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John Clayton Not Disappointed in Bills

Dec 6, 2012|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The management -- As it was -- is somebody's idea. Of trying to get the players. To give up on Donald Fehr and -- vote. Don't you wanna play is this -- to her yet is in common sense and prevailing a little bit here. And done if that's right I guess then we. We got to find out work goes by. Now I I would. My feeling would be that that would not be a good strategy. At this point the players to the would be extremely bull headed about that and and I think they would do -- as having that they would storm off about it. If they thought the owners trying to get them does blow off the guy they hired three years ago did do this for them. I think they'd walk. I can disagree at what price you know at what price when they will price with the paper for that. They try to -- the -- try to isolate fear as the enemy. If they hadn't done that before. To football here is John Clayton from ESPN hello John. When does Donald for your show up -- their ruling football like he -- baseball and hockey. Fortunately there's an eight year window right now that he can't touch anything -- -- they got a ten year agreement. And it's blocked solid there's no opt out or anything else so loved by that time. I think Donald Fehr will be in the retirement mode so there's no fear factor of the year coming in the National Football League. Is. Almost like you knew I was going to ask you that -- -- yeah. By the way only when you sort of think about the about it it always does -- a certain group of owners who are always misguided. And think that they can break the union and that's not happening in sports I meant one thing is. Is that you try to. -- goal is like that's the effort the try to do things like that. Art not serving anybody because you're trying to win a negotiation as opposed Abbott negotiated. I don't know you don't think the owners tend to get their way ultimately left the last time John knows that -- break the union but they -- the sport down for a year and then jam the sailor -- down their throat with the players were talking about like over the dead bodies. And and then I I don't understand the strategy because. You know it's like they're still asking for too much. Just get the thing done they're ruining the sport of hockey. I mean hockey and the like impede the people that tend to forget -- the shortest spent the attention span life right now and if you're out of sight you're out of mind and they'll. Hockey can survive it's such a good sport. But it's not gonna be the same kind of like these orders on the other can save a few dollars but he was it what you invest in this it you're going to do it this way. John I wanted to ask you about your column of the most disappointing teams in the NFL. I looked through every word of it nowhere is the word ball below or bills. Printed. And I have a blog -- my bought about something that involves this kind of thing first though would you explain for us. How the bills didn't make the the great there. Well it didn't make a great -- adamant might surprise team -- -- at nine and on nine wins and I thought would be easy schedule that it would take advantage haven't clearly the defense did not do it. But also to one of the things that I do when you when you start to look at disappointment is okay. Who has done -- -- where was the rest of the schedule going to go and all that stuff and stop this enough games right now to detain -- maybe get the seven. Which is. To be involved or it is and so to put them in the major disappointment arranged. That's like I gave them a pass on -- the -- by the seventh that is the disappointment they -- still winnable games down the stretch. But when you still look at the big picture I mean is Detroit in the we're doing -- would more of the team take advantage of the schedule as opposed to the team itself. The truck with a ten -- team last year and they go to four and made a major disappointment. -- -- in New Orleans Saints for totally just disturbed by what happened with the bounty story but the -- -- expected. And then you look at Philadelphia that's in explainable process that is -- the entire. AFC west. Which you've figured OK somebody would do some good things or Denver did nobody else stood up I -- I just I didn't wanna break it down and had to too many teams -- their -- -- kind of -- the highlight that like I gave to build the benefit of the doubt. Plus all the teams you mentioned that the Eagles might be in there as you mention the Eagles. Teams that are. Out of out of it whereas bill still have a chance and you might think you'd have egg on your face if the bills did. You tonight and seven which is possible and you've called them disappointing team you know it's not it's on me. I accept everything you just said I have this feeling that. The bills played to a much lower standard with guys like you. To most NFL teams that's almost the feeling almost is they should be bad. Or mediocre. And when they are at that this column is necessarily an example that John -- When they are it feels like you know. There sport sort of supposed to be are supposed to be. Five and cellular level that's like it if the bills were a really good team I think a lot of people would acknowledge that in the all this is shocking. But we sit here every year and go why can't. What what's so disadvantaged. You know like they they have their profitable. It's a it's a team in the league where everybody makes a lot of money where they have to be bad I don't know if you don't you don't try to tell. And you're right I think that the expectations are low I think it's something about what thirteen years of non playoff football it probably didn't ask me that would -- -- if you haven't made the playoffs and that many years can't be expectations would be elected Kansas City Royals in baseball. Or the Pittsburgh Pirates and then baseball and felt he -- you keep the standard is low but I think for a couple reasons. It hasn't gotten over the top and it's still