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WGR550>Topics>>Jerry Sullivan Has Seen this Bills Win before

Jerry Sullivan Has Seen this Bills Win before

Dec 3, 2012|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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    Sure enough season when you really want to know what's going on with the receivers it's easy some. As you Dresser a Howard Simons he'll proudly welcome to CN for peace only live in the weekly radio injured Ted Nolan. Only melts your power of attorney and independent health delicious making it easy for you then fly balls you casino resort Niagara Falls Canada. Sabres coach Ted Nolan joins us from Anaheim after the team's practice today. Hi Ted oust California. Well it's and it's beautiful day here today oh where oh where are our team turned into two beautiful human. Or get a couple wins here. We are not Howard and Jeremy by the way I'm sure you know that just happy that Canada and so. Is this a good time to head for this trip given how the season has started. Well you know attack I think it's it's time for a rusty Rudy try to get a win and you can learn a vote each other and play to win where. Were cable plane that one of the course and we did lots of them Bogota there aren't as and sit down and have a are there are actually actually almost. Where are all playing and then how we're all working and in it is right now it's not did not. And each everyone on the stood up then it will loop you can be better at. And the only people who get ourselves out of this mess are now are Al so we we we don't we're not we're not playing that well. And you know work ethic has been much better at it and 220 man. So we discussed last. How how far do you think this team can get just by working harder Ted. You know what they were working harder work its market start to score what they're competing trying to. Try to battle all the time it it's it's who believe played it what will auction in the what do you eat I worked at and the legal and screen there. Cha couldn't agree with the pucks on the net so. We're units are just what do we reach well art work it into outsmart you worked. Or host or we go along with working hard so it's almost a ratings and the effort there hopefully in the that puck battles and support in the and you know they can make it's and intelligently to the park all over in it's a little bit off and and what we each got to get out of it. Do you feel that all that that your saying can mean more goals I don't know why you feel about. The team's defense of play per say but of course no goals on the weekend is that is that which are hoping to have that bring on some offense. Well basically that's what we. We discussed last you know who would welcome score goals Beagle chipped in Iraq on the ovals we don't. Give people program that. And we're not the score goals we have we don't want them based not so it's not just send it to one one cheer probably get more shots and obviously we do. But in order to get in position to get to ought to go in there it's and shopping yet have an ability to hit to go to net court some screens. It's a creature crust it's it's not a shot so. Obviously it starts with a or whether they are yet so wouldn't more of those yes sir when he more than a a battle for the option it's cute little bit harder and it was a net crossed tropics so. Certainly. When you don't do when you don't shoot you have your chance to score so well obviously yeah. They get all all parts were being in crude much grouped. Ted Nolan with a us hear from Anaheim on the AT&T hotline on WGR so what did you see today you had that meeting took the play had the meeting did you see signs of a team that is coming to life. What an you know. I talked to reporters throughout Europe are sitting. Already it has the person who said he's so that looked like more spirited art the Seattle. And there goes the one thing we we we discuss such as was given macular word that we need you would compete. And that's all you want that's all he would be that you want from anybody in in any repression uses Cuban you're you're best ever to get in the car park lot and we. Yes each edit stand up and in the intimate in the NC. The Curome I would you'll boards near Omaha. You know RT I will and and today that chase good indication I was structuring surrounds great speech and that great arc that seems a lot of in these gentleness a lot of energy that would slow jumps all of insuring that I doubt that was it's our national. Ted how how old surprised were you knew that. Already so early in the season you had a question how hard your team was working and how committed guys were. Why a you know if you are I just watch what he we he worked in the it PP it the way they peacekeeping part this analytical than that where they shoot. That they'd they'd it would have voter vote of 60% 80% effort for whatever reason. And and I'm I'm part of part of the problem maybe it was hard not all of they've yet I didn't. I don't break don't deem. A little bit more super of our sports and arts center all report Terry that they weren't they weren't communicating they weren't talking and and sometimes when put things in order that we all have to look to each other individually and what we do better it and and the coaching staff include but I had a big meeting with political style. Threats that we app to get better we have to get bigger instruction chip with the air better yet to make sure that the team is ready to play it. And the skill set in you know win the and then lost to injuries abide the what would never do so we we should be better. And that we're we're currently. That you made some headlines. After last Monday's game against Anaheim when you described. Your team looking like a Peewee team playing against Anaheim and then Friday night. In your post game comments you described. But he said basically were hesitant to to say how you really feel because you don't want to get in trouble. I've been wondering for a few days what exactly you meant by by trouble use mean media talking about you referring to your team that way. Or did someone above you and your organization say something to you about it. You know and although it