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WGR550>Topics>>12/4 Paul Hamilton on Bills' injuries and CBA talks

12/4 Paul Hamilton on Bills' injuries and CBA talks

Dec 4, 2012|

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  1. 1024 Doug Marrone

    Fri, 24 Oct 2014

    Now we're joined on the AT&T hot climate bills that coach Doug around Doug Howard Jeremy good morning how you don't want the warning do well well we asked about the running game we were just talking about this obvious you lose your top two running backs for this game so Anthony Dixon and Bryce Browner and how much did the injuries if at all to your top two running backs affect what your offensive. Approaches going forward we'll obviously be injuries affect us you know Fred Jackson figures who have been you know very good football player for us and you know but you know now you know. Bryce Brown is someone that we traded for him and played loosely so he gets chance to step up then you know Anthony Dixon an improvement each week so. You know pro pretty much not not much of a change. Are from a former game plan standpoint. When you when you look at the differences between the first two running backs in the next year running backs can you talk maybe I. I guess I'm not as worried I guess about running the football but I guess some I'm curious with Bryce Brown with a Anthony Dixon. What do you get from those guys in the passing game as weapons but what about pass protection because certainly Fred Jackson was very good when it came to pass protection for you guys. Well he was youth youth outstanding obviously the pass protection mode and you know both Anthony Dixon and embraced Browner are good pass protectors and and we're going to be tested this week there's no doubt about it you know with the New York coming after us so. On you know where were confident their ability to do it and and I'll be great challenge for both. You're offensive line is that issues this season now you put Craig Arabic in what do you hope to get with Arabic replacing Richardson first off. Well we're still looking at the options there at the offensive guard position. But again we just look at me just get you know. Just it's better play from an assignment standpoint. What it you know the jets provide a lot of different looks they're very aggressive day though they'll stop and they'll blitz all these the overload. What are some of the challenges are how I guess is offensive line handle challenges like that stunts things like that when they're thrown at them during a game. You know obviously it's just about execution trying to just you know try and obviously to get to rattle them Aaron you have to go out there and have to be physical and they want to. Get chewed to. You know maybe second pitchers to second guess yourself for a split second not be aggressive and and once you start doing that things are playing into their game. So you always have to have the mindset of of being able to come back brushed a play off of things and go what you wanted to do and come out there and go. Go after him 110%. You when you have a veteran quarterback like Kyle Orton out there how much can that help your offense facing a team that's gonna throw a whole bunch of different things that you well it. Again it's it's it's it's a chess match between you know. The defense of coordinator gonna lose your quarterback you know Macon Helm. You know thank making him trying to confuse him so you know the better quarterback the beds decision process and several connects acute. You know that all of a sudden now things start to go to your favor how come. Portable is Kyle Orton a few games in. With the playbook. Is it at a point where Nathaniel Hackett can throw just about whatever he wants to throw on Kyle Orton play at this. Point well a lot of that you know people who asked that question a lot of it's a lot of of of what he likes what he can do it knowing and and put the playbook towards those things as as he still grown within this office I mean. You know to say hey he knows everything he's been here he's trained everything you know that that wouldn't be correct because obviously with a future in pre season but. You know for a ten year quarterback you know he knows exactly what he wants which helps us quite a bit. And then we put the game plan together. I salami flip but then went from the tangles standpoint Howell. How comfortable as he knowing what Orton might wanna do like Alec. Brady and Belichick sit down inning they you know Brady note Brady knows what he likes Belichick those were Brady like so forth and so on. So what about Hackett from his standpoint with Orton in learning what he likes to do it might not want to do. There is it's it's the same way and that's what happen to a better quarterbacks it's actually a little bit easier I think sometimes younger quarterbacks want to. Prove that you know they can do it in and as a coordinator you have to be careful I mean we've had. Issues like that for him in the past even if you went through you know Warren Orleans we came back in the offseason really like this concept that we wanted to throw that tape on him. It was very successful. You know I've the other day he he you know he try to do it and try to do it try to do it finally just said look I don't I don't like that concept I have trouble read in this NC and that. Even though we thought it was great mussina worked with threw out I think communications of the most important thing I think you get more that communication with a veteran quarterback. Those Echostar relatives here on AT&T hotline on Timmy Lockett through seven games obviously coming off a huge game in the win over Minnesota. Is CNN and you guys have talked you know glowingly about him all along but is he on pace what you're expected. Once the games began for a rookie receiver or do you think he's ahead of what kind of pace you guys thought he'd be yet as a rookie. Com you know I you know our expectations are high and and and it's game by game so it's very difficult for us to look at it. From a standpoint of the overall picture are we pleased absolutely. Where actually you know again he's still young receiver. You know in the office would still progressing him you know he's he's doing different things each week now and we're building upon that knowing that. You know we've got to move around a little bit do some different things so people take command of the game. Is she now the focal point of your offense. I think it's it's difficult I mean is if you wanna say you know hey he's the focal point your offense it's going to be very easy for people to take him out of a game. You know some five times socially well gosh you are the only target them three times or four times well you know we put a corner on top of moment someone. Over the top you know it's very difficult to get the ball for the players so. He he will be. A very good player for us obviously as long as everyone else around him does what they have to do when they may place that's the most important thing. Have you seen any changes in terms of opponents may be in recent games how they've approached guarding what are defending Sammy Watkins well probably that's probably not enough film yet. You know on a player you see a lot mostly bad. The only comment. Bill look at the player though they'll be able to study him. You know also the more stuff you get on tape and you have to study itself quite well because. You know once they get you know pick up on your splits or how you run routes or if you raise your shoulders here and there they'll be able to jump on it so we haven't seen anything yet. Where. It's been a conscious effort outside of someone just matching up with them you know following around a field and that's when knowingly did. One other guy and there she krona asked about Mike Williams how come his role has diminished so much. I think it's of people around him picked it up you know Chris Hogan really plain well and obviously Robert Woods and there's been a good player for us. So it's not a matter of him not now performing well for us it's amount of those players that you know. I the other guy out a couple of the guys when asked about one Bryce Brown let me circle back to the running game in that