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12/7 Jerry Sullivan and Jeremy White have an NHL Lockout debate

Dec 7, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Respected even keel journalists from the Buffalo News joining us here on on WG are good morning mr. Sullivan Oreo. I'm great that they determine just picking out hockey news that suits his point of view or is he actually putting -- -- The act of the news out there recording this depth player from Colorado. What you can if you -- checks from the NHL. The carry the water they're water and you know -- included every newscast. Some guy yet against that division among the players are you kidding me. I you know that -- -- his -- would be that you would suggest that that's not new authority. That's a pretty big -- yourself and. Noteworthy but you're finding was something that. But you know -- owners case for them that the players that provide -- we know you're against the players I'm old news quote -- temperature again the players are. -- and you show are slobbering over the sabres when actually planned well. I'm gonna remember that. Awful on the players out you don't like the players and you deserve your minor league because that's what you're saying that the league could be just good if you didn't that's. And sent by there are so it's not I'm not forget that might help the players don't forget it either I'll. Ask god god that they don't forget who you work for. Which is so. Were your act like you work for the owners to -- -- order your best. No it's not true that's not your audio all the owners actually Jerry Rice -- Bevan broke the sporting a white woke up by tweeted a few thoughts. -- you can tweet back and he will -- work on that teaching at a -- -- people. The owners are definitely evil in this process but. I don't care I only care about. All I've never. I hear it you're talking about the players the players don't are entitled to anything and they're not. Another employee has been on educating our I didn't I didn't I actually urged Germany -- make deals. Because they they're not subject to antitrust that they can. Restrict movement of players and and limit their salary between -- seven years ago. -- These players are entitled to anything they aren't partners. Are there employees aren't a part of the team that's right of the game to temporarily and that doesn't include them as people aren't advocates. That they are not being a draft and that did not have any control or have -- -- union and do bishop Eddie should get certified. To let the teams. By the players that they want. Which doesn't happen in any other sport. That's fine and if they did that the league would suffer and the players would suffer as well. Of course -- -- that's why you do it I mean if you don't art -- Miller who trained bottle here that's the other thing I mean. You and a lot of people are demonizing Donald -- which is classic in you didn't have. Exits like what they do so more and and did you junior. Michael grange is Isa Al Marvin million dollars -- hear or read restore it back by Tom Boswell. Covered the baseball union and knows how to be or operate in note out of baseball players are actually unite behind and instead of cherry -- little quotes the suggest the the players in the body when they're not. The problem they're not provided they are educated dot -- and their fighting and that and the fact that did the that the only idea I guarantee not a role as a joke admits that there are afraid in this guy and Gary Patton and richer. They don't want that he can children doesn't like the fact that Donald -- better than at this stage. -- That sure is right. But exactly direct corporation. -- target -- in the situation. -- unreality and Christian perspective. I don't look respect I've got a plane -- secretary let's bring up minor league -- the big game will be jet that it would come five years it well that's knowledge of of this old profits hit the only analogy history that compiler has already got a 32 years. There's a quote from his column from three weeks ago. It took baseball almost twenty years to grasp the leader in the puppeteer he educate the players but he doesn't decide the players do. Major League Baseball -- -- -- 20042005. Jerry believe Bob and every bargaining session there -- in particular that you hear ballplayers actually understood that their football players know what they're doing the mere hot here hockey players. You why just this. -- I'm not disrespecting. Them or their education I haven't used the word uneducated really you put that in my mouth on the on to doesn't 40005. What do the players do that and what do the unification the players do for the man. What needs what do you say the players that are out of the game that sale wasn't worth that much about that. What about Mike O'Donnell gel -- -- I don't want one Mike Modano and Jeremy Roenick all these all the players question mark Indiana and Bill Guerin -- finished now. All these former players that went through a lockout telling these. Players put the NBA guy was nick Bonner. People have gone through it telling these players it's not worth the guys it's not worth it. But about them they went through it. I think hockey players and particularly were -- its. -- -- -- Go to that baseball players from all this here. -- until Toledo owners finally realized how did you what players make them true partners but the fact that baseball revenues have -- that didn't help that never. Go -- those players. Whether -- there was their friend or whether he would be able. Because they think Donald -- was good for them. I know there was division and the players union -- is and I'm -- yeah they've had terrible leadership there what a great seven years ago about the fact that I was seven years ago back. And salaries again got better and what are -- -- gonna realize that. They need to make the players to partners and and except that the game got better even after they kicked -- but seven. It go -- of the game get better. Wired -- get better yeah. You really believe the product on the ice is better