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WGR550>Topics>>12/10 Chan Gailey on CJ Spiller's touches and "playoffs are out of the picture"

12/10 Chan Gailey on CJ Spiller's touches and "playoffs are out of the picture"

Dec 10, 2012|

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    Buffalo Bills lineman Ruben Brown speaking with John Murphy. As he's talking about Kyle Orton there may being good for EJ as well Joseph this Kelly joins us. Joe's appearance brought to buy New York's liquor what's your outlet is we talk about the or move. And the future for the bills quarterback position Joseph joining us now on the AT&T hotline jolt to our question Korea one. Does that does that bother you that the bills don't appear to have any sort of long term plan at quarterback currently. You know say what you will about Manuel. But at least it was a long term plan this is a short term solution and in terms of long term plans but they don't have one anymore. And also you move along and talking about or what do you expect to see out of Kyle Orton in this short term. Well the first answer your question is I don't know that necessarily. Have. In their lines anyway. Have totally given up they're long term bottom I know that that's something that. Looks apparent right now it is because they benched in game Manuel after only fourteen starts in the NFL but I think. What they're what you're seeing is then saying it's not good enough for him and I think they've left themselves at least. A little bit of weight or because it still has three years left or the rest of this year in and another Beers left on a deal that. The current coaching staff stays in place. Perhaps they just focus trying to get him ready behind the scenes. Throughout the back the rest the And however long it takes next year. And then hope that he's ready to take over from that though it is is that the long term plan. No not ideal because you would have preferred that you're young to take the rain but. The way he would play quarterback. And that type of that the type of quarterback that they kind of which came It was not good enough to be a starter in the NFL that was torture and basically invade. Saw that they probably should have made a change. And I honestly think it was. Perhaps the best thing for him as they as that because now maybe get what the lake or even. And just start or read it reactive and learn the difference between. Our wrist Kim an aggressive with them and do all the things that maybe they were trying to cope out of and so maybe they're still on. Small I mean the bulls like is as bright in the light isn't. Isn't. As big at the end of the tunnel so to speak but I think sums the long term of and that's our Kyle Orton I think. It's tough to know what we're gonna expect but I think all the same. What we could expect is that kind of stick with their same game plan might hit the read option. And and be able to. Depend on the run game. More than they did last week but to depend on the run game but that now. The president of the defense and then the road network open. Conceivably now you believe that the quarterback you have on your roster and that Europe starting forward will be able to hit. Some of those broad enough leaves only yards on the I think they're gonna approach things the same way and maybe get a little bit more creative. Which still play calls that the that they were maybe restricted. In doing what needed annual their starter. It's a phone calls in for Joseph as we continue. Jarrett in buffalo Gerri good morning until the scallions. Are I don't morning. Ultimately I just want to talk about basically Parnell just above it boosters. Just like I've seen him. To me there and act anyway that. In my opinion because we knew you look at look at the direct talks are in the draft profit would be easier annual award which golfer but that process. They had the opportunity with regret a great what are they had the opportunity to get a guy like Jordan Matthews I've got right now dominating well. And that they could do what it was that if I were to give it to me why it went well. Niger and are you running an obstacle course here that is going on what is going on. I was through thick skull daybreak brought looks pretty good that let's go next to Don Niagara Falls done are you running an obstacle course can you talk to Joseph before us. An ops of course go ahead done on GR. Yes I I call last week. Couple days or an easy game. And I said that. Coaches staff. Add it all wrong and Cartel org I'm glad to see that doormat. Tonight. I think what the badger quarterback. They'll make up the place. At a little more better game plan. And does he need more accurate quarterback. There's a critical step at a right. I'm glad you're I'm glad he's glad I think he is calling because he wants us to mail on my certificate of appreciation and congratulations I'm not really sure good call by the way I guess is what you want and you got it. Joseph on the you know what the next the next person will be evaluated here. Is Hackett Nathaniel Hackett the offensive coordinator like the next level here because Nathaniel Hackett. I don't know I get. Plenty of reaction in whether it's the team now or Twitter I think when it comes to evaluating. An offensive coordinator. It's about as. Elusive as evaluating defensive backs if not worse like packets terrible and I think. I don't know how how can you know that would be he's terrible. The quarterback misses a row with a quarterback calls the wrong protection or to me that that benching the quarterback because the offense they feel should be better so. When we talk about about Kyle Orton people were doing his. Trying to find out what what to expect from him inside and Nathaniel Hackett softened so when it comes to Hackett. Where do you stand right now on his offense on the design a bit. On the things that they do well in the things they need to add him. Well I think. With the Daniel Hackett. And I've I've shied away from. For really. Criticizing the Daniel too much so far into the season because. It's gotta be tough for an offensive coordinator. Who is solely responsible or the play call them and deciding. Game plan and everything like that. When you were working with the quarterback. Who would essentially. Needing you to keep a lot of things simple and keeping leading the offense to that Al a lot of parolee reads. And a lot of just high percentage stopped being put in there there isn't a lot of rule or opportunity. For advancement the Do I think that they were able to run the run the offense that Daniel Hackett. And pocket over the off season and trying to figure out what it was to be able Q. They kind of take it to opposing team then and build on plays and things like that. No I don't think he was able to. What it will be able to now maybe a little bit more of that now that Kyle Orton is. At the helmet and he's able to see this field a bit better than EJ Manuel could and people. From a conceptual standpoint. And and now it's a matter of its power to do it out it that the annual row at the opera or greater how to develop those and so. I'm I'm just going to be a little bit hesitant but until I see. Oh what he does in the first you gains with with Kyle Orton. As their quarterback because I think there might be a little bit more to the game plan than that what we've seen over the first four weeks however. It's not going to matter much it's if this season goes awry. And and the bill to make the playoffs and the coaching staff don't want getting the on going care. What she was limited because he's gonna go out the door along with that road so I think. I think it's going to be on him to try to develop that gave quite a little bit more with all that the quarterback now that he has the experience. And and then will be able looked circuit judge exactly what you bring the table. Joseph I managed to define what motivation is. And who's gonna retire and I know like it's it's easy for us to joke like a dump truck money you know get a guy going but. You know does he still have love for the game like I wanna know that he is. And NEC get a vile and I hear a lot about his leadership whether it's in Chicago or people that have ever known armor plated them you'll hear a lot of that stuff. And my guess is that guys that have that can't fake it so maybe he needed to be talked back into playing again but. And an element to hear what he's has to say about that element of this decision to come back to be in the NFL. You I think adding that it. And that the little incident or another crack at starting maybe that I want to get out of ballots. Well it's as good a a position as you could want you know in the NFL as a backup backup PGA and the odds would be. you'd probably get a look some points on. the the Yahoo! would definitely be at your paper and in that in that instance and I kind of alluded to that. Throughout. Throughout the end of the end of the training camp in the pre season area where. team that certain players. the buffalo would be one of the first calls from from their agents are that would be one of the first set nations say hagel called they need. But the editing Kyle Orton probably looked at it goes OK if it doesn't work out. And I don't get a chance to start. Then a inaudible I'm still they get a million bucks this year and I have my own personal option do if I wanna play in importing fifteen. But that it does work out and another crack addict is still 31 and maybe you look at that you know I I only how many years laughed. And then go from there. I'd joke thanks very much enjoy a media day today. What are they are all right Joseph with sky and the AT&T hotline. Two week. A guy who's been here a month we were told was marked with football sense is gonna make better. I've won major problem with criticizing the offensive coordinator and saying he's terrible one major problem itself is that anybody that says it has no idea if these or not. You just don't have any idea. I don't have any idea. terrible you know. I just. I know. I don't know. I don't I agree I wanna see what happens with this with the switch it's what if Nathaniel quarterback as Aaron Rodgers would be bad. That's X tiger I don't know the coordinators not. It's just. And on this position and watching sports and talk about sports I often will try hard to be right. And when it comes evaluating. Its quarterly he's terrible. Under the guard the guard. Awful and that's what is that the quarterback conservative to a fault. We wouldn't go out and play wouldn't it wouldn't dive for first downs wouldn't it Sammy Watkins and deep ball yesterday. in the ultimately to. Emanuel scrambles gets all the room in the world I can streaking and shot puts it to Mike Williams instead. Well. Listen or take a break and when we come back I think we at 8 o'clock right yes but but just tease us and we come back. I was eight EG eight not enough time supporter but I gotta tell you why IA. Kind of changed. After this week and we'll play that make him back because I'm I'm for this change and and and it's it's not that it seems harsh to say but I'll explain why we come back. We'll get to that with the west Russ Brandon Gergen since your phone calls we will get you we know we're busy show today lots guest it lost the students of deacons went with us. Will get you eyes are continuing on WG.

