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WGR550>Topics>>Jerry Sullivan- So, what do the Bills do at QB?

Jerry Sullivan- So, what do the Bills do at QB?

Dec 3, 2012|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Chan -- making a point I've never heard of make it right there but I heard somebody else made that point Saturday. Was it on TV -- -- college football on Saturday Alabama. Saving big save -- -- some college football you know Nick Saban said -- Gary Daniels and referred to it there's no such thing as a shutdown corner is gonna become. I cliche -- and we can't into the -- take jargon out of the out of the sport there's no such thing is the -- is and assisting the stopper in baseball now because normally stops. The in the other team. -- the point is a perfect pass -- defended. Or that any corner and I don't go to guy is gonna get beat like you said Revis got lit up by Stevie -- I imagine that was in response to a question as to whether announced a Stephon Gilmore is developing into. A shutdown corner because a lot of the pressure on the kid but -- there such a thing as a shutdown arm and that's not a definitive he never gives up past. Completion I mean they got there are guys who like really shut people down. When you're gonna hold a team to two hits and is stopper in an old Stevie Johnson to two catches and shot and down. So we just -- it's semantics. I'm in a lot of time Chan get this way using a third year so I love the three year coaching cycle wants and selfish. Deride this couldn't -- the guys in and year for those -- Imminent Perry comes and very fuel is talking about -- that since I mean just fresh that happened. Yet it happened while it was -- upon the record I've had to buy permits them it's not seen them think we're in trouble which crash through thrashed him. I think there's I think parents got a bit coach. Do you know. Jerry Sullivan here 8030550. The number we'll get your calls get in a minute Kansas City. I've read a lot of outrage about the NFL going have with the game I never quite felt it never quite felt. Outraged by that game being played. I think my in my mind was telling me that I should've. But I never did I felt Jason whitlock manufacturing. Outrage and I couldn't feel -- there I mean I. This is like playing. After JFK gets assassinated and not to be callous about it I just that the guys I didn't feel like are they should not play that game. And I'm maybe maybe it's because he had Phyllis and oppose such a colossus that. If some. I just it didn't think that it made. Made sense -- to help I think Romeo Cornell wanted to play. And yes 65000 people planning to go -- but as they would if the president were shot to but I just didn't I'm with -- I didn't feel. That sense of outrage that they're playing. Playing games if the players wanted to play. With -- -- respect insensitivity if the players want to play in the coach wanted to coach and the team wanted to host. What are what it would mean whose name is the outrage you know because the girl yeah you take it away from them out of respect for her. The -- yeah I'm like yeah I I -- I don't. I was like right with this sun on social media when it happened you know and you know there was this no what were the Carolina Panthers have false belief what are they gonna do when -- I remember saying like -- I'd I'd I'd -- like to hear that this game's not going to be played. I don't expect it but I like to hear it. So maybe that's as close like you get I'll feel outrage but I I don't think. Leaving it up to the players are. If I'd -- found out Saturday they're gonna take a vote embattled -- -- -- today -- the chief players want to play and Romeo Crennel wants the head -- the game. The -- player I would say of course that and say yes. The players always want to play. Bill the wanna play don't wanna play in tribute to their fallen teammate. As inappropriate as that sounds to most people that would be their mindset. Let's go do this. And I think you know that shouldn't really be left up to them. You know I I don't think that that the people running the chief organization are in the best spot they're the ones impacted the most directly. Author of of course the blue girl's family. That the woman that the -- of the victim of the crime not the daughter that's what behind although she's also -- victim but a little too young to really do anything about it to know about it. I just don't think those are the people that should be decide -- the league should be able to say. What's right what's wrong here and I have been fine if they canceled but I'm far from outraged that the the -- that -- I just think it's kind of a cop out. To say that's what the players want it to a 100% of the time and completely missing yet. That I can see that it is almost this sense of well he would have wanted it that way he's a murderer he killed her right and kill himself. So I I guess to some extent there they wanted to have a just to something to keep them busy iron from one of the former NFL guys and that he is intended that he went through something like this that gave them something. To keep them busy again this woman was murdered so. So I wouldn't be our exit it would Mallory that they called it off and I and the more you think about it like it is it just that the it's the league is too big there's too much money at stake. To call off a game machines in motion and now. Right -- and I think it's it's a little lomb. It's one of these moments where I think yeah sure you wanna keep busy. You don't want to you don't want to think too hard about it but what may -- there are things that require some hard thinking like what Brady Quinn said after the game was beautiful. And and completely. Sensible and an eloquent and I wanted. It's the kind of thing that. You should be thinking about. And maybe wall you should be fined about while not playing a game. -- should be released sitting with a thing about how well the wind no my teammates how will dwindle my family how supportive of my how much -- listen to them. How how how will the white communicate with how I'm feeling to them and how they're feeling about medium like all those kinds of things. And like you know football just -- very much and on with the show. Kind of mentality and I don't know him. I don't know I didn't and really need