaltender. Surely it's talked at that it's pretty good it's got to impress you even a little bit I would think that I don't know. -- all impresses me about him is incredibly enthusiastic. Trying to find ways to learn. Certainly doesn't need the job. Writing about teach those kids. As. I like coach told me is extremely cultures approach. There's a lot of voters players and then I think you guys tricked out there in the end death. Details fortunate two to have a coach like that especially as a juror no. Whether that's a tremendous example to -- that said. It comes in there's he can relate to a lot of frozen. You know -- the experiences he's had as a player. Be able to -- nose and and and move into his players but for players to play for those I would consider your real provisional and and and -- pretty exciting. All the Patrick walk talk and macho -- talker or clock is ticking on this year. What what's going well in Rochester in what is it. All it doesn't hurt just the injuries the number of injuries. The rest of -- I would share this -- while. We we. You know when you think about our business we do really just two singles we choose players or players choose us in the case of free agency. We choose each other. And we we -- we -- our current location. And soul. Let -- not playing here. Wrong Ralston and his staff and in Rochester are doing what they would regularly do him and the players get the additional attention from. From Lindy and his coaching staff and -- divvied up players so they have beat each each court shows. Four players that. They get that individual attention to go through all their video. I'm deeply -- On really what is an individual skill development. And so we we were fortunate because we're an hour from. From Rochester street to get down there and for the -- this coaching staff -- it was coaching staff deals and not much time at those individual players. Helping them but also getting to know and that. As sold so that's the big gonna show you what otherwise is you know a bit of a dollar. Jersey we have time for one more question here about a lockout but I just thought of sure great to you if you're -- you're in touch with. The the right parties and you know what's involved in the negotiations. Do you go ahead and prepare for certain contingencies. That could -- from a settlement. And how they might change. One. The structure of the league is going forward you know be that about. When it went free agency starts. Different ways that. Contracts will work in hockey I'm guessing that you've spent some time thinking about how we each of those changes might affect your team. Well you have some conversations. About that -- it's. Probably the biggest focus is why we start up. What will need to do how will it impact the the players that haven't been playing in virtually the players that have been planned what will it mean for players. Like here's an example the PJ brown and his plane in Rochester and post. As -- laughter trip to start. And need waivers to go to town and and you know you're you're you're looking at really focused on the start but yet they've been lots of conversations about. You know -- -- -- set free agency which starts sooner or how does that impact the draft where's the draft. It would. You know that there have been at the rumors that. Free agency the agency created -- a change how does that impact contract the player or players contracts -- -- up this year. So those conversations. Are in play and you talk about them and you can maybe even. Planned a little bit but until until you know it's its top that it. In -- waste too much time on that things are gonna happen. -- -- do you have any questions for us today. No don't want to keep up the good work and it appear thank you very much love to Ortiz and hopefully okay thanks art tertiary year. Gregor Blanco this year. -- me once that emeritus. 25. Games played 24 goals twenty assists for 44 and I believe his last twelve points or goals.

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