  2. 101 Tim Benz of WEEI


    Wed, 1 Oct 2014


    logan mankins found at 3:35, 4:46

    we ever save that they would move on pretty quickly here from Tom Brady they feel. He is in decline or is that a special case how they treat that if if Belichick really feels that. Hey we're not gonna win any more with him starting he's 38 years old next year how would they treat that situation knowing the way they treated this in the past and. I would hate that it would have to be treated a little bit more delicately than say Logan Mankins are law. For instance -- there were just cast off. Shortly before the season began. Our first of all it's a quarterback regardless of whether or not it's Tom Brady or what you -- to talk about -- ordinary Emanuel you've got to be smarter when it's the quarterback. So I don't
    -- football external quarterback standpoint. More intelligently. Then the way they handled Logan Mankins this offseason. Tim density EI joining us here to talk with the patriots and their loss Monday night to Kansas City was
  3. 101 Howard Simon Show HR 1

    Wed, 1 Oct 2014

    Good morning lights out but Joseph Mathieu so Kansas city's and a couple on consecutive nights on the night game. They have a party as they dance on the of the patriots. And then not follow that up with last night's win over Oakland got for. And I don't you know it's one of those cities where I think we we have so in way a bit of kinship with Kansas City here in buffalo they're smaller market. Get overlooked don't really have all the necessary tools and resources to compete a lot of times that the bigger clubs have a playoff drought once war that's lasted a long long time. And 888 football team that's really struggled after having some pretty good years I think we're pretty similar so good for Kansas City by the way else to say reserves. With the best and trickled in Iraq with an early jerks they're good people. I wouldn't go so far to say bolt both cities have an NFL team. And that another sports team that. Maybe 75% of the country couldn't name I favors the hell out of that to criticize the teams are just not you know being on the radar kind of teams. And I also wanna get credit for their uniforms. The color red like that you know the modern. Dark maroon has to be asserted just like this very unique and other I don't think any other team uses that type of. Read so many red red is very in fact that I am sure that they all that in fact there was a run of like. Ten years or so recently. That the winning team the World Series champion the Super Bowl champion. It's maybe sit NBA I think but had some sort of read in their colors he's surprised me. If you think back to when the sabres went to the conference finals and played Carolina the four teams that were left that you write all wore black and red. Four teams in all four blackened right which was kind of vote on the eastern sources buffalo Carolina New Jersey and at a news and there I'm forgetting Ottawa all four teams you are popular place to rent. All right good morning what's up so Kyle Orton is starting quarterback for the bills today we will hear from him. So I don't know what he'll have to say he's got a lot of questions to answer. You know this is going to be the get to know Kyle moment I don't have anybody's talked to my outside of hey what's up welcome to town elements of the situation. Now the questions are. What one of the bill say to talk you out of retirement. And that's part of it. Up about five more million on top of the what's making three million the you'd get they'll sit at home by Dallas. Yeah could could be a big part of it do you have the hunger for the game you know how competitive are you there's lot to get to vote Kyle Orton. I was thinking about this last night and I've sent out a series of tweets which is what someone oppositional generally due to start a show like. That's what I'm thinking about. And for Kyle to be on the market and available a lot of times that can look like a bad thing. Right gets street free agent or some guy who was is retired and isn't playing anymore. But it makes sense that he's available because in the NFL as we've seen from teams like the bills. And lots other teams you'll bail a quarterback it is pretty good okay. In the interest of getting one that you hope can be great fans want it. General managers wanted to coaches want it you know if you go into a place to the browns but the browns used to that. Who's their quarterback Brian Hoyer. It's pretty good two starts but he wasn't bear guy that Brian Hoyer they're gonna draft John Lehman sell because he might be great. Pick the bills when Drew Bledsoe was the quarterback right you know what true blood so it's pretty good he's got a good body work this team went nine and seven. But it's not it's time to hand things over to J. P. Losman because he's the first round pick and he might be great. You see a lot that a team will turn away from an established guy who is it the best and everybody knows he's not the best he'll never be the best. You know you'll you'll cash in that for a lottery ticket that I don't know is. A scratch is that. Like don't let better in the way of perfect. Don't let perfect get in the way it's sorry that's an event that perfect and went all out perfectly in the way of that has you searching for perfectly yet somebody who's better can help out right there. And it's eight and you're describing. In a way. Ryan Fitzpatrick scene yes I have a win that seeing what he's doing now he is and again yes I am diligent at the bills would be better. Quarterback with Ryan Fitzpatrick and EJ Manuel yes that doesn't mean that I want right it's to necessarily I your right yeah they would be better that that said. It's interesting after Kyle Orton is is played how many years the NFL he's plates eight years right nine years. According to pro football reference congress website they always have whose career a guy with similar to after every year in the early. After his first eight years in the league for Kyle Orton one of the players he's most similar to is Ryan Fitzpatrick. So the bills basically kind of go back double back chase their tail. And arrive right back where they were. Here the other guys are similar to a few of them you'll now one former bill it's fair gum that he yet yes Jay Fiedler. About Byron Leftwich and rich can't. Those guys won a lot of games and left which was good for a small stretch of time again was an MVP. Yup got through Super Bowl. Jay Fiedler was a guy who I. kind of liked the again these are hall of fame growing season's other he played a super ball. Right not whole fame. You know what he is he's probably more once once the bills get rolling into probably needs to be and it all that happens in week one or two. But Orton gets. A grasp of the offense I would expect that it will be better and that they will be better. It would make sense rather than trying to teach quarterback in his fourteenth career game taking god it's played seventy games in league. Semifinal appearances with a bunch of different coaches and a couple different teams. And on his fourth team in his last game he threw for over 300 yards and two touchdowns because. He knows how to play the position of quarterback this is kind of like getting a veteran pitcher at the trade deadline because you know. He's not gonna Kelly he's not gonna be your ace but he's gonna be some guy that well you know what let's not let's go ahead and grab this guy because he'll help us. And the position Corbett salt you always do that at that position. lane tweets and Flutie Johnson. Right yeah you know what this guy's good but. This other guy he's going to be great so we have to dump the good guy for the great guy and that happens a lot so it's made it makes sense that Orton. Is available and it does not mean. That he's the 28 best score secondly I wouldn't be surprised he walks in the door. And finish his middle of the pack it is totally respectable totally agree and is better than a lot of guys. That you might even say are established starters that are thought of franchise guys you you get that. You know it's like an on is like getting ten year if you get the if you get the distinction of franchise worthy it's like hitting knighted. You know all while the skies franchise worthy and anybody would give that guy a chance or wanna give him more rope. More of a leash than you would any other guy. Manuel never got to that status you have enough success you take a team far enough you can get chance after chance after chance. And but Orton it's always like that Kyle Orton guys. He's he's okay