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Dec 1, 2012|

12/01 Inside HS Sports

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    As one or the other I would have more with the inside high school sports come up next. Marty eager to get out or get to worked in my garage and it's nice day. We're back with inside high school sports that's better. Mike McCarthy from mount Saint Mary's in studio with us longer Frank Wolf Roger Weis in Joseph mark Gucci no. I'll program note the

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Good morning welcome it Sinai school sports Tony Caligiuri yearlong Mike fair and Tino. Roger Weis -- Latimer -- on Bruce so all Western New York football time. That is going to be the theme of -- -- plus we will be joined by land Jake which is just a little bit to tell you about. College I don't forget little bit later round in the program we will have the -- assess your own name that nickname. Can't test give you a chance to win some fine meteors Campillo products effect tomorrow I'm really excited. My mother in -- common over -- scored -- -- he pasta dish with two result sausage so I'm really looking forward to this. Mine are spoiled. -- To congratulate you daddy that you finally came. Out. On cement the Lin arrived Thursday morning at 5:38 in the morning so I actually went so. Few days without sleep being in effect it was kind of funny I was. I couldn't sleep for some reason I got out of bed and -- well you know go on the computer and he was on FaceBook game need to get myself tired. Those talk to chip in my sister in line line we're collapsing. You know we've. We probably have another week before she's -- so we keep kind of relax a little bit and within a few minutes later. My wife feels up my water broke and now we great plan in action. Tutored at a hospital and 5:30 in the morning 538 Samantha was born nine pounds eight ounces. -- -- half inches -- thoughts on this. First off. I have to say that. Morning. Woody Allen Allen the whole process today while she was once you. Want to say happy where -- Were you able to know I was -- that counts only dreary. I really haven't had much beaten a couple of days it is almost better. I'm really called the mother of all coming -- -- to what running -- for Roger compared what I normally -- you know it's usually a truckload. I wasn't able to Rose nor had a little bit here and there. A sandwich or something but I am -- -- -- don't have the time I've gotten to take care of the house skating you know still getting ready for Samantha and in all kinds of things so you know it's been kind of crazy putback of work to hospital. And let's face -- hospital with epic rates are not. Throw the body but -- he's cheap and he's the going on the was a girl and that was around two birdies so shoes. His morning. Q do you think maybe as a possibility that the active right after. They yelled at Christmas tree lights -- record -- portion that one career goal. Could but it could have been what was the exact date. This was Thursday morning hours Thursday morning at 538. And so. That's when. When he night rods and he correlation update nine -- easily. Could. If you. All right guys let's get into talk about rust off and take you very much for it to everybody. Post ever FaceBook page which. I do their pitchers Smith Upton did very nice words of congratulations. And really appreciate that. -- let's go to the phones we're gonna talk about college tonight this is the eighth weren't coming up it's going to be. -- recruiting event for western New York's senior football players at the Buffalo bills' field house December. Fourth and help tell us about it as he does each and every year is land Jake what's the morning line. -- good morning Tony congratulations. -- my goodness. They Q yeah it's pretty exciting. Pretty exciting were were very happy and I'll hopefully she gets to come home today. I'll find out after the show -- at college college and I did this is again the eighth that if you that you're doing this and it's a great recruiting event. Once -- those who have unfamiliar with this up speed is exactly what it is how it works and all the information that they'll need. Well Tony he's an every year and apparently is brutal traditional first. Because obviously -- This is that he recruited that receivers. You know that -- -- want to venture forum for -- -- -- have a the younger players that are bigger let predictable groups. The only other time so. You don't always. Strangers and therefore people -- -- -- venture into the local recruiting. Academic student -- an advantage gonna record that there might be -- -- -- and a lot of home. Well reliant should be opportunities. Available to them because. You've met in this a long long time ago in this part of the -- through rehab. The Bulls kept the truth though the distance for -- football schools and -- really well -- opportunities for student athletes and local bureau a lot of of their support. Nice while it's great to get you know get to meet out there and meet people and you have talked before in the past it's anybody that's ever filled out. Applications. Of financial -- in and things like that it's an absolute nightmare. And to be able to get some information