WGR550>Topics>>12/06 Niagara Purple Eagles Coach Dave Burkholder discusses his team's great start to the season

12/06 Niagara Purple Eagles Coach Dave Burkholder discusses his team's great start to the season

Dec 6, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We are also gonna talk a little -- you're gonna bring in Dave Merkel are you probably hear -- -- time -- sabres hockey -- with Kevin Sylvester the purple Eagles having a tremendous season now. Ranked eighteenth in the country -- -- three overall and unbeaten in the conference at nine and Allen Davis with -- right now lot of Sundays. It in the country right. Our that in -- There's the kiss of death you know why Howard you know the you know the secret that our political season this year you mean. Colombia and in the games that mental game they when -- call again and knock on wood perky. -- I'm -- if we leave it there. And and I hope -- -- is that -- -- -- The work -- -- said Saber game conflicts -- is get those wide open these days nights and very. The purple Eagles next game by the way is Wednesday at home against alrighty big conference game. So Dave let's talk first off like I know your goalies got a lot of public at the Carson in a moment but. In the bigger picture the record in the perfect -- record national ranking. Did you get a sense that this team had that kind of potential. You know -- We get medical -- step over the summer you know yet you spent -- -- -- your depth chart plan what line combinations in an open. And -- I -- think the way we finished last year we finished last year. A temporary until lecture what I think it with some hope going into this year we. We got a taste of -- -- -- copy final four and in Rochester albeit -- a -- unlocked. In December so I think it was just that thought that he hoped to put Akron and although the very good from last year that made it the better in older kid. You played up some pretty good nonconference opponents to I looked at the schedule Bowling Green Michigan State Clarkson. How much does that help over the course of the season. Bought it it it really big and we've done that you know we've got a good job of that over the years we want for ourselves. You know get the best programs in the country and in that makes it better when we get into league play but. In particular -- -- on the Michigan State we economic world. And they were preceded a ranked team in we played -- Friday at thirty all night. We get a two nothing lead going into the third period and and we ended up. Believing not fighting and trying on Saturday and I think. That's the weak and that turned it around for will create -- on what we got back practices and you worked on the and the lead in the consequences of practice. -- be girl when we were just doing a lot of competition. I think that kind of turnaround season and since then we've put on you know you mentioned quite around. You know you're you're goalie I was cars is that you blocker to back. Back to back Carson -- back has put up incredible. Eye popping hard to believe numbers so I guess I asked the same thing I was asking about the team. Did you envision a scenario where Carson would be this good and I know it's guys in front of him to it is just the goalie but let's start there and just talk about his season and are you surprised what -- still. We are pride and I think I think everyone as Pete. Yeah what are born -- now we we capital after that have a freshman he was it was on a more volume and had a season ending knee injury -- And black church just re having him is welcome itself. So we have that we -- police we think we have three number one goal that I ever in the and Michael hey guys where it's an open up bishop. -- start -- the -- is going to be the number one and in Carson since the first day training camp. What about goalie and we get normal Bergen always -- news -- that's so. It's animated story of the kids persevere through through injury wise and you know problem at all. Stress that even under the comeback in and do what he's doing it's probable. What about the play in front of them I assume limit isn't he's not just standing on -- head facing fifty shots and not I'm I'm guessing. Team defense is a factor here as well. Yeah where we -- pretty -- all of these on I think you know I think our motto was to play out lottery because not only to transition -- -- the Java -- but -- -- -- look back the last Saturday in not we've got senior captain he should be back -- We had we at fourteen years in the junior -- on defense got to fix so or -- back there and you can't put a price tag on experience. Jeremy -- got some local kids are contributing as well I was like that whether -- you work. You know UB football whatever it was like to hear stories of that basketball team the local guys playing well who's contributing. Whatever Ryan not. Defenseman -- well that's not have a tremendous season offensively look at all that former fox sports so. Getting that production from Kevin on the back in them tremendously. And Michael Benedict who you know people label but it was in the third fourth one guy he's got six school already -- our moderately goal -- -- great on the public Opel itself it's great when one local -- can. When they decide if they -- that you Niagara it is a lot. I do I think it means a lot is -- obviously means a lot to the program but like I said Dave whether it's you guys are. UB footballer and the big four basketball teams it means a lot of the program. But I think it's good for Western New York too because you get to see the top talent stay at home play at home families get to see him friends get to see him I think it's a win win. Yeah yeah you don't -- and it it should motivate you you know these despite the federation late which is a great cycle hockey league and then. One on the play junior -- he's solid it's you know for the young kids that are that are maybe coming up right they can look a lot through -- I know I can stay home like a chance to play division one hockey and and maybe -- should take a look at Niagara -- it's a win win for everyone and you can't put a price they -- haven't you know your parents be able to share. In your college experience -- that the -- -- -- -- overcome -- against. You know if you -- you know it's not plays in the sadly got decent scouting for if you like to -- -- -- some of the top hockey players in high school sports so let me know I -- well. I would appreciate that. Well they get so what do they -- talk about is this kid named Simon -- is NCAA violations all over the place it really -- I didn't like Pete can I not beg for scholarship on the errors that connects millions and I'll give it pretty network or. Listen congratulations on the great start to the season obviously it again folks the next home game. Is Wednesday against alrighty. Conference game big game for the partly goes and continued success with that every -- that's awesome. I appreciate it thank certainly aren't you bet thanks Dave had a great Alex have. It Dave Merkel are not hockey coach joining us here WTO.

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