I knew we haven't you democracy in the regular season bills fans some in the pre season. As you watch him practice and as you've seen him play what kind of skill setter what does she bring to the table offensively for the bills in your opinion. Good running back breakaway speed to make somebody miss some hole very good hands to catch the ball out of the backfield can run routes extremely well. Probably a little bit better route tree the most front about it. And Anthony Dixon we'll have a bigger load obviously. Just talk a little bit about and it's he. He's more the bigger back for short this year more like a Fred Jackson and a guy. MA it's hard to compare the two players but if you wanna generalize a category you know he's he's the big back and can run inside like Fred does but he also has. Probably more people wouldn't whimsy or maybe they did see is probably a little bit more athletic ability than than than people may give him credit for because of the size. Were with Doug wrote here bills jets on Sunday wanted to ask you about Jordan gay in the kick off specialist she got off to a good start last couple games. Grand directing through scripts against Minnesota but only to touch backs in the last day kick offs. Why do you still keep the kickoff specialist do you think that it's still important to have that spot reserved for the kick off specialist. Spoke the same thing I think you're you look at the last game of obviously wind was a factor here over the same thing for four. Our opponent I mean we're kicking into a tunnel. You're able if you don't get that ball while born or kick him you know Leo no way. The if you weren't gonna be able to get that ball out no matter how strong your war so. You know again we know we have an advantage when when it's in the conditions are. And again a two week by week decision of what we want and again we wanna take the ball away from a guy who's explosive. That has shown an ability they're always gonna take it out. And it's it's it's just a decision that we make each week. Well in the in this week he'll face Percy Harvey and the jets have talked about him being back on kickoffs and who knows what kind of role have in the receiving game. When you prepare for this game a ticket you guys go back and look at Seattle and Minnesota and NC would Hartman did their since he hasn't played with the jets yet. Yeah I mean we we look at that but I you know obviously you know Jim was Jim was in Detroit we're in we're virtue is in Minnesota. So you know we understand that is an explosive playmaker. We know that we have to understand where he is on the field but they also have a lot of rove play very makers in all on that team they have to run back to tie it and have the slot receiver of the outside receiver and deckers so. They have a good offensive line so you can't get itself so riled up in just focusing on on one player on the team you know they have they have skill throughout that whole office. You mentioned the running backs ivory such up a physical runner he's really a powerful guy in an app at Washington against the wind and Doug and get a big game against the patriots when you. Our face a guy like that I guess what are some of the keys for your run defense it's been good this year what what are some of the keys facing a guy like ivory to make sure does have a big day. Gotta keep you going east west you know even more soft rock you know you wanna going east and west and wanna make sure that you penetrate you wanna make sure that he's found some things. You know he can get downhill so quick and through the hole and then all of a sudden now it becomes. You know powerful. Breaking tackle type run him back so you wanna give him you know before he get himself going defeat if you can make them go east and west you get a lot of people around the ball. That's Okie how many guys you can get around around football. The other guy wanna ask about his geno lasting I overseer very familiar with him going back to college and of course disarm last year. As you watched him this year. How do you compare him what do you see this year is opposed to the Gina Smith from his rookie year. I can't tell you come off his best game you know last week so. You know depending upon how to build upon map but you don't get better better each week you know he's got no more more weapons they keep showing up around them. Obviously the more people around them it the better you know he will be. And he's a guy that obviously can go over the ball anywhere on the field so you know you gotta you gotta make sure you get to if you make him too comfortable back there then and he has the ability to pick your part. By Doug appreciate the time is always good luck on Sunday against the jets great thank you yes Doug wrote joining us on the AT&T hotline at his segment on football Friday brought to buy northwest savings bank. Time to make the switch to northwest by your Western New York GMC dealers visited showroom today for so.

  2. 1024 Joe Buscaglia


    Fri, 24 Oct 2014


    mario williams found at 6:00

    need to continue to contain the edge I think Jerry Hughes and Mario Williams got all that sloppy a couple hide them. Allow that adds to be compromised. And so. It took it to the vikings.
  3. 1024 Howard Simon Show HR 2

    Fri, 24 Oct 2014

    Our growth that's sort of a guy is the color. It. Built a go to guy is an hour from now ish Howard Jeremy. Matthew football Friday and WGR they've gone chime in the thousand bucks and win cash contest is the time the tax code word. About 270 made 818 PO UT text seven Q8 81 you have until 715. In it to be eligible to in the thousand dollars in cash contest message and data rates. So the bills are underdogs. On Sunday against the jets ID tweet from Melissa that said. Do you believe that the three point underdogs. The jets favored by three coral that in. And Carol back and oh us Q that sounds about right to me the bills are on the road against the team that almost always beats them and there are. And against team that is probably. You know I don't make fun of it during. Football segments on Fridays but they're probably better than their record might indicate yeah I think they are. That lost a really good teams you'll with a combined record 49 and fourteen wanting out of fourteen of the teams that they've lost you yet hall of fame quarterbacks along the way how many 348. Manning Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady Philip Rivers and Matthew Stafford and Jay Cutler the six quarterbacks they've lost two of probably four hall of famers and Matthew Stafford and Jay Cutler. That's a that's pretty rough we brought it up on Monday you know you look at you like it what it just happened to. Don't get wrapped up as much in the 43 verses one and 61 off for three is going to the one in six and it is a stadium where they've lost four straight times. The one in sixteen is coming off a really solid performance against New England before in three team is lucky to have gotten out of their home stadium with a win over of that Minnesota Vikings team. So why I think you couple it gives you combine all that. We talked about it on Monday we brought up the the idea that it would bills being an underdog you know what a 43 team be an underdog going to one in sixteen yes and I don't really get. I really give two hoots about betting lines I don't bet I really don't care what the lines are most weeks I don't check with the lines are. But you're gonna ask me am I surprised no because. I think the jets legitimately better than one in six it's it's a very difficult schedule the bills are coming off a bad game. You know win the jets coming off a good game in a loss and it's down there. And the bills have not fare well doubted. That like slash meadowlands so I think that all combines to a three point spread them. The jets would be in an interest in spot if you work. If you are a jets fans here one in six. Geno Smith this experiment were Jeff grew up object okay it's not a fun life I gotta tell you my brother still large at fans won six. If they lose to the bills the one and seven got. And they will be looking at chiefs Steelers bills dolphins vikings titans patriots dolphins. Not as bad as what they've faced so far and but