kinda. You know take the parents by hand sort of speak in and give them some direction. Yeah it'll probably be your progression through the -- preschool potential for -- -- opportunity to -- -- the kind of resembles -- in Atlanta that. Which is a little bit in the no sport for them to do. It totally black hole particularly certain -- -- -- -- but also the commissioner's office and what is your man so it's an opportunity to talk there's a physical well. Well the college -- A lot of is to really. The division to division three school which also put and so. You know there's well there's no questions -- smaller. There's there -- shoot gripped. You can go to school with a bit more over -- -- -- -- a lot of some form Colts from big schools a lot of time to put up. -- really -- the person who at 1 o'clock -- so this is a great credit for. For parents and student athletes alike -- have to beat the college and in reality you know. -- make you think that is quoted sources there -- maybe some school wanted to let you know in terms of managers. Well -- school or perhaps. And although the financial -- situation -- -- -- -- but you have to believe follow through. To make sure that the beautiful towards for the young man who don't want to work with him. Yeah exactly and and I'm sure they'll also get to talk about. You know maybe they're not sure of the major that they want to go into would feel they wanna. Pursue in college gives them a chance to kind of feel that out a little bit you aren't and all the coaches don't have. All of the you know all the courses and everything memorize but I'm sure they know a few that take it. Kind of guide the kids to I would have appearance gonna need when they shall walk off for this night. Well we don't do so there's -- critical not boring actually. The only candidate that didn't have dvds now -- Well he'll handle the video on YouTube or whatever it is still really changed. For what he's done this thing you look. Well albeit just -- and all that it -- global -- The Olympic related to transfer information and with a lot of schools and -- -- -- -- -- you know the outline for it for a provisional true that the coaches. That you can go from there put. Well Billy -- you know obligation is just shall have to be there. We've got this thing Tony -- make the connection between the student athletes with colleges and although we do. Tutored bind him many due to really introduce to cure to the process them. A lot of the -- school shall go for the cup but will be here. On Tuesday that some reform. You were young men see what kind of issues you know that they have more or Alter seasons have progressed to the last time we saw so slow. Not with the combination between the Cubs line that is recruiting and that's really good draw. We don't hear that familiar -- other. It's grown bigger and bigger of an important opportunity for people really. We'll pick up well you know our hands on approach to this recruiting process. Right here it's a very very good night night strongly recommend any parents and also -- A senior football players to attend this again it is December 4 at what time will doors open. Yeah there's not a -- -- before 6 o'clock would recruit -- it -- so it's just a good record that you're able to get subtle and a -- whole lot baker apparently clarkin. The only to realize that it might -- basketball you know being -- Honda miraculously merchants who. It all our hockey contest to win over the Americans is burglary. It all and it also all the athletes to vote weakness in connection with the college sniper so what are. What we're doing a lot to -- you know it becomes a conventions that are. Monday night at the same. Time we -- our of course you're not -- Frontline -- took were doses. With the sort of part school's sole. You know -- is that sort of the newspaper very and that Monday don't -- through earlier we are lucky convention center. They're resilient similar situation going out of school so long go to school what is due to the bigger picture built through winning and in -- you know it is -- -- or towards. You know a lot and we are pleased to commit to -- Canadian south of the border nearly. Yes -- from Toronto on what was given -- and all sorts of its. Evident this is for the schools to move to recruit to. Outstanding lead they can march as always forget this information out. To our listeners and -- -- wouldn't be able to pack the field house with it twisted -- parents and seniors and have a great -- we'll talk to assume. Are right I'd take care when Jake who it's. Always a pleasure having my promoting does so much to help Western New York seniors and juniors with the combine is he said in now with college recruiting night. Our guys the in today's Buffalo News the all Western New York team has been released capture -- -- basement. Lot of time a lot of up pulling hairs out of his head. Trying to figure this this output on diet cokes. Not a diet cokes go on down their -- at. -- average New Year's number read off -- the first team offense in -- first team offense and second team offense. Let you guys have added -- order catch all the stuff around if you want to chime in. Whether you agree or not eagle 30550. In this way -- Buffalo News