he's he's got a franchise all right all we're starting a team. Or we have a guy we're building he's young he might be a franchise guy so every step of or whose career he would have been dealing with that why you benched for Tim Tebow because Tim Tebow is first round draft pick. That's why. They draft at the idea that you don't want. He might be great Orton is a good quarterback. A problem maybe policy or is a guy. That we know we have time to Benjamin go with Tivo and of course the Broncos go on that run. Largely because their defense and bounces and special teams and things like that. it's all the credit he ultimately fizzles out the point is Tebow is another example this you have a guy who's. Not terrible. But should dump them for somebody who's younger and better because you think the grass is gonna be greener so that all that adds up to me to say. Or can be I'll admit. People work tweeting me about Kyle Orton in training camp and said. Hey you know this keeps EJ you know they gotta do something how about Kyle Orton I dismiss that I'll be the first to admit. I should've done that I dismissed it said c'mon he's retired he's Kyle what's he really gonna do to help now And how excited now that the of the season seems like we have a little bit more. You know them. I don't know positive. Momentum outlook going down to a two atop the AFC east and easy what do you do it's it's it's kind of like the season starting over every week one. What do the possibilities hole because Jeremy we don't know we don't is set in that clip right there he's 1%. That got. What are we gonna see in the office we don't know he's not the practice watch some formations things like that you just said how much the office as he now. I'm guessing pretty much if not all of it. At least most of it. And almost all of it because he's a veteran who's now been here for four weeks that said. around a little bit here his last I'll go through like fives games that he started in completed by the way. Right to read his yardage 358 is very last start the that he started and played mostly completed that he had what was when he. 302. And 99 to 73. The guy's gonna go out there and throw the ball of the on the field he's got trying to Obama playmakers and are excited to see what the can do I think gonna commit and you know a top ten quarterback right away it's our starter no but I do you think this will be better with him. At quarterback starting this week. It'll 30550. And 1888550. To 550 you'll hear from Kyle Orton today because its bills it's mediated on their one bills drive it's a Wednesday. So you'll hear from Orton you'll hear from manual as well. Let's talk about the expectation. What should you expect from And does that bother you consider adding this is in there. Does it bother you that the bills do and they no longer have really. A long term plan court. While EJ Manuel was struggling you can at least say hey whatever work out the kinks he's the long term plan right now they have shelves the long term plan and we're live in day today. This is get out there try to beat the try to beat the patriots because the division looks like it's available. In a year it's kinda like it it's in a way it's like the watched in straight it's like you know what. Let's do this for now. You'll worry about next year next hour let's do this now because we need to do this now so they go to Orton they've got. Receivers that are talented that got running backs that are towns of the line. Has problems and or might have trouble dealing with that but. A two part question today for you a real 550. What do you expect from Orton and does it bother you that is no there's no longer it's it would seem a long term plan. At the most important position on the field. While. Yesterday I had some interesting conversations going on on on Twitter you wanna like this by the way at Jeremy WGR itself sports we can you can't call this morning but. Here here's one of the things that that someone said to me and I disagree with this. They say they don't like the move because it sets the organization back another year to you and my argument to that is. Well what organization back more making this move now. We're sticking with Vijay he never progresses I think that sets organization back even further than that's where at least you know you have to move on. And fight him earlier if you know if you get there he plays a lot better. And you know you've made the right call. It's not necessarily that you're key important what you know that each is probably not the guy thing going forward. If you keep EJ if there and they never get better and they finished with seven or eight wins. I think you're still the same with W re going into this year which you've never progressed at the position. I think that's an interesting conversation. Yet they the same. If he's inner out. They're not set back well there's and it's their setback to setback by manual not being good but then. This this vote doesn't set them back and a further announcement and teasing each it's no different the only way that it might be different. Is that he plays well. They will say let's go Orton for another year interest in playing and they think that's a good idea he's under contract at least for option for next year so the only. It could be set back you could also be set back by pushing slightly for. If they go. Eight may decide to keep board and then make the playoffs next year because they division but don't win the Super Bowl. It is that being sent back or that being pushed for like depends on what Europe again this gets to the idea of the long term plan. Long term. You'd like to get a great quarterback you'd like to be a team that's competitive year after year. Listening to a Thursday night football promo from this week this week it's Minnesota Green Day. And Minnesota what do they have well they might have a long term plan and Teddy Bridgewater yeah and long term plan and they might have a solution might end and the Packers they certainly a long term planet Roger play for how many more years right well right so they're set for a long time. The Monday night game is colts ravens of their. Two teams sent. Long term one who won a Super Bowl the other one Angela probably will at some point in his career. So if you look around the league and there are lots of teams that not only they have a long term plan. Some of them sat. But the the patriots you can make case they don't have a long term plan Jimmy Rob might be it and he looked pretty good the other night. Maybe he is their long term plan to me like that's the difference that's what makes this move. Not not scary but if you wanna say you're unsettled. I understand it when you have an. Ownership change on the way. All these things it's like the the quarterback situation now takes over the uncertainty of what the ownership situation once right ownership review. There Republican Google they've bought the team it's here boom long term not the bills are good ago. Our quarterback he had not so much there are lots of teams that are set for a decade and they know it and the bills right now turn Kyle Orton which. I'm going to be honest this year sounds great I have no problem with them making the move on I'm surprised they did partially but I'm not. I'm not against it and I due to admit the the lack of a first round pick. Sets back if there's if if one sell it sets back the talk about a long term plan. If they end up with a ninth overall pick and they don't have it like. The main column I gonna get my long term while long term plan I wanna feel like something is out there for the bills. To build on long term and I don't know what on this team is long term I don't know the coach is going to be here for a long time. Because of the ownership situation the GM same thing like right now from a football standpoint I don't know what's. I don't know what the planets they're living dated day flying by the seat of their pants and you know what sometimes that works and sometimes that's okay. But it's kind of a strange feeling well. I'm living in the here now and I don't care how they get there. I don't care if your question. Of course I want a long when we all want the franchise guy we all want the next Andrew Luck to be in under center for the Buffalo Bills on Sunday and every week. The next fifteen years. It's about making the playoffs this year from it has been since the beginning. And I will I raise my hand up everyone you may think I'm crazy or you may agree with me I'll raise my hand right now insane. I will sacrifice long term quarterback for playoffs right now you know I don't