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12/10 Stevie Johnson is very disappointed with the way the season has gone

Dec 10, 2012|

Stevie on Schopp and the Bulldog, 12/10

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Where at the stadium much open mobile blog -- joined now by Stevie Johnson as the man said Stevie nice to have you on a -- So. In the we've been talking for two years of that money games like this one that we games -- There have to be just very tough losses to take use. So any reason -- think this one isn't on this list of relief frustrating defeats. Is definitely it is business -- a -- -- the -- of emotion or a little frustrating games. Within Kandahar. Thanks to. Also of celeb don't you know watching the film into class and against. You know which is a good thing -- as -- B visa just let me let the beat -- BP is wearing when it here. Our guard does -- warmer there than there are. And you know. We have let let me go to -- on -- hardware is that the president. Stevie that that might play right into what what I'm curious to talk to you about here at least at the outset and that some. Some guys after the game I don't know if you -- -- more problem talking about lacking a killer instinct. And maybe that's best evidence. In my opinion by the drive at the end of the half. Where you guys I think have with a minute and change in -- the ramp 34 yard line and that drive really bogs down twelve yards later. And it just didn't ever feel like sitting there on the stadium watching it like. You guys tried to score a touchdown there and I'm wondering what that sequence felt like you on the field. The other Butler and there and you know that this is that there coach coach made. To keep to keep the ball and induce the actual point of legal -- that don't take any chances than. Maybe maybe. -- civilian -- an interception all of they're. We would kick a field goal -- number and and and I get those reports before. They -- that the big picture I mean there are detailed from yesterday but were at the point where even. Fans who were optimistic still hoping for the playoffs are pretty much past that mean this. This cannot be at all what you signed up for this year right I mean you've got you've got five and eight now. All these just talk to take losses. Would you would you step back from the details of games like this -- what do you think. No I'm. I -- is is that we're now well want to want to have grown during this season. A big of the -- beat very and that will be in the playoffs they could -- better and better talker -- new. I mean this step without him. And a masters in particular player where others are -- so. Who allowed this to post some all of second bell although bird though. I'm not gonna make another to make you David are coming every single. What -- man and not a column wanna put this on our. Ulcers -- all of because our because there's there's definitely permanent commitment everybody concede. We've got to be able to work work together on Sunday than in you know worked out. It worked out Utah but it you know give any time where we we got actually a playoff. You know we got to do we got to deal point where we work. Stevie do you regret signing. Back here at this point don't know. -- regret it you know move will be is Google we are hardly anything you know -- -- move on lose. That is where we -- -- -- went outside and you know without a bit here -- -- you know well under the Grimes -- too -- therefore. You know -- I want this first year of -- side effect would be one vote world special one reactive but. You know we still put piece together. We will we act we are guys that do compete nobody nobody's going at it we don't have a -- are saying. So on a -- country with the -- Correct these correct -- stay here. Do you feel like the teams getting better. Elude it wasn't -- -- army is not hard as soon but it looks like oh no we're not even better but. There's we we know we know we are you know air. In businesses sellers are sort. Although although they don't know like like what are and what -- -- beat Spiegel our people here nobody. They've been they've been good -- first to a vote. -- producers -- announced clarity -- there we're aware of are all a better than a week that we need to control on our side I don't know. And you know all week this week we hear we hear revenues status these next three weeks and -- -- -- -- or -- With an excuse. Do you think your team do you still have. Ultimate confidence in your quarterback in your coach at this point -- Well who knows almost say you -- because you know. He didn't code for a local -- it's been great. The great game play you know we got we aptly erupt coloration of her with a bigger -- services. This situation that we beer. Where we care relief you know cause everything that we that we -- that we want to know that we do it you know so. He -- this is not about the place. Is this situation that we get into the order. We need to. We couldn't have got so -- situation so -- to open the playbook will. It's its might it might be