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12/3 Jerry Sullivan is not impressed with Mario Williams

Dec 3, 2012|

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-- mr. Sullivan Ariel. -- the that was going and -- court I'm sure they've been five and seven or. And forcing people to containment through certain -- -- to -- here. Yeah I you know what and by the way just for the record now people would know this references and read your column so retell his column I did watch it's a wonderful life Saturday night. Teared up at the end as they always do you know -- choose his battles but ice it and by that by really by the -- that does to say the water comes flowing out at the end. But but having said that Sully I don't take anything from this game -- mean it doesn't mean it's a playoff push. It doesn't change how I feel about the quarterback or the head coach even though they finally decided to run the ball. It doesn't really you know they beat a team they should be that's a bad football team and it doesn't change. Anything how I feel about the season where it's got to where it's got. There are both the notre personable and don't need better coaching you can be discouraged and -- smoking advocate problem they had thought I'm a big chance gone anywhere and I. A little bit different just from the fact that he didn't stop for the worst loss of the millennium mine market. I'll give him credit we've been given the coach's credit for that always direct and promptly. That they don't get discouraged and quit has gone deep and always that I I thought they might have pollution and deep cut -- their. Enthusiasm. So up. -- my home opener at this phone. But yes so they've -- only took to an extent but I mean it just never. Perhaps significant when they're really mattered and it seems it's hard to get excited about it you can look -- is Chan -- and there's one win over -- that's it with a winning record that this Jacksonville group. I -- -- -- played some good ball on the road record that would Padgett couldn't hear him but it -- either. No I mean it dead it it does make you think you know like we said it would have been it would have been different they want an Indianapolis it -- they went in and beat a team. With a winning record. -- -- even still bring up the game against Tennessee that's a game that they should've -- that's a teammate that bad team they should've beaten and didn't do that so that's why I think it's. Its ability get too carried away you can like certain things in the game. I liked the fact they ran the ball Fred played well there are so you know Mario Williams made another big play you can like certain things that you saw the game yesterday but. I don't think it should change how you feel about the bills in terms of a big picture. Time. But aren't can be mapping even more certain people to realize what great. Capable but also what they've done in the past Jeanne. And they'll run for it -- arms and peppers -- funeral lecture circuit. At 44 -- thirteen and instant. And a Fred Jackson I think it was -- bank and -- -- we didn't care we want that instant. What are that the -- kept open up about game that he needs more time to back the cardboard figure out what to do and put it -- Pretty obvious -- arriving at a horrible defense what you do in that situation to keep running. And -- Chandler I think I mean what we needed to show. That we were political they're real impact. Go back and reflect how Republican you know overall -- pretty good on her next statement -- Payton can run the ball to ran thirteen times I'm so excited. They do it yet that team. Yesterday and I I -- think it was like ten. The circumstances. And not a lot of pressure allowed to interpret that that you thought that our approach -- -- coach Chan Gailey is that the coach. Shore up -- Houston. Don't you think -- out of -- game in order change the treatment of the Indian could've been the only signature role went a bit tight here. The only thing throat went up Brian Patrick I'm here that the that the coaching is what would happen in Houston. Yeah -- the opener the -- aren't seeing. They're here and talk about everybody was -- in the opener -- give -- 48 point Amare can't get used to what happened yesterday. We're -- -- back a while -- they needed -- and I figured complain about one -- opener went the other way. And that's one of sixteen game -- So I think the whole -- not just gonna say that the thing about Fred Jackson you know like you were talking about why you know that they loaded up the box -- they read yesterday why did they do it against Houston. Because Houston's good. I mean that. You know -- it was Jacksonville so I mean you you know. Let's not go too far overboard given credit for sticking to the game plan it was Jacksonville loading up the box not the Texans defense. -- and a tactical team or. 37 points or something in Houston. And they did through the air mind but that the current I -- think on the game after it looked pretty good at bat good. -- at least try one more -- Martin thirteen runs. On the road. When you know what they're trying to do you and we did -- quarterback is not throw the ball on the field I'm I'm. -- dwell on your feet and that they didn't stick in your -- These big game they lost the new crop up about defense. You know quick -- -- against the wait and edit episode congress excitement about not had any in -- we weren't. Box type -- that was their fourth or fifth team running back. You don't want to be able on the ball and I. Stop tampered -- go stop and Bolden. I think it was the fourth string running back -- -- report -- Montell Owens public was fourth. 