you'd be one and seven and you be thinking. I don't want this geno Smith experiment anymore and you might be thinking at Rex Ryan is on his way out as well. Yeah I think I think well eats. The way it's being written and we're gonna talk to rich immediate 930 from ESPN New York about the jets the way everybody is portraying it down there. He's gone that Ryan's answer the question is geno Smith and in fact one columnist this week it's funny. We talk a lot here about you know the bills are Rourke run to seven and nine and draft position and all that. One columnist this week in New York talked about. When you don't necessarily want geno to go on a late season failed run here because all you're doing is costing yourself. Higher draft pick and a chance at quarterback I was gonna ask so you had a fury jets fan I think you're thinking about don't win meaningless football games get me to the top of the draft. Let me have my pick because juror one and they're done. One in six we can talk about their better than one in six. And they played a really tough schedule with the one and six so you'd have to go either you skeptical perhaps run the table. Win nine straight games that a shot maker in the playoffs if not 81 may be. Not happening so Ryan's toast geno is probably post or at least they'll bring in somebody else to a New York they don't want them don't win like. Four games five games and get the six in ten and dropped to eighth in the draft just stay at the bottom and of the standings go to the top of the traps and get a quarterback I think that's out. If I was jets fan I'd be thinking exactly that bottom out what is six intended to me right it doesn't you know what that second half and feeling good for next year. No not really unless. Unless like gene L lights it up like I mean if he turns out all of a sudden he just as. 279 games he has like nine tremendous football games. I guess that there is always an exception I can never totally rule things out. But as the jets fan I'm thinking they don't want meaningless wins they wanna be at the top of the draft at their options open. And be able to get another quarterback if indeed they're going to need. 8030515. To join us. 8885 if the 2550. Grab a life here on football Friday. Frankie you're on W jogger right ahead. Hello to my gate. Turn your radio every the only guy I good morning happy Friday thanks to. You know idea have been a couple more major cheerfully told Wilson you Earl Lloyd and I got yes you know and things or not. Russell Wilson Corvette Seattle there's. Late breaking news kind of thing. Somebody got to look look for you on this post war should go as simple you know just somebody called tomorrow so he's not black enough to hear that statement. I heard that this morning that story I heard the sort of sports and you know. I'll they can lead America what. I don't know who circle though. I think this goes I'm not holding up on a but I heard this morning this goes back to Percy Hartman and some internal issues there. And then there's there's I guess they're there it was a Bleacher Report story that said there's internal. Turmoil and they're having issues inside the team in the trying to work it out. And one of the comments in that report of someone saying that Russell Wilson isn't black enough. It right. This problem assume these. Black hip Floyd I wholeheartedly even through are you know what it's from no. So in Detroit. Yeah a little class this morning but fortunately. If a white. Player undersea figured out what you know. All of where we're at war. What these that was what does it mean he's up what is something about football on some sort of what was not. Well we weren't talking about it so yeah why I don't want to go to bring it up like we weren't talking I don't think the world is talking about it I just heard about it or dental I don't know I don't know I don't know if real promising you can't put no I don't I. I prank yet honestly Jermaine don't care I don't think it's that much it's not that big a deal to me. I think you're always gonna have inside any professional locker gonna have issues not everybody likes everybody I don't know what's going on in Seattle. I don't really care what's going on in Seattle I don't know who said it. Don't know was a white guy a black guy I don't know found out about story today honestly moved on with my life to other stories because. You know I really it's the Seahawks and original and it's also unnamed sources yeah. And having not read the story have no idea like that but put your name on if you want you know yeah and its well I mean it's just it's a stupid thing to say I don't know why I would say it's gone so there's somebody from that team they'll never win. Other cultures. I mean would that quarterback if they can't. Yes he's a good quarterback I don't think idea that can run I think he's the only reason they're still winning this year's their defense thought isn't good news at all and then just traded their. Best wide receiver in the offensive coordinator for summaries and if it isn't giving the ball to Marshall ledge but Russell Wilson is a very good quarterbacks know. Whoever said it it's kind of stupid things. 8030550. Will go to mode next year football Friday on WGR go ahead vote. They guy's gonna mourn and I just wondered who just you know give a little chime in on on but not for. Sunday evening and I'm really not worried about the running game and we capped at one anyway. What's different culturally and I'm hoping it will come out and really throw the ball you know. You that in this business so the Bulldog. You know that would. You know they say that we all been kind of opened forward and that's sort of all of that you would Chapman is running game. We got that break ground and pound meanwhile we're not gonna we're not on the news but. So let's try to throw blog it's bubble screen on. To send element that CNET. I'm aspect alone I don't remember that you guys I don't know if you've got to remember. Added that given what we try it out tomorrow. Important mentioned that he's gonna be our partner and best running back I just hope that those words come back and be true and eight hopefully we get a win it's Sunday. Our MO. I don't know what to expect from Bryce Brown but like I said I don't think because the running game hasn't been that great all season. I don't think this is they all their clocked the drop off from Fred NC Jeff how are they gonna make it work within Anthony Dixon and Bryce Brown out of I don't think that that's a problem I think delve. I I would that I would guess they would split carries pretty close on Dixon's been getting the number one rep she's been out their first practice this week before Bryce Brown. Would also none I would think they would get close to a 5050 split wealthy I don't know. But yeah I'm with you I would think they'll put more on the played a Kyle Orton why not he's continuing to make plays he's continue to make some some big throws. You know look at the development and Sammy Watkins and I think they'll look at the secondary and trying to exploit some of the matchup with their corners so I I would expect a healthy dose Kyle Orton on Sunday I don't think it's gonna beat the bills trying to ground and pound against the jets on Sunday. Well thanks atoll real factor to join us. 888550. Q 550. I forgot what his Ascot. You got just attribute is like completely forgot what I was gonna get you not add another bills. Jets point. And I is about eight Jerry Hughes money now I think it was up Percy Hartman but I whatever we'll we'll get back to it and I got the that a person Gartman because I want if the jets. Let's that a lot of criticism on the thing back with. It was the kick off specialist I wanna bring up something about the hat there's been a lot of criticism of packet some fair some epic ridiculous. But I will I will give you this today. If the jets find more ways to more wasteland ball Percy Hartman in the bills do Sammy Watkins there's a visibly problem. But he's been their for a week. And if they get a lot of jet sweep and an end around and they send him that you were a lot of things of them and the bills don't do much to block in other than just throwing on the ball. And that you know criticism of the inventiveness