than it's ever been OY. But -- become an acquired no that's wrong group because of -- -- -- leaders a group because of the financial system that they put in place. Where people do -- -- the players are because it was important plucks a talent from other countries in the game itself. On the ice has suffered but apparently people by their sport it's it's a great part of entertainment in the winter. And everybody everybody profited in the and the -- just want more more. I'll look let's use an idea on how it had become about Batman and steer -- back again except the fact. That then I'll hear it better at this and -- -- -- -- these statements able to take a week. Saved like everyone's bad and -- -- three and Owen lockouts right. -- two and always in his third wife's about to move to three dollars is owners are gonna win again. On because owners win. Owners when every lockout everyone players assessed I have to try and lose as little as they can and I don't. Begrudge the player's point loses -- possible but they lose all season and that their leadership is strong but misguided if you read Michael grange is piece about Marvin Miller and Donald Fehr and how he believes that. Fear has lost the message that Miller gave him. And now it's gone to a point just like everything in pro sports is gone so far. To the wall that it can never come back like salaries like public funding of stadiums like all these things that we've lost. Perspective on. In pro sports and you didn't answer my question about 0405. What happened of the unification the players that. They were unified just like they are right now and they lost a full season and they sided deal but he could -- Annika played a year but also season and -- lost the lockout. -- again and again. I don't know what's gonna happen here. I'd I think they've they've fought the fight there and make -- their butts kicked and got battle beer and they're gonna. And what's gonna be different -- beyond miscalculated. I don't going to be there and what's the what's gonna come out of this but what is -- going to be more unified than ever. I met in the game again welcome back this by people like you would think you'll hear about players and an open to continue to make money because. I guess that's what what always happens but at some point this union needed. I think a leader who's gonna keep them together and say we are gonna fight to the end here and we're gonna treat this like a real negotiations. And it's sorry that some depth players all like -- the only guy in the back of the union they're there mumbling means it's. He never gonna get 100%. Agreement that -- there -- some -- But I think Bo Ryan all the world of the truly educated as you know what's going on here and say they want to make this an error and they want. They wanna be treated like like partners and being respected. And I I applaud them to -- -- the bailout money they're willing to lose money among them more and don't and that's true in and that's the point did you guys -- That is right they're given up a lot making. -- for a lot of sometimes sometimes for a wider issues here like what given it up for what. Given up for what what they got up this money what's the 500 -- And some old Florida distraught -- not to be pushed around by the -- what's this 500 million dollars going to get them. That's why you have a union not because the in the past when there were no unions beyond just integral player and an all exports and that's the way it is right and in the past and up in the past players got steamrolled. And now they get treated like royalty. They're not steam rolled in anyway I got done what they may I'm not so well they make compared to regular workers you wanna go where. Little Alitalia that they don't -- that you made the point yourself state that the last time this thing happen players' salaries went up 70%. And they don't happen again. They can sign the deal that they hate. And then in five years be making more money than ever and this idea that the game group because of the players sorry I don't I don't buy it. -- why the game grow here Jerry in buffalo what that building over 8000 a night to. 3000 waiting -- season ticket sales and the Dallas -- is because that was because this hold on -- -- was because the sabres are the best players that they've ever had. Or is it because the league was even and now buffalo worked in -- financial environment when I got revenue sharing from other teams and they can spend on par with the best teams in the league. We liked it again because we have a chance. What are the best. This the sabres team will generate more revenue than any sabres team probably ever is the best Saperstein they've ever had. The most talented. What are your question that they agreed to it salary cap that's an amazing thing debates won agreement to go any kill always. Got eight salary cap which with a great huge victory. Little League it did create more parity within the league in seven years later they're gonna come back and go right back at the players. And that's what's being missed here you know tell me how much money the Rangers in the -- police say because it was a salary cap. Ellison spent quite they would spend twice as much money that -- know that's what they'd go right. It nominal intellectually dead overpaid for guys that these blogs are urged -- liberal problem the problem it's the only purchased owners. They've got the problem there are more divided -- player when you go find an owner quoted on the next it was chat about the problems in the in the ownership. Oh that's right. They orchestrated having the most amount spent -- as they update -- he tried chosen unity. I was talking about it that the owner of -- hit -- crap because. There and there in west unified in the players that's. -- -- And that's what the people are hated. Not appear at the state of the union at their players could be and. It's just so wrong -- you're just living in a dream world. Power I'm sorry and open all Jerry telling Brian Terry -- tell me how tell me how unified -- -- tell me how unified. These players are to disgusting concept the suggested ball 200 of them play with other jobs. Really union members are disgusted by that concept. There have their other jobs. Making money overseas that's not unification. You bristle at the idea of a depth players suggesting that -- fracturing because it doesn't fit with what you think. I haven't seen an owner that's not been on port thirteen teams lose money. Well what those are the ones that are rushing to get back. The big market teams the the that the that the top the top and one of the proposal that was leaked out our noble and the NHL post at their website the top. Five teams we're gonna -- irresponsible or fifty per cent of the revenue sharing. 