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WGR550>Topics>>12/10 Jerry Sullivan suggests Bills need a new GM and talks Chan Gailey

12/10 Jerry Sullivan suggests Bills need a new GM and talks Chan Gailey

Dec 10, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sorry are you doing today. Under -- so you're leading the search committee Sully. Well on to him what I consider that what happened last I looked try to get -- benefit -- it would be true but I know. When it came time that I got to run his football operation. Well we went into the -- won't hold up -- explain its web got -- retread coach and I ripped through all you viewers are expected to describe as. -- this resurgent St. Louis Rams build their disorder called up that ballot Don that though is that you have is the type -- guy who's gonna win in the league. -- got a guy who knows what's going on knows I've make will -- the -- 41 years old are about. They get 35 year old president nobody Joba. The trust and I believe and that's it's it's gotten what what Matt and technical writes that top bank will be one of those people while in orbit we know what happened. But he's -- employers. But he put -- -- generic -- like 1970. And it is over his head. You have -- expect that this isn't -- to be offensive coordinator -- coach I thought I was too much good guy he's wearing hope repaired. We talked about not cheap goods output. Well carries. He doesn't know what on -- distance and field goal. He's -- he's running me off and he doesn't know the -- -- steel caucus are all over again it's worse. And it's like well. When he spoke to say it couldn't get rid of the guy that's like yeah what they can go to your start. You know get -- to say that -- -- -- fifteen million cult like that joke of McLean -- don't take ten million last onion got the interior. The lowest paid coach in the league probably -- I mean. I'm glad I'm not a fan because it's I was thinking yesterday like how how much to fans take the. -- at Sully I think I wanna follow up on the daily thing because that I I think there's. I'm not expecting anything from the bills quite honestly but I but yesterday it was one of those games again where. You sit there I sat there in the press box and I swear after they lost. -- I just -- you had that feeling they're never gonna win in my lifetime I'm never gonna see this team. Get a winning record ever again or make the playoffs it was that. Life sucking in depressing even though by experts that day many times in my life here's my question about -- selling. I'm with you I think it's I was there weeks ago I think it's time to make a change I think he's just not the right coach for this team but. What are the chances it actually happens because. Buddy -- at least us publicly. Is still he said he still believes in Chan -- and -- you know basically it will capitalist Ralph Wilson tells -- -- to fire the coach and what are the odds that happens. Yeah I I just don't know at this point how how much product well. But it doesn't call me I don't really know how much power -- You know in charge she really is right here he called people regard just don't know I don't is going to be -- -- -- -- expect the problems getting. You tell people we're just happy to have jobs that there are over all -- -- all by organizing. You know who the quarterback right now -- spoke to say about. Approach to help -- at 59 million dollar contract. And it's got to be buddy and anybody who won the trapped CJ Spiller that his prize. You know when you believe you should have been trapped in that aren't happy most dynamic one of the most dynamic -- in the league. Is -- draft choice who you know I'm used by his coach it's -- can't figure out you know. I kicked field goal -- how to run. But -- take the -- teams how to get the clock down -- three seconds and then at eleven at the end of the -- that the that the wondered how much yesterday that that's incredible. You almost never -- screw that up all going to be a bit of a product are -- technically crap kicked off. What that kicked up -- run back -- -- -- to kick it into depicted by the. That little thing could it got to fire fire broke friends and another very much like six words that. The buddy -- chapter realized. Bit. Pete could coach isn't good enough but he but it attached to market at Alabama our -- why -- buffalo. The GI got a lot of science and met I don't know where the pressure has become problem yeah yeah well Brandon ultimate side makes it look at black and attendance. The architect a target bellicose act like a real gee am I wanna hear about the Indian better because you got a couple of the contemplated and actually -- played. Yeah I your head coach show me the best team UK -- better make them better get a bit co director and head coach. I don't get that a coach you can't claim that he had better -- about the graveyard buddy. I I don't think it's gonna happen I IE don't have faith in the bills to make the right decision and I think Sally whereas the pressure come from -- I think it comes from the box office setting the only way they fired head coaches is if Ralph Wilson someone. Comes up with some projections and tells Ralph the gonna take a bath and season ticket sales and revenue will drop because they can't sell this stuff anymore. -- -- I got it and I'm sure they don't care about how are being