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12/5 Bills CEO Russ Brandon with an announcement on the Bills game on Sunday

Dec 5, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And they'll also say good morning to Russ Brandon bill CEO bills in the rams Sunday. And Ralph Wilson Stadium we'll talk about the matchup at nine -- Joba scallions and rust joins us this morning from the state in the morning rush -- tomorrow guys Soria and good -- -- Hollywood where I understand you have some good news to share. Well you know Howard I'm glad you're on Twitter how about that -- even I'm on Twitter. Hey pretty progressive I reader I -- the pope's untoward -- now I got to the athletic you know commodity. I know or German or -- doing it for over there but still no it is Jeremy as it is very impressive explained to me every day. Well you know last week we didn't have being a positive news talk about regarding the game being sold out but this week Howard we do. Big game is sold out and a will be. Live on television Sunday 1 o'clock from Ralph Wilson -- Now are able to do the fully play. Right the audiences yeah. That's that's a big audience shots we -- -- expensive there at somehow are able to get its hold up. But I you know I I know we talked about and as previously but we did this game was move him pretty well forests. Heading into. November and you know I have to give a lot of credit to well obviously first and foremost -- fans. But -- ticket sales staff did a tremendous job we have many community programs in place. You may or may not know that we're honoring our school football this week a salute to our school. Football and we had some community programs tied to Wear them every news related to fund raisers. But once again. Warmer great community partners -- over -- stepped up and purchased. The remaining seats. And and in ensured that the black -- would be lifted so -- name will be live on Sunday. It's you know we're saying at this morning I like that because well that fits into the game obviously -- -- report. The -- -- the the game in Toronto is on TV. The game of course in Miami will be on TV so now. You -- the next three games on TV and then you know perhaps that does look like the whole ball at a home finale will be at least you got the next three games on television which is a good thing for the product. Yeah and I'm here we're obviously excited about it and very pursuit of -- Salvatore. You know Russell steaks and chops she's. Spent a loyal supporter for for many years is as you know and you know he was as gracious enough to step up and guarantee the remaining seats and you're our fans obviously can still buy tickets at the box office or. Or go to Buffalo Bills dot com but I don't know were were very happy. This game maybe it had moved -- pretty quickly and in there was a brisk week. But to ensure that the games on it makes us all excited over -- one bills drive and I know throughout the region how many tickets Troxel you have left for the jets game. We've got a little over 101000 through our game. You know we weren't in. In our great position Howard a month ago lead me into this game so you know were. You're working diligently over here -- and everything we tend try to get their games sold them. You really focused. On the and that's our our last game and and focus on trying to put that on as well but we've -- a lot of work to do so called issue. -- the other day and brought up the idea about whether or not you guys can do variable ticket pricing. Could you do the opener is a gold game like the sabres and then I you know silver games and and I don't know November's bronze games in December. His value games unless it's like New England could you do that. You can't do that Howard you know the league. -- and how are structured at this point you have to -- your manifests. Early in the summer and you have to stick to that manifest related to ticket pricing so. The variable pricing or dynamic pricing as they're called some races is not an option. You know how we. Focus on that is to try to make sure that our tickets are affordable. Which you know is most affordable ticket pricing in the league. And that's our commitment. To our fans. And you know we've we look at a variety of different ways our troops can try to move our tickets but you know understand the other leagues do that. And they were you you know what's different in our league is that. The ticket. Seats and and and moving seats and in most markets is not a big issue. So when you're going to verbal ticket pricing. You did it really won't affect many clubs at all. You know even -- teams in the northeast here admitted they don't run into the weather issues -- that we seem to hear. Okay ejection is that's -- I was gonna ask you mean obviously Florida Texas California it's not that big deal but in the northern cities. In the midwest you know you might run into some instances where that is the December weather wouldn't necessarily hurt the Steelers but maybe with the rounds I don't know where I'm not sure who had trouble selling ten. Other true -- not affect her Howard everywhere you look at Pittsburgh and Baltimore and obviously both New York clubs Washington Chicago. Philly. Cleveland. Selling tickets is not an issue. So you know we've we've had -- -- -- -- of this -- times. -- law along sampling of of selling tickets in December it's always been a challenge. And we've done a better job -- here. But it is still our challenge that we face are yearning Nero. Do you think did the day we'll ever calm when the NFL. Wipes out the blackout rule. You are -- I've never really thought of it from the standpoint of it's the situation that we work under. And the rules -- -- work under so you know we do -- return our power to have to make sure that the blackout isn't an issue. You know on the past decade it it really hasn't been more on forests in in in a large way I guess. We've in the 2000 sold about 85% -- and so. You know we're not happy unless every c.s sold in every games on TV so we will won't stop working until we've achieved