has laid out in two days. Paper our first team offense quarterback -- Ben and Holmes out of Orchard Park. Cornerback partner Mike for a lot of sweet home running back Corey departure cow ski out of all the running back -- -- Kinney shoes. Running back Milch Wilson Orchard Park. Wide receiver Austin goals Orchard Park. Wide receiver -- medals will solve. Offensive lineman Jason ball from Holden. Offensive lineman Ryan hunter can issue is offensive lineman Cortland jeans -- town. Offensive lineman Mike's an Orchard Park offensive lineman -- Johnson pioneer kicker Tommy joy of the -- timing. Second team offense quarterback Maurice how we solve our running back Adam -- bishop time running back jordin -- -- I don't know about Randolph and a -- tomorrow and Juan. -- back he'll -- noble saint Joe's wide receiver Denzel banked in Kinney shoes wide receiver Nate Walters in your record. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Offensive lineman Jake swine maple -- offensive lineman Adam about god I don't Orchard Park offensive lineman Steve wild star point. Kicker Connor land of Akron punter Kyle few of -- port in the out cold players of the year. Ryan -- Kinney -- and Cotchery Olsen. Of conditions with -- players this year guys short thoughts. I think looking into it you have. I think it's well put together first two teams. Rothmans. And I think that they really kind of hit the nail on the had. And you know I I think that they have the five best offensive linemen on there and have the two best wide receivers in Western New York on their three best running backs we've seen all year. Two of the best quarterbacks we've seen all year I really don't think you can argue much of it. Yet and no I think -- and apps we medalist this year. Couple things on the second team that I really liked. He put Adam to -- when they're running back and to below is that is a great running back that missed four games but he -- you know he and he obviously picked the talent. Denzel Benton for kinesis I think could easily beat up a first team. Or second part like the line those kids up together nettles and then on each side he -- play in high school football right. And I like Adam electorate to at senator I think -- such an important position. You know you can pick five setters and really have a great line has such an important position so I I love what he -- them first and second team offices -- -- bigger and we debated. This little bit before the show what I I personally would have put Kyle view as kicker had a Julien joyous -- in team. Com best pure kicker in the area was Kyle field. Where would you base at you when you talk about best pure kickers. The amount of points scored the accuracy rate. -- distance sakic Australia it's a combination of everything his his technique for -- boxes is excellent his. Field goal accuracy. You know he's been doing it since the sophomore year he he's and a proven commodity in Western New York is a kicker. -- -- -- -- -- Football player and but he is it RER that's the case and put it down sides of the guy is the best kicker in the area let him get the credit for Russell put a kicker and team. Yeah I know the problem I have and I understand because if you think about it -- to pick from 81 schools. Basically to form you're. Euro all Western New York team but I think if you go in any positions -- should be the best just because somebody was maybe the third best quarterback. In my opinion don't find. And excused him while he's a third best quarterbacks are gonna find room for him at linebacker I don't like that I think it should be. By position and I understand it it is sold difficult to -- On that note though I didn't like what they did with the Q a quarterbacks with -- homes and Mike two real low. Is both of them are great quarterbacks but both Nomar exceptional ball -- very exceptional -- as well. So I mean I think you can it's like okay well which when you really choose for quarterback because you know again -- -- led their team to the Carrier Dome they both had outstanding seasons in either teams there when a lot of people not man and all they can make it back it's a tough road. So I I really like you know and how they segment of that I guess you can say really. I mean yeah I could say really. What what you do is if you if you designated one or the other you would open up a whole other debate -- while wanted to reload do vs homes or what -- homes do natural couldn't do. I think that was the best way to just trying to keep it status. Yeah that matter I'd like us and I think it should be. You know for a quarterback he should be who had the best numbers whether it's a quarterback -- down -- other yards -- -- touchdowns. I mean you know I at the edges that you should go by numbers while there were numbers and be -- how. Or or naturalized when our and is there. I mean when the college basic numbers it would memories now if you just go by quarterback numbers in every other whether it's college or felt. Your picketed by your goal by numbers while sums awesome wife in voting but you're going by stats -- It was great deal about market there's version of it. Market -- laid out all of his criteria right there are so I mean we really don't know -- we