used outside the organization of anonymity to people come out on the -- Roger -- and it hopes that way. And -- twice as bad. Derby and the best point with -- A multi day and Lecrone extra -- a box that -- back that -- used to name. How about doing something different is it that simple you think coach is probably not lap and but I actually kind of boxed channeled to the ball to -- -- a -- seven carries are located there. No -- model looks and our planet like distributors and no one looked -- it actually gets the ball and it's not ready to take him out of the game. You know what -- I had thirteen yards both play thirteen yards to carry the ball one more time in the last 22 minutes. Now -- taught there for possible to have that it brought screamed -- he got. With -- did I think it's one step and states it's like oh my god could go all the way you're their coach can you can't create that situation more than eight I'm. You get one a one yard gain. And he spoke right out of run and and again you know got a one yard gains are modest -- -- anyone in history a first down very standard. -- look at it carried. So -- better -- 300. And I concur pretty -- to be 200. But my -- and get the eighty's and ninety's or every play go back to Barry Sanders. Yeah that's another point is not an episode about him being afraid to lose -- wanted and it just hate the stupid. Well -- out when you talk about. Yeah had a bad play on getting completions to when you keep throw the ball yet sexy keep throw the ball right so. I don't I just don't understand it I don't understand how many times we have to talk about Spiller and have a B. Seoul blatantly obvious and yet it just it feels like it's a waste of time to talk about they and now finally -- hurt again. And -- we've created a situation -- where. -- out two or three weeks of this season's probably done. And now it's not a rotation and now CJ is not tired LLC is hitting the ball more and you shouldn't mean a spot where you think. You know fans ever at disable like I am a it's too bad Fred serpent legally see the real thing now he should never be in that spot. I know I have great admiration Fred you know. I -- I mean. You can replace -- It took me defending presentation and it still has -- -- -- stupid I see what happened and who deserves the ball warrant mean the point about. Blended to what did you get a big play yesterday against that imperfect life. I mean a low scoring game with thumping one long run -- a lot of ball games and Mike in seventy are a bit eleventh. Delegate sammon you've got to find out. Yeah I thought so they wanted to go back let me get the -- -- -- second I wanna check my notes and make sure you know what I'm talking about here. The -- first the bills had no touchdowns in the first tapper writes they come out in the second half. Saint Louis gets the first possession escort touchdown bills get the ball back they rip off the 75 yard touchdown. Drive to tie the game or to take the lead I'm sorry 127. In that drive. It is sparked by CJ Spiller first play. Or run thirteen yards and they pass the Stevie. And then -- run the CJ. Thirteen yards they want to score the touchdown he sparked that drive to Kerry's 26 yards next series spreads on the field. Why and why. You're you're running game was was invisible in the first half twelve carries sixty yards it does nothing Spiller comes out to Kerry's 26 yard bomb touchdown next next. Possession offensively it's -- -- But that it's Fred turned -- this is just mind boggling to me. I mean that's the way you coach I guarantee -- -- you know based ultimately query don't want to get placed treaty inning -- can play three and keep apparent app is fine. That is not a cult and like 32 of them. -- that -- about it as well he's fired I mean it's like this so many things. Individually. Account with a real organization. And accountability. And a strong division of powers that I would be gone. It's changed turn you know by the ribbon but -- can't -- straight back out and play these people lost doubt they're the kind of broad. We could get good coaches have been really a coach is this legal struggle to do bulk. Bill Belichick's able to because it it really that cold which industries that would guys he's not Bill Belichick. It's enough -- even called a guy who can't decide. Whether Iran's -- or more shouldn't have cooperation shouldn't make a decision upon shouldn't make a decision. You know field goal should be make a decision on whether to -- or not should be making decisions. That anything to do with people and of course you don't do that anybody who really liked coaches act he. -- head coach. But you expect it getting better. But you know what if you wanna waste the top you have keep this guy next year we'll have another -- a year ago -- we have a -- November. And then go find somebody else. 8030550. Buffalo News comic Jerry Sullivan with us he is on this afternoon for the hour -- edition of his show and that is that 5 o'clock -- bills football Monday. Naming your guitar with -- go right ahead. I think should think -- my call what they are good drives me absolutely batty. Is the fact that third -- who was dark clothes and we were three separate. Went very pure Sarkozy was not given -- opportunity. Bullies run its fear for one year. Because it giants as defensive coordinator went to Super Bowl and nobody