that. So I think there's couple things I'm curious about rust like -- the TV networks I pay billions of dollars to the NFL granted at. First off do you have an idea. Percentage of blackouts each year than not just you mean the entire league any idea on what the percentage of black -- is it's got to be under -- and I assume 10%. Yeah I think it's under 10% -- -- -- it's you know they have their parents from black -- Tampa Bay got Diego San Diego. Oakland. Genome Miami. Obviously struggles at times and selling tickets but the big paper the state of all time to keep their black -- image that that games on TV all the yet typically there on television but yet when you look at the percentage is it's an animal. I guess and Mike curious then then Agassi made just answer the question on the TV networks and paying billions of dollars and in certain circumstances. I'm getting my byproduct. Is not seen in the home market because of the blackout rule wouldn't they be upset. Yeah I'm sure they're not thrilled weather but me a fortune or the league as I mentioned earlier doesn't have. A major issue. Movie tickets so you know there's numerous markets cowardice you know that are. Sold out a season ticket basis alone among most of those lot of those markets -- in the northeast. Russ Brandon -- again it is joining us the bill's game against Saint Louis on Sunday is a sellout like you can still get tickets but it is a sell out that it will be seen. On local television. Forget Howard you know we've on Sunday we've got our -- throwback uniforms will be more -- -- patterned after the US 6465. FL championship teams and I know people love. Our fans love the standing bred buffalo helmet so. We were excited about that and again and the salute to our school football were also. Honoring and the high school coach of the year in the in the players small Western New York so it's going to be great there for football in general. Would you like me where my throwback bell bottoms you know Howard I think that we could -- you sport that old have for you and your emperor. Operate -- and identified leisure suit because solid very dapper in the press box -- center. I wanted to ask about the drama series deserved and some stories in the drawn up papers this week I guess there's a new guy run in the series up there. Yes and David talk -- was quoted this week is saying they actually think they're not papering the stadium anymore they're eighty to 90% sold. For the game against Seattle and he thinks they'll be sold out but also talked about you know the extension. It's coming at some point but it seems to be. There waiting on the lease deals sell two part question we'll start with the least feel anything new on that front because teams that might be holding up the Toronto deal. Now we're -- continue in the discussions. You know -- and are sort of broken record but no we're just contained discussions everything your movement in the right direction. Positive talks obviously was exciting news yesterday with the governor in town lieutenant governor about. Their commitment not a new opportunity -- company come to town so. In our focuses. There's still exactly where it's -- in and that's who try to work how long term extension Jauron on hold basically like at least deal done you know there -- parallels right now in those discussions again are going very well keep telling the president are in constant communication. Greg Albrecht is two and a great job up there working on this day in and day out. And it needs right innovative they had a renewed focus. With the promotional campaign and they've really used all of their assets in moved throughout their Rogers media company. And ticket sales are moving. Well. In you know they they also made a major -- change -- is how they price the building this year. Made some significant cuts in their pricing. And I think word -- Less senator we're about 90% sold on the lower bowl. And a number of the sections are sold out they still do have good -- slept in the building. You in in the next deal -- are you at liberty to say whether or not there will be any pre season games or is it just regular season games I know we we talked about. A I don't know couple months ago no multiple regular season games that are they -- pre season games. Well we're still in discussions on Howard on that I'm sure the food do you'll have -- some similar. Looks to water was so previously booked. Like I said we're not gonna have multiple regular season games. I want to ask you last week in your -- it. -- Jeremy were talking about the business side and we talked about the business side of the football side of the -- right there will be you know the offseason will come and fans will be wondering what's gonna happen and a lot of people would call on us and talking about. The quarterback and head coach and are both going to be back one or neither going to be back. What how much -- how much does the business side how much does Ralph Wilson met the ultimate say. How much does he take into account the business side when. Making football decision. It's really none powered you know you know are there are -- arts -- two German about this last week. Our focus in this organization there's always on football first and all decisions. That army in this organization related to football are related to football. The business side that you're takes care of itself and we you know we do everything in our power to ensure the long term viability. Of this franchise in this community and that's my focus on a daily basis. But you know is we talk about caps and all the different things rolled to two. The football aspect of it. You dump the body in in talk often when it comes to. Near the seller kept and everything rumors that he has full autonomy -- spend every penny of the camp we have mr. Wilson has always. Ensured that that's how we go about our business and if there -- situations that. Their present themselves that -- allow us or go beyond that you know that's a decision that so with mr. Wilson well done that that's the focus and that's