you know what comes out of promote them they're not there ever the told look not to come open specious sometimes. Our emotional guy and sometimes I teaching. I don't already Meehan and now it all just empty nets again I didn't mean to all the people that we we played like one. We weren't we and just like community what he says children and sometimes should your children I hate to add people pretty neat is each unit school at that one little. We're we're there there's motion that the best out of them and there were two administrator each I'd love each and took sleeping here. I took something similar in the heat of the moment I was happy the way we played well the upper. The battle level. In all 22 and sometimes it. It's shaping that maybe you shouldn't say or I apologized. Or are cheap. I'm in a note nobody wants. People compared to PDT I didn't I didn't mean it that we just there's just the emotional words when you vote once a lot of if you shouldn't trade deal. So we will move on and police we're we're reduction out of beechy where our special original team that. Try to find its way like. Know that comparison in about people talking to their kids dose makes sense. By the way you're coaching against your song tomorrow night you can try some of like that stoic he skates by gives rattle on with some horrible comment in the hotel late charges cadences. You know something along those lines is this going to be your first. Deem coaching against Jordan. I yes to leave my first the first Internet actually and he came down lots and had dinner together and that's Adam. Of course almost elements bother in we and it's all of a sudden. There last I looked immoral he or expo couple they que ES LEQ what will try to beat airmen. And he knows what that's all about so it it'll be a unique situation not too often people in. In professional sports it took its compete insert that remembers who actually knows me they play at each other. That alternate Brothers and then so what so it happened in look tortuous. I'm sorry I got the date wrong that's Thursday night's game against LA. Do you ever think that some that don't mean to you know make you feel wistful or anything about this but here is your son playing in the NHL. While you're coaching in the league do you feel at all like you can't. In joy. What your son's experiences. As a player as much as you would like because you're in this job does that ever. Cross your mind and I apologize if that's too personal question but I've. No no no no no credit not to not. I have pejorative you know we watcher actually it's it'll more pleasure to it. To watch genes. And yeah a little later than that and sometimes they should he he's not in the last year at it and I don't get who watched him play a bit. It's we have better handle on on how in our place. What they had to watch and then I've now heard much for years. Because it is is what we call it champ what sentence they play a lot should call will play a lot has chips what's more that for the last laps we used to cut that back to and from the end couldn't be. In the initiated a string of west east and our constituents and so little so. Had a chance you have to but I enjoy what Malia what was seven play incident that we every Kurt does. What do size difference. That is something that I is apparent its size and speed your son is a part of that with the LA kings on an energy type line. Could he is a very good skater. And yet just plays and in a big enough kid. And plays like an energy type role I feel like watching the west the last couple years I guess in particular I'd say this about LA and maybe Saint Louis mostly. Those teams they error fourth lines are kind of redefining what fourth lines of look like in the NHL. No no question I mean that fourth line now these can't be one dimensional whether you're. So called. Protector of little about the pleasure indeed there's no more local buyers are you the vehicle and you have to be able contributes a column. And go to look at all those all the successful teams should be the goal with four lines him in the side that. In and energy in this Keating building in the be able to make it with the car we all worked so. If you look at and yet some routine he's look at what you grew touts so actually have been. Sort of where we're trying to do here is we want to get that level we're at one point in it starts live by. By doing things it's simple and in an effective. It'd Dayton in natural and try to deal and could do it enough speed and Romo didn't start turning round that. The attitude and all culture of the of the franchise. And that's what we're trying to hear what we'll make people bought all. Record crowd watching their team but he competed at the highest level. Ted Nolan with us Ted do you have about five more minutes you have to go kind of scheduled your. How I got a couple of minutes busload not giving back what it back booked earlier. Took too warm it's real quick what's the plan was adore offers more more talk about him is he gonna get in what would you wanna do with them. Why you don't that you're everything else you have to earn things and that's one thing we agree re trying to do and and you don't. It's work ethic easel here are mr. but. If you don't when we're OK but with young players and we carry it is level up a little bit more. He's working like. He's been working people out so while he's getting close and what he's wanting gritty one seat and is want not just. And it went in my. We got to see is want you get there and you never know out there work with. Jim and I in her or not allow what looked so you'd be the best. Situation or. But acute and little locomotive that we're shortly. OK can he be sent right to London or search some red tape issue with that. Betty you know I'm not a 100% sure of all that. Right now we without some. That being more a collection corporate chemical. Okay Ted thanks your time good luck this week. Their coach Ted Nolan appearance here on WG are brought to you by Paul William belt your power of attorney. By independent helped the Red Shirts make things easy for you by Paul's view casino resort Niagara Falls Canada. And by main street post dot com digital marketing agencies since 1999.