them to go -- -- make up one point football. Mr. how much to sports really build character. And I don't know what's more common for athletes to do these things but she's heard their. Johnson I think their linebackers say describe him as a strong minded guy. Really. Well he had a problem with a woman and older killed himself -- left behind a three. Month old infant that's hard as -- strong minded because he can. Worked hard to become a that's my point because you work hard to become a great athlete that makes you a strong man. I would like to hear. Well women's groups -- again I wouldn't and not play the game but I I think that issue of this woman's life being minimized next this NFL player. Might be an issue for some of them but they might not even want it. Deal with it it's tough to knock I think it's tough to knock the teammates. Because who very likely they didn't know that this guy had any such. Capacity. So if there are asked to bottom they -- woman is someone who wouldn't do that presumably and would speak to that. And you know. It it's it's hard for every -- and people even all of us you know I mean it's hard to always have the right words. So well am I wouldn't blame any player for a slip up like. Now I'm glad I understand the notion -- that that. You're -- and it more noble strong man because you play sports. Did you say -- killed themselves last year mean behind this this is the most. Tragic. Example of a violence in in the NFL but there's a lot of violence and -- bell and a lot of guys. Who leave the game with. Screwed up heads and that's that's just my point is that that you know that this notion of of in that you're a great person deserve great athlete this. I'm Mel Gibson to maturing. Teammates that he's a strong minded person that sometimes. Strong physical attributes can be confused for strong mind. OK okay. Scott is next -- it's got. They are they dorm -- I mean just look at that -- few -- speak at this point it's just hard -- not mean. I don't know about the about -- that you know -- true waffles and for so long and you know court with the stress of this team -- Every year get your hopes stopped in the can be different I mean I don't blame except I don't know what to expect and the guy I think he's client. You know popped it -- you can get any better than he is right out but I didn't think you got to -- how -- I think Jerry said that about himself. Couple weeks ago he said. Chan Gailey body next amateur hour. I feel the same way about it I came on him didn't think it got really speaks. At the turn on the radar coming -- here and so. Allison you guys one -- you know little structure. Okay. I don't know amateur over and certainly not top line there was second second rate choices. Here's Kevin next -- Kevin. You guys all along the same lines. But index one week comes out cents. That outward you know retrospect that the quarterback of the future basically you show them the door I locked. And come out Heathrow were in all 300 yards. And actually comes out as well he had a quarterback of our future. At least for the near future and it groom acutely cherry pick out of college. Well you know what these college quarterbacks now are NFL ready. I mean look at count -- -- next two years now Russell's rookie. He got locked he got the kids from Philadelphia last night was unbelievable it looks so poised in the -- it was eight. I am I'd -- -- we've been suffering. Has built. 8415. To get a quarterback. Alter the core -- on the track the re -- back. And have a battle over who -- going to get good shots. Do plea next year I don't. At large ground hog day again year after year after year. I fix the problem is. The year after thrown under Mary Williams do you start over with a quarterback and they were gonna we're gonna live with the lumps. And 'cause I don't believe. They're all NF already is sandy. They're not all law. Wilson doing well but I I think the quarterback they get might very well not be as able to win right away as it's -- so which is saying is we're minute. Take a little bit of a step back here but we -- have a guy that's -- -- early this reminds vehicle for a Bible for all this whole. They went nine and next year they're bad withdrawal lost not their get rid of Bledsoe and they take a step back and aptitude and Kelly welcomes your quarterback. But of like a -- guy. I'm not avoiding. A new quarterback in the name of how much money -- spent on a pass rusher. What happened to doing what you can do to make your team better if you need an upgrade at quarterback there are ways to do it than you do it. And it's true there are young guys playing all over the league almost half the league. Is going with a quarterback Chris and his second year or younger I think it's thirteen. From yesterday's games that the bill don't have to be the exception of that based on last offseason to me. This is gonna you know be familiar territory but I mean what. Marine One about any of this isn't familiar problem. -- the organization meet someone. To be able bull look at this situation. And say if if you. My GM Mike -- my whoever if any of you people honestly think. Ryan -- Patrick is good enough to take this team the playoffs your forward. -- but I need to get somebody in your kids he what everyone else can see he's not good enough. So you can breath all the other guys and all the other spots that might turn into pro bowlers like you opened up talking about Jerry. But they need to move on the -- they do it the better. What what their record be. -- with -- quarterback this year or even Russell Wilson but that Sweden. Or -- held a quarterback assured debut worse than five and seven. Which I like to talk with. Others have but they lost. Scoring 28 points four times how many games that's one. That a rookie quarterback of modest skills and experience. -- -- one of these five wins. But anyway at -- Who. Yeah this year there is not the 3431. When there were couple games like that last year this year the high scoring games been losses and the winds have been. The reason they're rattle off Kansas City Cleveland Arizona Miami and yesterday you mean the the opponent today scorched forty points in any of those games I think not. Jerry -- -- -- much over the bulldogs time for an update here on WGR.

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