close enough to the same question for you in on a really wanna ask you the same question but. You're here in no way and I'm just thinking a lot about whether or not guys like you feel like you're in a better place -- you were. Four years ago with this franchise the fans are all talking about whether the coach needs to go. It at this point which you are you saying that that would be bad for this franchise continuity. You know whatever else. -- right -- -- -- given the situation. Other than that put this thing together. And then and then this -- -- army that is to have our first season together. I'm no no excuse of -- we'll hear more excuses nouveau is first you know -- work in and in all actuality it is his -- -- let's see what happens next here where. Within our within what -- currently there -- -- government -- and are so. We'll be had a -- of course was -- -- players who let. In with the logo we do about it and you say speaker 08. It. -- -- governor that that was cool cool cool over the outlook could be in the court like formal part of our some thirty years in the -- ball so he's very. Do what we're better and that. I think we are better you know then there's no way you can go to these most are bargain. When history you'll and we haven't had the worst report but we are better change and I'm. We don't know almost beat a few remote import. We'll see. Dispute pushing pushing for playoff spot in the future. And -- say it's your first year together what I want -- -- with bits and and -- game for and in a lot of parts on the offensive and coach -- have been -- want to demean the offseason acquisitions. And -- new defense meeting you at quarter of -- kind of thing. You have me like you know -- without listening levels say those big Arum well look there's we will. We've put those of you are doing and -- isn't closed down in a situation where. Situations where we were down by police so -- so those who got it and now we got now we got. Gotta -- -- like this and Aaron and we will we don't owe as much -- as ever used to seeing. You know but I think you know with our new planet either. -- you're. I'll include the good news is that -- and we can resist the return. Hey -- Stevie the the players after games it's it's very predictable. Once once in awhile you step out or maybe another guy but it's very predictable I mean you get a game like yesterday where. It's so close your leading almost the whole day and a couple decisions and things happen and fans are just beside themselves but the players all sound. Behind their coach and unified let me ask you this way why is that important why is an important. That the players. Not call each other route or even call coach -- -- In the new year so let me go to numbered but it. When they respect only you know future. What you witnessed amoral and another Emilio us speak salary though in the media but. You know we we know each other accountable and a lot wrong -- They use big important that we felt we. You know keep saying keep your profession I -- we are our strategy or are there much pressure. It was nothing I think it will that we spend together. What was that you know we together you know we we -- having me any personal -- with each other you know if you can't say anything to somebody earlier -- them. In those thought you know less well no -- speak about it to me everything mr. remedial work. We should be overstated that we have a say. It's gotta make you wonder sometimes why you bother with the media and I mean if you are good. -- -- blues whose hopes and Lorillard you know not if I had a question you guys. On this is saying is. -- -- -- do you know I had -- on the phone right now our. Four bit on all of our anybody don't be as hard Carlo authorities also. If they actually I -- have to. Slew of verbal slip them you know -- before but for those but it doesn't matter. I mean understood and people can certainly see the you know like the professionalism to use your word for that but you don't you'd also have to admit that. You or just anybody that situation is compromising some honesty by that. You know policy -- Yes -- are actually occasionally. It is a -- you know you know you make a point. I'm I'm I'm wondering how much if at all you've talked to CJ Spiller it's been kind of a running narrative. For. And it's maybe it's the whole season certainly for the last few weeks about how infrequently sometimes he gets the ball. And -- but I guess when I'm wondering is do you guys. You guys hear the explanation your coach Gibbs for that. And any if you do I mean what do you what do you make advocates yesterday he said Spiller might have been wind and was there -- was when did you know mom and I mean we're just. I don't know I mean is he tired yes you know. Other than and here are your quote anything that they're corrosive. We're just don't speak and what I have heard him speak about the ultimate game in. You know -- -- is like the Saint Louis where they would mean -- they played we gamble old. But all of those -- rugby as you know we use we -- on the backs didn't -- it runs. Pretty good line. I think our first a lot to get the first on the -- what together forward. -- that they did they did it based farewell you don't get that same but it wasn't. It wasn't just the same as we're used to seeing what are what about procedures are ready so you know we try to Utah -- -- it was CJ. And you know blue route would call for a couple of runs but you know from the Mississippi to what are you studying. In in Charlotte beep -- -- -- so much aware. No we -- We have long -- -- Luke McCabe of their run defense you know so we gave gave Freddie from somebody carries. Which -- -- little little bit. And then I was about pretty much without artistic over the winter tankers you know we've. You know we we practice in private -- was all weekend. You know you would do now is you know there's abuse pursuant CW. Wanna take care of our. Right yeah it's it seems hard to -- a bad under after 213 yard runs that a 2.4 year old running back. Queen in optimal shape would would be when -- I don't pick -- blows my mind. -- yeah I know it all you guys on offense you talk about your receivers you're all proud guys you all think like you eat your dangerous and you could make the play to make the difference. But I'm Spiller what do you guys recognize -- that he's become one of the most dangerous players in the league. -- -- -- Well that we knew we knew we. Regular barbaric Herbert Berger regret your. -- we that would -- that we know it we don't. -- mean -- we watched that TV copies of -- game but it. You know we we -- looking from from the media's. His average and believe -- -- still -- -- about him leaving and yards. No expert Kerio and we know are we -- -- years you know. You know put your record this situation is that they've gone and in the games where you know you don't want to. You don't wanna see your repeated too much knowing that they're they're going to be. Stabenow are nor are cracking cracking the -- and you know we don't know what -- in -- -- some negotiators is -- happy that he may have -- and then nobody know about. -- alone and enough. Yet totally vetoes and nobody there if if he got us. -- -- -- is a guy in you know in the profession of making people miss you you talk more about steelers' talent. That what what do you see. As. What the key characteristics are that that set him apart how does he do it. Obviously this they uses his speed up and people that they know he's fast. Blood when -- get on the field and try to tackle -- like. Okay he. Thought he would affiliate recorder or you're. You try to make -- -- added a -- some -- regatta with that once that I have to step on you. So it is makes you miss them you don't see him do too much. You know on our future our core -- Moses. He Q1 Morgan value -- you know and and the other in the other in Kabul back you know you you make mobile inaudible gonna take off. If you got that speed to -- -- -- you can go from her experience to that so that's that's pretty much with what goes it's critical. Yeah you do see him stop that that zero if he'll stop in Iran and then and then and then went up again. -- here. Were almost out of time and I I neglected before -- but one player I'd like to ask you about. Five minutes to go the people to -- down the middle on third down. You referenced that earlier third down pass was thrown behind you but this is a different one can you tell us. Where you were on the field there where you open what was your role that played remember. People -- curves. -- -- very -- this -- number five minutes left frank got her. There's a delay. In the next play after that. Home loans that are. Are -- they as big. They are they Colombo about them. My -- play at all and they're not that the speaker think Donald -- Good thing and we exceeded on a potent and -- we want to have. What into the -- -- -- -- bill spilled almost recession or not but balked at a go to those who. And though it yeah well here it was all in -- goes over the post -- poultry. And is that he's been completed. Events are -- -- -- sticks means you're at the first down marker that's your job it is to get to the the stay here. For Bulldog who isn't all that right now outside of my -- respect and be yours stick. -- -- Toronto this week. Any thoughts on the annual visit of north. Oh yeah you know bloody noses senators or should be a point. -- -- -- the Arizona Cardinals. And you know on the you know on the report plan against Archie what they're about. You know I mean they made -- sit down as a Bellwether receiver than is. Million dollar of experiences is that people -- bigger. And you don't show that there are you know we we pretty much. And at a point where you are often been betrayed oddities though they used to be one of the game we just -- break out of it and I'm this or do you as the Kyoto this he'll be out there. Stevie is always thanks for taking our questions. In Europe you know Europe. -- the -- to remember that it will come harder next -- yeah. Our -- Stevie Johnson Mondays. And four.

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