  2. 10-21 Schopp & The Bulldog HR 1


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    mike williams found at 11:35, 13:06

    weeks win. Against. In the New England Patriots they decided to make Mike Williams an active in order is for Jordan date place and this past week. Making bright round in active port Jordan gate to
    about. Whether or not he would have if you thought about resting Mike Williams over Jordan days he brought it said he no doubt the discussion that. He Doug Whaley had but ultimately. After after considering
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    dog thrown strikes me as too old fashioned to. Too much like Dick Jauron too much like the old days and obsessing if that's not on fair. About special teams to me he would be an example of that what do you have to say. I think that's where I think. And SI have went back and look at what they're as a new starting today or are or data out unaware of the bills are indeed the only team that. Utilizes a kick off specialist by trade. And and I broke it down over the last few weeks win. Against. In the New England Patriots they decided can make Mike Williams an active in order is for Jordan gate to play and this past week. Making bright brown an active port Jordan gate
    that. What happened last year with the bills in terms of their special teams I mean you per dug around talk about it. Links over the course of the past I don't know 68 months they were not good special in last year because they didn't have. The right personnel and in if you look at their free agent signing. No telling what that that don't know their entire free agent class I mean Anthony Dixon and Corcoran got two guys. Who they said oh we keep Webber to. Three guys who base can help contribute to special teams and in a big way the only other one that that doesn't contribute to start looking at sprint. By but based site in port very difficult to be around the center. So I think it certainly then trying to over correct but what happened last year and even last week when when we are asking Doug wrote about. Whether or not he would have. If you thought about resting Mike Williams over Jordan days he brought it set no doubt the discussion that he Doug Whaley hat but ultimately. After after considering what
  4. 10-20 Schopp & The Bulldog HR 4


    Mon, 20 Oct 2014


    kyle orton found at 1:05

    talk the bills. In a squeaker. 1716. Over Minnesota Sammy Watkins. With Kyle Orton saving the day and for that matter. Chris Hogan and Scott Chandler along the way which Taylor the bills needed that Chandler