80305 picked to join us Terry Sullivan whether it's Thomas from the Buffalo News -- his Buffalo Bills football Monday. We'll get more solid slots on the game to take your calls too rich bureau was selling here on WG darker -- ahead. -- -- -- -- -- Dead arm out there all the while Caleb and -- -- not a ordered. Out they would go to Craig you're -- much playing time rebel -- and got. And I'm not bigger -- and mark acutely. This -- going to be a standout but it when god is. A really really good -- -- got -- -- and he reminds me out of Utah and to that you and a chance to be here. -- -- so they are much group Omar was an appeals could easily got. I think out of Kurt I'm not -- -- off the -- with a minute 48 up the chain. And I'm like quite a particular out there you got. -- -- To figure out that the -- had anything off your albeit. Under upgraded to Beirut but the cracked by the party career. Somebody into that goes off because well the Soviet Citigroup all are -- -- live without ballpark but you're probably. The Q Margaret you've got offered. Irish thanks I summing I would assume that they feel Ruvell Martin knows the playbook more than Marcus Easley said that that's why they put rebel -- on the field. Look at Vietnam both part of the comparative. Show the world how Smart you are how comply a sure your game plan and our other TJ Graham can become a deal all year and and by god that's -- -- to catch the bureaucrat so complicated. They're -- couldn't do it by now I don't know it Tarvaris Jackson obviously. You know not to put you capable crept in this off balance you know he couldn't hand at all just that he couldn't scroll ball the other team the -- it gets it yet again. I don't know I'm sorry I'm not. More upbeat about this but I think a lot of pins were more -- today than they were before that and. Ehrlich I'm not -- that's it I'm not more irate I mean does the game didn't really change anything negative or positive for me. It was just another game they've they've beat a team that there's no significance to it and I'm not angry I don't. I didn't walk -- going crap but they beat Tennessee here what do they beat L and then just they've there was Jacksonville what would you expect. Other than maybe not yeah I mean you Letterman and when that emotion and team. I think people like iMac and that's an emotion that I've I've I've given too much. Are all these parades -- seven and nine and shall -- -- significant win now -- pay people -- -- all I'll be impressed. But I think the rams are good in right -- -- -- into -- -- will be employed. I would not I would call it signature wins but the -- corner well at this point all right upstart that think that. I'm not dynamic play out but they're. -- police -- for progress here you are greater for our -- out -- to beat the -- and then. People they're throttling -- Seattle up. I put grandmother and I'll talk to me when you brought that these three games. And -- -- -- 77 and I that you can start our part but they do that obviously the ending to champ Expansion -- -- and but at least it will be a sign that they're getting somewhere big -- perhaps it's still won't be -- -- went in and go to Miami where that he. And balloons. I don't know what Miami's situation will be but commitment they could do it I went for a row. I'm I'm gonna wait to -- 8030515. To join us -- subtle the spot for news columnist who lost on this afternoon of football Monday. -- with Sally here at W jogger right ahead. Well -- gentlemen. Well equipped you know. You know after the bonded so well it all all that. -- with the -- had been carted off -- Parker really liked this guy on I really tried to give it give him the chair. What we're media packet or figure so our effect that you did you -- refuses. To sit Fitzpatrick and now you're saying that. That guy -- you -- like they are anything he does what fortunately it's powered by the fact that -- -- I respect her a 100% and anybody who. We'll tell you that it got not got. It O'Reilly thinks yup it. They've -- and the fifth day I'm out both I'm not a part of football there in the fact that in draft anybody else in -- gonna do. Are you could -- backup I don't believe that that's the editor are technically better chance to -- -- get them the best chance to win like they've created that almost like. Date they want a politically because they want they really aren't dying here that people might think could get a better chance to win and next year. It and I would assume when it draft another quarterback pistol market had been spectacular at the chance to win right away and that kind of their problem for. Well that the throat Graham -- You know her all all certainly look at it it and you know put in my column this week of the Yelp wanted to assist -- people didn't see the game I'm guessing more -- wanna see this throw. Ticket to -- throw that throw his -- there all year but the difference between this team being five and 775. It's like two more votes same throw same guy open in same spot different guy whatever. It's been there all