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12/10 Chan Gailey on CJ Spiller's touches and "playoffs are out of the picture"

Dec 10, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Chan -- here. In the stadium good morning -- thanks for coming over as always with -- us. Well let's get to it obviously TJ we've talked about a lot with -- this season Chan and it's up again after yesterday. -- and gifted offensive plays yesterday only eight touches for CJ -- seven carries and one -- out of them possibly doesn't have the ball. More than that when he's such a productive playmaker. He is a productive player in they got we got back there's a productive players and you know we we try to make sure that that position we've talked about it before and I don't get too. -- would like it 25. Thirty that's what you like but sometimes it doesn't that's not possible and but. Edges so happened yesterday that that times that. We had some his runs called. They loaded up the box and if you remember fit to stand it up don't quick road to. Nasty -- sat art. TJ have sat in and we're gaining good yards that they were trying not to -- against a loaded box so I'm not running against a loaded box so. And it just worked out that way and I'm not gonna force the ball. Two. I'm not gonna keep up with -- during the course of the game in the -- and look and say okay -- entice did let's make sure we get discount while we're trying to win the game. And when it's it just happened that fridge was in there when. Though we had that some of the Iran's call I just. I think the I did in New York try to win the game and I think it's frustrating for fan because usually when you put the ball onto just blew a chance good things will happen catching -- run -- -- Yeah it did have we had glad we had three big plays within yesterday had a screen pass in the head. And they had two good runs and more of the reasons he has good production as we don't run out that we don't do forced banks to happen within. LA. Does make big plays but we don't foresee. Will allow him to route running productive situations. Which we allow for which -- allow Fred to designs and run in his many productive situations. As you possibly can and not. Now gold -- not play against the grain or or run uphill. Against extra -- -- You mentioned yesterday your post game press conference you know in in talking about the touches in the lack of -- part of it was it's for sometimes it's spreads turn you. When you -- have a plan going into the game but as the game is unfolding isn't it. Possible to look at and okay today's not Fred stay Fred had a great day against Jacksonville -- -- him the ball more he's done it -- yesterday he had nine carries for fourteen yards he had a critical fumble. Wouldn't you look at -- -- it's not that there's no need to have it be his turn because he's not producing today. Yeah and employee did that we kind of -- CJ a couple of series there in a row and then but hey it worked out that. Those are the times that. When network Ryan play action passes and and you know they all are unaware they Dielman and we're able to hit some bootleg or naked and the to Stevie and some things like that -- It just worked out -- who one that was his term when you ended up abuse in the play action pass more than we did the -- We -- this against -- Houston is well and -- would load the box you would see that you'd make a change because you know adjusted it doesn't look good. When CJ's on the field vs one -- on the field do you find that defense is played any differently are -- more willing to load up when CJ's back there. A little bit more it looks like -- no buckles. They think you might not be thrown at because you know we all know. It and CJ needs go to work on his pass protection nobody is just not as big as strong and physical is already is so. They might have a tendency to play a little bit more honest with trade in they're not known if it's pass -- run in the a little bit more for seagate. In the pass game and indeed did use the pass game you almost need to empty it out. So that he's going out for passes in that case go. -- you'd you do found that a little bit yeah. How about with regard to the Spiller and in terms of a couple times you mention he's arrest though there's there's no effort like that earnings should not ever there's no. Issue fans might wonder about like is conditioning he -- he he's he can handle -- -- without federal NCA yeah he's done that before ages. When he gets when did he you know he comes out of the ball game in. He'll cap which we allow those backs and receivers did they can tap out of that you -- -- In certain situations. Jack -- Willis here bills of course losing to Saint Louis yesterday there are number things you wanted to talk about. One of them was that the sequence with a punt. And the time out and the field goal and I guess my question was I heard your explanation goes into the post game press conference here. My question was you were. Willing to go forward at fifty yards that you were told some instead on the -- you're a coach it's fifty -- give a team goes out there then you see it's 52 or 53 -- over the spot to hit. If you would have gone from -- from 51 not for two more yards go forward from 52. The 'cause -- I think. Players. A big difference in most in those three yards have really does I think there's a big difference in those 23 yards. Out office psychological I don't know what it is I don't know if the give on the ball on the other side of the forty. Is there something of that but I think I think there's a difference there. -- got ticketed. And I know it is seems logical that the people would -- today and say. Now 5250. Was a big deal I don't know I just