have an idea but sheets exact criteria. For picking the team mark laid it out right there so anybody who wanted to complain mark is -- that's a shame because he laid everything out right there he some more football than probably anybody this year and shame on you if you. You know word upset parent. That really went after mark because is whatever reason I think that's a joke. Let's take a break would come back will have the -- -- your name that nickname contest. It would get back to debating in Gordon and read off the first and second team defense. And get the guys points of view on that meant colors that's a 20/20 sports. We're back elicited inside high school sports. Tony Caligiuri -- might fare too you know Roger Weis no Latimer and Sean Russo is studio were talked about today's selection all western -- selection in. The Buffalo News -- -- now before we get back to that it is time for the -- set your own name bit nickname contest. If you are the correct collar you'll receive a yacht 25 dollar gift certificate for meaningless that -- Italian sausages. Which can't be redeemed at their corporate location for ten Connecticut street in Buffalo this expires January 10. General contest rules apply meaningless that -- the most recognizable brand. In the marketplace as I said tomorrow I cannot wait for my trees a sausage at dinner that my mother in law is going to cook for us really excited about that. If you call 8030550. In you can tell Matt collar the nickname for ten more west. You'll receive. A torn if I don't distribute them -- and snapped a -- 8030550. The nickname for ten more west. Speaking of look at more products and I just wanted to say is haven't seen in -- hello thanks for listening Merry Christmas -- Bosco just called you Tony good arch. And just wanted to say thanks for listening and -- that your that you're still hanging in there that's coach he's -- he's all fired I don't he's always fired off. While he watches awful awful while -- huge supporter he knows a lot of football you guys talk football so it. Got to know South America and all right so don't take it again sorry. I am I we Darden are debating first team our offense and know our -- that out very well there are. That we were talking about and a break there's just there's too few players that that Mike were talking about Farina was the first one up at the line wise. Get a solid office -- line but how does their nobody from the pew. -- the first few teams I mean if you -- team again was loaded this year they were very very good and lost Poulter gained a little but I'm there. Well you know the offensive lineman not the quarterback the offensive -- is older brother and he he was this started in in early brought up in in the -- meetings where you know he was one of those guys that was kind of on the -- -- that last time. Very very solid player for them. Turner and kinda tough but I think you know was very very solid effort if you this year and he made third team defense but. Speaking of the offensive line to how it's Quinn at UB not recruit Ryan runner Michaels than when he's got. The whole left side of the line has decent Carroll's under the New York coach sent out there. It and be -- in the bush is it can't that -- under -- Bowling Green that's that's that's. The other thing Tony and the pure and might be slightly up the subject but. -- you'll notice the small school -- and I'll let you know as much as I love Randolph nine owners they champion the at Randolph number second. There's no Willie Randolph is a better team and a pure in my opinion. I I actually voted for it appeared to be number seconds so I voter Randolph number one. And -- at the fifth out of Walden I had everybody because they won a state championship. I mean you got to give them credit for winning that there's a by the way congratulations to Victor Orchard Park he knew that. A -- doubles was the nickname for him more west so congratulations he will receive 25 dollar. Gets to ticket to menial and set the sausage first team in second team defense. Our defensive line John Shaq out of Jamestown. Is Shawn Murphy. Mr. time and I -- started spring you know you gotta have a start on the first team. Alec teach out of Clarence Wright and Johnson west Seneca east rod Payne saint -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- chambers of -- port. In. Linebacker. I'd Jackson Browne bishop time Sean Marshall out of berg our our group -- -- -- Austin meets out of Akron Indies -- or western hockey east. Read his staff for him out of -- sweet home. Second team -- -- Bennett. Dillon Halsey chose Ryan burned bishop time Scott -- west Seneca east Colby old role. Out of Randolph -- -- Orchard Park. Mike sharp Kinney -- Ryan Richards Tunisia is Steven Johnson McKinley rays on Jordan McKinley Cameron Smith walked one out. And -- and John Salamanca. Again well put together I'm glad glad that reds Africans we -- made it that kid is a stud and Jackson Browne. Absolutely those guys and you brought up -- pain from Joe's. -- off those guys are just. I mean lights out players in their phenomenal and about the speed in the secondary in -- second team Sacramento she. Ryan Richards from Kenny sixth Stephon Johnson from McKinley Rajon Jordan from -- in -- -- from like one Adam I'm glad in the guy's -- every Johnson and Jordan they're they're outstanding players to finally -- its probably one of the best kids in Western New York very you'll talk do we we let their first scrimmage for basketball he came -- Greeted all of us at the door. He shook our hands remembered who I was and remember coach out in just you know but just a great respectful can you see like McKinley was because they have those respectful kids and that's drilled into their heads and Scott Ackerman to it's really nice to see him on the second team. He easily could be a first team he's such a good football player. Kind of forgotten and one of them. Recent magazines in the you know was just oversight could that kid is a great football player deserves to be on the team Sean Marshall from burgers and in my opinion Mike you never -- -- that that back and -- Great pick and indicates a great player the kid is a phenomenal football player until -- sides of the ball for his size he can move I watched him play and -- a -- game and just -- he had -- -- -- -- two interceptions in the game. One that he took accident you know took back for a touchdown. It was just. I -- phenomenal communicate just all over the field. -- -- Now I don't have a problem with the players per say but. I got -- I -- -- laugh a little bit James chambers he's admittedly a strong safety and have him at linebacker. Austin meets. He's a linebacker. And he's listed as defensive back while I'm just switch the possessions -- there and it would have been easier. Doesn't again that goes to my opinion should be best by position but amnesty anyone trying to fill in. Gay guys and that mean then. Left out its opposition so you find a position for them elsewhere -- just. I'm not big on that but you know that's that's their thing you like linebackers are tackling machines all these guys teach them. He's with Brian Johnson from west Seneca east rod pain there all tackling machines Jackson -- -- those guys tackle it as Jackson brown running on empty. It's Terrell. That Roger and even that would have been worse. What we would have expected I have pride you -- it would have been more excited that we exactly you're who's really replaced him. I think I I think if you look like Heisman moments there I guess Connolly cup moments -- Bears moment would have been the pick against will solve. I I take that solidified that that he is a defensive back can be -- that's even though. Probably hands down with a best quarterbacks in Western New York no doubt about it it is it's not he can play and he can play anywhere. It's the super good. Here real -- you know what you'll get the -- -- cup. Banquet later today which is coming up guys and you know I'd say one of the favorites for sure about how about Jeff -- take a look at him. Absolutely complete myopic world players the Euro -- because he's on the field literally 4640. Him. It is Mike -- -- enough act. Like where's that nick has got to be the best players it's a lateral it should he could he could be a first team in a lot of this and what a great player he was from god he's done he's a real good football. Well we can talk about a couple other players that didn't even get mentioned at all Greg -- -- south. Sam Cohen from Williams or south. Ian -- piles and of north Taiwan and Tyler Miller of -- quite. All three were phenomenal players for their teams and no mention all big deal house in last year -- -- as a defensive back and Levy was third team last year. It didn't make your right he he skipped out on that honorable mention this year he moved to outside linebacker this year in play and he the first game it was gets Grand Island moved in there in the second half he had thirteen tackles in the game so in and one half so. You know that's. I think that's arguably the best player and and t.'s roster last year yeah I mean he was he was a great player you know when you ray Handley -- -- -- team doesn't do well you fall off the face of the earth a lot of these kids and got a -- it and it's not verify its a team game in the -- and in and will go back to rogers' favorite cited example over the last few years. AJ Roberts of Niagara Catholic had -- what are the most outstanding season statistically that year and didn't make it because. He played on and only nine Niagara Catholic team. Robotic you walk on made second. Team defense. Probably this in Mira Steve Marines I guess he wasn't much to a football where -- -- I mean it it got its how -- how it comes down to criteria how do you judge your criteria is -- the best football players and last year did you see guys that get scholarships and one in division one levels. That make second team third team or is it the players that had the best season is -- the best players on the best teams how is I mean it's ate it all comes down -- criteria. As you can do it you could do this all last year team one of those three ways it you can have three different teams -- but let's just say this -- You can argue any what you want with this this is one of the best teams I think he has ever put out I I really believe he hit it. The -- and at. On almost every player here it's a really great job I think the reason for that is I