care I want it it's been fourteen years it's too long look what Kansas City did last night. Look how long they what you look what they had to celebrate the great that fell and yet agreed. It's a grand vacations out here that's right it's gratification. Fourteen years is not yeah I'll wait for I don't care I will sacrifice. Long term solution this year if you told me this move get you to the Playhouse at 97 win division. I don't care 803055 to get some calls had this thought yesterday very quick thought. The difference and I I totally get what you're saying and I don't have any problem the difference to me between this and the hockey team. Is that there is no guarantee. You'll find a quarterback in the first round as we've seen. In economy there him but when we talk about the hockey team like if you get to the top of the draft you get great players like it's just 98%. Hit rate the NFL. Cornerback is the block like ticket for you can get a good one. I don't know if you Bridgewater are thirty to override what are you to Blaine or write like morals that's very eager to get Matt Ryan or Joey Harrington. But you just never know. And you know two years after the draft people like to say they knew the good ones are going to be who would warrant. But portals people may find him going to the draft and now Gil Brandt has a draft three puts him number one. Number one like portals so he's looked good he has looked good Bridgewater looked good. Mike went in third rounder looks better than EJ Manuel you just happens all the time so. When you know comparing the two sports that's why set up where I set up you know and on the hockey side in the football side and rather go to the playoffs now. Yes find works for me to think if they go to the playoffs that Orton that'll make the old no long term quarterback a lot more palatable. And if this team had been in the playoffs sometime the last 34 years I might feel different I don't know where they haven't been fourteen years that's part of it here. That's what the dangles in like two or three years might go through they might say hey you know what we've been just. Outs and around here not good enough if Natal in these short on the post season and they might take a step back trying to take you support team's two all time. 8030552. Simple goals and let's go to home strange things happening here. Matthew integrity you part of the phone lines where at things we talked MO. And well. Well welcome always the idea that go ahead. Hey there I'm. Wishful thinking as though that the bill and sure. But I'm I'm I'm open that we get like. Certain of their victory electric Cabrera reached and then and we get a good side here that a vote. And lately it immediate help training young guy out. All get well yeah like in my the first out in Topeka are completely inner city but I mean you know if you if you get straight here and maybe work on it. The and I don't know allow. Mark not only read how low on the stage but I mean like you Mike Gartner and it looks like it may reform. And that's fine but like By opting out of our terrible pointed out shout out pointed out how I really outlook trade anything play out right now article the playoff. I wanna be that you know enjoy much open February inaccurate. You know in in January December we'll be worried about and it will blocking I want it to play out well we'll build a fact that there. Thanks well on manually to talk about this as ago. Can you think of a quarterback like Manuel drafted high played briefly benched goes back and has success. I would say his career track. You know if we to do. Win probability that for football for it if we review career is a success probability output less than 10% right now and the reason is. Other teams don't take those chances you'll just draft Jerome. You don't take a dial up trash heap once you it's eloquent as Singapore if you get knighted as this guy is a franchise quarterback he's worth going after. Manuel hasn't done nearly enough to warrant another opportunity. To just go out and learn what what coaching staff that's not this one. Which will be pressed into it if Orton was either batter or what other coaching staff in the NFL would say we are gonna pick a EJ Manuel and we're gonna let him grow. It just doesn't happen. Or even say we're gonna make our starter right away yeah guys and his situation might get put on our roster. To compete to be on the goes no other steps to say hey by the way we've identified our guy and it's the one they just got rid of as the first round pick that that doesn't happen. Now and that doesn't mean that Manuel was destined to fail in my opinion because I I don't think it's a true it's just once you lose that. That you know that opportunity. Boy it's it's super hard to get back and I don't know where manuals next opportunity comes from unless it's is her. Or read this because if war is better than manual how do you go back to Egypt next year you probably don't. And then. Who handles him who says that's the guy. Go back DJ no matter what now next year I think you may have to just start moving on and under contract keep them here but. I don't care how Kyle Orton plays I don't think you can go into next year. Is with EJ Manuel she's starting quarterback if he doesn't get inserted back this year played really well. be the only way to do it the only way he goes into training camp next year as your starting quarterback. Is if he somehow goes back in this year and plays really well other than that Jeremy he's just a roster that's what he has because you can't do that. 030515. And one no I think they're actively told warriors 31 you know that. December that'll give 31 in December restarted late behind. Idea behind bar but no he's he's thirty once we got what about 78 years left with that victory to where Tom Brady is. Which is an interesting conversation today. 7:15 today this morning we are gonna talk with WEE in about the possible possible I'll vote. Donald ball possible Brady the pats I think it's happening is the dirt on my shoes yeah I'm I shoveled dirt on their trail will see their 715 wheel to wheel with Boston talk with them. They real 550 does that bother you that the bills don't appear to have a long term plan. 8030550. And 188552. By fifty join us here on WGR. What does that pre snap signal where he'll quit smoking. Saturday smoke routers that an indicator of two highway safety's. And Tony asks Heidi keep from laughing. After some hand gestures you do in the no huddle they have been shall we say interest that was it's tribute Jay because there is that smoking in website. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Attributed Jay Cutler you can find that at the big lead there Aaron pre snap pro pot smoking gestures tribute. Good morning Jenna lights up about CO it's funny Matthew collar here. On WGR its bills media day at one bills drive so we'll hear from Kyle Orton today which will be. Super exciting up on our website WGR 550 dot com my all 42 piece that I. Do you every Tuesday night and Wednesday I'm gonna do what additional back and watch and cut. Take a look at the throws that it makes that are so good but I wanted to do just the bills Texans game first. Here's the things. You mean you watch obviously as well the things you learn JJ watts the best defensive player in football. I'm maybe he's amazing he's on these amazing I can't believe that the bills didn't do more to game plan to try to stop him to help. He the bills guards bones. Like he devoured their souls and it. That's me is it just destroyed the bills JJ single handedly would say. If JJ doesn't play that game I know the pick sixes wanting. Until they did not mean. Nine I believe quarterback hits at least alright guys these normally get like one or two and a a decent gaming Kabul he stopped the run he forced errant throws he picked one off he forced another pick. He was on believable. And Manuel didn't have a lot of time but when he did he missed. He had chances. You know if you throw a ball 44 times and your pressure on 27 of them that's not good but upon. Thirteen of the other throws you a chance to make a big player do something and you don't do it. You're gonna be your place. You know there are some bus obviously there's some players that won't turn out great. But that 2011 NFL draft. Could be one of the better drafts we've ever seen when it's all said and done. JJ what was the number eleven pick and of course to be retract he'd probably take a number one no matter what he's so good but that guys ahead of most of. Our good football players say I understand here's the eleven draft Cam Newton. Von