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Jerry Sullivan Says Media outside of Buffalo shaking their head at Bills

Dec 10, 2012|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're all about being honest and re -- cellular -- these guys are here. Yuck it up about whether Cam Cameron all of -- below. Coach I don't near future I know -- Joseph is not gonna do that in his sportscaster buddy you know you can closes that story about you know can't. Cam Cameron and in the it to me to tag line is and he immediately becomes the favorite to be the next bills head coach. Right washed out his only head coaching opportunity -- Just got kicked out of a winning organization check. Funny short name beginning with -- camp -- weighted where we're apartment where we thought it. You kind of know he's been around only for every I don't know these -- want I probably with a head coach somewhere interim. Offensive guy and now they're probably. They have the -- birthday probably had some success at some border another error was fortunate that the being hooked up with a good quarterback so it's a good season set office that he coached college now but a seven and six records for room. BCS school Bono a moment later with Wikipedia official cereal from Nevada out of the next bill Tony roach coach of the 07 dolphins who won one game right. Tim Graham should get them there -- probably cover that poem. On a fifteen but I bet he. Over achieved and they never quit. Jerry RSS enough of that how bad is it. With that I seem to call for the coach's firing this morning and that the presidential election happens once the warriors who got their. I think it gets worse the more you listen to -- This on the station this morning I mean I was like how I'm getting ready to go on he sets up -- -- get out for forget these this only that we won't. We do what it takes to make them productive the the way that sounds to me is the coach. To solar panel locked up in his own mythology of coaching with the there's a lot of that this league he makes -- Spiller productive again it. It's got -- natural ability that makes him. If he makes some productive that's scary notion but that's the way he thinks not in his own don't just -- a two month third and four rather try to throw the sticks. -- making him productive that's a coach who had just lost. And is on the policy. There was it -- few moments listening to him as Bulldog and I were sitting in this room after the game you were part of that but I love what you sounded. It's a chance it's bad looking bad. Do you you say it's harder to listen to him I think he sounds like he's having a tougher time thinking of what to say I don't know if he sounds. Read older because any of this to you but. Do you think he's struggling to explain things get -- I do. I think he is I think he's not -- he can he's never articulate to begin with when he. Tries to explain why things happen like his explanation for what happened to the running game in the second half was just totally lost me. Something went wrong would happen after. After Spiller went for thirteen and then thirteen and never and -- once again what failed in the running game. When Spiller at one Karen I wanted to know whatever happened so it's something it's like in his mind he's doing all this classroom coaching stuff that's. Formulating his opinions forming is opinions and he can't get it out because I don't think he that he knows. What he's doing he's trying to beat the intellectual head coach. And it's just. Like second in nine to him as a disaster. It is the of the carry for Spiller the last -- one at that time is what. Everything that the -- they used to be old school football coaches was like run for four on first down that's what it's all about. And I don't know if he still believes that because I think and second sixty and a happy but it immediately at second and nine Euro crisis. And so he go in as he goes and the running game is working after one carry. I don't know what happened with Fred he wasn't too well -- about it I'm Obama express myself the way he's just. He's he's too nice a guy in some ways to to handle it the way some coaches would which would be. The fight with the media and say I know more than usual but he tries to accommodate and -- it almost makes it worse. The running game stuff yesterday just I mean or whatever explanation you you wanna try to put on it. I mean if you just look at literally what he said it doesn't make sense what you're saying and then figured cutest turned up that. Of the most dangerous player on the field puts the ball eight times. The deal was close all -- all of them and important enough -- point one won't just come and and yesterday it was just jury. For me. You know different people get there are different times like to -- he lost the Mac game yesterday. But that's why would -- try to do what we all want to watch the coach lose the game. Welcome on the Lindell. Thing was. Somewhat of a signature moment -- -- he's on the field for 52 yard field goal gave Lee explains it as that he didn't know what. Yard line the ball was on he thought it was fifty. He tried to get the message to his team to let the clock ran out wasn't sure he had. And then really ultimately comes down to the difference between the 52 and fifty yard field goal this fifty -- Google business is is order silliness. It's not forty years ago. We're we're in a fifty yard field goal is more of a story. Economic times I've said it how can he after the air historic game. Talk publicly about how rare fifty yard field goals are and have all of us two months later. Be sitting here still watching him operate that way always know what in his -- since then how is not open their doorstep. -- since then. Well that's that's a good question that I don't think anyone is in his -- it to. Mean is GM believes in him and other than that I think he's flying on his own I think this head coach. Play caller -- he's got a often avoid measurement that that's just she's. He's way over his head it's clear that he's he's so busy trying to figure out how to get. The offense going and that he can't do the fundamental stuff that when when it's Marv Levy and Parcells. And those guys it you just burning question it's always you know they always run to three seconds and kick the field and that happened march to lock and they don't -- that. They don't not run -- play with sixteen seconds they gave a play away there. Basically eleven you know. Mean -- playback and that -- to -- -- let it handle it plays in the NFL that you might score in his fear he's rule by fear as I said that's more in the here. Of fits the fear of up until like getting sacked that was the thing -- the first that he's thinking what do I get sacked. It's always what will happen if something bad happens that's about it coach. Yeah that they they had the ball. Howard at the play by play out this morning I think it's the 34 yard line with a minute and four seconds ago and all the time -- They moved the ball twelve more yards. And then call time out of eleven seconds. Sniff of goal towards the -- of