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12/7 Buddy Nix (a day after his birthday) takes caller questions on his team

Dec 7, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's an hour and Jeremy good morning idol good morning and I'm doing good how are you -- What better day all right there's that big mess going on and hockey yen that you guys had -- lockout but it never affected the regular season thankfully. He got thank goodness and I'm glad we're not going through that indeed. -- solutions. -- anybody you can get these guys didn't get a deal together you know I you'd think that morning everybody starts losing money they'd get it worked out but I don't know where much about it that day. Well we obviously want to talk about football buddy and body will take your calls 8030550. We have -- to open if you wanna ask the bills GM question. I wanna start with with the the talent level on the roster but if you look at I got to come up this morning about this on our website WGR pocket dot com feel free to read about it. You got hurt you were five and seven a year ago at this time your five and seven right now do you think the team is better. Or not and and and if they are better where do you think this team is better than a year ago at this time. Well you know our I really do think we're better in fact I know -- better and their intimate that sand thing is that is the record don't show it and and that's the disappointing thing but. You know where we're obviously better own defense I mean we're urged -- In the first part of the year we weren't but we started playing better we know we got good players and they're -- into the system now and I think they. I think you feel good about what you're doing so. We're better there are young linebackers we had one experienced linebacker who started a year and and those guys have gotten better we got a lot of talent then I think -- -- Brad it was going to be a really good player. Second AA is both corner for first or second year gassing. And since Aaron Williams got hurt we get to first year gas -- corner so. Those guys are young in Korean owned and our search display and more it at safety easing young act. Our offensive land when their LP is. Obviously better we had battered they -- the most places and and probably a position that you know we don't think about much is he is running back where. We're better there remains to say -- better. France comeback -- and gotten hailed the end. And then not many people in the league got two running backs that caliber -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that's better. But when you mention Nigel Brad Amish one ask -- and it's honestly about him but it just conceptually that when you see a player you you know you draft him you like him. Do you over the course of the season you see him at like 23 plays are there moments where you're watching you think like it's starting to happen I I can see it on the field he's starting to get it. Absolutely and mrs. he's a great example of that -- he had. He's got great speed eating Roma back Darren in. And name -- he'll really. You know he wraps and he'd he'd he had some when he gets there and -- -- in in at Florida State he was. He was some missile long kickoff coverage so he knew he had. That can. Intensity about him but yet you could say when. At banks start to make sense to -- and it was 5 or 6 am games into the year before. He knew that he understood what what we were stranded days. As a group but he. Suggest that you brought up Brad as a group -- it would seem like the linebackers right now are the least productive of of the positions on the team all -- good deal lines come along. You know you're getting plays certainly out of bird in the safeties and Gilmore is is turning into quite a cover corner running back receivers. Linebacker relevant talk about quarterback got knowledge about linebacker doesn't appear to be. Making the for you know producing the way the other position -- What do you see as a group there do you see anything that's -- by the way if not what do you see that makes you believe you're gonna be OK at that position. You know -- it's it's funny you bring it up nimble -- -- team we've been here and -- a little bit. Out of the turmoil where we're not making as many tackles as we used to him. And to be honest with -- I hope that continues in name making layups but -- We -- we got really a good front four and the better those gas play the latest production. Our linebackers Ohio veteran linebacker Mike can all attack. Then and then our fronts not doing their job so the better that front gets. That last. Tackles. That that linebackers will have to manic. Do you feel you're not getting enough production line backers though I know the beat the defense is built on the line to really start -- -- -- at all. What do you but it but in theory with such a -- if you have a dominant line the linebackers should be free to make more plays right where they if they get to him. We'd rather -- -- get four yeah. What would give -- what do you think the productivity as a group from your linebackers. Well I've you know -- bank of avalanche a bit but. He's not lacking -- Guillen had a goal lead every week they did Damon tackles normally they do but. If your card scheme and our defense if our front is as dominant as we hope they'll remains in the bay. And they're getting they then our linebackers are going magnificently display. You talk about the secondary and Gilmore splits coming along what did you think of Ron Brooks she got start last week got a lot of snaps as most of the season. What do you think he did. Stay out of proud Iran -- you know you you don't realize what a shock -- -- to -- gas system that go out warming up thank you knees don't player occasionally. In you -- over to him before the game and say you by the way your start -- you know. I'm just dead -- he showed up Ben and inland -- and I thought he politely get hot day today. There was a couple of interference calls and and and things only -- that quarterback and they did exactly what we would