Miller various AJ green Patrick Peterson Julio Jones all the meant that he got a Jake Locker. on Smith Blaine Gabbert and JJ I mean that you go down the list you have Robert Quinn in there. This this good draft that your. They don't by to join us we'll get a phone call an anonymous tell you about EJ manuals. And tax stock. It was stock price low. Why it went into you and about a stock analysts all probably didn't sign offense it's easy Emanuel that tell it it doesn't. Ousted Jim and wanted Jim. The morning. They're good morning thanks for taking my call. I want to ask you with all the reported strife between. Management and a coach. Particularly. You know about Malone not playing and show an urban couldn't. Now it's Emanuel. At which I would assume one of them might have to believe you wouldn't put politics over mean they really. They're two it's sort of fighting. You know I mean there's not a good relationship. So which one would you say most likely went ballistic over. I don't know that it has in the and largely on whether or not they win if they win this move works and make the playoffs and I don't think either one of them has the lead but. A week from today about a week from today yeah that's right. So I didn't understand the question between Google because of the strike between Whaley in a round like that comes out of wins and losses and chances other bowl But the coach probably goes first. In a scenario with a coach there was a tweet I mean it's pretty far off. Yeah I think that would probably happen first policy how this plays out and then have a better idea. But look. Even if they lose this week. I'd be beyond stunned. It could happen but I DIV beyond stunned. Google took over a week from today. And then before the first game he ever is the owner of the Buffalo Bills at home gets the patriots makes any sort of move in that way. Meaning a coach general manager I'd be stunned. It's not going to happen I just don't think he wants that book that he comes in and makes that some people may want that. That's that's her Google is MO they're not gonna do that and I don't think they're gonna do that and it wouldn't be a look that he would particularly want. Around the league and with the team that as soon as he takes over. A team that's to win three. He goes and makes that move before they come out and say. Hayward here in good times buffalo or start both and I just don't think that that would be what he would want to do have would you hire right where you get ago now. And sell I agree with you Jeremy it's about wins and losses. If this move with Kyle Orton get them to start winning games and their. Five and four after nine games still sitting in burst in the AFC east maybe I whatever. Looking pretty good and I'm pretty shirts are those of like achy but Roland let's we got. That that's that's the attitude I think you'll. 8030550. And taxi may remember hearing about fan tax they've signed athletes. Basically they give an five million dollars or whatever. And they get the rights to 10% of its future earnings you can buying stock in a player. And when he science's next big contract. A percentage of his money goes to this company and then they pay the shareholders was so you could buy 45 shares and EJ Manuel. They have Foster they have Vernon Davis they are going to do an IPO on Al Shawn Jeffrey. Which I think is big rate. Athlete combined on because receivers get paid big money especially big receivers and big and good. So whenever he gets another contract facilities you. Anyway ideal for manual I'm not sure I believe it was ten dollars. And that means if you want to buy a share Emanuel a cost you ten dollars sale as of September. 8. September 15 September 16. His share was worth nine dollars and ninety cents. As of September 24 it was nine dollars and sixty cents. And then look at this chart something happened between 1239. On the 29. And 632 on the 29 he lost his starting job and now you can buy a share beat BJ manuals and tech stock for five dollars. If the prices drop caught in half. And if your manual he might not think this way probably goes long lines of like. Hey you know what keep working and got to work on my game and now get back out there I can't they go to the coaching staff that will give him a chance other than this one. This is the coach used at the took the initial chance on him. If you are the coach of the raiders. Ranked what are you gonna do you're gonna draft somebody the first round you gonna draft your own guy Marcus or whoever. It just does not happen the guys like this get another chance in another real chance. Right can we think of one I get a text is that Mark Sanchez Mark Sanchez won playoff games and he still hasn't got another chance yet he's a backup. Right yeah yeah so the the part of the mix aware he ever gonna get a chance right actually. To grow and learn. Outside here know what's gonna say we're gonna bring him into beat that guy or two groom him. They may see on the roster because maybe he's got the tools that that we put an end and something happens a great for us we found something. But he's I can be the guy they to beat. Yeah it's hard to going well from here but maybe Orton flames out maybe Orton gets hurt and he goes in and does well and then you know the rest is history. Eight real by fifty re asking if you know this move about Orton and what do you expect from Morton but. Secondary I think this is kind of in the background. On this conversation. What do you feel about not having a long term plan quarterback the bills don't have one I don't think Manuel is it. And Orton is certainly not long term. That's it feels like this year maybe next year he finds a way to get them to wins but. Now the whole idea of hiring a new regime the whole idea of anything building for the future is to have a long term quarterback with a manual it wasn't looking good but at least there was the idea that this is our plan now. It's day today and that's a different feeling. Let's go to rich in buffalo rich good morning on WGR. Good morning guys cellular Google the spring training this year than anybody in my world works great now. There long term. It's opposite. The white data out of our perception right now we need to deal with what we have right now I think it's very exciting bring important. I think this team is ready to win it I think eight and what. I think you're gonna see a quarterback with experience court may stand in the pocket. He can. take the rush by eagle receivers I think they're gonna do very very well there with those the line this week and I. I look at you the wildcard. Respectable legal England is look I really it looked good up with Kyle Orton quarterback. Take a lot of that the patient and extend it out you you're right. We kept popping out all I had to make the playoffs this year. It's aircraft air over spilt milk over for skeptics over the long term I I'll Democrat to destroy this great to every week. We have or shall we shall operate. While you're right about this first well thanks for you know finally be on I feel honored but that said. Year right. About the division because there's no wild card coming out of the AFC east it's just not happen. It's that the division is gonna produce a second place team that's good enough it will have to be the division I think for this team or any team. In the division in that said. You're also right that they can't make a run because the other three teams just don't look that good. So I believe that we really look at football. It. I agree outside a quarterback I think this is the most talented team. In the AFC east taking away all the teams quarterbacks need to get the quarterback's out the way Brady has looked I know that's a little hyper very Brady but. Nobody looks good even with their quarterbacks right now. Obviously a couple stand important you can feel quite experienced. Quarterback making Smart its Asian. You're gonna see a big difference and that immediately. Right there aren't yet take the lions this week I'm excited. To excite. I don't think so maybe next week. Talking honestly I hostile I think it's in the cards this week David tweets and Alex Smith and that's correct Alex Smith got a ton of chances. He related took him like five years to become a good quarterback and that it was a good quarterback in San Francisco and the team that got him to be good gave up on. as quick as that was like you are good but we address that somebody else anyway and then Kansas City that's right Alex Smith. Is the last quarterback to be drafted in the first round to be horrendous. And chance after chance after chance