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Stevie Johnson- No Quitters Here

Dec 10, 2012|

w/ Schop + Bulldog

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Where at the stadium much open the Bulldog -- joined now by Stevie Johnson as the man said Stevie nice to have you on Dario. Earlier. So even though we've been talking for two years of that money games like this one that we games there there. Have to be just very tough losses to take use -- reason I think this one isn't on this list of really frustrating defeats. It is definitely -- business is -- popular list of emotion or shall frustrating games. Within two harder. Make things too. On the road also cost so little you know watching the film into play and again. Notes due to competitive -- -- B visa just let we let them beat those BP is where and when it here. Cargoes are much better and there are. You know. We have let let me go to supplemented -- is that -- personal. Stevie that that might play right into what what I'm curious to talk to you about here at least at the outset and that some. Some guys after the game I don't know if you might have been more problem talking about lacking a killer instinct. And maybe that's best evidence. In my opinion by the drive at the end of the half. Where you guys I think -- with a minute and change in -- the -- 34 yard line and that drive really bogs down twelve yards later. And it just didn't ever feel like sitting there on the stadium watching it like. You guys tried to score a touchdown there and I'm wondering what that sequence felt like you on the field. The other Butler and they're you know that this is that there coach -- made of the -- to keep the ball away and -- speaks to a point. We don't want it don't take any chances than. Maybe maybe -- into the end -- giving -- an interception all of that. We look at the field goal and and and -- -- -- reports before. They Stevie that the big picture I mean there are detailed from yesterday but were at the point where even. Fans who were optimistic still hoping for the playoffs are pretty much past that mean this. This cannot be at all what you signed up for this year right I mean you've got you've got five and eight now. All these just talk to take losses. Would you would you step back from the details of games like this won't what do you think. No I'm. On this is that we're now well want to -- who have grown during this season. A -- of the guard beat very -- -- in the playoffs they couldn't bear area talker pregnant. I mean is that without their. Russia and a masters in particular player where are our must show. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I know are going to be another made here David -- our government. During the Fourth Amendment. Not a column a little -- -- on our. On and also you know all of because part because there's there's definitely common in -- it and everybody can see that. We you've got to be able to work work together -- Sunday -- In the you know worked out. It worked out -- but it you know -- -- -- where we we got actually a playoff. You know we -- -- -- we got a real -- and we and we want to. Stevie do you regret signing. Back here at this point -- no. Now regret it -- move will be is -- we -- hardly anything you know I'm -- on the -- That is where we -- one -- -- outside and you know one out a bit here -- -- you know well under the -- a new -- for. You know awarded don't want this first year of -- side effect would be one vote world special one reactive but. You know we still put piece together. We will we act we are guys that do compete nobody nobody's wearing an area we don't have a quitter who are saying. So on a beautiful country with fame. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Do you feel like the teams getting better. -- it was -- but it is army is not partisan but it looks like oh no we're not even better but. There's we we know we know we are you know air. -- there's -- there's -- are sort of all the filler you know like or what are what you are beat Spiegel our people here -- eight. They've been they've been good -- person -- -- Well we're producers says without clarity -- -- -- all -- that most of that week that we need to control on our side than on. And you know ultimately. What we we do we hear revenues these next three weeks and and a good -- or -- With an excuse. Do you think your team do you still have. Ultimate confidence in your quarterback in your coach at this point Steven. -- who -- almost thirty years because you know. He is code for local news that they're great. The great game plan you know we got we have played your -- to coloration of her with a regular services. This situation that we beer. Where we care release. You know -- everything that we. That we that we want to note that we -- -- you know so. He knows this is not is not the place. Is this situation that we get into the where. We need to. We could win the course of about a situation so close you know to open the playbook will. It's its might it might be close enough to the same question for you in on a really wanna ask you the same question but. If you were here in no way and I'm just thinking a lot about whether or not guys like you feel like you're in a better place -- you were. Four years ago with this franchise the fans are all talking about whether the coach needs to go. It at this point which you are you saying that that would be bad for this franchise continuity. You