83%. Of the profit generated by the NHL's generated by three teams. The rate was at the Rangers the Canadians and the leaks. 83%. Those teams pay down for the other teams the leagues the Rangers and the Canadians they pay the coyotes salaries they pay the Blue Jackets the revenue sharing the sabres. So keep telling me that the owners are not unified it's a very popular thing to say yet there's really nothing to suggest that it's true. And I. Vocal I'm. Spoke -- owner and who I don't think there's been invited players aren't. Really the fact that that they nickel property and it happened but carry the coyotes that neatly unified they've got a problem -- video or badly overextended. They'd probably dead problem they probably dead that I can undo that in the at the players -- -- -- -- players all talk contraction. They -- kick out. When he members fifty members. They don't wanna do that either they want to I wanna park attraction of course now they want those jobs that pay three million dollars for a team that loses money. -- that police believe got to deal across. They've -- solving the problem and that it is the prop up its triple spoke and so what what took it seemed like in baseball -- Mean that's their sport when you're going to -- go over Internet. Match knowing that its attractions and I believe that all along. I think clearly likes. -- said he should show them we get that they can get it to work. Someplace else that they after you lock them out -- lock the out of work and I don't want me to write stories are for X amount about both do it. They need to remind owners in this league what are great monopoly they have to at least in the world. But I suggest that they signed a CBS and all those players can go to the KHL where they recently had a team that can't sign its paychecks and the another one they had a paper plate roster scandal spot. A roster spots and they should go to that league -- it's so wonderful over there I'm sure they'll be there. Fact that they respect the league you have and stop telling me that you know that we just follow up all the wonderful minor leaguers you -- point that would be great event -- -- really -- sabres -- just -- -- the -- but it was what they thought every year. Well if they did that it would be five years and Donald Fehr said it himself. He said it himself and five years half the union will be players that haven't been a part of the collective bargaining process he set himself. When I say bring up anybody to fill the sweaters it always comes with. In five years you have the the league right back to where it was the best -- league can be eighteen years old all the fourteen year old right out there in five years they'll be ready and it's -- replenish double resource that endlessly -- this league. And these players. Are not the most talented the most exciting and the best in the history of the game they're just along at the time and the money is the highest and they think they're entitled to the high salaries of all time they're not they're gonna get them. And that's fine. I don't hate them for that. But this idea that there are entitled to a little longer than five years and 57% is just it's just garbage. Let me get a call it a hold of you guys are as busy reading an article but -- -- -- I was busy running out -- the website so I I was sitting this one out but thank you Sally and Jeremy about making really good points. Let me get in Peter here. With -- glad Peter thanks for holding on. OK guys. I know -- -- Fulton. Between insight and my teams are well flown tomorrow. Frontal nude skin them and I -- parked my car. Get tickets go -- side by some food at them and I hit it over 600 dollars. About to a possible being. You know it's -- in less than half of that you know when I can see were the least. Are kind of paying for the coyotes but it's the friends that are hurting here and I think it's it's crazy I refuse to work. Good name again. Is it possible for the owners to bring in -- hockey players. No I don't think -- particularly our beer and I might I'm an appearance at the we got to -- regulate about it yourself. Because they've had an NHL profits -- He will play out they have the pension instead as the players getting. Yet you're never gonna go to a game Meghann did and and I think he won't in another Canadian based -- and benevolent back after the after the baseball. Whatever you wanna call it work stoppage. But. But it Jeremy had this I think the best hockey players right now the best we've ever played the game. The league is the most talented but a -- in the fact there's the part of the place is. Not exciting date they really need to deal that but don't tell me that's like trying to baseball players it's a better deal based epic now pro sports for the best there were the most talented. And this the NHL games one hockey fans want they want it back -- about the opinions. As I've prepared Batman and you wanna pull grain just column beat him today about that in a big maybe. Packed like a spurned boyfriend. Because that's how -- and I'm like I'm adopt enjoyed. You know weapon -- this argument look forward. Future discussions I'm still gonna report Adrian -- story about that depth player that says they're ready to play until Don Fehr told us to hold out longer. -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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