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12/10 Ryan Fitzpatrick on offensive woes and getting hit a lot

Dec 10, 2012|

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Ryan good morning it's Howard Jeremy thanks for coming out with -- us. More territory and Ryan sadly you you've you've had -- like this before you probably went home after a game and but how the heck did that happen. -- why does that keep happening. I don't know those those different frustrating game I think. You know looking at our last three games and indie game but it was frustrating loss you know we felt like that was a huge game for us. And coming down played well well they are as Jacksonville and then. Just struggling. Yesterday. -- pull off the land at the end there just it makes it all the more frustrating to know that. You know we've ever had -- game in you know felt like. We played better promote the game. Why do you think. The team has this inability to close out games. I don't know I think he you know USA said that this part of the killer instinct how we'd -- try and that. Is it just occurred appeal. If it's on the logo -- at -- we will be able to. Impact of playoff builders. You know -- the top of the league looking down on everybody else and right now we haven't found some -- do it. Brian I know you know you bring up the killer instinct -- asked about this that I know you're gonna be supportive of Chan Gailey wouldn't expected -- throw your own head coach under the bus. But when you talk about killer instinct. Don't you think I mean do you ever wonder sometimes like yesterday he said the field goal team out. Changes his mind it's two yards longer than he thought timeout punt. Isn't it doesn't the lack of killer instinct could that trickle down from the coached -- do you guys well there's a chance to go for points but the we're gonna punt it play field position. You know I had that that's one of those decisions Bentley and getting second guessed that it doesn't work out. Agree on rebel integrated plan that cannot three yard line likely is that includes. Chan and -- -- -- unfortunately there are a little. Bring it out. So I mean it's it's so -- head coach when things don't work out because it's a guest but it held for us as players we're the ones that are out there and field. I was a walk out there are options of guys who won that very in the second half struggling and not get first down. And you can't you can't put that -- -- so she's going to be out they don't go out there as a player get it done. Do you is it deflating for the I mean you wanna get a touchdown. If you don't get a touchdown you'd like today at least put the special teams unit in place for a field goal get three points is -- deflating when you see. The decision not to attempt the field goal after you got into that position. I'm. Was more upset -- -- but more ups that are offensive unit -- through all of the better. You know we we got a good opportunity there -- go go get some points. Just just sort able to do it so. It's hard. I mean after losses the urban lots of points here that everybody else that. -- for -- had a note to myself I better just like everybody locker looked at ourselves and see how making it better. The the the pressure let's talk about the pressure Saint Louis got I knew it took a lot of hits did you think it was one of your. More stressful days in terms about a pass rush pressure you guys thought they did a good job again -- -- -- did do a good job and you know some it was a public system that was what -- -- We knew going in the game that they were. And I at thirty plus sacks on the year and they're able create a lot of pressure they're very talented. Trying to -- really talented defense and so. You know we -- Then they would -- after -- -- have to get the ball up a little bit. And so mean sometimes those accidents happen and you gotta be able to. Overcome them not let them stall or stop the drive users you know sometimes assertive on his back is better than a turnover. That's what sorts of little -- Rockets that committed here on WGR we have another week we're talking about the lack of touches for CJ Spiller ATF -- -- Excuse me out of 58 offensive plays why do you think -- -- what when all is said and done. I don't think there was a lot of different things and and you know Fred coming up a big week. And those two guys in the game I think. You know some of it is over passing situations. At 10 PM on more of those just protection -- sometimes. And then there were so we had run plays Calder. There Stanton. On fifteen yards off our receivers were were just what an operator cedar TJ it's a nice catch -- -- run and so that. Typically if you it's such as there are some other. Get soccer. Volatile one seeded and Sensabaugh. And I have promised that we'll try to make that a big part of -- certain. Immediate more touches on. How much how often do you think a run play was called yesterday where they stacked the box and you changed it to a path. They would necessarily changing would play more and more soldiers and amateur unconscious. Just -- -- the receiver quickly. Or -- -- protection passer that. I would say. Probably 45. -- The a couple of the question -- about some of the plays in the play calling the series before. Halftime. You guys are moving the ball down field. You get down I think get a first down the 23 of the -- with 32 seconds left. Fred ran for I think lost a yard than the screen pass -- in the field goal on third down. You're there were there any place when you got the 23 were there any plays called or even before that point when Ernie plays called take a crack at the end zone at all that truck. I mean they were they were in there. And -- to prevent type yeah. You know bend but don't break. Or defense and we. We have to screenplay we have pass over the middle sky that. We had to run play -- -- didn't end up working out. It has the end of that. Well third down. Being -- Ito last time now with -- and had to make that decision a year you know a lot of pressure on us. And our situation definitely -- point. And to take a -- there. Wouldn't will result but at no point I think that's probably made the decision to go ahead and -- actionable. The public input do you get that stuff going on -- -- -- -- your opinion hey do you think we should take a crack here does he tell yet hey guys here's what we're doing. You know a lot of that a lot of -- talk about those type situations. We'll go through that all the time just the mental gymnastics to grab one more options. On the either from our gains are gain black sphere. In other team's overall in the film are you just kind of go through any time outs they have what the situation -- What is scorers. And we work through a lot of that stuff sort of the week is using -- accuses -- I was curious I mean that when you when you guys came out the third quarter yeah he got the touchdown drive. I don't know how confident -- you go up 127 you missed extra point to go up 127. Spiller had a couple of big runs UN I think six for six on that drive when you. Answer their touchdown with that touchdown did you feel that you know the game you're gonna win or the. Yeah I -- -- I felt like no record no record -- -- -- after making mountains scored right away and there are. -- not seem like they have got momentum on their side of that and so we definitely felt like we need to responded. Really put together and I tried to -- vote it down and scored the touchdown. Yes in that point you know I felt like we had things going pretty good and we were driven out for a big second half of them or just an excuse well one of. The interception at the end. What happened on that play because that was it intended for Graham. Syria. And I haven't watched that bit. I -- in the -- I don't -- rooted in the arm. That was stronger iron. I've just got a lot of ball Burnett productions here comet it's subsequently opened here but it. -- that yet I would -- Tyler I was -- -- got okay. Okay because he yeah he was going like I think he was turning inside. And its future running a sideline route just kept going. And again again I I don't know him an -- but as a stronger parts Colombo cannot submit. Well listen big picture. We talk about this with Chan Gailey this morning -- and he said you know what have we asked about the last three games in the playoffs are out of the picture. Are are you as far as you're concerned our playoffs out of the picture. Hello I mean that there's definitely -- -- the way that we played -- -- see we've had opportunities and playing Indian. Playing footsie with the games without any -- -- in -- -- here of radio -- -- -- great for us because they obviously don't. Sure there's there's pros built one chance that. Well we've got a lot to figure out six in order to even think about so we've just got to. Place -- -- and go to try to get better as a team we're not there yet. Well don't look at that newspaper this morning and checked the Seattle score. -- You know unbelievable to try to protect you from that one. Viral thanks as always for joining us on a Monday morning and we appreciate your time is always in good luck against the Seahawks up in Toronto. -- --

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