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to the stadium like show when the bull -- buffalo new sports columnist Jerry -- Gerri what what is a Smart person spoke to do with a game like that. We can make this list that I did about this penny can help. Called flash Skelton -- castle. Tebow. Back. -- -- -- -- -- But you're at a -- wanting the best those set I could take -- back. And I know him from the singer back but I thought Grossman or both and I think I was told by. Pretty sound authoritative people -- that the media room and it was -- back you know and and he might be the best the seven I've played that that Euro stretch so I don't know artists compartment that you know -- -- -- on for years and you look at the there's 67 wins who they -- you know the and it's opposing quarterbacks they just never. Seen. If -- don't have that game whether -- be even the show up the world he he let them up so what am I saying all right if you're willing to include games where they give up a lot of points you could keep going for awhile. Thank you get to Brady or Vick be the next two but. Those teams each scored Philly scored 44 points -- it was in the thirties you know you know like if you're willing to do that. -- were you play good quarterbacks but outscored them because their defense lets them down to go for awhile there. Or metric that shelves of the world got -- -- here. Figured -- on us. Since wanted to -- an exclusive look at the debris floated shelves of the world beat and stop a good quarterback room when that happened last edition of holiday season of the year -- -- the world. I -- necessarily like to football team that seems to be a big issue today and in adult world like I don't know -- did not like a team after a victory IE you know whatever I know I like like dislike him in I get it on purpose of the season the season stupid you don't -- dead to me. And but I'm getting a lot of this and I think Mike Mike Mike started it -- what -- -- -- regular order in -- somebody might go to school -- like now I'm paired off. But it's is it what why are you met with. Mad mad they won I don't care claim the big difference I mean I don't care. I I think they're bad they beat a team nichols' home to a ten. It means nothing to me so does that anger. It's just completely ineffectual that they won the game to me because I am thinking about next fury. But that's good -- that's so I've discussed but if you just forget the twelve years at Wright or the all the money they paid burial ends in just want -- look at this -- team that might be getting better and trying to find some. Ray of hope here. Can you do that -- look and say you know. I think they go running back to be a probable. That you might -- -- years though -- -- -- enough -- I have a look at the list. And you think you might have a Pro Bowl quarterback Sunday in Gilmore we're talking about a franchise -- the last ten years doesn't have any probable is really. Who were -- voted to the first team pro ball it's like nobody one guy and his team who might deserve it is their center -- -- -- a lot. The law that in the days off watch and see in that photo him. Going off from the cart he's always smile on except those three times we're seeing that photo once it I was at the game. The first time he's going down at all. It's just it's tough it's tough to see a guy. Like that was a good player respected go to guy in the locker room get hurt again it's like to feel like their little -- you know. What does that happen why does that keep happening. I don't mean. I think they can progress like I don't know I don't know I don't like that that that came up very early that he -- to like. It -- -- it means something for next year that they can win a game like this and there's no evidence to support that at all these twelve years because they win this game every year. Said that the court why did they win some games like this where where where is the prop up progress because you're talking about until you get that quarterback. You took progress the good indeed. Right about the progress with analyst at Patrick is there were with Fitzpatrick you can win 910 games that were still there. Or I mean in a in my reaching here I mean do you think that they have a core. Of young players that you can build around for the next quarterback. I don't believe that this. And trying to advance the discussion a little bit he would kill well is coming I think Spiller is going to be Gilmore is good. I think you can start looking at that maybe they didn't entirely light all their money on player and Mario Williams. But you know the anatomy and -- them -- it -- -- complaints spread pretty -- -- -- -- and I don't think Jerry that there is any way in hell this team is winning nine or ten games of frank Fitzpatrick of the quarterback and almost ever. But how is that gonna happen. As the the Presley keeps getting better as the problem these quarterbacks get better you play better schedule is referred to earlier against. Teams and other divisions that are getting better and beauty is just swim against the tide you lose with the -- bird because. When guys come up. Their contracts were good some of them leave and then you're looking for replacements does do you ever get back even after ten years dysfunction that's. That's hard in -- two best players are running backs. You don't have a lot of balancing on linebackers so I'm not saying that I believe this progress and if you can find couple players that are pro balls up the with app the last ten years that it's something but yet at the quarterback I mean. I thought Indy was gonna lose the last two weeks and -- -- married for. That's that's what if what a difference that guy like -- are you taking any credit for their winning yesterday. Now you tell your style and I'm thinking my -- -- and I lost my best again with Detroit. Your thought about I won't play Georgia Jerry was partly -- Italy gamble my kid's college money on non Detroit beating the Indians covering and what happening and I -- -- that I had that in the win column of the -- -- congratulate. That didn't happen Jerry would ever tell -- to gamble wicked skeleton -- gamble period of -- Q let's bring Josh in go ahead Josh. These guys or had such article your point. I don't think that Patrick in the long term and I really don't think anybody dies but the white collar it would blaming at least for you know. For its after overthrowing. You know players I think it's it's ridiculous says if the weather for nearly one dispatch via its record searching quarterback and -- right now. Or chew if he actually have the accurate -- that the thirteen year out the old record everything like as -- a percentage of be around 40%. On the air when it's a real quick you guys are just talking about Eric. -- compliment. Had a -- I want to say I mean everybody out somebody next about you know. He did anybody here are some aren't so port. Everybody does say anything something on your delivered shell want that you know ought to fire and wants a -- Italy. You know wants that made that Patrick you know do whatever I think it's ridiculous that the guys had brought him Mario Williams he -- parts of the area who you know. What a lot and -- Gilmore can be a pro bowler. Our spirit can be a pro bowler according -- aren't yet is that our future left tackle you -- -- out there and Miami Heat building the court nuclear seventeen if we get a quarterback in there that can throw more than ten or fifteen yard you know -- -- I think in the next appears to have a team. Okay great. I -- -- -- -- -- maybe kind of stimulant