do. And next go round after the rookie and then in -- it wasn't expected to start -- mapped out here on our way or that one too big foreign. He made one play on the boundary across from the press box decided. Where he. You know we just didn't quit on the buying and if you if you don't quit only sometimes you can dig it out and that's what he. He's -- not not already played -- and then in house proud. The two calls -- moment but he next with a C industrial 515 when you drafted him did you. And you had. Aaron Williams didn't have -- yet when -- drafted a -- -- it going on by the yes she did -- -- when you're drafted -- did you and draft him envisioning him someday as a starter to just say this guy's gonna be a great. Nickel guy and our overall package of quarter. Well you know I think what do you in -- the end there we'd be handy as we solve it he was a good player he had the ability of -- got great speed. He's a competitor. And we drafted him but -- as we knew he had a chance to play and then we just let it develop and let that. Situation dictate how much he would play and where he would tell you I mean I don't think we send this guy has got to me a nickel -- sometimes you. He'd do that need to limit. His ability. Are he -- production -- put him in one spot not let me market the other bad. He's. Eight for he probably is. Have better outside -- right now -- -- cars are. To me it's easier to play outside if he gets speedy -- GE put again the metal are in net. Nickel situation in he's got to play both ways that guy can go either side just like Welker doesn't Hammond -- that we got this week. We at least get demanded -- when you -- corners -- we eat candy and saddening news Amanda outside so. That to me that that's a little bit easier. If a guy's got ability met. We'd we'd Adam Paul were they when are we didn't really try to stereotype and put him in mourns. Art when you talk about you know easier for corners right away to just play outside you envision next season. Gilmore. Just going wherever the top receiver is that he play the slot I guess if if that's where the top receiver ends up on certain place. You know he's doing that now they -- and I -- in fact. Monday morning and he comes in says government that guess this is their best data so when I won't and sometimes are gathering the slot moved to the slot. He goes in there -- them arming these. He's really men are our pleasure to be around in same come alone Markey asked let's get some calls and buddy nexis Ralph Wilson Stadium. Archaeology buddy on WG -- right ahead. I don't play good morning mark. Probably typical question warrior. All in regards -- linebacker corner and in little sort of how do you feel about the Buffalo Bills possibly jumping up in the draft at this point. And possibly grabbing what he I don't know -- -- hope all. -- HEK at all they're really a increase I mean you're talking about -- -- course are getting less production and our front -- is actually. You are getting better each week but wouldn't you know -- -- you like a great player an impact player like Mickey tail someone who can jump up and not pass it. Or come around to really get at the quarterback. You know I -- a guy he's amazing now mainly he's he's an every down linebacker that as you know can play. Play the stay in their -- third down in and playing in nickel situations remain those guys are rare -- he's one -- and I wouldn't say even that we would move up. But I would take you -- there -- be certainly a consideration to tank. You gotten any handle unlike Byron asked you like how's the linebacker crop this year any feeling on that yet. Yeah you know it's really early yet but we've in fact all of our scouts come in the day for the week the end and we start meetings in the morning and and we -- don't know -- top jazz in the cross checks and every report asked me hand remark. So. You know it's a little bit early in the process but lesson mayors and gas zapped and it. There always the as we always say this is not a good year this schism not as good years last year meant. And then the juniors come out and you say whoa wait a minute this is a good year in and that's -- weighty as that may. When those guys declared it to me. It'll be another good year -- got a big map. But you watch obviously a lot of cultural placing -- -- -- -- he's -- Heisman -- what's your thought on him winning the Heisman or defensive player winning the Heisman. You know I think that has meant is a -- out I don't put any stock gain and I don't watch -- army -- -- Q and pick one gas. In college when they -- and pickup team is going we must have some players are. This think it's a popularity thing that normally ghost or quarterback here a running back came. If if he got it I might start watching it again I love they fancies you know Archos in -- Laphen. You know it be great to see one of those guys when I go back to Charles Woodson. May Woodson when he wanted to end. And he probably wanting McCarty played after it's -- return kicks it probably wasn't a car as is the principle. But. On the draft one other thing we get the next caller in Europe on Monday quarterback club this week and they -- about offseason needs you talk about quarterback and wide receiver. And you said you know we're always looking for the franchise quarterback rollicking for Jim Kelly. And he said quote I'll tell you this if you like a quarterback and like him in the third round. Then you better take him in the second. What you mean by that. Well I think quarterbacks go around are they -- they have you know you you look at again and you've done enough work on Lehman. He scouts and not enough work -- -- relay. No where they gash should fall and you and you got a good idea how long school taking. So that determines to what Randy scene and but. Quarterbacks are so scarce in this put this solely. That you know folks take a murder in. Think sometimes you gotta be willing to do -- I would like to say they actually nano week -- run out of time here but I know we discuss a quarterback position many times and only show. A few weeks ago I was