of the offense might might just be okay. Maybe they'll see that got it. Right to bill Hartley and they're they're gonna have a heart return kicks. He might return punts but I guess they're gonna have returned kicks can we just stop the kick off specialist now is it just. To touch backs in the last eight kicks in the lat kickoffs in the last two games. Can you just not activated kickoff specialist now just use that for another body that actually might be important in the game. Who though. I don't mile William Michael while I still. I'm not even expecting Mike Williams to do anything the rest of the season I have no idea why he's plummeted on the depth chart he's rarely on the field when he is active now. I don't I've I was gonna bring this up would dug round at 8 o'clock to kick off specialist at what's happened Mike Williams but even you know whatever you've got. They know. You can't anticipate a rash of injuries at a position but the idea of just taking off spot. And using it on a kick off specialist who now at least the last two games is not consistently getting cutbacks like he was the first. Four or five games of the season and I'm assuming at the weather turns it might be even more difficult to kick the ball deep. I just totally kick off specialist. Even facing a guy like pershing Hartman I'm sure they'll tell me this is the game you wanna kick off specialist because you don't want pershing Harvard returning to football against. Seven all last year secretary compared to Indian in the entirely. Sent. But that's not it's a trivia. Now named seven kick returners. That you feel like because you know why are you Armand most of them you never hurt. So. They add New York Jets that's a good receivers throughout their pasts some notable ones and then there have been some others have had good games against the bills that. We never before the bills games. So wanna talk to guys about feel jets wide receivers here going back Kee Shawn Johnson throw mean you'd darn football. He said that the day. He last led the New York Jets in light perceiving. In 1999. And you guys name the jets leading wide receivers players who have led the jets in receiving. Since key John Johnson last did it in ninety. Nineteen okay. Now our first guess our eye and Santana Moss Santana Moss is right. Twice in 2004 and 2003 and going waned from that point Corvette. Right he let them twice before he's done and then he John three times and then let them again in 2000. I got there is that I got one I think I'm pretty sure about and you shaky. Player here who led them four times and and go with the one ethnic. Laveranues Coles four times Laveranues Coles thanks that's the last solid guy. And territorial rent I don't like I guess is that might be wrong I mean I can guess a couple more got okay. Jericho Scott to you three times Jericho Cotchery. I'm pretty darn sure this is wrong but you'll like them Santonio Holmes. Melt. You know that's when I was on the tip my son and I wasn't comfortable saying but there is an enigmatic wide receiver who led them one year place embers. It's. An. Well the urge them not not act first and enact same same vein bow. Same sort. Came there from another team that had had enough of them. Had a pretty good year for the Gypsies. Just as long as we forgot like Chad Johnson played the jets yes yes this is a former brown. Now law Braylon Edwards that's correct Braylon Edwards in 2010. Not all of these are wide receivers there's a tight end makes their anti packed. Not Anthony back to our more recent than that 2011. Dustin Keller that's right. The only thing I have left is the player who currently leads them. Eric Decker that's right. And the guy who led the last two years I wouldn't not have ever guessed it Jeremy Carly that's right. For the last two years he has led them and he only had 500 and something yards last year was leading wide receiver not for nothing. I didn't pick up Jeremy curly in fantasy this week. That's still on the team I just got a big contract extension right. IA. Maybe he might get some catches well maybe so this catches go to person or did you pick up her she Hartman this week. Anybody pick up Percy Hartman this week. I doubt he would be a free agent for cancer Ali would still it's because he was in Seattle U it's still they wouldn't have for a change OK gotcha. Tina Smith how many yards Gina Smith throw for against the bills on Sunday. And ago. It's a load 200 flight 210 yards all of them Jeremy curly don't worry about it. It is football Friday we'll take your calls and 803055888550. To 550. Bills jets prediction. Who do you think well what do you think the bill's biggest edge in this matchup pits and on the other side the biggest concern you have for the bills going into the game against the jets we also have. What that I want that that I got to get something like who's had a brilliant idea. The jets forfeit the game no. Brilliant brilliant idea for me than him and watch other games. It's the sabres who an idea. What happened there's a month left in the season put together a team that can't wins out at the top draft pick as a month left in the season. The sabres and hurricanes are both clearly separated from the pack your line is doing a really good job and they are tied. The league says you guys are swapping drug addicts. What you mean they're swapping draft means you're swapping traffic's. So you want you feud got a let's try to wind last month of the season. Could you don't want to finish last have to win. We don't want games which are gonna try. That's try that but like other drug that is not good IRI. We're stepping in here it's equipment. Before the trade deadline and this tip that the jets like try and read the players can win game one month left in the season. It's clear these who have separated although he won't affect the league in any way. Other than you'll avoid. Awkward scenarios in the last month of the season. You guys in some respects. Villa. Mean does that play Carolina. In his last month of the season will pull up the sabres schedule are handy dandy of sabres schedule at our website at WGR 550 dot com Pittsburgh Columbus Carolina April 6. Third the last hour the last game of the season against Carolina. Man. Well if you get an act that the rule that you do it before the trade that line. You can't sell off parts and maybe actually ports that. You would warm when Toomey. We've got to win two of slop well argued but you still get your guaranteed the one or is it still go to the 20% and Paula your your Gary if you finish to their saying you get the number one pick I'm just saying it's. Only those two team that I don't or whichever team you separate away you're switching graphics. So if you win. In Carolina finish last Uga Carolina spectator chores do you get the best chance by winning that way you know. I guess are curious if the lottery was still in effect is of course everything's those and I was like yeah I can't drop out of the top ten spots this thing by finishing second. Could that be flipping into one of life I don't drop out of one of the top two spots. Yeah. 735 happy football Friday. Our chairman Matthew you're WTO it looked real but if the giants needed it but if he can but if he. Joseph and a moment you can join us got a question or comment to run by Joseph B you can give its call right now Doug world will be when it's. Shortly after 8 o'clock as we continue to talk about the bills jets match up. College football heads up tomorrow weather supposed to be nicer gonna be up near the right around sixty. So good data had out of watch at the UB bulls the bulls have a big Mac game tomorrow at 330. How do you be stated as they take on the central Michigan chippewas gimmick of the game we'll have a report yet on our sister station ESPN fifteen to. You pumped about the one direction counselor Ralph Wilson Stadium ID. Would not get the sleepless night just thinking of trying to figure out my ticket buying plans. You guys are going right when you with the three of us to go together for sure. I can't wait I heard it I thought of signs to make up idea I am absolutely beside myself more concerts so it's you like over one direction I can't I can't. I gotta wait another night what eleven months for this I'm gonna