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12/4 Paul Hamilton on Bills' injuries and CBA talks

Dec 4, 2012|

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Morning mr. Hamilton how are you today. Area and it's Tuesday years and hanging in -- -- and overly depressing itself thanks for asking. Let's do injuries that might take till 10 o'clock so Eric what is the worst of the group from Sunday at this point right. -- but it. You know. It is but it isn't at least that's not something that this is gonna have to have surgery on or anything like that. It's they partially torn MCL and -- To you could be cease an ending but he's hoping not. That -- at the same thing in respect and sort through weeks. -- he's stuck some of the players you can get back into a few weeks so -- ideas you know missed two weeks and be back for the you know last two innings so you know he's he's hopefully can comeback but he says he's got to wait and see. Quick update for you backed Paul on the the talks today Bruce Gary -- from the Ottawa sun has tweeted this the talk among players yesterday was that Crosby to -- to own. Perilous and possibly sabre Steve -- Would be among the six players in the room that has not confirmed clearly they're bringing in Cairo -- intimidate the owners and -- the lights out of that argument they want. Paula actually wanna get your thoughts in that meeting in just a moment. Let me ask you this. What is your thought about the term injury prone because I know I was gonna come up at some point and we got a call on the one line about you know can we call officially call Eric would. Injury prone and I said. No injury prone I mean. He gets his foot stuck in the turf for one injury he gets rolled into for a broken leg and what he got he got rolled into again some guy dove into his knee the other day. I mean that's not injury -- the guys and a collision sport where people are followed income for two -- -- three injuries that that the make injury prone. Yeah he's setting policy never ever. He says so that's the frustrating thing for him that. You know he goes you never getting hurt to having some sort of significant injury every even now. You know -- you only missed two games -- second here in the NFL that. You know he missed significant time and in two of these three other years you know seven games won here and the other and going up stop my habit that's the ballpark that's probably it was. And you know through four games this year so you know I think right now he's just unlucky. But. You know. I don't know it's just weird yes you're right I think who while things have happened to Obama. He's been some high traffic areas and all the sudden and he he didn't. Gestured career began around Sunday's injury it was a dirty play he's -- guy wound up but his knees. But it and a player where the guy I was make it dirty players like that just was a circumstance that happened. What done now and Hairston is out for this game at least is that right. Coach that'd be tough for him to be back you gotta keep it that spraying. He -- it's good because -- little bit different we're a weird injuries they're calling it -- But -- you know you know walking boot -- and he didn't rule lombok but he said it would be. In is to be tougher and -- I think that's the way he put it. So what is the line looked like. On Sunday whose planes that are whose plan right tackle what what do they do for our group of five. Well what terrific at doing just put our foot in her back to that are and putting us know what right guard and the way the way he says he goes don't hold me to it. These. But that's what we're looking at right now Sam will continue right tackle. He finished the game their. Last game and then you know in value target third string right tackle so. A big deal they had to do this last year -- call you know in this city you read and guys and running guys -- actually. Looked okay. I mean it wasn't. It was an ideal. But it wasn't like all the side and Arnold all of this the worst one I've ever seen in my life even. So you know they've they've stepped up times and they're gonna have to do it again. Paul held in what does your 8030550. And questions about the bill's gonna join in and let us know if you think the bills are getting better and all of all the weeks though to have problems on on the line and -- -- -- got away with a Morgan's Jackson -- may be against Oregon says Louis rams pass rusher Chris Long and Robert Quinn and mean and and -- I mean they actually have. Some pretty good pass -- is -- and I'd be really concerned about those guys against the banged up bills offensive line. I think that's one of the reasons Saint Louis what the reason they keep themselves in the ball games. Because of their defense. And they don't have a dynamic offense by any means stretch of the imagination that there. There times they've got some very good defense about person and you're right is that it will be. And they're gonna have to devise a game plan that -- in the neutral are you think you -- short passes before. You know we wait your seat with what went through there are cooked up the game plan this week. Yeah -- get the ball out fast Ryan don't stand back there very long or you know he -- which are running the ball well there's an idea. -- and see if that one game I know but it -- downside given a shot. Stevie Johnson -- okay. It could play. Because it's orbiting the -- that I had to. So you know he's so what. You know well he went through last year -- -- -- -- decent. You know I I understand how to get myself -- everything that -- -- her. They'll probably -- in and same with Donald Jones. Coach expects him to be practicing one on Wednesday in the city isn't any reason at all that back. That he would be back in the lineup so at least it felt like you're gonna have -- two receivers back Chris Kelsey doesn't -- he'll play at all this year. That means they haven't put my -- out or anything like that that. That's not sound like something that get better any time soon. Eric Williams. Figured it was about 75%. Last week. But the coach -- CC should get enough practice in this week where. In Dayton get them close to all under percent is that you just. You know that the position you don't want to be put somebody in that 75%. You know with what they have to do -- corner. So that's why you know they want it's a good chance of putting him back in or whatever so that they are hoping maybe. Get him through practices we can you know enough improvement that they'll be able to play him. Paula what we're talking about today and I love that your thoughts the bill's record is identical as where it was a year