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12/7 Whiner Line

Dec 7, 2012|

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    of the 2011 draft where Doug Whaley says we were gonna take Cam Newton . We have people from the Tom Donahoe cited said they told me when taken Ben Roethlisberger really want to and a guy tweeting me today cities a personal front emote track and that they tried to trade in Pittsburgh spot. We know that like you I Wii U I've been told over the years by very lethal within the organization or the league that that those those things did happen and here's what Faulkner's that's my point here. That makes me mad. Is that it's easy to say look guys we were going to take Cam Newton I can drop this burger. OK every year you're going to do what you don't. And every get your dude do it don't work so enough put up with totally would've taken Cam Newton . If you were talking about Paxton lynched and have the guts and do wit. And if Tyrod Taylor is the quarterback that
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    in school otherwise the bills would have had came. Otherwise would head Cam Newton . There's also the story of Tom Donahoe saying oh we are gonna pick Roethlisberger. I see plenty of stories with the bills.
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    free agency mentioned a moment ago we only although they brought an. Mario Williams give me your thoughts on on you know the (%expletive) that they may that you liked and conversely whether some really big

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The number is eight point 30234. Super. This is hampering relief to the listeners of WGR. Sports Radio 556. Season. You GR award underline that drug do you buy that premier group wind may be easy. You are -- what 1 o'clock in the morning. All hours. But the -- or mortgage and you can eat eat eat eat you won't. Hear what's being out here. Great owner and how could you just don't get about it but not because of the great owner. Hello look up where applicable -- -- your -- -- throw but he turned the though it wasn't there. -- here let's -- that. Ralph we welcome return understanding buffalo. So now can leave -- statement in Gilchrist on the walls and a war under contract. The war is over. I'm -- it is drag out your outdoor soccer mom -- hours. Gold record -- part of -- -- Orioles try to trick or not. Our leaders for real nicely the -- done. That -- ordered -- Here's my career I'm -- your emotional well why echoed off but let me ask what mutual Janet -- drove through a lot. Forty engineers. Can help help and he got. Didn't -- the murder couldn't relate. Drew oh pitches I didn't want you all. Old forward forward for -- in this emotional culture outlook or urged court. Eric I'm pretty Cody here. Your outlook for -- and having Albert. Your 40. Black book Greg being robbed all our error. You ask somebody so well for -- -- wouldn't be so you're. Not admit. Couldn't get beat her there -- wish. We'll see mid air well in the local partner or call the market -- should be to begin -- ignition out. I'll also watch. More hundred out there.

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