make sure they put a good show. Ulcers is more concerts that Angel it's gonna get a Springsteen concert at the stadium I'll be in great shape. Maybe Joseph is going one direction Joseph you go to C one direction at the end at the Ralph. You're all right because I wanted to get three tick I forget what you know four's not that big a deal. That we could tailgate you know all right well and don't change your mind. I'd Joseph B what is on the AT&T hotline will block bills jets I'd let you injuries first bottle. Nice article on mark he's Goodwin. Quite a long history of injuries there. Yeah I will bet I mean I got an eight the total and that didn't cal. Am kinda getting banged up. Mini camps or. OGA is that this past year it right at the beginning of Gauthier is actually and I think he he went up for a ball game down awkwardly and an ad. And emit some listen staffed by that's essential practice so that really. Early put too much stock in Tbilisi gets seriously injured but. I mean over the course of since last year's training camp you now. He has suffered eight separate injuries that have made in this either practice time. As tight in the game or a game entirely which is there bet that pretty substantial I think. It is substantial I know he bristles when people bring up the idea that he is prone to its US injuries but that's. You know like it was funny to me eight years ago what was Eric Wood broke a leg one year in porn ACL and other people are talking about ending injury prone. To me either Goodwin list is injury prone. Well yeah I mean it's not a lingering injury on any of them but it's it's it's separate saying every single I'd like errors. Ed there's the hand that you broke it and let you heard that that's that you'd reproach that helmet hitting him square. Of the top of the air had been in it crushing blow into the air and so that's. That's not anchored and tips I think anybody would probably break there and that in that situation but. Other than that I mean there's there's the calf injury in the air. There's an elbow injury they're the couple hamstring injuries that god shed. I mean there's there's they're looking separate things in there that fortunately it's not a lingering injury on any of that but unfortunately. In like he's getting hurt all all over and that. That's not let a guy that's clearly a good date for four young player and Doug wrote acknowledged that because. He said while it doesn't set them back completely. The square one. It does set them back a little bit where they have the kind of comeback from an injury and and be able to the there'd be able to overcome it progressed as a player. And he had been able to do that to. Morrow said it best availability in the big stick it to cheat for young choir and market that would Aetna and indelible and now and he's seeing himself get passed by on the depth chart. Guys like Chris Hogan. The bigger injury Joseph I think obviously is Deron Williams what's going on with him because. You know the safety is the F safety position. Back part of secondary isn't the same when he's not in the game. Right well he missed is. If you lift the New England game with a back injury. That he sustained I believe either Wednesday or Thursday of the practice leading up to it. And I don't think anyone really thought that that enters its diplomatic game but it did. So. That he got back practiced there wasn't a full participant throughout the week last week you could tell you kind of moved around a little bit better. Until he had to play and re aggravated it against against the vikings and now he's been limited for the past two days again so we'll see how he is. Today he we he's been limited past few days so. If you think all participants today it could be a good side eagle limited again and then I think there's at least a question that he's the apps that are broke. Joseph what's the biggest concern you have from the bills' perspective going into this matchup Sunday. Well I think that the biggest. The biggest concern you would have is how the jets are going to attack the bills. From a from a ground perspective because last week at the Minnesota exposed at a little bit. By trying to get to the perimeters get those linebackers Luke big and really had thought that I don't read about it. It will Porgy and of the seat and edit that part so far. I think what they need to do is you know they just need to. They need to continue to contain he had I think Jerry Hughes and Mario Williams got all that sloppy a couple. Allowed that adds that the compromise. And so. It took it to the vikings. And it just a couple chances to get outside the defense that bad that. And get into the second level put some pot of yardage up and with the built at a being spread out from that. And having to worry about that. They were allowing more big up the middle as well it and they were also about tackling as well they have been through the first six weeks. I think that's that's really the biggest advocate Chris CIBER can break Apple's. Chris Johnson while he's not. As wheat output as she used to be. He could still get out into that space itself. You know it usually it usually adjusting to see how way how to act. Another team after that it has been exposed and it usually copycat beg your but there are different from the jet. The I thought you're gonna bring up the bills' offensive line trying to hold off the jets' defensive front slash. They're blitzing and all the stuff the gonna throw at them and weather's you know Kyle Orton will be flat on its tackled that. Followed though that that the big one that's the biggest war but I we did talk about it adequately separate. The. Well variety is the spice of life that's who they say Joseph it's her it's a well look let's talk about that I mean obviously that you limit the ones which. Herb it goes then at the reason why bring it up is because to me in all I'm not as worried as maybe some are about the running back injuries because I think this team's offense is evolving. And it needs to put more on the plate of Kyle Orton I think he can make enough plays to handle that. To help them win football games. But. Can he do that if that if the bills and had issues with stunts and some of the stuff they've seen with they see the jets try to meet typically. They throw the kitchen sink it people. Yeah overload blitzes up. The stunts twists everything that that you can expect. I think the bills will see I get the check. I next week or sub actually expect so they've got their hands full in I think it's going to be a little bit better is because her brick while he's got. Is not the savior of the offensive lines so let's not get it twisted right now but. I think what Burbank is its average which is better then a rookie and rookie who are struggling mightily and even if or breaks a little below average which showed showed to be a few times a game the past couple years. Then I think it's still adopt the what direction that would do so. Other than that they can expect to see a whole. Problem that strip about the life I mean the jets better or strike at their feet. When you have terrorists in Richardson. And Welker sin just. They're just trying to dominate. Deported attacked and most weeks they do in the past couple weeks. They've been trying to beat up on the ground a little bit but I think with. I think with what the bills have in their backfield. Adam and that kind of way that they be going about the past three weeks I think they've established an identity that kind of the big going through the air. And because of that because the bulk of those factors I think it will be the build maybe you do little quick strip quickstep drops in. And get the ball out of power and pretty quickly now allow the New York Jets defense in this game Oprah tried really take over. Mischievous guy yet. Have a safe trip to New Jersey don't party too much in New York City and we will talk to you on Sunday for our pregame. Oh sure you are just like I said the barge broke but I think I guess until four right just trying get some sleep. Are there to block it Sunday. Your jovial recovering the bills it's got the latest from yesterday's practice at WGR 550 dot com he'll be out there again today some make you. Keep an eye and Joseph follow on