think there's I think there's a big deal and -- to yours to three yards there. Do you think it it. Doesn't really bother -- bill doesn't -- like you're showing faith in him like he goes out I mean he's frustrated come up I would think as any coach your -- but is that a problem for Lindell at that they he's got to proceed vehicle took efforts need to kick the extra two -- well it to be honestly when I made the decision to go for the field goal. I was in a quandary because we just dropped snap. You know Adam before that only extra points. A little bit. And not sure about that anyway pretty down we've been out there so when they said no it's fifty -- history teachers. And I just made the decision to. But the football thing and not give them short field. But the time out ends up. Really cost him and you would have loved to have that timeout later in the game that and I can drive well it's an interception so. We knew we gees you know we used -- lifestyle and now -- -- to go forward anyway. Did you mean worst case in our legacy that he called him out could you didn't think they got the word on the field hey take delighted that he is not -- you call a timeout. Worst case scenario they don't get the time or they don't hear you say -- delay and they snapped it. Any misses I mean it's still I know you said about field position it's at their 42. Right. But your defense is playing well to that point of the game -- would you and you still would had a wasn't a three point lead it was a five point lead to that would distill it scored touchdowns to get from me. Yeah which they -- Now from. 84. Yards away so. You don't wanna make it easier on you won't make it our home -- that's that's always been my theory make it Harlem to schoolwork. They can say there's so many opportunities to Maceda going down the field give them as many opportunities to -- on them feel as you possibly can. Don't give a short field. The other they don't ask about wreck before halftime that the series of plays right there that -- the field goal on the timeout with eleven seconds left right no cracks at the end -- there were any. Please call to take a shot the ends and you got close there you know. -- protection had not been real good open to that point and so -- we got down to the -- some yard line and we had young couple timeouts left in. We try to run with Fred -- and they brought the corner blitz and and you know they guessed right on that in the and we tried to screen. And that didn't waiting eating thing with Fred there owners drained out of the got a few yards there. And down. You know it's third down then and I called a timeout and I thought that was not set -- left and -- -- eleven. But. -- -- Protection BM what it was a you got voted in donors third man you gotta go to the end zone because there's no timeouts. And can you protect that -- to throw it to the end zone. You'd be don't -- you know a sideline throw for four yards foot what does that do you know. So they use. You don't -- timeouts. So we decide to kick it altered. -- cares about the place even before I kind of figured at the last play you're worried about a sack and you don't get to be able to but ours cares about the play the sequence before that. Nothing to it towards the end -- he'd like to run play over the screen pass to Fred or any of that that drive when she got inside the thirty. Nothing here and -- all shortstop -- -- I was I was -- on stay away from the -- and make sure we got us two yards on something. At the end of the game. And then at the end of the game tried to deep ball to TJ. You'd had that first pass to Chandler got to I think around your forty to get. 225 yards away from -- range I think at that you know why throw the deep ball there. Well they play one -- one out. Side and ended up with somebody right in his face in the is that by 101. And yet. -- don't have much time as it is. The -- and hit a ball down if he did mean it may be -- it have been of the twenty he's still got to keep fail go so. There's that thing that you trying to do is get jocks. I remember old we had a game somewhere bat maybe as Tennessee. We stood underneath because they were taken away the deep ball they didn't know that World War I only one. And we didn't throw -- Dayton about wonder why would until a date reality that one on one and we feel it day memo photo a day. The other plan you two points you scored to make it 127. Three and have to go in the third quarter. Any thought about golf for two there now and don't have it's. You'd run a third forty -- he kicked the ball in my opinion. There. Because. Ali do next is kicked a field goal and make -- fifth dangerous if you don't like keep. And you can feel them make fifteen so and they can still with a touchdown two point conversion. So eagle a NKK -- kick another field goal you're up by more than a school. -- -- injury update yes not good. It's a minimum of two to three weeks. That is what I was told that something could change this morning and it could be better prognosis but I was told it looks like -- -- 23 way. -- you with that do you anticipate now do you changer for lawsuits TJ orders Tashard Choice go in and now you keeper rotation but with the choice instead of Fred now legally. The will play CJ is. Much is seeing play and to show our wrist and when he needs wrist. Three games left at this point and in only losses it it's looking like of course it's going to be of a C three missed the plants what he get out of the next three games. Well do you evaluate a lot of things -- you try to get better you try to become. Attain that improves upon last year. Each had improved your record upon last year here in you're trying to get better I mean that's what out. As what you do