year and if they had had that throw. George from -- bills fans wanna. You know take heart or feel like it's not as bad as it seems that I ending all you have to do is say. You need about three more plays out of our dial one position. All year and your seven and five on now if you want sitting Daley believes the guy that is currently is -- can do that. Then maybe you disagree and that's not so much fun or you think can a rookie do that and my answer be made a -- that. We don't miss five and 747 it feels terrible it really is a few plays away from seven by the question is you know -- they have the personnel to do it. How about Andrew Luck it is a perfect example of human but luckily they're not a good team I'd go through a lot of immigrants or because he's meant fewer of those points. And effectively use the bureau. Basically three different guys on defense it's always the quarterback it's in the apparently in -- right picked its candidate can beat a quarterback for. Six win team and they went team in an -- -- game if that's your play great defense but ultimately. When you need those problems earnestly than there are certainly -- policy and I think that's why. While our laws went away from Alex Smith you have Abdullah and I'm going back -- the school we didn't -- against the giants what you're as the Super Bowl champs. It is that it happened turnaround they haven't had that significant when cents. You don't skate that well yet you can -- -- since when it really matter. No wonder -- last week wanted to grabbing her right touched it better all year and a how hard that the pell -- a rundown on the field and -- deep ball. That he learned that since the -- when he did yesterday. It's always lauded for doing some what if today. Should we be talking about what if Marlins had a surgery before the bye week. I'm not ready to go there and I don't I stole. I'd still don't believe it was them a major injury. He was able to play it. I'm still -- don't culture didn't think it was major that it clearly helped him out. We had good -- sense but I'm not forgiven what he did earlier and it had a surgery in August. I'm not gonna say that they were put -- that we better and I don't I'm just. The people I got unfair to him -- standard is high and even then it went well but lately. I'm not gonna get excited about my half sacks and -- think people that are monitored -- about that that would show let's just that. -- he's part of the offensive badly under achieved this year Obama just about a body of work this season and the next year they are. You know again you gonna find other minor injury to complain about. Going and really -- I wanna make this clear Jerry he wasn't trying earlier. I didn't is it trying in my living like a lot if I let that cry but I now and I didn't think he wasn't. I think you wouldn't have not earlier topic here a superstar. Okay giving up and -- tree right. You know what let's let's let's figure I think we're really fun while let's fight from minute let's fight from Limbaugh and while another -- I just because you do this with Stevie to. -- he's not the best in the league right OK fine policy is good yes the night and half sacks it's pretty good -- twelve game. Well well if you are ridiculous and I'll -- watch open up our earlier today we're gonna settle for good I'm paying a hundred million for good. I don't pay a hundred million per night -- back. -- -- -- -- When you have one of the worst defensive years minister here and yet they played better lately and it's too late. It didn't. Or for me what Mario Williams is going to be a failure that they don't -- apply our. And then next year will recalculate OK -- that the guy who had a hit your minor injury this whole time and use and history of inconsistency. And it had to be this year bat first. Good second half but still inconsistent to me and I'm not gonna European trip excuse I'm gonna continue to hold and I think that is. But it's not even Stevie because India and not allow. Not under a million dollar a potent print number one overall pick. What do you that would fifteen sacks -- And the defense plays much better the rest of the way I mean mark Kelly can firm up an earned him. But if that doesn't excuse what happened the first properly -- not I'm -- I -- the idea I'm not gonna use. The injuries it -- Q but it could have been a factor. And it could have been -- looks like a different what are our I don't know what -- -- -- he looks like completely different guy he's gone from invisible he was invisible to making what did what why not use the injury as a reason. Why not. I'm if it but it was a it was any reason I'm not giving a pass on our -- and whether the much reason that it's -- appears to be. I believe one of his own teammate -- the line was accusing of not. Trying hard earlier in the year. So maybe you can call Chris tell you about his opinion -- yet more credibility to me it seems like Chris Kelsey obviously he was pointing at that guy out saying all right you're -- the curtain. But your move your mobility and you're not. Plan for the whistle all the time people watch again you know all right -- -- -- bought Celtic and we reevaluate him based on the -- secret that bad. -- when he's not playing with action and admit -- if you thought our guys they would not really I am not much. Well absolutely impressed upon the