was doing. And he never even got a shot here is that everybody has more on Chan Gailey who can -- a fifty yard field goal. It is like depended on it and I just don't understand where our. He's deputy head over it -- protocol are being barely at all are they up. -- -- And eleven Perry -- -- bigger. They get that -- all people are all on that now that I mean I've I think he did try to recognize that in years to get the although it was best players. Look up. I don't like to second guess myself but. If I can go back if I knew and our buddy next entry until I -- advocating very fuel. What the notion it would never go take a proven guy I want to head coach. You know fighting how good he was on the job but you know what -- you know it was approved failure -- art and. 8030515. To join us it is Buffalo Bills football Monday and Jerry seller list is well we'll go to you -- next up ground was selling on W -- right ahead. So it's such a pleasure to talk yet return -- we develop every bit of doubt or Florida. Listen -- -- columnist -- for 45. Years and this is the first time in my life but I can honestly say it's un watchable football. With what you said so earlier we -- it. He coaches like seventy during his when he spoke saying that because that's an insult to seventy degrees were. He's that bad. -- the worst coach in football he saw it. That -- thirty other guy has a job he's begun meet the legal community message about it because somebody the problem is just a coalition -- mixed. Bringing those two guys into this franchise was unbelievable horrendous mistake he's. Couldn't have been a road that would produce less like he's at least as many losses as well as it is -- -- I think the net app impediments that make adjustments he doesn't know what two point conversion as we don't know where the ball on the field it doesn't want to call a timeout. He's clueless. Absolutely. Clueless how -- good job is behind -- ignited a real problem. -- -- incredible and how it has to bring him back for another year but the worst of about the -- and cellulose. There's nothing at all to suggest. It is getting better or -- it better. Anytime soon it was enjoyable football and you're playing competitively. It's hit but the guy is clueless he has no interest and -- All the approach that current equipment wish he had died when a lot of and sure. Back again and that's how bad it is so they're not allowed only if the -- do -- -- he's the worst. You can put forward and I both accounts it do you -- stop that that's true quote un watchable big deal all ought to ought to take a look terrible. It's 120 -- It solid and probably after I hit the ball very watchable solid let me ask -- that -- -- let me -- real quick as I I actually disagree with the tail end of -- point. I think you should I I think that there is talent on this roster -- not -- -- operating part I think they are. Getting better but they're being held back by their coach and they're being held back by their quarterback I think that's another reason why you changed the coach because I don't think the rosters as bad as it might look at five and eight. Well the coaching quarterback and -- government that two weeks ago we don't know what that better quarterback certainly they do win some of these games. Or is that a coach I think that you -- -- yeah I'm throwing promised -- -- And an -- -- get excited about Ireland is playing well but I'm gonna -- Before and knowing all these guys coming stars the Bryan -- of the world you know they've managed to lose these games they're they're content achieved but. Let's put -- -- -- but -- they have added I think Al defensively yes the reader not that they should be tenants excellent because the defense there marble or. Six weeks on a lot that happened the plan better now really illuminate. Problem on the coach. And a quarterback but you know what happens that this team has that happened for twelve years so -- probably about one out of all of the other one elected now. And like facilities and where the quarterback he's better at the coaching is better and we conceived defense apparent -- they really are in big situations because all they do. -- lose the best team that won five games this year both our teams are I've played -- haven't felt I don't wanna hear about the defense. That throw -- -- the other games let's see what. Are they about next year with a good coach. Well unemployed Jerry -- -- there's a lot in their the defense in each line backing help the offense needs -- Beckham receiving help but think. Outside of that you don't buddy nix has -- going to build this team. You know in the middle whether it's offensive line in defense of line. -- -- first draft when it went Spiller caring -- in the third round would have been -- -- characters Terry has -- right at the -- clear that looked like a complete wash now spill looks very worth it. Carrington looks good and -- is a wash because -- in is injuries. You want part and other draft picks but they've got. They've got. I think they've got good enough players and when whenever -- -- make the point about -- daily updates get a dog town. I'm OK keep -- if he's willing to make changes. And maybe admit that. The -- least not right of where are you on that is Nick's okay with you if if it meant that he would he would make a change their. I would rather clean out totally. I