as a pro that's what I grew you work Q rear often you try to get better every time you walk out there. And that's all you can -- your right. By house Miller out of the picture for us now so. What is in the picture. It's it's working to get better and do your best every time you walk out there and and and the approach and that's all you can do that's all I've -- -- in terms. Evaluation and utility you'll evaluate players you'll evaluate schemes when you when you look back and evaluate yourself for this year. What what what are you seeing your own self evaluation maybe have a chance look at it because you're still in the midst of -- CNN but when you look back quick. What what did you learn out of. This season to this point well you always -- look back and see what you could have done different using your personnel what you could have done different end game situations you could handle situations better and different. How you load of you know managed. Travel how you would have managed practice schedules GE that you evaluate every bit of that at the end of the season he did and and always look back and say you know. What could have done different what would have done different -- get a water -- change now and we make changes every year. We make changes every years that it I've ever been in the business I've never been in. -- -- where we say at -- -- -- thing we did last year. Well -- -- anyway. Well thinking about next year many things going for with TJ and Fred you know when you say that the reason that. Teams load of the box when CJ spektr's because it's more likely to be a run play because he doesn't look he's not quite as reliable and in pass protection. It -- it's the affinity to goals there one CJ to work on -- pass protection but also maybe. Would you look for different ways. -- to disguise it ways to make it so the you can get him the ball -- in touches without it seeming so telegraphed like of the opposing team can concede yet and him. You know is it on -- try and find a way like all right let's. Let's come up with some sort of at a postal system or if it's a walk when it's not it's clear what what it is that we're doing with CJ and there. Well I don't believe it is clear. Is that I think they are playing that. I think what they do is play the percentages. I think we are. You know keep them off balance whether to pass our run and try and use play action pass to not let them you know rode out -- or at least you end up with a wanna ones outside that we do window we -- ones -- saddened. Now couple drives the warmly went right down a feel -- always fumbled. Believe it to a three play actions in a row there. And as because of the threat that he is back there so. I think either have to decide. Using as a threat which he. Obviously years and keep doing that and find different ways to use him as a threat and to getting the ball. That's the quandary if they loaded well at least there's the threat now you can throw it. But he's not -- and so you -- in at the end tranda now. Bring them all in there with two to ideas and a fullback worried we guarantee that he don't touch it. Because you got enough blockers and can you make enough office out of things like that a myth that loaded or can you Barnum so bad when they -- loaded up. That they quit load up to Obama. Yesterday against. Magically this game might Lewis thank you break at this -- You had a situation where the offensive line is is beat up so might not be a really good indication of of your ideal personnel packaging offense and we talked a body on Fridays and he'll talk about. You know what he what he sees in receivers come up is as an idea may be a big target receiver. In -- perfectly designed offense is there a position right now that on this team you just still don't have that piece that you need at a position on your offense. In LA. It's always a fluid situation and that's it's a really good question and I think you sit down and you look at it -- season and you say. Now where oral Lee so -- -- we like to improve you know another take it up another notch in. Thank there's I think there's a lot of places that we feel very good about but I'm not willing to sit here and say. We need this right now we need that right now I'd better get to the end of the season and evaluate all of that and I'll probably wouldn't say anyway to be honest with -- -- -- -- publicly for a publishing profit or have you mentioned. The playoffs out of the picture. Had with that in mind do you consider the season a failure. Charities if you might play house decisions. And not it's not a good season. It's not say I don't like usual word failure but it's it's not what you set out to do you set out to get the play house that's what you set out today. And yeah she's set out to win the championship that's what you set out to do is and in. Which got to get in the playoffs to do that so we didn't accomplish -- go. Three seasons no playoffs -- you're worried about your future here. I'll worry about everything. That comes along and word about doing a great job every day that's what I wanna do. And it has though the production has not been there when wise at this point I think we're making progress. No it's hard for Joseph -- and to believe that. In this state that from time to time but I do believe we're. And going in the right direction and I think we got no more and more things to do and and we got a tough. Way to go is going to be hard -- You know -- -- got to play good these last three yanks. I agree we got to play good these list again ganguly -- -- -- head coach joining us some football Monday as always thank you for coming down thanks for your time you Baghdad.

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