think there's a lot more communication in the community I mean with the way I've been all that. I think that top the cream of the crop. Is getting mentioned a lot more on a regular basis for a very good. How about this -- social media here here's a name that that didn't make any disease I actually I think I think we've put about her first or second team when we were doing our ballots was -- props from all the he made honorable mention that it was everything and that defense brought when he played sideline to sideline is a tall linebacker it was really good so I mean that speaks to the you know that the quality kid on these teams that an advocate like Dominic props is an academic one of the top at least three teams. I mean that it was a stop all I can say is on next year's Western New York All Star Games can have a lot of good players -- at all. While I mean that's. I think that's the understatement to and other players that would have an interest in to see make it had he been healthy all year was Shaquille Brooks from lack -- That kid's a player but he struggled with injuries all year he was dealing with an ankle injury for a majority of the season the packet from -- -- as a player yeah. Decades a player yeah you gotta -- when injuries disrupted in Miami make things. You know. They they're not counted because of that let's say because they missed so many games or -- -- when you know. That they are a -- what he saw through that with Adam -- you know we can assume at the Ralph and you know that he system for -- and how good is your team into again go back to how good -- your team and Nigel Davis is at third is a third team pick and a decade. Beckett is an outstanding both sides of the ball for St. Joe I think I had him as one -- pass defense I think he is the best of the pure defensive back in the last in the right there with everybody else say that Indian like this alignment that made honorable mention we talked about him is probably be the class. -- from climber this odd that it's phenomenal Roger. Well basically -- last season -- If you do you just write down numbers off. Now I've said this before I'll say again just because you go to a small school doesn't necessarily mean you're not a good football player and it's -- whether it was march pool or keys pool I don't have -- marks numbers in front of me but I think I'm as happy for players are usually. Three from class he would be. And then keys the breakdown is actually six this is just first team now. A six -- senior mark and eight double a five Clancy's five class b.s and one classy. No he's no double B. Is it safe to say that next year is the year of the quarterback again with -- how we Tyler stole. Tyler -- -- and I -- cheeks as an odd team stout tackle franchise differently Castro said 2000 yards passing. They're so good quarterbacks out there your real life he's your next next next year's. Right guys let's take a break when we come back we'll finish up I in this stuff for gets out Apache was coming up at 11 o'clock following us met -- is that's what 20/20 sport. We're back for one last segment of inside high school sports mess up a patch you'll be on at 11 o'clock. I cannot believe this said news out of Kansas City and quite unbelievable I say dilemma when Matt Matt -- my jaw dropped. I've never heard of anything like that it. There are thoughts and prayers going out with the family. Families of friends of those involves just a very scary in and sad as wild. Our guys who talked about all western new York and our picks and went through the first team and second team offense and defense. A students talking about as mean you know the count the Cubs going to be announced today -- trophy at the -- he says going to be. Announced on Wednesday. Guys give me your thoughts who's gonna win you want. I think come while I I think right now the the Carling cup comes down 33 players are -- how's the Olson from kinesis announcement here. I don't think I arguing too much about anybody else being in there. The other seven players great players deserve to be their old deal I mean not taking anything away from them. But the one of those three is gonna win the Stanley Cup I rank it right now probably Olsen one. -- Europe -- the house that's that's gonna be close and it could go anyone wouldn't be disappointed. Yeah I mean each of the three has has -- arguments me here was on the field. 24/7. -- -- he finished his this season as the fourth largest rushing. Season ever in western new York and Q excuse Q. But remember too I mean again it in the Connelly cup they're gonna look. For. All the games in Western New York they don't hold any weight into Rochester -- -- So I mean it does that -- BK is Q a little bit of an advantage because he had one more game in Western New York. He had an extra game at the Ralph yeah that helps -- and and he always perform the second half against he got stronger as the game went on. And I think people like that when you pick -- players. President one -- we'll take place these guys are pretty proud if they actually had the vote right after the what the Catholic semi finals -- they do them -- last game would probably come and play as far as -- concern. I like what I'm -- says the way you