the quarterback play now I still think that. Fitzpatrick is a serviceable quarterback he does some good things that -- not to be confused with Jim Kelly or any of the top quarterback. That might have been through buffalo over the top quarterbacks will be in the -- and -- you know if you're at the mercy of the quarterback. And the quarterback is average and that's probably where you put him again -- I mean maybe a little above average. -- that's where the schedule can helping get over the top but ultimately if you got Ryan Fitzpatrick played a schedule like the New York Giants but you're probably talking at six point season. See you know that that gives me you know we talked about the video. Continuity in changing coaches and stuff last week John. And you know kind of staunchly defended the idea of keeping -- around. Here's what I'm wondering is the third year now of the spectrum being held. Just -- I mean he's mediocre he's not like. It so this is the guys that alienates chose to be their guy -- Nolan in to compete with him and the guy. And all at three years. Declines that. The -- goes in the week I think in most in bigger market were expectations are higher like Ari you were gonna sink or swim with this guy use on. I'm right on the the next guy. You know but still wearable and different like it that the big picture from the -- condemning you see the cycle. And the cycle is I think that it turned the roster too much because anytime you bring in a new coach. That he brings the other new system and new players and all of a sudden. Don't know what you're stepping back are stepping forward and if you don't have a quarterback you're usually don't succeed I mean I think that's the one thing. That has always been present and what you concede the cycle in the league right now is that. Yeah they hire an assistant coach or maybe a former head coach get my four year deal and the first two years is judgment. And you get to the third year of the contract. And that the quarterback's no good either the code is below average -- committee. Make it on and easy schedule and you -- that the Obama you've seen. Coach is that you know -- inspired even though they've made the playoffs -- their first or second year look at Todd Haley I really didn't have a quarterback. That is an easy schedule one year. Matt Cassel and the decency to not great one but they want and when they. Most of Baltimore and bogeys out by the third -- and you keep going that cycle and it's a cycle that just hold you back. As opposed to trying to build something and so -- obviously. Got to get a quarterback in the long term quarterback they -- so much of a lot. I think you'll Indianapolis they walked into Andrew Luck they had. A horrible season here that he was there but if you have you know it's -- bit here when there's not a great quarterback class like repayable this year but you don't get the benefit of getting a quarter. So here's the thing I -- great about the quarterback and frankly I wouldn't be in any kind of a hurry to make a change to the coaching staff might still be open to it but. It would be almost more outages boredom than anything else done and that's no good reason deleted. If if I thought that it made sense that -- -- your next year would play a kid if they drafted kid but. Think about it daily -- sports you your like. Would feel like I gotta win now what's more likely for him to choose to do played the guy you know replace the kid. And like I don't I don't like the idea either -- a -- common stock. Yeah on the I thought -- would come about in the that the and that that they got a seriously look at raping a quarterback in the first round next year. And that the lower they are the better known better -- it is because as far as in the draft because. It's -- if you'd you don't have the expectations higher years in the draft and that's the problem in next year I mean Matt Barkley to me looks like Andy Dalton. Which is good but it's not. A top ten -- tech. And I don't know about seeing those -- I don't know about the Arkansas quarterback elements of these quarterbacks right now may have first round values but not top antics and so. If you can get one of those guys and develop them for a year. Great if they're ready to go right now that you're not Ryan Fitzpatrick got given the job and -- and it looked up. Different in this situation out of Miami. Still Miami took a flyer on the lions and it helped me with what had only eighteen starting games. It's been a wide receiver when he came in their -- -- that was the renewal from college to Texas and I am. They gave that they were gonna go with you know veteran quarterback Matt Moore. But they said all right let's get any military has to look. There are a lot better now but they think you create the young option you have the veterinary if you -- and you try to do a better life. Follow the Miami situation. John Clayton with us John would you say. It's -- that Indianapolis has Andrew Luck is it all -- -- -- the colts were today. Savvy enough. To see that through. We're gonna cut this guy a people are gonna kill us for this we know that maybe this doesn't make us better we will save money and were closer to. I mean the best player in the draft in a decade maybe it would seem that a team would have the foresight and the the ability to do that and get away with. Well I mean look the display that they was that he and that was Jim Irsay -- -- Jim Irsay was the one. That. About it through them and he did pop the -- about coming back. And then one country to thought you know what maybe it's time to move on I don't know where Payton is the value that they were gonna take Andrew Luck no matter what I mean that. That was an automatic and the band and it popped into several times about you comfortable coming here and sitting for a year or two behind patent. And Andrew said okay have that's the case yeah I'll be fine whether that's what you wanna do so they were going to get a lot but that's where the -- comes -- I mean you know they lose before. Came at them at the right -- of equity debt and dollars and 1112 -- season