that a phone call by talking about you know reasons to hope that they have -- gland but. But I think the problem is people gonna start like latching onto it. Brooks and Carrington rat on the knowledge those guys always give people more hope than is warranted date they could play in the league but in that building a contender. Around those guys pool. Who have they really hit on here that makes you believe that they're gonna. Start to build. A team with a value players and pro ball is. And really be illegitimate and how far we've now we see it's like we're we're we're where we were under which Iran but feel good about five and seven. He's supposed to be look in the B nine and three Bautista. That and the seasonal. Discussion and just trying to get in the playoffs as the sixties that really the goal I don't even their great achievement and -- this year I actually are. Even off I can do it I should be able to do it I don't even off I can do all that with Brooks and Carrington and all that processing anymore I think. At this point. The only thing that's going to get me to believe in them is good wins. Of which they again have none. It is December they have not. Mean you can't play good teams every week it may -- if they that all thirteen games against good teams they would have been a couple but. I I have to pass the question off to someone else whether Ron Brooks and Alex Carrington and whoever. Can be I just right now. I need good wins I need to see them right whoever they are in totality beat good teams and then -- imagine them. Accomplishing something that matters. And not thank you good wins against good teams and building -- a good quarterback. Any. Could this -- 00405. Again -- every game is won by the team with the better quarterback this team finds a way to lose anyway you know the Tennessee game. That is just. That's worth talking about it's not just every game to be isn't be blamed on Ryan Fitzpatrick. I wanna feel like the whole team is getting somewhere and I I just don't know that I will until they win games against somebody good. The New -- game was right there and it was. -- throw the Tennessee game was right there than there. Colbert breaks down or the Specter there if you want I don't know. You you have to tell me how good Alex Carrington as somebody else and while I'm restaurant for a while trying to play it doesn't matter. It does because now -- is -- -- has a guy like military economic team right. And clearly they got not only economic team but is it is their version of military have been better than our version of -- -- them. I've been cut by now I don't think probably well okay maybe or probably not. There's a big table which doctorate quarterback now that best -- I think. So no he -- cook could locate them right so that that's that's all of it to -- the will spend the off season Jerry this year. The neighbor Maria how many do develop I'm sorry I can't account be more would app or game plan a good win one of the went to a -- whatever. Brooks breaks up a couple of passes me blasts and other kinda had -- helmet will like completely off. And we'll talk about him a big carrot you can dance around to getting a meaningless sacked again and like will we really got this guy and that guy in the common in the comic and -- But it could never can trust and then. -- -- -- -- -- Because gonna get that will Fitzpatrick can just inlet is the second just. Not be here. More produce some new. Not happening. New -- work right foot or go to our ankle release point. By -- on the map by the way as they played twelve. Not thirteen -- much you wanna get to the point where the the miners are and another -- has since scored what. -- not a lot of points thirteen where you have a guy who almost got in the Super Bowl. And you say no. I wanna get better and I have the defense. And I wanna get better I'm not content with a fits type guy. Who's capable of winning playoff games I want a guy -- can win the Super Bowl and and -- heart or soul. Far ahead of the game you know people talk about Alex Smith come in here -- really. You want you want their cast offs. Missing any better than that I don't know he's he's been more accurate at times is that a better coaches. In a better situation. Try to get better but I but you know what and the reason I made this list today it was because. I'm not. -- as people start patting his defense on the back does that play a couple of big games against that opposition. This team scored 28 points and lost four games this year some I'm not gonna throw at all on the offense and defense failed. When they had a chance to make this -- season. Merrill Williams failed -- -- -- like start patting him on the back for nine and a half sacks. Anymore tonight. Was ready -- Schobel for getting nine halves sacks on bad defense is too as you said Mike against someone good. I don't know who's left but you know what shapes up as a a real big game like a road games at. At Toronto against Wilson another rookie. Well win that game if you don't have good teams on your schedule them what you need to do is beat. All of a mediocre teams and I think Seattle is probably a good team but. Just if that's how it is like 2004 was replay of Argentines in a row that are not quality that you beat the mall that's what that team did. In 2004 and we give them credit for that. And then -- Mark Sanchez and Hasselbeck efficient get 48 points to Mark Sanchez it was a joke. Here's Jeff next go -- Jeff. They guys they don't want. And you know I just it's gonna that you just can't look too much into that game they've they've finally beat a team the way they should have beaten a team but they've yet to put two good games together and and you know what. Feel good -- move on shall we which you can do this week these the other I wanted to make his. How did -- really get to tell his team distant water winning locker room feels like. A consistently winning locker room -- thank -- Bennett won in in twenty years and I'll hang up and what you guys go. Well. And it's easy to pick on champ works its its like. The comment about the giants that I made fun of what's what's he gonna Telus team mean they're they're five and seven that they got to win he wants to say how does that feel that's fine. He knows they haven't really beaten anybody. I think that the win the next tool. -- -- don't win the next two would feel like one legitimate good win. I don't know what a -- at the beat the rams that the parents are pretty good team right now and their defense is. It's really a tough defense Seattle should be respected and Seattle I just think better than the bills I think marshlands in front of the yards and and there again piled up to yourself they went both of them -- and I'm gonna call progress up problem out there right now. Is Marshawn Lynch not an MVP candidate. Well. Number the -- -- -- -- can't take it does not -- all quarterbacks know it doesn't and it starts with. However a team is -- player on the team is vs expectations and Seattle's expectations or expectations of Seattle or not. Super high so the guy like that would be more. Make -- impression. Because it's unexpected and -- people American. Arguments for luck and RG three rookie cornerback for MVP in Poland Wilson's. Wilson going to be candidate to -- -- but I think more lynch on that team that Wilson Wilson in the yesterday get a good game on the road it's like his first one. But in the records good. -- Jerry Sullivan coming up including Kansas City and whether the game going on as planned was a mistake 80305.

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