think they don't have to get -- him anyway. And got it would be nice to there were actually exploring I've got to find somebody younger -- political -- believed -- -- probably was. Well clearly when Hollywood heat well rarely out -- our guest tonight and the bank of some argument contain my. Start it and I don't want them but if he's the guy -- waiting fired but I -- get your main point is. Is correct got to make a decision on appeal to their coaches poll repaired. You want to head coach who had command of the operations. And a re enactment of orphans and indeed offensive coordinator under right there you're like a re on. You know operation has to -- and that's got a problem -- are. Mean we're. Kind of proved it ain't gonna Obama didn't -- didn't know what appealed oh what a long. Well I don't know -- they're an indication the point that I keep come back to Jerry is about preparedness at that. Head coach's job to have his team prepared to be prepared you know they have to call time out on a fourth and five. Two weeks ago you know that it just bothers me acquire two ready and in this spot. A fifty yard reverses a 52 yarder this is against the team that is 56 in one. In the game in December that is what to think you're not ready for that spot and the spots in this league get so much. Bigger if I feel like my coach isn't ready when it's you know five and seven against a 56 and one team it happened last week two against Jacksonville like. I can't keep feeling like you're not ready for the situation when it's like that. That this is in all the buy dot com tortoises and apart at a cost up you've got to be ready for the moment that aren't even that big. They weren't ready for the opener starts right there. The response from bad performance against a quarterback who's like -- -- 08 center as well let them. That's how does that happen. Are -- head coach allow the defense played that way after they get a new defensive line this ought to be a terror is up front how does he play that way. And there's other aspects of that game and ready. I don't know he looked great -- -- -- -- that would quarterback wasn't ready for that. He didn't have a running back correct that your I mean what it what are -- autopsy what we're eager to take them what their -- go back. What what what what we never win any big game deter or detect when it collapsed in contention you know want to echo go part one in Dallas. He went up one up and I don't know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And buddy next Pope M didn't meant to you we talk about the order to help anybody anybody and it didn't know many people either. The guys from his generation well what Chan Gailey or another science. No we're beyond we're really young upcoming coaches are urine output go Mike McCarthy what -- college coach maybe you Chip Kelly would never come here. Are -- but who knows the college coaches and scouts. Right he should other college coaches -- doubts. You should it should know sometime I don't know. I don't know how much he really was responsible what happened in San Diego it's probably good the -- the players here but up your act good. And what you do you know football player you know football coach you. You brought that guy into -- You asked if he'd won a playoff game or lost left into lost two playoff games but the cowboys. One to Erica hill and ran. Bob bowl games hold on one segment and to do that Korea. On day one the humanitarian bowl and the champs sports bowl. Well in Iowa the public -- -- -- -- because they lost its game Hayley was two and four in bowl games. And now in the playoffs right here I don't want to -- what's that -- derby curator they -- humanitarian bowl like not Sully. Let's just kidding. Well at Georgia attack on the Georgia Tech 7676757595. Seven and six. -- -- -- difficult seventh pick and college football hooligans -- but I mean you know play the noncombatants are checked in and -- community college. I want Collins and you. Don't we begin your conference the year that they were 95 black -- and cannot help you lose the salute all of that and accept that one win over the patriots. And you cannot succeed and I whatever approach to who brought it whenever. I got up and it's where it's almost like 830 until I decided I -- aren't good enough -- that night and five seeds are very. Did George tech up ranked number fifty in the country they lost to Georgia fifteen to twelve. Tashard Choice had a streak of a hundred 43 yards and a touchdown and that game Lincoln's. I don't look at -- 12 am yeah fifteen to twelve Georgia wondered gore and George don't want it. And then in the ACC championship game they lost to. Wake Forest 96. So they had no later on C championship game back in a big part of our being at Lucas gave at 96 and fifteen to twelve and college. I I may get fired because we've gone so incredibly long putt. That might be the greatest single thing you ever said when they beat -- high tech in -- community college. I covered that arrival Beckham and the I. That that was that's a Larry that is that is encrypt that might be the greatest thing you've ever uttered on this radio station and put it great Great Britain. But on the web site you know make the most of it good caller I'm good column today Sally thanks for coming on argument but.

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