described -- spring here are being on the field when you force them on. Selling to exactly also I don't know all the fact that -- nations does and Colby and Western New York all they do play out some teams and we know. Royal line -- resources in journalism. State championship of course Stanley Cup what is it doesn't matter anyway. -- accounts your success of this team. It's you can pick -- -- man like Mike says I don't think there would be surprised I personally because of the point 47 factor -- like non. But -- familiar. John that you expect you Michaels and you know. It's tough to say because again impartial koskie had a phenomenal year. To merit again to a player anomaly year but I I think my -- got to go with Collison just because. You know I hate to use this term but strength of schedule. You know he put up those numbers and remember we came into this year and we were talking about how monsignor Martin is gonna be down. -- We did that I wasn't down there ever was not dynamite have been one of the stronger years top to bottom in monsignor Martin in in the last few years so. I think you it just based off of that and again -- we -- we looked at that he's just Joe's game you go back to the team he had there that was a monster game with a lot Izod. 344 yards in that game which was billed as one of the games of the year in Western New York. I gotta I gotta vote for Q. What's his -- stuff always says is that because. -- -- -- received France's and I chant Eddie Castro Chad was jaws off. But what dodge team -- -- -- and you're going with and bearing in mind at the beginning of the season -- -- out of the role was going to be out we didn't know enough. -- Doherty was gonna to guard rattle me and all that armour Rose thing. My senior mark -- down it was pollen and keel and not she had Matt being there but we don't we really competitive. You know was nice to they got to place some public school games this year to -- that's played -- south in -- is played McKinley -- -- or you don't mean and and I Matt's senior Murton -- the model that they lost one. So there's a big year -- my senior Murton and they earned it. And now switching gears to -- trench drove the I mean congrats to all time finalist but. Think you got to look it's probably off a four person race you've got maybe 50 call -- a five person race you've got Cortland pains. Sean Murphy time and Jason bump the ball then mikes and Orchard Park and Ryan hunter of conditions. That's going to be a tough at bats -- it right -- -- right in order wins that trench and quandary Wednesday. -- week. There's no way around with these coaches can't carry it's like it's a -- -- on the 2009. Years now arts. Hearing on reality syndrome or what you know via the register open winner and the calico winner who I got to do is for all the lineup better with all your games. What was your pick -- would you like he's gonna win. I'm selling all. These points. Yeah I -- with we'll talk Ryan honor I gotta agree with I mean -- and was phenomenal at that position and he played both ways it was very solid gamble sides and I think you know again the trenches only look at offered an -- to what goes on in the state playoffs as well. On but I think top -- I think my accent was just very very dominant and you know what I think. That came to fruition in the Jamestown -- -- registers Trent trophy winner Adam -- from orchard park -- -- my own shares. Want this URL -- -- has closed between -- tie -- I think it's between honor and send our we have a little bit of time left and you know one thing that we did. That we have been doing throughout the week is putting together our own we did to all Western New York we kind of just unity in it was a great idea on your part melt. We did offensive player of the year defense player of the year all offensive lineman of the year coach of the year. -- pass concession stand best uniforms and best scholar athlete. We just did what ivory parents calling us about our western New York's elections like it dead anyway so that's not gonna change. Aren't so as a said it was basically the guys from the show here we each voted and actually -- it was pretty much a split vote on every category but what we decide do was real player of the year and whoever won that. Doesn't qualify for the other positions do so we have five different winners -- her -- and our. Coach of the year we'll start with coach. Coach Robinson -- shifts. Our lineman of the year. Very close vote mikes and Orchard Park now. Our defense of player of the year this was even a bigger split I mean our ballots were all over the place here. Brad -- home sweet home the -- Our offensive player of the year. Corey -- cow ski Alden. And our player the air. Cotchery Olsen. Can anxious Audrey to kill. And by the way just for the record I vote for our top -- is that's concession stand. In -- -- you master reforms in I think we've we've voted and nick. Adam from two nieces. Nick Harbaugh -- are all well. Scholar athlete the year get a 99 average and the top teams got to -- -- -- they optimistic by the way congratulations -- he's -- -- player to -- gotta be gotta be quarterback from time majority the right guys thank you very much we'll talk to next -- -- -- -- Is up next.