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12/3 Ryan Fitzpatrick still hopeful for Wildcard, talks about his offense, and more

Dec 3, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning congratulations on the win yesterday. Thank you very much very good ones do well are you today. Great spirit always sort of it sort of that triggered when -- -- goes out -- Sunday nights in the Fitzpatrick house and waking up Monday morning our little nicer. Yeah therefore any more pleasant. You know we we always get together some neighbors -- I'm very aptly named them they're different more smiles. Cancers and -- have been impressed -- When you when you get home I mean obviously I'd assume everyone that talked about the game are you -- that's stopper would you disliked like wanna leave the shops -- work and like. Not worry about when you get home. Yeah I mean a lot of time. Under this kind of ready to move on and you know play with a kitten. Kind of move -- not Manhattan Cutler became angry at every moment you could tell in his -- That you popped up on good news is that you had a segment with -- -- we get the rehash every moment though other group. Harder harder week I kind of figured it would be I think thank you very much. -- now -- was on earlier Ryan any mention that we Aston you know what was your message to the team. He talked about how is a very quiet locker room you know no celebrating did you guys approach this game as you know. But it's you know just take care of business and and move on I guess. Yeah we did and I you know what I think it. -- an agreement that brought him. To this game which -- is gonna take all of the guys on the field whatever. Our offense on defense and special teams can take all eleven. And there was this you know -- -- -- yesterday were some of the injuries some of the guys that have become hasn't played out and play in the past. They don't even a guy like mark easily returner kickoff from. Given us great field position is really you know put everybody on our roster yesterday that we had a lot of guys step up like had. Then in in the past them I thought that it could jump. Yeah I heard I wanna ask you could obvious yes she lost some guys on offense. But I'm curious you don't run the team -- the bills and had problems putting like every facet of the game together in the same game. When you look at yesterday's game you've got that mean there are very few. Mistakes you know the muffed punt was one of them but do you think it's the most complete game of the season I would think it may be Kansas City would be the only one that might come to mind we're word yet. That this was better. I'd say that I was thinking and city when you're saying that just in terms. All three phases. Gonna put everything together. But you know that's what it's gonna take and that I think. You know the beauty of yesterday in. The weather and so when teams come here and they beat either remain in the win -- You know they don't want to they don't want a plane -- but it's something that we welcome. Discusses to a currently huge advantage for us and I think we drive in that type of situation that scenario until yesterday it was a a typical. A Buffalo Bills December land throughout the province one that we had a lot of fun. How how bad was the wind because that was thought about this fairly rich -- to just by looking at the flags on the top of the goalposts. It didn't seem to be that bad but it but I felt. It seemed like when I got to the state yesterday was gonna be one of those days where. When you win that that the coin toss you -- to make sure you got the wind with few at certain points and not worry about who gets possession first was it bad or not. You know I think in the first half the weather the weather was bad the rain was coming down pretty good to win would swallow around. -- make is that as the game went on in the second half are really the wind died down it was just kind of amidst rather than the hard rain. But I think in the first -- is definitely. Effected you know things that we could do offensively and things they could actually at all. Do you on a -- like that did you go to work yesterday thinking you're going to pass the ball less because it just wasn't going to be conducive to that. I mean you never I never really look at the weather report until Saturday because you know it can change. But it did did say. Reign in everybody expected to rain all week and so. Saturday night Sunday morning I kept waking up from howling wind bid in the in the hotel and I figured. It was going to be one of those days. You know -- That always get our front line charged. Freddie the -- ready to go and CJ made that big run so it's up and I think that helps us as a team and something that we do little. Can also mention that you guys had spent time. Preparing to run your no huddle package yesterday and he ended up not having the mediator didn't want to use it whatever the case may be. How comfortable -- I assume we're gonna see at some point this season how ready how comfortable are you how eager are you to run that package. Perhaps that incredibly great and it was it was in -- -- we. I had talked about go on and then. You know -- definitely in the first half the way the weather was. It wasn't going to be something that was gonna be used our grants and so we we didn't easily held onto it and I think it's -- though some of the injuries and stuff sometimes you'd you'd stay away from that stuff. Because guys are unfamiliar you want everybody on the same page so we'll see we'll see where it goes. As we go forward here until it -- not. -- -- through this here at WG -- injuries Ryan is you know he went into the game without Donald Jones if you lose Stevie at some point -- is Chris Hairston Eric would. But it didn't seem to mean is still put up 34 point she ran for 200 plus yards it didn't seem. Like the injuries here for the offense much or or did they did it limit things that you would could've done -- would've done. I -- in the -- limited -- we were due there was. By the end of the game there's a lot of confusion. -- terms -- who's playing what position in the wider receiver group to scoot. You know Donald went down mid week that I wasn't something that we had been prepared for all week. So once he went down and there are different guys huddle or just the logistics of the kinda crazy there in the second half but I I think when you got a point 228 on scene you know they. They tend to make everything. Look peachy no matter what going on and so in that was that was something they are especially critical he. Wanted to take over the game yesterday and he did it's such a great job. Company and and pick up the slack verbally. That's I was gonna ask you about that because you know we've spent so much time and deservedly so talking about CJ Spiller this season because he's he's been so electrifying. Do you get a sense I don't know chip on the shoulder did you get a sense like. That Fred was was it was a little motivated to approve the people like you know like they act like -- here I can still play that type of thing. There are mean prayer prayer and the guy I think this whole career. That has kind of been. Under appreciated and maybe not by the Buffalo Bills fans and that could not by anybody in our locker room that actually. There's not a whole. A lot of teams are guys know about him he started out so great last year. And kind of got his name out there about. I think he's been kind of the underdog and appreciate got his whole life and that's the role but he drives an amber do you think. That something that