asked about draft a quarterback who -- said the same thing I've been saying and that. The Iranians in there are so weaker frost. To make you know that make some have men and not even more eager nine -- where all our console they got daddy I think it. We were automatically going draft a quarterback in the first round and that's the that's not necessarily true but I mean we're going always. Stay with the integrity of the ball word. Aware goal try to plan at quarterback where if warns there and he's ready deed. Hit to right spot we -- taking whenever they had the S and in not just young men get. People expecting that no matter. And who's there. In the first round. Who we are going type of quarterback because that's not true I mean we'll still take the best player. Quick follow that you mentioned the integrity the board -- you said with quarterbacks because there's so scarce you might have -- evaluated in in -- round but they would go around higher than that so. Did you take the quarterback or you getting away from the integrity of your board if you take him around higher than where you -- among the board. The McDade the integrity of the board has had it winds up on draft day in and if we got a quarterback that we've already did in the third Graham. And we'd lacking we all -- came in will look up and say look. Now this gap. There's only this many quarterbacks I probably going league -- this guy is probably going goal in the second part. So that's where he is and that makes it integrity of the forward and makes -- stay with -- he even though but -- a bad position. If a -- graded a third rounder. We may move him up as a staff as a group. This -- this gas won't go in the second we better put him up there so we did that let's go to that next year with -- -- here on WG are right ahead. Morning good morning. About those transfer 34 years or -- I think your body for what you've done so far. And second I have an idea that I think would strikes the quarter herbs are running back controversy. If you would run a pro set offense that would allow Barack. But the guys to work together to make the team a major. You know beauties that that's a good point and don't let the thing the only thing about dad is you got to take tin top running backs Intel one -- he's a blocker. And in that really don't hold for too good you know we got -- -- -- full -- -- in court McEntire that sets in there we're. You know we're all we're willing to work with the EU we're actually getting to more. -- -- run the ball and then in May yet be -- that came. -- have been Enron Enron and have the power staff. Which is something we and been able to do for ten years but I don't breaking take either one of those jazz. And say you were he he you won't be the blocker and the -- going to be the runner and you can't change adapt -- you get. And -- condemned the enemy he can do dad how long it hold up I don't know but seagate couldn't so. And that that very analyze the problem Steve you're on WG aren't -- next right ahead. There. Yes thank -- for taking my call. Tuesday. I'm I'm just curious you add -- are you Alexander and her work out about six weeks ago or so I was just wondering what you saw or didn't see -- hand that -- you look at that number. You don't get it -- -- he has gone to San Diego and and been pretty productive out there I'll hang up the lesson. You know. -- -- I don't know -- I don't count long workouts you know we never know -- but we do Branko gas when they come and work out. We put him we rank come and we less demand is how we would where we would go we do. Some of that every week in other words we might take a long snapper for example and bring in two -- three lounge members and and then by Wednesday morning an error or the day after the work out we got I'm ranked in the case somehow. We'd go to this gather scan this gas so. It just didn't follow that -- in in armed man he's doing get after. Body before lets you measure -- the story there's. A suggestion it's been floated by Roger Goodell to eliminate kick offs and what would happen is you have a fourth and fifteen. From the thirty instead of kicking off and you adopt -- upon or if you go for I guess that would replace the onside kick. On I don't know what where you on the idea of eliminating kick offs or or this planet you've seen what Goodell suggests. Well I have to say. Ten. In -- mean we disgusted that Hadley meeting last year that that actually came up -- Haven't been in these meetings or some time now. One Saddam has brought up black -- He better pay attention you better be on alert -- is that -- remains is coming up again next year and it's going be a little more discussion and -- eventually. If you not be careful that change comes about paying them. I'm not you know I -- Am under an old traditionalist ally to gain market he is I don't thanking completely eliminate the injuries. And normally we don't get people heard only care -- but. Then -- go back we did lose two. For the year we lost. Chris why in the golf slowly Smith -- kickoff coverage. And and those things do happen sorrow. I think it's a unique idea. There's a lot of things that. I lack about it. I think it is go home it would make the game more exciting but -- -- You don't have to own -- he -- to keep the ball he could you can you know you'd give a chance to group met Micah come back if you could make. Fifteen yards in the first narrow and so all those things. -- are staying and that day they SI think. That debt is going just keep gaining speed did eliminate -- kick Arafat thanked airbase I don't know exactly what are. Alternative will be but I do believe there will be. Some changes. Time at a birthday by the way Adelaide Adelaide and -- and when you get -- don't mention -- birdies here. How old are ranked fifth or not you wanna share that we're hey guess what I got -- I got a better chance that it did tell me how old you are confirming contract talks were Gerris -- that I wanted to go from fat fat. Well I don't think you got machines to -- either -- this.

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