Twitter for latest on the injury front and other news coming out of one bills drive Joseph joining us on the. We don't like we'd throw this at what brought thanks Stewart what's the point for the little passive yeah. Better appears to go out opened fire or rocket regularly said Graf quit when I left hand. And Utley McCauley sent off Maine stop being mean about stuff last night and Roth is still. Kinda good. 914 save percentage no goals for in three straight. Performance I would love to know how many goals per game he has received from his team during his career. Pirates are they talked about how we lost ten games in a row or something like that and the what's that during that stretch. And he has not been batted also far this year and they just can't. 00. Like when someone says. Pay you know us not really getting an Eagles support. Literally they are telling the truth he's getting zero goals reports three straight games zero goals like he had stretch last year when he played last year wasn't like one points while scored one point something on the season. But. Zero goals for when you that's. Problematic. It's I just played out of a Google will blood drive finally when you so the sabres shut out three times in the last four games. For what it's worth they were shut out three times in the first what the last season ten or shut up ten times last season. Three and record works so far the last Gillis coaster is tomorrow at 4 o'clock. The sabres are at San Jose there was also a stretch last year in March where they've scored similar a similarly low marks. Where they scored nine goals and games they have goals and games so far and they still have I believe objectives. Were shut out of the would have changed. I believe they slide only four guys on the entire roster who have a goal this season. I will double check that while we haven't won. Going into last night's game and in look at the box or CME shots he had been going into last night's game Cody Hodgson had eight shots. On goal in seven games that he meet and the handy dandy sabres that's Cody hots and you say. He has nine on the season nine shots in eight games that's Ville Leino. Numbers I mean that is exactly where. Ville Leino was last year about a shot a game for a guy who's supposed to be offensive producer and score that is incredible pretty much the lowest the only. Top forward finger quotes. Behind him is Torrey Mitchell with four. Everybody else. Has five were now on the fourth line everybody else adds more shots on goal and out and you want Drew Stafford. Course the number is for the season right now. We go and out percentage of high percentage of holes saved 31%. The united thought at 18. Or can you put money per cent a shot or shots against a shot down the eyes shot attempt plus minus and take the total number of shots and the percentage they go for each team's. Yeah. 20%. If you are at. If you're at 43%. I would look at that go knew he would like the guy that that Pittsburgh got in the James Neal trade one of the guys nix bawling. Is it like 41. And and people most Pittsburgh you're going yeah right this guy's not good. Well according to view you know. Five on five close. Which is one within one goal Drew Stafford course he is at 28. And he is relatively. The worst player on the team. Right now behind Tyson's racquet who played one game. I mean it is staffer and walk and it's George's right that's well that's the lowest now against separate playing top competition. And winning just getting short right. Consistent did you see what Conseco guitar set about playing the sabres I did see that and yes to put that they played harder something you have said that that's the team that can hurt you at any time ruin that the team that can hurt you at any time when he said they play hard and they have quote a lot of scale. I mean. What what cliche book you read this from a guy. Leave that's page seven chapters 33. Of the Havoc that has been nice your opponent when you smoke them and you know they had no chance of beating the our knows everyone and Slovenia that patronizing. Question from. And you just gotta be it's a good question we asked it last year Ron Ralston could he get out of the gate so slowly. They're one in 71. And blank. Gets a coach fired. All reduce even though the situation is what is one and blank mean someone's getting fired. One and well. Real. I think I've losses away from Byron all that aren't you set no that I firing and they're gonna think you're gonna lose beset were throwing that out the window and I'm so. Yes this team. This I'm saying will often wonder what scenario with the fire at an all we understand there is done just told me I think there Basra throwing it all I don't think what I was there one in 1901 and 81 you think he's still here now to hear that but I mean with the appoint a firing. That's why I'm asking when they they're wanna set at one and what. At what point does something I think you have to thank you start like 112113. That's terrible. Know the beaver phrases and confusion not understanding of course for any team. One and while he's terrible and would fire coach considering this situation is what it is. The Internet the same standard one in a kennel and not five games by 120 how via 11 and want to open it was an X thirteen. If you required to be out before that one there you go one and one it has to be something slow because they're bad we know that. After something so incredibly outrageous but even they have to look at ago mechanic they are one in seven and only win was against team that is windowless. And it was in the eighth round of a shoot they've scored more than two goals in the game. Once. That game been shut out three times and they're just there all that's why what's the point of the guy. And when you go through the players that they have in the top six Cody Hodgson should be able to score around fifty points. Tyler an issue BO score around fifty points Drew Stafford. Has scored thirty goals in the league before. Chris Stewart has scored 28 is his career high. These these are the worst players ever Matt Olson has scored thirty goals four times. They should be able to get more goals than. This they probably will. Once they stop playing Anaheim and LA Chicago there a terrible possession team and they played some of the best possession teams. And what's the schedule lightens up to you know mix in mid week Toronto. Washington and it. Montreal great team whatever Ottawa when it schedule comes to get in that kind of area you'll start seeing them when civilians. I our lines brought you by the Khmer group wind made easy the premier group one of the week. Cantina reality Chianti just 1099 for a 750 milliliter bottle but only six dollars each when you buy two. During the premiere dollars and right away we love our Monday a Weiner lines that you're watching the bills' game like Colin label line 8430234. Did you see much week. Friend of mine sent this. Just text me this link between German soccer game where a team had been shut out for five straight games. And the fans decided they were going to help. You wanna see it posted the FaceBook page as well I just waited it is YouTube video Howell fans helped a team that was shot out of five straight games and receivers fans want to. Quick note from Branko shall he just treated according to pregame dot com the jets on the first one in sixteen to be favored over team winning record ever. They'll make history that's. Which football prodded by the numbers coming up we'll take coach Doug morrow coming up Roby radio with Mike joining us at 830 on WG. It's Jewell was Kelly what does that our FaceBook page is set up for you to weigh in on our on air debates jackets dotted FaceBook dot com slash WGR 550. But it Howard Simon airport draft. Kings and draft kings dot com had it checked out the side if you haven't. When he went before it's a convenient tees it's your chance to win big money it's a one week fantasy football site. And one week and is he means no season long commitment to complain whenever you want whenever your schedule permits if you have an injured player. Not a problem when you play at draft kings it's a new season every week you never stuck with the same players all you have to do is pick nine start.