fuels him and so. I mean he. Is happy that anybody with CJ doing what he's doing. But I know. You know that just his competitive fire. He wanted to go out there have a big game -- -- -- -- strong. But when we have both those guys were on him like runner right now it's. It's definitely good things trust. Do you think or were you expecting. More days in terms of the game plan or how things played out yesterday 46 runs seventeen passes. Were you thinking there would be more days for you would predominantly be a Russian team this season. You know I think I think yesterday it was -- an extreme. Just because of the weather because we got. -- decent -- lead but I think -- run the past ratios. Was a little extreme because of that but it. Yeah I mean. It is one of those things in his -- week to week in terms of who we're playing against what these cartoons Iran and in all that. You know I think the strength. Of our offense. They're the two guys they're back I think everybody knows so. -- that was so of the game for us you know I I enjoy the quarterback in an awful lot as does go. Don't you wanna throw the ball thirty times a game music they're hurt that. Yeah I mean I wanna win so that whatever it takes to I'm happy. Can you -- talk about acute touchdown passes actually -- -- about the deep ball to let me start their first. Talk about the play with TJ Graham because -- mentioned after the game that was an -- by you right. There was. Kind of one of the check with these -- what we had to place called. Depending on what the defense who's gonna give us we're gonna go to one -- the other and so. -- in the past played. The that was there was great as they get that passed the one that. He I think a lot in practice and just you know or more more comfortable with him. Though it was good to get during the game and count goes one of those and to give a guy -- building -- one yard line. But you know. He he's really he's gonna Kamal the last few games of the year UT's speed guy guys that are really understand and get his role. And -- Israel prettier than. Yeah I mean there was there was a good deployed for a especially early in the game particularly like that. Right and it comes a straight line speed with India -- do you feel like when -- when you're out there on the -- when you watch -- of that defensive backs have a tendency to underestimate him because he's a rookie. Rule I think I don't know if it's because of that I just think. Big guys so fast that you know sometimes. Guys who escaped lulled asleep. Because it is straight line speed is just on another level and so hard. You can watch film and you -- you guys you can prepare for -- on the 43 year whatever it is that. To actually go out there and government think he approached the a lot of people because he's so fast. What kind of strides has he made and he he he really. Obviously was a focus a lot after the end of the New England game what kind of strides do you think he has made in terms of the comfort zone with everything you guys are doing in the pass offense. Hey he's got a great the it is very hard step and it. Young guy in. Especially as a receiver and our offensive. I think football nuances some of the some of it is just got to go out there -- the other. Cut you know learn and make mistakes on the field and learn from those mistakes -- I've really enjoyed him this year just in terms of his willingness. Go out there and you know learn in the meeting earned him. He's a guy -- For whatever reason you turn on the lights on Sunday he played better. Even then he doesn't practice and sometimes guys are out of that so that the -- positives that we secretive this year but he's just gonna continue to get better. -- you've got this straight you're really kicked off pick TJ because he didn't get in so you decided to call your own numbers into Egypt you. The pastor of Tibet but I honestly what shakes out yeah that that's exactly is this is good. I just wanted to make sure that the touchdown passes let's talk about those because the one to Chandler. Did you see those closing -- mean it looked like it just got over his outstretched arm. Yeah. You know going into the game. We had that we had a few route that around particular. -- without. The defense we're expecting it was probably -- got going underneath part of he'd -- they'll throw them there that plated a different defense. -- the safety over -- union. He went over troubled pot so I had to throw over possibly. Get in there before the safety came over Scott yeah -- mean he's such a big target. Down there he kind of put without them. It anywhere in his vicinity and he's in the kept it and so that was. -- -- -- in the second touchdown was Siskel these. You know while one covered. Have got to guard down there in. They keep coming -- hurt on the play before but stayed in her than -- electric car. It's hard you know Kim was going to see and the injuries have you heard anything about any of the guys that especially the guys on offense. Now I have I have not end it's just one of those things that. Unfortunate it's it's the reality of the NFL that's the reality of you know being late this season he's got to deal goes injuries and so we'll see -- hopefully. You know -- few remarks here here as you know by yesterday or whatever but it. We just. Yeah hope you have -- -- -- -- you don't you've got to you've got to kind of move on and do domestic Campbell we have. Do you I know you mentioned when you get home you'd like to leave work at work. Did you glance at all at the scores last night because she didn't really get any help on the out of town scoreboard as far as their wild card picture. Yeah. You know the in Cincinnati down there could be -- down of the book and come back and winning. Definitely. He definitely keep people. Yeah I was one of those registering the way that those gains and now yesterday and indeed in the well. Yeah I mean you know he played football but obviously you're offended what did you think a -- did you get a chance to any of the highlights of luck yesterday. Now I didn't editing this stuff. I -- -- -- aiming at the game winning pass at the end it was like a dump off but he he had some really big place for them. The lesson when asked about -- -- is kind of like overtime I would TJ Graham but this -- markets easily. The obviously had a big day yesterday with a kick return. But in terms of his ability on offense can you talk a little bit about where he is now -- said you know he hoped to get them more involved in the -- the last few games didn't know all that would happen. Where is she in terms of understanding that the plays and do you think he could actually contribute in the last four games. I think so that. The market. The great understanding what we're trying to do on offense and he's been around he has the necessarily. Played Woody's been around for a few years now to -- I think he's he's very comfortable out the couple have out there. And we'll you know we'll see what happens in the last few games here. If he does get his opportunity to get. Could go out there and play a little more than they have and -- would now be 100% confident in him continue to put in the work. You know got got a report and withdrawn from the last few years and you know he's he's a good story to a guy that is really work through them persevered to a lot of things are gonna be warriors are now. All right congratulations again on the win yesterday as always we appreciate you taking the time out to join us on a Monday morning and good luck against the rams on Sunday. --

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