WGR550>Topics>>11/30 Mark Croce discusses the greatness of the Buffalo Chophouse

11/30 Mark Croce discusses the greatness of the Buffalo Chophouse

Nov 30, 2012|

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So we're gonna sentence I would mark Croce from the buffalo chop house we're gonna talk about that and the ice ball coming up the Stadler mark I see again. Good morning I'm doing well. I regularly and do agree I know well -- you know we have really -- on a lot of news about chop house and from time to time one of the things we talk about this out you tend to host visiting hockey teams. For a lot of dinners at the chop house and as I used to yeah. So on me but you're what do you know I mean you're one of the many restaurants and places downtown that is disheartened because of the lock up. He which we sure are because in particular we are usually restaurant issuers for -- -- an entirely from an overnight the night before and almost every visiting team. Dies at the ball we'll -- possibly before the game so are we feeling -- -- in. There -- -- anxious this is like Ghana and not just forgo. Moves into the community in the hockey fans but for the sickle business community is also offering the hotels. Restaurants all the people that come on incremental business helps support them and you give them over the hump or menaces. Report piece of business for -- froze on common. Were offering on a purchaser the good news is it's the chop house in your fine I mean you're you're you're managing it is good business awful chop house actually we celebrated. Our ten year anniversary last last week so. Pretend you're strong and businesses over strong real level great local supporters and followers a lot of out of town guests when we come back the town support from awful -- -- -- a big way. I'm still very very hurt by a restaurant up all the food and on ten years later -- probably say the -- among those -- restaurants was here. And we have to deal of the Danny's go fast every time markets year we make a deal with that the buffalo chop house these fly out off the shelves so to speak. WGR 550 dot com. Our buffalo -- -- -- the website you'll see right there on the home page fifty dollar certificate to the buffalo -- that you get for only 25 bucks in this time of year. With the holidays coming up I assume. People have a nice dinner out are holiday parties what happened that the chop house has a pretty popular place. It's very proper place for the holidays in this promotions -- popular this time year is -- -- conceivable after all you for that little special -- the thinking of somebody. A friend friendly coworker and you know for fifty dollars a unit for the -- to advocate for half price or twenty cars -- we -- or some lessons from special for from a family member. And -- maybe now wanna go to the mall -- something -- news of the get a certificate that awful chop house it will be used for some kind of special man for the never street celebration so the -- way to save money disagree with injuries were great you know food prime steaks. -- seafood is still beautiful on the house right now our listeners -- so. I tell people a buyer often by many because it's agreed deal went on to it off and so. This this week with your radio group you know we're a group of -- all weekend long and -- people -- -- some money and in an act of capital. Limit what they can buy some of the table and you'll buy four. Now were were personal for enlistment back. Because they sell out like. Really -- -- designer -- in the fact this. You know most populous of select pockets but we also hockey so that -- -- -- say stakes in -- so impressed -- we also be here to talk about the -- while I think a lot of people -- get past Thanksgiving a lot of people start thinking about Christmas and New Year's plans and everything is at the thought that today's a big day if you're thinking about on the ice ball. Today's a big day in terms of buying your ticket. Why well in all we've already had a tremendous response a couple of rule authority shall thou shall worship teaching how to last year. We -- we learn from a few of the mystics who may have flasher is going to be a superb bureau. Orchestrated experience this year. Of the -- from a German oral sold up -- slow -- swearing in the Golan ballroom. Nick status we have Steve Austin area playing. A couple of -- -- -- resented him and all over the building but this year everybody that buys a ticket gets a seat so if you're gonna. Common you're gonna have dinner -- -- of the food out for four hours ago from our premium -- for five hours. If you're gonna come down the -- publisher because of the many things in -- that time of the year. That's a great way to celebrate as an upscale event that's not the necessarily black -- of people to get dressed up to c'mon have a retirement New Year's Eve. He at first like going -- -- provincial summer's going to be agreement on common. If you buy your tickets today and and a lot of people over and try to get groups together and to different people together and try to you know what Philip table. You don't necessarily have to ever -- gathering all the folks that are recommended she go online. I'm establishing a common get their tickets today NC fifty dollars a ticket. If their friends decide to buy him later we can work logistically important on the other but. Don't -- did you have a paternal group GOP's a lot of people crossing -- don't have everybody that I -- I wanna cable time but we only have six people together and we're still working on a four. Until six people want you to take -- save your money because. The -- seem to -- you are by some awful person you some awful chop Oscar certificates for -- price. That's -- -- Citi dot com to do that I'm sure you envision in your mind how this would all play out when you first come up the idea of ice balls that are and we actually saw. That it match up that it exceed what you know how to play. It just as far X said. Their -- exceeded my expectations early on when you when you look at. Taken had collaborative of property that was neglect of so many years and the worked there we had to do -- six wants to try to get ready for the first as -- -- we were denied until. The minute we open the property in New Year's Eve. In those Parnell also we learned is you don't throw part of that magnitude on the days that you've actually finish construction but. No doubt we have a year and -- awful lot of great people were dealer or the year of the we have Donald science we've done tremendous number of events over the course. But the past year or from weddings to fundraisers the gallows. You know different -- large scale rather summary we can hold. We knew we we we featured. -- restore trust they held a conference are we had almost 18100 people on the facility for that -- Don't a lot of big skill stuff a lot of weddings than anyone things have become or. Very very big part of our core business every week or every 234 weddings amounts of property and it's who were new promotions are Friday's -- Friday usually off mated. Where we have packages start at 4990 for every person on Friday nights Sunday night's. -- so we've fixed some extended the traditional set and -- wedding and we've we've worked on the Fridays and Sundays to hopeful on the gaps as you know we're running out of -- -- -- -- Well they cobble these next year there are still available amateurs from. For Saturday's restore of -- -- to a ballroom but almost on a sure actual lottery is all of that it's that the city as well no city image has been a boom and has been agreed. And a team of venue and I underestimated. The embedded historic value of the property had no idea the people that have some type of affinity for the problem that had a relationship there of the dead. An event there in the past maybe get married there had some type of corporate -- so. Everybody who comes who was a stone that the way it Clarkson at the way it feels always fixed and clean everything up and how we operate properly and now we were first class team management -- staff. The second among the food quality is fantastic we were told that to bust -- -- food people over having openness is such a -- our donors -- and we server bankrupt. You would think that they went to a five star restaurant and got a meal. That's all we -- the intention to focus and detail. The that's where we're on top of everything to make sure that. Our were -- best ever has even you guys to -- -- -- the morning as we like to make sure that the experience also helps sophomores. Well again today is the last day for early bird pricing for the ice ball go to -- -- dot com because the price of what fifty dollars. -- tomorrow. So given their today and get it done and don't forget the deal of the day. And our website right now with buffalo chop house fifty dollars ticket for only 25 dollars and that is available through the buffalo perks program. And you'll find that our home page WGR 550 -- up. Always nice senior mark -- pleasure good luck with the ice ball and hopefully it'll lock to get settled -- you'll host the visiting teams and you know. Try and take care against NAFTA we'll try and secure also given great service and would do and hopefully you know the maker of the smallest -- -- We need hockey Ambac and I'm Tom awful thanks more patient in this market --

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