these other guys just don't tend to get the opportunity. To continue to The only other one that I can find on back of the drafts that got another chance with somebody Yeltsin actually became good George. That's a that's a part Beckett go he's terrible with Indianapolis he went two and nine in his last year through seven touchdowns and fifteen interceptions. And then Atlantic got a mini turn into a decent quarterback. Alex Smith got his second chance with his first team. Right Kansas City didn't assume it will a regime that new regime that's what that's right. But it was he was under contract I guess they didn't like any other the time but that's right Alex Smith is the best answer so far and Jeff George. All the quarterbacks don't get another check it. We're gonna somebody's gonna dig and tunnel now. I I thought I thought Trent Dilfer was even one of those guys was horrible he came in because he's about Tony banks got her it was Tony banks right so you eat those are the guys were talking about. But there are guys that might have done it it's just so so so rare. It's it's very it's not happy with Tommy Maddox. Was Mac's success want. Mean he wasn't exactly I don't know. I think it's a good discussion was was an are stronger maybe maybe was that it it's not it was a it was a late first round draft pick but. Medics was the backup to. As a back the John Elway for a few years for someone else pick them up in game a chance wait wait yeah I mean he used. Thirty 31 when he finally got in with Pittsburgh and played really well. I it's it's it's is rare so it's not it does not look good for 8030550. And 1808550. To 550. So how does the offense change of that if you sell we've got a big show on the way at 730. Why don't want some 45 bills president CEO eight gets cured and since at 830 Paul Hamilton. At nine and on the way at 71510. Bands of heavy EEI in Boston to talk about Brady whether not Brady's time is not as. I heard today and a sports and they asked. Is the patriot dynasty over I thought they haven't won a suitable ten years. I don't want all the dynasty if they've won zero Super Bowls the last ten years got one more Kerry Collins Kerry Collins got another chance the giants. Right took the NFC championship suitable Kerry Collins got a chance. He was it were only thirty took the Panthers to the NFC title game you know he any he wasn't a guy the that they had all this in the first two years you like he's horrible he was good. But when he started yet his last two years in Carolina where repaired right eleven touchdowns 21 picks twelve touchdowns fifteen but I think he got that second chance because he always had a good start to get there was some success and Manuel doesn't have much to hang its hat on right. I also have some it's a trivia related to the lions I'm excited about you guys comics that are at that went into trivia wanted to back and how the bills offense changes. With Orton that your phone calls at 8030550. On WG. I'm told is that the ownership of the schools who are gonna be expected to be made official on October 7 and October in New York City. I'm told they plan to keep these same management and coaches. In place you look at there past history with the Buffalo Sabres that a lot of patience may be too much patience. But they did not and they change immediately they evaluating things and they've made changes. As Ian Rapoport who was listen to other people say they're ownership of the Buffalo Sabres. They exhibited patience they made the playoffs. Like I don't know to me this is just such the most non point ever. Wanted to open rules and do. The sabres they kept the team around. The management team yes that's because they bought the team and then the team was the best team in the NHL. On the way to the playoffs and lost in seven games like oh and by the coach would make the playoffs. And you know it wasn't even that crazy to go out and sign a couple players and think that you could be real compact now of course wasn't there people picked them to win the Stanley Cup. I mean because they got a couple relief at the time. Billy look like he really good player yes the pressure off is a good play at that it is slightly overpaid for him but it looked like there's another fifty points scored a goal along with this team. You go back in hindsight say it was a it was a mess because it work right but when they did it. It really looked like it was going to. And it made the playoffs and added to the roster to be like if the Google is bought the team they made the playoffs this year than sign. A starting left guard in a right tackle or when are right guard and a linebacker. And they don't make the playoffs like well there too patient on around. And all guys that were approved an inning error had just been in the playoffs later that has been in the playoffs that took them off of good playoff teams that'd each in the last two years gone to the cup finals. So. I and in any luck. It's just not in that the M all like we just heard that Her takes over in one week from today. I don't think he's gonna want to have. That happened before his first gave an owner. On the field against the patriots and everybody's different the. Then that becomes the story not hey look the teams that are new ownership and were reenergize recharge let's go and that. Becomes a story I don't think that's what he wants or if anything the interest in having at the storyline. There to win two that's right there's no reason even considering that's resident patient ages means that doesn't make any sense were in the middle of the season OK hold on. The good comes out on the field to say something to the fans he's officially the owner. And then power runs out behind now. Coaches now probably an okay that that would be that would be to handle a real bucket to join us we also halt all that. Do that entered I have an intervention I was gonna have an intervention but no I didn't actually intervention before we do it. Know that the intervention later as I'll bring up as part of the 7 o'clock hour. Let's do that we'll do it trivial very quickly gentlemen. Since the Buffalo Bills had Marv Levy as head coach in the mid ninety's. Until now if you can help Marv Levy and in term coaches when guys are fired they eight total head coaches. In that same guy Ares NFC tiger counting interment coaches that had a knife. OK analyze that nine head coaches since the mid ninety's error as Levy cell. Let's. You tell me the nine head coaches including the coaches. These have had since I'll say the mid had a guy took over 88 coach through 96 he counts here if you can count. You get him point that's right so essentially aunts who have been the Detroit Lions head coaches in any ordering I would go with us Steve Mariucci that is correct Steve Mariucci coach from. Bobby Ross Bobby Ross very good former Georgia Tech head coach. Detroit to coastal lines in 1997 through the year 2000 Dick Geron. Geron a former now now it's Bills staffers coaches whenever. One year 2005 interim coach that's right that's right what because five games only okay who was the guy lost all the games so it's a teenager I was the guy is now a head is now an offensive coordinator in this league. In the division. Annual. The the vision that I am yes. He's the jets' offensive coordinator and our order Marty Harding anyway that's right. Very good he was the coach from a 102 cultural ever interim there. Always say I'm wrong more importantly didn't get that didn't go over in goal for the other guy went over well the morning that also an M. That's also an am sorry my apologies and you're right because I was looking at the other. That's the old tip of the Buccaneers position coach got elevated Merit very good idea now does safari have fonts Ross morning lake Mary G Jerod Mary shorts. You're missing the current coach and I want former coach. the coach. Johnson almighty god and Eric different this year. With the former Indianapolis Colts that coach just a gym called that al-Qaeda in here and so I honestly I didn't hear. Anyway the last guy. How to say this it was a high school coach who made it was probably a high school coach. Penny went on to coach I don't know who's in college all that needed seven games as an intern went after Bobby Ross might give us now. I'm. About this he was the Michigan head coach. Back in the eighties Gary. Gary There's no idea that I think because I I thought he was. Before that but anyway ago. We box Bobby Ross Gary Moeller morning way Steve Mariucci. Picture on rod they like the m.s and their coaches by the way. mayor morning wake Mariucci merit only works and hollow.