just about every year. And then you look over and moment he's done there and here's Andrew Luck to carry the next metal and that's. I think just lock on their part because you how do you get in the position we get to look like I'm type quarterback like that pure luck. A lock is that they were bad that year I'm just asking if they might have made a couple of moves not thinking of Manning. Elaborate -- like they can't defeat and because. The island. Sure they made a bad mistake of having Curtis Painter as a backup quarterback but knowing they wanted to have Manning if they brought in Kerry Collins. Even though Kerry was like ancient and then he got hurt and so then they want the parent that's when everything fell apart. But I know Bill Polian was the general manager there at the time and what he was going to do -- that he was thinking about making a trade for -- Wharton. Had that they had to trade deadline then what it is this year two weeks later. He wouldn't trade it for Al Wharton and even though it wouldn't it it would have probably cost them locked. He was still going to do that to the start trying to win this couldn't win -- -- a point and point your finger and it sort. -- banner gets deployed on Kerry Collins all right bills and rams this week John. How much do you respect the rams what they are they. Growing you know improving or they still word. Three hours and they play hard they they're going to be force in the next couple years because. Really just pictures done a great job with that team they're competing in every game. They battle and every game. They they do have an elite quarterback in Sam Bradford of the only stop not released yet but he will be. But he just doesn't have the receivers around him yet but now what that trait that they they've made to -- you know give RG three to Washington. They have draft to a suspect up the next couple years so that. They can get that type past -- they needed they can get the type of receivers that they needed a tight end that they need. And so this team is going to be good. What they are right now is that a team in turn around trying to at least. Play hard. And play with a quarterback who's good and they've they've scrapped all the time they're not great at -- talent but they're gonna get better. All right we've got one more thing for -- John a writer at the San Diego Tribune says Norv Turner and AJ Smith are out. At the end of this season which you predicted that would be the case. I would yup -- I mean I think it's inevitable that that's going to happen. A normal I think already knows the way this season has -- -- -- He's gone and I think that because AJ expect -- -- so much he's going to be gone too so I think that does that does seem to hold. -- will be one of these seven to ten coaches will be let go at the end of the year. And I think that they give me one of six general managers who loses job. -- I'd just assume they make those big moves with the coach and the GM that the quarterback is a part of the solution ultimately a couple of rivers stays in San Diego to build around. Oh yeah absolutely that's got to be recruiting tool because that's still one of the things is to get a job. As a any kind of a coach you don't get a quarterback you don't get a quarterback as talented as Philip Rivers now the problem as. The talent around him has disintegrated and they don't have Vincent Jackson that they didn't they let Darren Sproles go and the replacement. Is coming in and they -- for big money Robert Meachem and he's playing maybe two or three plays a week for the last couple weeks and so. Really. You have to try to they'll get the right opposite type -- coach. To work with -- and get him better offensive player. We're going this week I don't think that Roethlisberger Pittsburgh. It's seen the eagle at Pittsburgh. They Diego or Pittsburgh yes so it's -- real good game but the fact that the official word just came down within the last hour that Ben is going to be back. It's intriguing and have to get there and just kind of see where they are because -- helped police put them back have a chance to win maybe three or four games. And lock up one of the other wildcard spots. And you -- to go home. Which is nice editor -- do you visit your old house when you go to Pittsburgh. I do not know because I normally there's not enough time and and I get to it's -- like a little after midnight yet to be at the stadium by about 839. So and I. Don't get done worked -- about 111130. And I'm catching a flight. Either the next day earlier and as -- over and do some stuff and and not head on back so I'll try to be probably back in time to see the beginning of the Houston game. They're working too hard king. They're driving you right into the ground. That pretty much but that's. Adult football football -- -- be hockey. That's true and believe me -- never. Last year I went through a 131 days of torture known as a lock up -- itself that is brutal. Listen the guy Bulldog he's acted. In those commercials and keeps them busy schedule I think you you Cuba a busy profile likes it like that. That's probably how is the rock by the I -- that we're out of time up next week is it -- these two. -- -- -- Look at what what's great with the rocket remember he played at the University of Miami when Dennis Erickson was there and I know that as well from when he was the head coach here in Seattle so. Well that you know filming with the rock the viewer vote and make up together we spent about 45 minutes talking Dennis Erickson the staff Miami football -- autos on. And -- put an inadequate after the shoot the he came on and gave me a nice spot involving Sean Salisbury. Volatility there was only basically came out to get out for the movie we brought and -- people from the media you know Sean Salisbury former quarterback gonna call that it's a child -- very good at. John Clayton great. It's played well and surprise -- Counts right that's -- resorts on on your TV second or third hand I guess I'd of the ones ultimately talk about. They just they start.

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