know whatever else. A home here right I -- given given the situation. Other than that put this thing together. And then and then this is to -- those who have -- first season together. I'm no no excuse of oh yeah we'll hear more excuses voters first whoever work in and in all actuality it is his only person journalist who -- next here where. What they are when they knew what they've whatever clicked and I just got a heavier and are so. Will be had a player of course was sort of players who let. And -- tell -- about it and you say you speak up 08. You got your best. But the cool cool cool weather outlook could be in the -- -- -- to -- -- a year and in the -- ball so he's very. Do what we're better and that. I think we are better you know then there's no way you can order these numbers are out bargain. When mystery you'll and we haven't had the -- director -- -- we are better change and I'm. We don't know about almost beat a few general a look at what I'm we'll see. -- -- put -- -- the -- playoff spot in the future. And we say it's your first year together what I want to human with its name and see game for in a lot of parts on the offensive and coach -- have been -- want to demean the offseason acquisitions. And they got a new defense meeting you at quarterback kind of thing. Yeah I -- like you know win without looks -- levels say I was speaking here on well looked as we lose. We've put notes gardening and carriages in slowdown. In situations where. Situations where we were down five point oh points or so polluted gutter and now we got now we got. Gotta gotta be there's like there's been there and then we will go so much is as Sampras used to seeing. You know -- but I think you know with popping the planet either. Next year. I'll include there's it is that -- and we can resist the return. Hey Stevie the the players after games it's it's very predictable. Once once in awhile you step out or maybe another guy but it's very predictable I mean you get a game like yesterday where. It's so close your leading almost the whole day and a couple decisions and things happen and fans are just beside themselves but the players all sound. Behind their coach and unified let me ask you this way why is that important why is an important. That the players. Not call each other route or even call coach -- -- In the -- you're so little Gordon remembered both. And they respect only using your future and what are you witnessing more of one another saying you know Leo speak out like at all in the media but. You know we we know each other Arab oil embargo on. They use big important that we felt we. You know keep saying keep it professional -- we offer strategies are -- -- -- frustrated. It was nothing I think it will that we spend together. -- You know we together you know we will having me any personal issues with each other you know if you can't say anything with somebody or -- -- -- And also thought you know less while you know don't speak about it to me everything's saying -- media world. We should be overstated its search for each of -- face. It's gotta make you wonder sometimes why you bother with the media and I mean if you are good. Army active blues whose hopes and Lorillard you know not if I have a question you guys. On this is saying is I it's and competitive. You know I had -- on the phone right now our. Four bit -- all over it -- don't be as Giordano on the -- you also. If they are they'll have to. With a double -- them you know Susan before but the total player doesn't matter. I mean understood and people can certainly see the you know like the the professionalism to use your word for that but you don't you'd also have to admit that. You or just anybody that situation is compromising some honesty by that. You know policy right. Yes your arm a -- -- -- -- though you know you know he made a point. I'm I'm I'm wondering how much if at all you talk to CJ Spiller it's been kind of a running narrative. For. It's maybe it's the whole season certainly for the last few weeks about how -- frequently sometimes he gets the ball. And -- but I guess when I'm wondering is do you guys. You guys hear the explanation your coach Gibbs for that. And any if you do I mean what do you what do you make advocates yesterday he said Spiller might have been wind and was there -- was when did you know mom and I mean we're just. I don't know I mean is he tired yes you know -- Other and -- -- here quote anything that the corrosive. Would lose -- because when I -- -- -- -- opening game and you know it happens like the Saint Louis where they would mean they've they've played we gamble old. All of those pork Retief says you know we use we are on the backs -- it runs. -- -- line. I think our first a lot to get the first under -- with the governor -- They did they did they based farewell you don't get that same but it wasn't. It wasn't just the same as we're used to seeing -- -- -- -- -- so you know we try to Utah where it would it was CJ. And you know Luke -- who was called for a couple were both. You know -- in the -- we don't wanna use that in. In control of the these procedures so much aware. -- -- -- -- We have little gonna -- the game of their run defense you know so we gave gave Freddie from somewhere -- Which have so little bit. That amount about pretty much throughout our technical the way to tankers you know we've. You know we we practice and present -- was all weekend. You know you went -- now -- you know -- -- pursuant to see done always wanted to take care of our. Right yeah it's it seems hard to beat a bad under after 213 yard runs that a point four year old running back. Queen an optimal shape would would be -- -- I don't get a guy blows my mind. -- yeah I know it all you guys on offense you talk about your receivers you're all proud guys you all think like you -- dangerous and you could make the play to make the difference. But I'm Spiller what do you guys recognize incensed that he's become one of the most dangerous players in the league. That mode that'll. Well that we knew we knew we. Beg your curb or curb or hurt her regret your. -- -- -- with that we know it we don't. I mean -- we watched that TV copies of -- game but. You know we we give looking from from the media. About. His average in I don't believe I'll be -- live -- bottom leave him in yards. Dollars per carrier when. We know are we are -- years ago. You know but -- -- spared serious situation is that a golden and in the games where you know you don't want to. You don't wanna see -- repeated too much knowing that they're they're going to be. As stubborn over an hour or cracking cracking the hole and then. You know we don't you know I don't -- in the heartland some -- -- is -- happy that you may have -- and then nobody know about. Oh well enough alone even now. Yet totally vetoes and nobody there if if he got -- Hey -- Stevie is a guy in you know in the profession of making people miss you you talk more about steelers' talent. That what what do you see. As. What the key characteristics are that that set him apart how does -- do it. Obviously disrupting business I think just -- -- and people -- that they know he's fast. But when -- on the field and other tackle on the play. Okay he. Bodies were affiliated recorder or you work. You try to make -- -- added -- do Lagos on the yacht regatta it would one step after step all of you. So it is makes you miss you don't see him do too much. You know on parties are -- -- should be -- loses. He -- Wimbledon value call you know and and the other in the other in Kabul back you know you make mobile notable gonna take off. If you got that speed where he he he can go -- six -- to that so that's that's pretty much with with those between Google. Yeah you do see him stop -- -- zero if he'll stop in Iran and then and then and then went -- again. You and your. We're almost out of time and I I neglected before -- ask you about one player I'd like to ask you about. Five minutes ago the people to -- down the middle on third down. You referenced that earlier third down pass was thrown behind you but this is a different one can you tell us. Where you were on the field there where you open what was your role that played remember. People are curves. Like you're -- slid five minutes left for -- got her. There's a delay. In the next play after that. Home loser. -- I think I think that it has. Big -- the Obama about who. My -- play at all. And -- not a nervously hoping -- -- and we get seated on a potent and you know we want to. What you get a bargain all of these bill still almost no pressure not vote ballpark and to have those built. And -- it it allowed me it was all they want to go to the post do the potency. And is that he's been completed. -- -- that our sticks means you're at the first down marker that's your job it is to get to the to stay here. For Bulldog as it is -- -- -- right now outside of my -- respect and be yours stick. Toronto this week. Any thoughts on the annual visit of north. Earlier you know legal and uses standard is what should be a point of -- shut out the Arizona Cardinals. And you know omelet at a live report plan against Archie what they're about. You know I mean -- -- except now it's -- -- receivers and is there -- My knowledge of experiences is that people -- -- -- your share of those barrier we we pretty much. And at a point where. These are often been betrayed -- though they used to be one of the game and we just. Break out of it and this will be at the Schiavo this young people out there. Stevie is always thanks for taking our questions. -- are. -- what are Rivera that it will come harder next -- -- Our war Stevie Johnson Mondays. And four. Seattle 58 errors on an up and Greg and I were both Seattle baskets. I think this may be and they haven't really won anything yet. -- -- -- And all -- an agreement. But I think this might be the best team Seattle's ever had. Well I'm working on I think it might be the best Seattle team -- you're Greg would be experts. The opera by Greg at least amongst the realist I know they've been to a Super Bowl in 83 I -- angrily it was shall be missed. I feel like this team is better than those teams. I I'm eager to see him to justice he like. How good they are if they're active they should just. You know take the -- down mean up until I heard and after last night and BC. Showing the highlights march on the Tuesday. Saying something effective. Marshawn Lynch is he playing in a bigger market than Seattle he would be a star in this -- And I just set there for my TV thinking mr. segment near the end. The show before they throw it to Al Michaels would -- they show one highlight from almost every game that's been played that day. Two weeks in a row. Normally medal -- during that bill like ten of the city thirteen games have been played they get your highlights from. Two weeks ago.

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