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Chan -- here. In the stadium good morning -- thanks for coming over as always with -- us. Well let's get to it obviously TJ we've talked about a lot with -- this season Chan and it's up again after yesterday. -- and gifted offensive plays yesterday only eight touches for CJ -- seven carries and one -- out of them possibly doesn't have the ball. More than that when he's such a productive playmaker. He is a productive player in they got we got back there's a productive players and you know we we try to make sure that that position we've talked about it before and I don't get too. -- would like it 25. Thirty that's what you like but sometimes it doesn't that's not possible and but. Edges so happened yesterday that that times that. We had some his runs called. They loaded up the box and if you remember fit to stand it up don't quick road to. Nasty -- sat art. TJ have sat in and we're gaining good yards that they were trying not to -- against a loaded box so I'm not running against a loaded box so. And it just worked out that way and I'm not gonna force the ball. Two. I'm not gonna keep up with -- during the course of the game in the -- and look and say okay -- entice did let's make sure we get discount while we're trying to win the game. And when it's it just happened that fridge was in there when. Though we had that some of the Iran's call I just. I think the I did in New York try to win the game and I think it's frustrating for fan because usually when you put the ball onto just blew a chance good things will happen catching -- run -- -- Yeah it did have we had glad we had three big plays within yesterday had a screen pass in the head. And they had two good runs and more of the reasons he has good production as we don't run out that we don't do forced banks to happen within. LA. Does make big plays but we don't foresee. Will allow him to route running productive situations. Which we allow for which -- allow Fred to designs and run in his many productive situations. As you possibly can and not. Now gold -- not play against the grain or or run uphill. Against extra -- -- You mentioned yesterday your post game press conference you know in in talking about the touches in the lack of -- part of it was it's for sometimes it's spreads turn you. When you -- have a plan going into the game but as the game is unfolding isn't it. Possible to look at and okay today's not Fred stay Fred had a great day against Jacksonville -- -- him the ball more he's done it -- yesterday he had nine carries for fourteen yards he had a critical fumble. Wouldn't you look at -- -- it's not that there's no need to have it be his turn because he's not producing today. Yeah and employee did that we kind of -- CJ a couple of series there in a row and then but hey it worked out that. Those are the times that. When network Ryan play action passes and and you know they all are unaware they Dielman and we're able to hit some bootleg or naked and the to Stevie and some things like that -- It just worked out -- who one that was his term when you ended up abuse in the play action pass more than we did the -- We -- this against -- Houston is well and -- would load the box you would see that you'd make a change because you know adjusted it doesn't look good. When CJ's on the field vs one -- on the field do you find that defense is played any differently are -- more willing to load up when CJ's back there. A little bit more it looks like -- no buckles. They think you might not be thrown at because you know we all know. It and CJ needs go to work on his pass protection nobody is just not as big as strong and physical is already is so. They might have a tendency to play a little bit more honest with trade in they're not known if it's pass -- run in the a little bit more for seagate. In the pass game and indeed did use the pass game you almost need to empty it out. So that he's going out for passes in that case go. -- you'd you do found that a little bit yeah. How about with regard to the Spiller and in terms of a couple times you mention he's arrest though there's there's no effort like that earnings should not ever there's no. Issue fans might wonder about like is conditioning he -- he he's he can handle -- -- without federal NCA yeah he's done that before ages. When he gets when did he you know he comes out of the ball game in. He'll cap which we allow those backs and receivers did they can tap out of that you -- -- In certain situations. Jack -- Willis here bills of course losing to Saint Louis yesterday there are number things you wanted to talk about. One of them was that the sequence with a punt. And the time out and the field goal and I guess my question was I heard your explanation goes into the post game press conference here. My question was you were. Willing to go forward at fifty yards that you were told some instead on the -- you're a coach it's fifty -- give a team goes out there then you see it's 52 or 53 -- over the spot to hit. If you would have gone from -- from 51 not for two more yards go forward from 52. The 'cause -- I think. Players. A big difference in most in those three yards have really does I think there's a big difference in those 23 yards. Out office psychological I don't know what it is I don't know if the give on the ball on the other side of the forty. Is there something of that but I think I think there's a difference there. -- got ticketed. And I know it is seems logical that the people would -- today and say. Now 5250. Was a big deal I don't know I just think there's I think there's a big deal and -- to yours to three yards there. Do you think it it. Doesn't really bother -- bill doesn't -- like you're showing faith in him like he goes out I mean he's frustrated come up I would think as any coach your -- but is that a problem for Lindell at that they he's got to proceed vehicle took efforts need to kick the extra two -- well it to be honestly when I made the decision to go for the field goal. I was in a quandary because we just dropped snap. You know Adam before that only extra points. A little bit. And not sure about that anyway pretty down we've been out there so when they said no it's fifty -- history teachers. And I just made the decision to. But the football thing and not give them short field. But the time out ends up. Really cost him and you would have loved to have that timeout later in the game that and I can drive well it's an interception so. We knew we gees you know we used -- lifestyle and now -- -- to go forward anyway. Did you mean worst case in our legacy that he called him out could you didn't think they got the word on the field hey take delighted that he is not -- you call a timeout. Worst case scenario they don't get the time or they don't hear you say -- delay and they snapped it. Any misses I mean it's still I know you said about field position it's at their 42. Right. But your defense is playing well to that point of the game -- would you and you still would had a wasn't a three point lead it was a five point lead to that would distill it scored touchdowns to get from me. Yeah which they -- Now from. 84. Yards away so. You don't wanna make it easier on you won't make it our home -- that's that's always been my theory make it Harlem to schoolwork. They can say there's so many opportunities to Maceda going down the field give them as many opportunities to -- on them feel as you possibly can. Don't give a short field. The other they don't ask about wreck before halftime that the series of plays right there that -- the field goal on the timeout with eleven seconds left right no cracks at the end -- there were any. Please call to take a shot the ends and you got close there you know. -- protection had not been real good open to that point and so -- we got down to the -- some yard line and we had young couple timeouts left in. We try to run with Fred -- and they brought the corner blitz and and you know they guessed right on that in the and we tried to screen. And that didn't waiting eating thing with Fred there owners drained out of the got a few yards there. And down. You know it's third down then and I called a timeout and I thought that was not set -- left and -- -- eleven. But. -- -- Protection BM what it was a you got voted in donors third man you gotta go to the end zone because there's no timeouts. And can you protect that -- to throw it to the end zone. You'd be don't -- you know a sideline