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Stevie Johnson Ready for Rams

Dec 3, 2012|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back much open the -- year out that the stadium Stevie Johnson is joining us by phone here today I Stevie. There -- war. We're open to see you. You have not a good about it -- regular -- there -- two. The interview very very uncomfortable. So how do you feel. So. Through. -- so good every other way and you know but it looked for. And physically though you got hurt this game feel like. Today I think I read the you said you'd be able to play next week you think. Here the other guy out there that we can in the treatment for the week ended come under some public. British -- out there. Was it even I think yesterday's TV where the game. Was. Pretty much in -- in the team's control it if if there -- and the outcome worry more doubt you'd think you might even got back on the field yesterday. -- -- this is so because of 'cause the Houston game we know -- warmup in the getting bruised all. And the player through it but I was what an effect we have also to know what happened there in the I don't know I can't say a low would have probably been up there. All -- do some follow what -- There's going to be dead beat dad. The player -- there's really not contribute. And that sort of put saying it. And who -- it was a very -- eventually grew tired but bigger sort of the decision was made you -- He Steve you'll get into the some of the obvious questions here but we sent the sport called hockey where coaches and and teams wouldn't. Be specific as -- long time ago they wouldn't be specific on what kind of injuries guys like it's the upper lower body. Football isn't like that hockey's logic seems to be is that hockey players will target if if guys knew you merger left hamstring say then like if -- hockey player -- would say that because. The next game. Supposedly the other all go after your hamstring. The event to be like those kind of and Barack. Obama. In football yeah. A little for people who made all his older players and there's law LO I mean I can't say I can actually. All we are all well you always always admired wolf there -- key player and they try to do that unit trying to recruit team against shore. But it is what it is you know where I know what what do you people you know how to do it with a with a -- -- -- -- armed growers. Yeah and so are much shorter and bitterness that you know it -- has not -- in the you know our bureau there well. Which you do that though -- of you're playing against a guy you knew we had by -- contusion or something like would you have word go after it order. -- -- -- Here here. Is. That they have betting coup or is suited to a market to have much rebate. You know if I do it would you do vote but I -- a -- slaughtered. But it side are the speaker side you're okay very that we do our team we got the way you do vote. I mean you really don't -- treat stroke. And it's interesting because I think I -- my guess -- -- I think of a guided that I neglected the defense would quite obviously being he's doing everything -- hand to help this team in the game. But -- there is clearly a line that's getting by there. Rory if you go that. Well we have time we can talk about the spurs hit any. City at the outset here he said you know you might -- tell you were feeling you said you know pretty good happy got the win for the most part is there. I mean anything to that there was -- just just you know this. He has argued because we know we got the whereby you know again guys go go go around Baghdad and so. Industrialist Broder turned to a sport where certain promote for. Would at least two weeks. Exactly that's one of the guys are -- figure well. -- so you know so get back you know and so from his leg injuries -- not -- -- -- -- to. -- -- you do that surgery thing but. Goes here and have a what -- -- and CO RE CO one of them. I just thought yeah this frustrated that -- hear that -- -- -- open litigate you know. Anybody just to -- -- Eric Wood said today in the locker room is explained MC LTV and at least two weeks but it could be for no surgery and here for him. That's that's a third. It's pretty significant -- -- have been season Enders. A third leg injury for years. -- -- -- -- Record overwhelming number -- -- where we haven't been there it was a mistake when he told played radiate. In the you don't have that you guys if we continue to respond to. In and hopefully. You know and there is happening in the -- probably that we need if you start well for the first four. How how is there the team's morale with with the injury thing notwithstanding I mean like. If you talked last week about feeling like you know you got still got action. And you know obviously beating Jacksonville doesn't change that you could use some help. Mean our guys talking about -- Pittsburgh pulled that game out of Cincinnati came back and wanted to San Diego lol click looking at the big picture here. Yeah we you know we look around the league has created fairly gave very that we know what he held within pretty much all the game that we need help with. I could be two leading giving help at all. You just Bhavesh that the -- we put ourselves very you know throughout -- -- -- other important news by aluminum guys. Have a depend on military info. Amir is limited you know always always lose what are we are developing. In depth that we need to load it up and the -- And you know what I mean we care who could play who works over a pollution. Stevie Johnson with us here on WGR Stevie what was the the weather like for you how big of a distraction was that. I think the only group they -- by no -- like we're very very well you. Large. You know enjoy myself and who wrote to a my vote complicated. Noah -- -- -- in -- -- -- -- -- to have been noted this become so there's almost out of that by the way I'm not a fair literally gave birth. You know we put out our run game was the dominant in you know album I'm proud of that you know prosecutor -- -- -- And below our ability because it pretty much Gupta Gupta Gupta gave -- You like the snow said. Yellow -- smaller players not legal limbo and you know it is better it is better yeah -- -- -- both legal get some you do your win. You get the code you get no way trigger finger -- The snow and cold over wearing weird in -- -- I I you know I think most fans mean although you know look what these games are are are tough sell late in the year when that the team's record is. Is what is TV but. But I just know I mean really whether a football game not just being outside I think it's an old and point five degrees beats rain in forty. -- -- There but what you know what we gotta we gotta do