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    would have this question. Really that Lewis is doing that well. Because Kyle Orton wasn't here yet. Right before the season began so you would have told I would've I would sell KG got hurt and
    its. I as each game goes by I grow more confident and Kyle Orton . And I feel like the biggest that is what the bills have that wide receiver vs the jets' secondary I think they
    fine. Well you know there are number we talk a lot about Kyle Orton in the bills' offense but. Let's flip it around. It like I said to me. You know that there is an X-Factor

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Morning mr. Hamilton how are you today. Area and it's Tuesday years and hanging in -- -- and overly depressing itself thanks for asking. Let's do injuries that might take till 10 o'clock so Eric what is the worst of the group from Sunday at this point right. -- but it. You know. It is but it isn't at least that's not something that this is gonna have to have surgery on or anything like that. It's they partially torn MCL and -- To you could be cease an ending but he's hoping not. That -- at the same thing in respect and sort through weeks. -- he's stuck some of the players you can get back into a few weeks so -- ideas you know missed two weeks and be back for the you know last two innings so you know he's he's hopefully can comeback but he says he's got to wait and see. Quick update for you backed Paul on the the talks today Bruce Gary -- from the Ottawa sun has tweeted this the talk among players yesterday was that Crosby to -- to own. Perilous and possibly sabre Steve -- Would be among the six players in the room that has not confirmed clearly they're bringing in Cairo -- intimidate the owners and -- the lights out of that argument they want. Paula actually wanna get your thoughts in that meeting in just a moment. Let me ask you this. What is your thought about the term injury prone because I know I was gonna come up at some point and we got a call on the one line about you know can we call officially call Eric would. Injury prone and I said. No injury prone I mean. He gets his foot stuck in the turf for one injury he gets rolled into for a broken leg and what he got he got rolled into again some guy dove into his knee the other day. I mean that's not injury -- the guys and a collision sport where people are followed income for two -- -- three injuries that that the make injury prone. Yeah he's setting policy never ever. He says so that's the frustrating thing for him that. You know he goes you never getting hurt to having some sort of significant injury every even now. You know -- you only missed two games -- second here in the NFL that. You know he missed significant time and in two of these three other years you know seven games won here and the other and going up stop my habit that's the ballpark that's probably it was. And you know through four games this year so you know I think right now he's just unlucky. But. You know. I don't know it's just weird yes you're right I think who while things have happened to Obama. He's been some high traffic areas and all the sudden and he he didn't. Gestured career began around Sunday's injury it was a dirty play he's -- guy wound up but his knees. But it and a player where the guy I was make it dirty players like that just was a circumstance that happened. What done now and Hairston is out for this game at least is that right. Coach that'd be tough for him to be back you gotta keep it that spraying. He -- it's good because -- little bit different we're a weird injuries they're calling it -- But -- you know you know walking boot -- and he didn't rule lombok but he said it would be. In is to be tougher and -- I think that's the way he put it. So what is the line looked like. On Sunday whose planes that are whose plan right tackle what what do they do for our group of five. Well what terrific at doing just put our foot in her back to that are and putting us know what right guard and the way the way he says he goes don't hold me to it. These. But that's what we're looking at right now Sam will continue right tackle. He finished the game their. Last game and then you know in value target third string right tackle so. A big deal they had to do this last year -- call you know in this city you read and guys and running guys -- actually. Looked okay. I mean it wasn't. It was an ideal. But it wasn't like all the side and Arnold all of this the worst one I've ever seen in my life even. So you know they've they've stepped up times and they're gonna have to do it again. Paul held in what does your 8030550. And questions about the bill's gonna join in and let us know if you think the bills are getting better and all of all the weeks though to have problems on on the line and -- -- -- got away with a Morgan's Jackson -- may be against Oregon says Louis rams pass rusher Chris Long and Robert Quinn and mean and and -- I mean they actually have. Some pretty good pass -- is -- and I'd be really concerned about those guys against the banged up bills offensive line. I think that's one of the reasons Saint Louis what the reason they keep themselves in the ball games. Because of their defense. And they don't have a dynamic offense by any means stretch of the imagination that there. There times they've got some very good defense about person and you're right is that it will be. And they're gonna have to devise a game plan that -- in the neutral are you think you -- short passes before. You know we wait your seat with what went through there are cooked up the game plan this week. Yeah -- get the ball out fast Ryan don't stand back there very long or you know he -- which are running the ball well there's an idea. -- and see if that one game I know but it -- downside given a shot. Stevie Johnson -- okay. It could play. Because it's orbiting the -- that I had to. So you know he's so what. You know well he went through last year -- -- -- -- decent. You know I I understand how to get myself -- everything that -- -- her. They'll probably -- in and same with Donald Jones. Coach expects him to be practicing one on Wednesday in the city isn't any reason at all that back. That he would be back in the lineup so at least it felt like you're gonna have -- two receivers back Chris Kelsey doesn't -- he'll play at all this year. That means they haven't put my -- out or anything like that that. That's not sound like something that get better any time soon. Eric Williams. Figured it was about 75%. Last week. But the coach -- CC should get enough practice in this week where. In Dayton get them close to all under percent is that you just. You know that the position you don't want to be put somebody in that 75%. You know with what they have to do -- corner. So that's why you know they want it's a good chance of putting him back in or whatever