throw for four yards foot what does that do you know. So they use. You don't -- timeouts. So we decide to kick it altered. -- cares about the place even before I kind of figured at the last play you're worried about a sack and you don't get to be able to but ours cares about the play the sequence before that. Nothing to it towards the end -- he'd like to run play over the screen pass to Fred or any of that that drive when she got inside the thirty. Nothing here and -- all shortstop -- -- I was I was -- on stay away from the -- and make sure we got us two yards on something. At the end of the game. And then at the end of the game tried to deep ball to TJ. You'd had that first pass to Chandler got to I think around your forty to get. 225 yards away from -- range I think at that you know why throw the deep ball there. Well they play one -- one out. Side and ended up with somebody right in his face in the is that by 101. And yet. -- don't have much time as it is. The -- and hit a ball down if he did mean it may be -- it have been of the twenty he's still got to keep fail go so. There's that thing that you trying to do is get jocks. I remember old we had a game somewhere bat maybe as Tennessee. We stood underneath because they were taken away the deep ball they didn't know that World War I only one. And we didn't throw -- Dayton about wonder why would until a date reality that one on one and we feel it day memo photo a day. The other plan you two points you scored to make it 127. Three and have to go in the third quarter. Any thought about golf for two there now and don't have it's. You'd run a third forty -- he kicked the ball in my opinion. There. Because. Ali do next is kicked a field goal and make -- fifth dangerous if you don't like keep. And you can feel them make fifteen so and they can still with a touchdown two point conversion. So eagle a NKK -- kick another field goal you're up by more than a school. -- -- injury update yes not good. It's a minimum of two to three weeks. That is what I was told that something could change this morning and it could be better prognosis but I was told it looks like -- -- 23 way. -- you with that do you anticipate now do you changer for lawsuits TJ orders Tashard Choice go in and now you keeper rotation but with the choice instead of Fred now legally. The will play CJ is. Much is seeing play and to show our wrist and when he needs wrist. Three games left at this point and in only losses it it's looking like of course it's going to be of a C three missed the plants what he get out of the next three games. Well do you evaluate a lot of things -- you try to get better you try to become. Attain that improves upon last year. Each had improved your record upon last year here in you're trying to get better I mean that's what out. As what you do as a pro that's what I grew you work Q rear often you try to get better every time you walk out there. And that's all you can -- your right. By house Miller out of the picture for us now so. What is in the picture. It's it's working to get better and do your best every time you walk out there and and and the approach and that's all you can do that's all I've -- -- in terms. Evaluation and utility you'll evaluate players you'll evaluate schemes when you when you look back and evaluate yourself for this year. What what what are you seeing your own self evaluation maybe have a chance look at it because you're still in the midst of -- CNN but when you look back quick. What what did you learn out of. This season to this point well you always -- look back and see what you could have done different using your personnel what you could have done different end game situations you could handle situations better and different. How you load of you know managed. Travel how you would have managed practice schedules GE that you evaluate every bit of that at the end of the season he did and and always look back and say you know. What could have done different what would have done different -- get a water -- change now and we make changes every year. We make changes every years that it I've ever been in the business I've never been in. -- -- where we say at -- -- -- thing we did last year. Well -- -- anyway. Well thinking about next year many things going for with TJ and Fred you know when you say that the reason that. Teams load of the box when CJ spektr's because it's more likely to be a run play because he doesn't look he's not quite as reliable and in pass protection. It -- it's the affinity to goals there one CJ to work on -- pass protection but also maybe. Would you look for different ways. -- to disguise it ways to make it so the you can get him the ball -- in touches without it seeming so telegraphed like of the opposing team can concede yet and him. You know is it on -- try and find a way like all right let's. Let's come up with some sort of at a postal system or if it's a walk when it's not it's clear what what it is that we're doing with CJ and there. Well I don't believe it is clear. Is that I think they are playing that. I think what they do is play the percentages. I think we are. You know keep them off balance whether to pass our run and try and use play action pass to not let them you know rode out -- or at least you end up with a wanna ones outside that we do window we -- ones -- saddened. Now couple drives the warmly went right down a feel -- always fumbled. Believe it to a three play actions in a row there. And as because of the threat that he is back there so. I think either have to decide. Using as a threat which he. Obviously years and keep doing that and find different ways to use him as a threat and to getting the ball. That's the quandary if they loaded well at least there's the threat now you can throw it. But he's not -- and so you -- in at the end tranda now. Bring them all in there with two to ideas and a fullback worried we guarantee that he don't touch it. Because you got enough blockers and can you make enough office out of things like that a myth that loaded or can you Barnum so bad when they -- loaded up. That they quit load up to Obama. Yesterday against. Magically this game might Lewis thank you break at this -- You had a situation where the offensive line is is beat up so might not be a really good indication of of your ideal personnel packaging offense and we talked a body on Fridays and he'll talk about. You know what he what he sees in receivers come up is as an idea may be a big target receiver. In -- perfectly designed offense is there a position right now that on this team you just still don't have that piece that you need at a position on your offense. In LA. It's always a fluid situation and that's it's a really good question and I think you sit down and you look at it -- season and you say. Now where oral Lee so -- -- we like to improve you know another take it up another notch in. Thank there's I think there's a lot of places that we feel very good about but I'm not willing to sit here and say. We need this right now we need that right now I'd better get to the end of the season and evaluate all of that and I'll probably wouldn't say anyway to be honest with -- -- -- -- publicly for a publishing profit or have you mentioned. The playoffs out of the picture. Had with that in mind do you consider the season a failure. Charities if you might play house decisions. And not it's not a good season. It's not say I don't like usual word failure but it's it's not what you set out to do you set out to get the play house that's what you set out today. And yeah she's set out to win the championship that's what you set out to do is and in. Which got to get in the playoffs to do that so we didn't accomplish -- go. Three seasons no playoffs -- you're worried about your future here. I'll worry about everything. That comes along and word about doing a great job every day that's what I wanna do. And it has though the production has not been there when wise at this point I think we're making progress. No it's hard for Joseph -- and to believe that. In this state that from time to time but I do believe we're. And going in the right direction and I think we got no more and more things to do and and we got a tough. Way to go is going to be hard -- You know -- -- got to play good these last three yanks. I agree we got to play good these list again ganguly -- -- -- head coach joining us some football Monday as always thank you for coming down thanks for your time you Baghdad.