ago. Five to seven. But if you. I want to throughout the record look at the players look at the roster right now from one to 53. Do you think. They are better as a team and the parts making up a hole but the parts are better. On paper airbase should be I mean what they know how much I. We've discussed that so I'm almost embarrassed how I was fooled. I mean like in my training camp. You know honestly believing that this team would challenge for the division. And -- CNET -- challenge for a playoff spot and what I I would guess what happened a million years now I've seen improvement this year. Is especially on defense. Now from Walt -- what they started the year to what they are right now. But absolutely -- on paper are you know. With the signing Williams then. Various a year older you know -- that he was awful last year. But I you know I don't think he was. Living up to the third round you know Von Miller I think is living up to being the second overall pick I don't think artists lived up to being a third overall pick but. But that is unique see the spurts of it there. And that there are certainly that I think what it boils down to him mr. C want it does he wanna be a great football player. This is you want it -- -- work hard enough. It is is it that fire -- and is belly enough to be that because. -- wise you look. He he definitely has the ability. To do that so. Com yeah I thought he would be better but I've. Learned that they're not -- Well I think right after I said it let the record says they're not for sure. But I think if you you know you bring up Mario Williams pass rush is better than it was a year ago. Stephon Gilmore gives them. A quarterback a level of a quarterback they did not have a year ago Spiller is even better than he was a year ago if they use him even more. You know I think the old line when healthy is better because according Glen has solidified the left tackle spot so for me polite I think the rosters better. The problem is. They've gone backwards at the quarterback position. And if you look at that you play callers on offense and defense they've gone backwards in my opinion on offense and we thought for sure once that would be an upgrade over George Edwards. No he hasn't been. Although I'm willing to look at the last four games in the last half of the season and say maybe once that defense is getting better and they're they're buying into what he's preaching. I. People don't wanna hear it that Mario Williams isn't there aren't as injured anymore. And you know maybe we just have to understand that -- in the beginning of this season injury hindered him. And excuse whatever I know people hate that word it's not being used -- dot. When Europe pass rusher they use -- your hands. Two for a -- bridge and you no longer have that hand uses leverage. You're not gonna be is as good as good a football player you're going to be useless and he was useless. -- For work you know it's yet to take steps toward its work that. OK now you know he had the surgery and he's been much much. Better and bite him being better I think it's helped the defense to be better. Not the only reason. But and to make it wants that look a lot better when you're that guy that you paid millions and millions of dollars for. All of a sudden is able to perform where he wasn't able to perform before. The reason they paid him that morning was because. Yet to be a difference maker and now. You watched during the games and -- the play he made that was in the second quarter of close game. To me that was a difference making play. Yeah I I'm with you I agree on I mean he is he is doing now what we thought Mario Williams could would should you win when they sign the guy back in March. While before we got to promise not to wanna get your thoughts on what's going on what hockey today. New York City there's a meeting six -- six players. Still waiting for the list of the actual players that are going to be there the two sides. Picked who they wanted to show up and and attend this meeting so that you know Batman in the owners pick the owners to represent and the players it was up to them to pick the players they wanna do you. Find any reason for optimism. That. Definite fear not involved today that its of its fresh voices so to speak or different voices in a room talk about the -- Now I'm not mistaken I don't know they're gonna talk. I believed aliens Steve Fehr will be in the room so. I have read that bad it's possible that. That was. The players' request that believe. But I don't I hated being in the Roman actually speaking or whatever. But. They didn't want the top guys there but for whatever reason they want is somebody there -- That is that I can't confirm that -- but I have read that that those two men will be in the room. So old bulls see how that goes I don't know it's still possible I know Ryan Miller in New York. I don't know there's a possibility he can be part of this meeting or not. I know there have been some writers writing that he should be. But. All I can tell you he's in New York whether it be part of it or not will have to wait and see. You think it makes any difference that Batman and Don -- are not in the meeting could it could it be any reason for optimism. I think. It at least gives the players I don't like the back the Jacobs is there. Because Jacobs is the ringleader of this whole thing but on the other side of the coin to the players might like it that he's there are so they can just. Go after that they want to. You know this lock does is deal. And Batman is negotiating project Pepsi he would -- ministry of -- that he's doing exactly what Jacobs tells and to do. So. You really have the number one person their facilities Yemeni. He would the other owners that you bring -- have no power there's only one -- with our right now he's of where everybody there are following him. Like a bunch of but I sheep so. You know it one and I think to myself well why should he be there because he's. You know he's really the rubble one god and I thought well you know -- he should really be there because he's the one that he's the reason this lockout is happening so. You know they have if they wanna go to the source she's -- one to go to. Mr. Hamilton. Thank you for sharing some of your time this. Not a problem outside enjoy the warm weather go take your. -- also -- -- ranger outside for a walk forward it called for two other fresh they'll make -- feel that it missed their flowing in thing. You -- -- like yep dog cold medicine so he can reject it's a good night's sleep. I get an outside professional doing good -- thanks ball.

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