so that they are hoping maybe. Get him through practices we can you know enough improvement that they'll be able to play him. Paula what we're talking about today and I love that your thoughts the bill's record is identical as where it was a year ago. Five to seven. But if you. I want to throughout the record look at the players look at the roster right now from one to 53. Do you think. They are better as a team and the parts making up a hole but the parts are better. On paper airbase should be I mean what they know how much I. We've discussed that so I'm almost embarrassed how I was fooled. I mean like in my training camp. You know honestly believing that this team would challenge for the division. And -- CNET -- challenge for a playoff spot and what I I would guess what happened a million years now I've seen improvement this year. Is especially on defense. Now from Walt -- what they started the year to what they are right now. But absolutely -- on paper are you know. With the signing Williams then. Various a year older you know -- that he was awful last year. But I you know I don't think he was. Living up to the third round you know Von Miller I think is living up to being the second overall pick I don't think artists lived up to being a third overall pick but. But that is unique see the spurts of it there. And that there are certainly that I think what it boils down to him mr. C want it does he wanna be a great football player. This is you want it -- -- work hard enough. It is is it that fire -- and is belly enough to be that because. -- wise you look. He he definitely has the ability. To do that so. Com yeah I thought he would be better but I've. Learned that they're not -- Well I think right after I said it let the record says they're not for sure. But I think if you you know you bring up Mario Williams pass rush is better than it was a year ago. Stephon Gilmore gives them. A quarterback a level of a quarterback they did not have a year ago Spiller is even better than he was a year ago if they use him even more. You know I think the old line when healthy is better because according Glen has solidified the left tackle spot so for me polite I think the rosters better. The problem is. They've gone backwards at the quarterback position. And if you look at that you play callers on offense and defense they've gone backwards in my opinion on offense and we thought for sure once that would be an upgrade over George Edwards. No he hasn't been. Although I'm willing to look at the last four games in the last half of the season and say maybe once that defense is getting better and they're they're buying into what he's preaching. I. People don't wanna hear it that Mario Williams isn't there aren't as injured anymore. And you know maybe we just have to understand that -- in the beginning of this season injury hindered him. And excuse whatever I know people hate that word it's not being used -- dot. When Europe pass rusher they use -- your hands. Two for a -- bridge and you no longer have that hand uses leverage. You're not gonna be is as good as good a football player you're going to be useless and he was useless. -- For work you know it's yet to take steps toward its work that. OK now you know he had the surgery and he's been much much. Better and bite him being better I think it's helped the defense to be better. Not the only reason. But and to make it wants that look a lot better when you're that guy that you paid millions and millions of dollars for. All of a sudden is able to perform where he wasn't able to perform before. The reason they paid him that morning was because. Yet to be a difference maker and now. You watched during the games and -- the play he made that was in the second quarter of close game. To me that was a difference making play. Yeah I I'm with you I agree on I mean he is he is doing now what we thought Mario Williams could would should you win when they sign the guy back in March. While before we got to promise not to wanna get your thoughts on what's going on what hockey today. New York City there's a meeting six -- six players. Still waiting for the list of the actual players that are going to be there the two sides. Picked who they wanted to show up and and attend this meeting so that you know Batman in the owners pick the owners to represent and the players it was up to them to pick the players they wanna do you. Find any reason for optimism. That. Definite fear not involved today that its of its fresh voices so to speak or different voices in a room talk about the -- Now I'm not mistaken I don't know they're gonna talk. I believed aliens Steve Fehr will be in the room so. I have read that bad it's possible that. That was. The players' request that believe. But I don't I hated being in the Roman actually speaking or whatever. But. They didn't want the top guys there but for whatever reason they want is somebody there -- That is that I can't confirm that -- but I have read that that those two men will be in the room. So old bulls see how that goes I don't know it's still possible I know Ryan Miller in New York. I don't know there's a possibility he can be part of this meeting or not. I know there have been some writers writing that he should be. But. All I can tell you he's in New York whether it be part of it or not will have to wait and see. You think it makes any difference that Batman and Don -- are not in the meeting could it could it be any reason for optimism. I think. It at least gives the players I don't like the back the Jacobs is there. Because Jacobs is the ringleader of this whole thing but on the other side of the coin to the players might like it that he's there are so they can just. Go after that they want to. You know this lock does is deal. And Batman is negotiating project Pepsi he would -- ministry of -- that he's doing exactly what Jacobs tells and to do. So. You really have the number one person their facilities Yemeni. He would the other owners that you bring -- have no power there's only one -- with our right now he's of where everybody there are following him. Like a bunch of but I sheep so. You know it one and I think to myself well why should he be there because he's. You know he's really the rubble one god and I thought well you know -- he should really be there because he's the one that he's the reason this lockout is happening so. You know they have if they wanna go to the source she's -- one to go to. Mr. Hamilton. Thank you for sharing some of your time this. Not a problem outside enjoy the warm weather go take your. -- also -- -- ranger outside for a walk forward it called for two other fresh they'll make -- feel that it missed their flowing in thing. You -- -- like yep dog cold medicine so he can reject it's a good night's sleep. I get an outside professional doing good -- thanks ball.

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