field art form. Yet to feel sorry for a minute pulled out of an all up -- let's let's let's be sure let's listen to Chris Kelsey is career high and sexist five and a half. Chris Kelsey and did not immediately let go or crypto or Chris Kelsey gets the right to say that. First off I'm not sure he was getting on Mario Williams -- kind of taking a shot of the coaching staff is that the sale like. Yell let's get this guy taking care of he doesn't look right out there he said I'd rather have somebody ought to present that Mario at 50% that doesn't necessarily 50% ever. They could be 50% ability yeah he's. Here I can it is thought last cal I did remark about effort by the defense in an attempt to get to Cody got to deal with -- injury -- -- All -- on that -- that's -- really interesting -- it's -- -- lines -- -- the public it is important I want action. I want that is nuance that the sabres are struggling because they're upset Tim Kennedy got let go. I think it would open at 4 o'clock -- not an excuse. Solid if you that you -- extra Chris Kelsey has earned it but with five and a -- to Chris Kelsey has never been a difference maker on this defense how many bad defense -- As Chris Kelsey been a part off and like. I don't know I try to look for the simplest answer Mario had a wrist injury set his wrist hurt and I bet half season got surgery done it and now has been a ten times better. But you won't say that the number the only thing that is actually changed you won't say that that that's what was. Not. I'm pat still don't believe it was a major and it that. I'm I've got all right a may try drilling capital off the field a little different is what they call it. Right and -- injury injury keeps him off the field minor injury got their suck it up TD and get through it he could. My parent I I just donors up all right understood what I was the topic here donors at what's to gain by not acknowledging that that's probably the primary reason he wasn't productive. I don't -- primary than. Wireless armor or what I'm married I'm looking to gain -- thought in my and -- he wants the primary lenders might borrow on credit flavor not a lot actually I don't think the injury was the main reason. And the -- allies could change. Like the New England game they -- just didn't quite well. So we're both seeing people went forward because -- by the way he's done a report now. You think you -- -- in -- may have been anywhere else in other plants and pretty poor. Opponents. I I don't happen at exactly as it is you know put the be all that all of the possession late in the. So your dogging Aaron Schobel for saying that and now your saying the same thing. I thought I -- that -- -- is important. They haven't got -- didn't do well up early in the year. And I I put a lot of pressure on him and all and I want more from him next year. These I'm not interested -- you know how much better he's playing Hannity and it's not gonna play doesn't gonna underachieving not -- the playoff. He was bought me this huge difference but you what you want to hand this being better I don't I -- Other guys better bullet that is. Clinton wouldn't you say what you want from Mario Williams next season is basically what we've seen in the last what 78 game from him six games and editor with better teammates. I want more than that a lot more than that I want them not to give up tribes in the late. I want them not to give up those points to -- -- when I. Well it's -- it's. You can't put it all -- -- -- doesn't -- the -- you can't put on Mario Williams at Indianapolis she got a sack on third and three to give the ball back to the offense and a one possession guy. Aren't. So let's not limit the offense then it's you know those three and out of that that that an -- They earned -- are about we know what what the final point on what what what they're fine points -- an hourly plan look at it makes the global. It's not gonna make them I don't ultra mobile my that your point earlier about Andrew -- -- Jerry Mitchell -- helped a lot is your point JJ watt. Your point earlier about Andrew -- Put Andrew Luck on this team and Mario sacks are more meaningful they have more wins it's just it's whatever. You're right back to where we always. Agreed to -- -- and you know you're talking about Andrew I when I said. The one throw a throw here a throw there yourself in a -- you went right to locking you said look at Andrew Luck. Eight and four because they got a god can make important throws if the bills have a guy that can make an important throw instead of getting. Picked off and then going three and out. In the -- Indy then Mario sack is much more important. And in Arizona they basically win that game in large part because of him and Gerris Burke the offense didn't help that at all so. As bad as the defense has been at times the defense is also basically won them games this season. And anyway Miami or you don't vote scored 28 point and for the games they lost some -- -- -- that speed and have a goal they have not good enough. I thought -- really got back why aren't that Mario has gotten better over here Chris I don't order. They're -- -- and a picnic oil department. A multi coincidentally all his whole Lotta Lotta time to discuss the performance suited up next here. Thank you selling. -- -- -- -- --

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