better for me throughout this year on the street to keep our record grown so. When news when a situation like this -- uranium away from there and and they're way implored him. We still have a packed house you know they're I'll I'll blame affair -- off to a you -- -- for not showing up or whatever. Listen we got we got -- gotten better -- the country you're if you go to those are your career. Do do your teammates share that view there are there any any anybody bureau kind of feeling bad about the factor of maybe upset that fans are staying home. I'm you know I know what I bet. Better -- -- -- like that -- -- Altamont Marcy your book called Donald a threat the year. There are they different for the firm word. And we note is that all of -- so two very different he became quite a singer -- -- that's almost. You might have been interesting yesterday and have been a nice day because the game wasn't going to sellout but anyway in the Mets in the -- players would have thought differently interest. What yesterday when I do -- despite that whether I think about the people did show law and see -- the whole day just like while. Because. There -- was it wasn't that with the biggest team in the league and that whether it was tough to -- the takes oh good for them. -- -- -- with us here on on WG ours so you know it's generally I think you sort of talked about a little bit but. -- -- giving up you've got Saint Louis here in the team is focused a. Exactly we we -- we -- ready to go you know or are. -- got no -- The first groups are now and help for -- -- -- order -- -- -- -- a B ram through their their move forward to the next opponent. In America and try to get the political. You mentioned the running game and that was the the story of the game note the weather but I don't would would have had played a big party in. How they came unfolded in what you guys did tactically. How about Fred who -- this week all mean one of the big story lines going into the game was that. You know CJ really had kind of taken hold of the number one job is gonna get the majority of the carries event. Here comes the game on Sunday and Fred Jackson is over a hundred yards for 25 carries. Or much or little decrypt the locomotive unwelcome go to right now and it -- -- I would sell -- for. What was it how it felt C Fred did a lot of yard game at 25 carries after all week it was talked about CJ was going to be the number one guy. All -- you know those. You know we are so we were there will be a little with the work he put it you read your -- you know -- -- -- the two guys on the circle within news. Amused group great result but you know the history pretty good there are. There's doesn't it met them special room to work because. We Croatia mercies that you get better every week you know given given the -- so. We could afford to have both program. Mr. ball lottery Beijing two yards or we know Freddie play a -- -- -- vote about whether they're so. We need to continue to. CB Johns with a Stevie that your daughter in your arms on a much different note. I'm sure you when your teammates talked at least some about what happened in Kansas City. On Saturday. If it's anything pending personal -- in the way a reflection you'd like to share please feel free and I'd like to know. At least if you yourself or you were in some teammates having talked about it. Have any opinion on whether or not the game should have gone on as it did in the players. Voted the play they made it clear internally that they wanted to play -- and then they did a lot of people are saying well. That's what matters most other people are saying different. -- to say about it. I guess who have no -- the only little bit I would say is. You know look but for the game being played. Mental fortitude -- -- -- the the same day. You know they voted so they're total playing. I don't think they were going to start at all anybody beat you you know the families. In -- situation you know I. I don't I don't even know used is don't -- their -- you know the thing about -- you know. Security has now there's an individual growth when you know Arafat or moment. As the best best leopard well. -- I I would. Tell it's no surprise in the players voting to play and and a and I wouldn't even want to criticize them for voting to play. I just think sometimes in the situation like that like someone above them needs to take charge of the thing and decide. -- what's right and what's not right to do and take their feelings does that mean they know the -- they wouldn't you know it and maybe know that the woman it's just. It's hard I think for them to be the ones that make the call. Did. The stated it is it is OR Bloomberg. You know I mean I get social law in our -- on the much sure about. And you didn't know this man culture though right. The you know him. Not a -- -- no. Pay the -- -- did before working on this. And rams this week and that means Cortland Finnegan. Who's got a bit of a reputation. As a guy and it's I heard. Michael Crabtree on the Jim Rome show on the way out here to the stadium today Stevie talking about. He's -- after the whistle -- Late fees. You know not so it's not ultimate skills to play against you know when the games when -- by. It's stuff after the whistle whether to report physical. What -- repeat your informants and. Here you are -- to get use -- our -- -- home. You know -- I don't really give effect about a guy. By any any of owner -- they're Baylor adored days. The -- -- much pressure to perform for -- -- -- I don't make the play or. Or I'll let the muddy. You know make a label -- you knock it down better and -- NAFTA largest for sure about what. Let nobody he snookered you me out of my game and -- Me -- my extreme right there you know I hallmark. Even even the data pad Almonte can be compared. All my old all me you know we've never been -- -- -- or something. Not here all the time north are talking to people who feel -- I'm never gonna -- by about a yard play. -- -- Tonight giants and Redskins is that interesting to you it is to me. Oh. And I promote our -- military announces. There. I don't blame him. Couple notes -- you know I like the -- -- a -- Griffin. And you know giants Redskins it's pretty good so. You know musicians are aware of other our -- check out. Virtually ignored or what you're -- your wallet was far from where topic on your feet. As it doesn't matter to you. All right -- you know while those talk about it with Bulldog. -- All right -- any questions Ross the no longer. See you next week to art -- Stevie Johnson. You -- all for you want the giants beat the Redskins. It's wonders about to hear about. I suppose. It's you know the future --

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