football. Well mine I guess my follow would be. You guys you know you are in the business of selling tickets you -- particular that your job. And if the team misses the playoffs. And you know that coaches back in the quarterback is back who get a lot of criticism from the fans. How do you market the team are Russ and me today at some point -- -- also I know football drives the train so to speak but. You guys also have to sell maintain your season ticket base or increase your season to get -- how would you. Market and sell the team if you say hey everybody is coming back even though they just went such and such and missed the plants. Well -- -- your daughters sleep you know we haven't had. A run that anyone's proud -- over the last decade and you know I think it again. It is focuses you know clearly and the passion of our Fabrice and to you know -- in the passion of NFL football and and being at the stadium and in everything that goes into it every minute goes into the experience. Every one enough over the past decade absolutely not. Are we disappointed absolutely. And you know we we just have to keep working through it. And you know not have full confidence in -- -- and everything in the third. Tried to accomplish and no it is is it easy -- -- it is a music but. It's. It's something that were very passionate bar here and will keep working -- There are conflicting reports this week about whether or not the bills have opened up discussions with jurist -- gonna be a free agent after the season. Have it has the team opened up talks. Well you know powered we don't talk how the heck you know remember DARPA contract talks and right now my focus and Jerious. And I nor fans has tried to make sure he goes a pro ball. Obviously he's current and currently second in -- -- well I think we've got. You know 45 guys that are on legitimate contenders -- Pro Bowl but you know when it comes to. That side of the house. You know we've we don't remember that publicly he said this week when he was asked about it you know one of the things -- takes into account is -- just wanna win you know one place where -- win. How does that side of the building convince guys to stay when they don't win. I think people. In this building no infield that were very close to that. And you know we've made a big commitment. Going into last season as you know. You know we've been through it with the guys that we re signed. Winds bringing in the free agents we have. We had a very good draft we've had some very good drafts over the last couple years. The core pieces -- place. To have a sustained success and that's what were attempting to do. Tom through twelve games were not happy. Obviously. But done that does not mean that we don't have the eye on the prize and Newton -- stories in -- in this business is to win and and to be a part of that. Of that environment. You know there's. There's no other reason to be involved and so -- you know that's. Or focuses. One last question on Toronto Kazaa -- and this is from a curiosity standpoint do you know. Of of the fans that go to the game in Toronto -- do you tracker can and you tracked how many are from the states how many are from Canada like how many bills fans who go to games here. Actually buy tickets season to get all -- whatever and go north to the game in Toronto. It's miserable Howard you know our our focus I should say Rogers focus is really -- In in concert -- -- to develop a fan base there. Then it comes back to Ralph Wilson Stadium. Now the big win of this agreement over the last five years has been exactly that. You know deceive the increase now one thing we do track. Very well here's how many fans come across the border. To Ralph Wilson Stadium and that has gone up. In double digit digit percentage points over the last five years prominent very helpful for us how many woods was -- what was the number before the Toronto series was signed we were somewhere around and 5% range nine to 10%. -- fans came from southern Ontario to from the GTA today that's point 11%. So you know it's been it's significant power you know obviously. The percentage we get from from a southern Ontario the percentage we get from Rochester. We have to be regional operation. It's well documented that we've had you know great population drain here over the last fifty years. We don't have -- any fortune 500 companies. We've had to reach out. To stay in parallel to where the NFL list today is the NFL has grown this region has not part of that Ocean City our city has not. And that's why we've had to realize our operations. And we will continue to do so when you -- GGA. Does that does that include all of saunter that's like not Niagara Falls saint Catherine's well enough to Hamilton is that yes and also its its -- across the borders GT yes. 121%. Yeah I -- I was like 15% and an area obviously you know we're in in parallel that look at you know the malls and you know look at the the gallery in the in the have been the amount of volume they do from. You know from that region it's it's very important just -- Rochester right Rochester what fifteen or what you have via Rochester about fifteen to 16%. Our force right now that's been very steady in the same thing we had a huge increase. When we moved training camp over there in 1999. Rochester stayed very study were -- sisters of also -- very big help for us. Is India corporate side of our house you know we have a lot of sweet orders from Rochester -- travel over. And that's been very important to our our long term viability have you seen any increase -- suite holders from two from GTA over the life of the deal. I mean that's minimal and actually -- that's a big part of the next step here we've got to increase that. Portion of our business as well -- hasn't stated. Consistent what we've done in Rochester but that's something that. Is definitely on the doctor for -- report. Virus will appreciate the time is always congratulations on the sellout and look forward to talking again. Before two guys thank you.

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