running a touchdown. The whole thing is -- scared I mean you feasted on the word scared he used that after the game described a few -- scared they're gonna snap it. I wrote the same she seemed thing at WGR by fifty dot com scared. Scared to go to the end zone scared to make Fred manned by giving Spiller too many carriers are scared to make Spiller are here to -- we need to. This is scared to try -- gold standard. And then I got to listen players -- locker Matt for talking about we lack a killer instinct. Poll what do you think maybe that comes from fat. I don't think anyway fits -- that that way but it but it led directly to questions of the coach or where is the killer instinct or just you know just an average instinct dominion that killer which is competitive instinct rather than this. This fear and you don't -- may have the weapon a player who's this. Hybrid dynamic player he's a hall of fame running back in our paper that morning saying given the ball more oil that we not get Jim Brown ROJ in there. We need more running backs to say you back in the ball up. But if you're afraid. A drop them back with two. First time stars on Europe at the line at the 34 where they get to the point too because you don't torture kicker. Run a play that that -- Spiller might break something. Note that the -- that plays where it's not obvious you're gonna run and that that extra man is that the in the box that changes everything he does. Find those opportunities it to get the ball to Spiller shouldn't be that complicated put in the backfield on third for. Don't think you're gonna run but -- -- not put an extra guy in the box if you've got four guys out right. Tossing the ball. Which -- the toss the ball the most dynamic running back in the league who looks are you gonna break it every time he touches it outside in space. Or try to throw the ball four -- the front that's Patrick what do these receivers we've covered. I'd say on the toss. You -- have the ball but that it player will have the ball now he's got to run for you -- he might not make it every time. But you know what. That's one more chance for him pop in the sixty yarder you pop the sixty yard you when the game yesterday you pop a sixty yarder UN most NFL games. Instead -- to keep pretending that this is sixteen plays eighty yards will always four yard passes to the sticks that's not get -- done anymore. Jerry solvent with us for the Buffalo News here until six Mike show in the bull look on WGR Gerri can you believe don't you find it. You know delicious irony. Pittsburgh and Cincinnati lose. You just flip backing yesterday which could have been won so many different ways and the -- game and they are right there. Mean everything else but nighter to block whole New England both times in their own way -- jets. All you need to do is. I mean obviously that nothing to do this when it's you know that that are either closeout Tennessee. If the ball under three minister goal may be right -- -- -- -- -- you know at midfield by the way I'm up six. The -- and and fifty games like this and took over the team I -- And even I'm not even. Cable calling an iron anymore it's like they don't win these games so I don't think it's an accident. But it's just. We talked earlier about the schedule and that the conference was down and that this is still happening even those things are true the rams are the worst. But they were no threat in that game. -- been well talked about on Friday they were not as good as any of -- said. On Friday I was disappointed but say well and I did some research. For Sunday's column I I've learned some stuff I've wasn't where I just don't know everything about every team and another at a 41 year old general manager who sit there Atlantis. Front office helping them become a contender at the time I was calling for hopefuls and to get that type of guy and then 041 year old less need. Is making deals on draft day getting 31 rounder as a second rounder for for RG three and now maybe he should just take -- RG three preference of the you know -- Move -- -- from last year and he's wheel and deal and he's got all these guys faith he added defensive line as a rookie. Who made big put their defense is good. And mean there are 66 and one I was like -- these guys that that they could play. You know what Sam Bradford is rating in the fourth quarter is about one point the difference between benefits it's Patrick and fourth quarters is stark. I think it was in sports weekly in close games in the fourth quarter fits -- like 58 rafter won nineteen so when that fourth quarter was gone I'm gone. You know it's only stats but. Let's see what happens it's is in trouble that's really what amount to make your think about Tennessee and yesterday and even Foxboro. That's what separates the bills from having the season -- all the other Saddam that is what separates the bills from having the season we were. Dreaming of I mean that's not a levity to boomers aren't going well that's just contention. I -- say they're both thinking it's all about the quarterback as you can win despite bad coaching a lot of teams do it. Barry Switzer won a Super -- I think that solely run by an all these these things to keep in -- and have a two year two weeks ago you don't but the quarterback and a head coach -- second right let's start from there. And as long as buddy next. Doesn't understand that he's he's -- right in with them. 8030550. Is our number 1888550. To 550. Click Joe's gonna make a point that I've I've been Macon on Spiller let's hear from Joseph go out. At that they're going to be a billion and relative which got a kind of follow me here. I wanna compare CJ Spiller to another -- -- At the game that it -- pearl are up here outside at the games market in a press box but. It seemed like what Spiller get the ball to see -- seem. Anarchy in the crowd that went Perot used to get a pop behind and not you know you just anticipated that something bigger and ask -- And it just the lady not at the end you know not that he and even get the ball. Yeah exactly I've been making that point very Spiller the crowd makes a sound when he gets the handoff. And I mean that's a pretty rare thing and this franchises just so deserted here that's especially important that a guy like that beat. You know -- stop sold I mean. -- -- -- more call and -- there are watchable when you know what go back. That OJ's days look at look at the X games the scores of the games the number yards. And and that must have been a watchable so but you know what. This is like having OJ Simpson and having an F twelve touches again. And I don't know Wednesday because they haven't really found out what he does if he has to Spiller -- twenty carries a game. But it does suggest that. Adrian Peterson to run thirty and he can -- 87. You kidding me. The one thing I notice about spiral this year over the previous two years he's a much stronger he's breaking tackles does anybody corroborate. That he's wind it like this point about him being wind and I don't today. I read Spiller said. He's gonna talk to was -- about that who -- who else is anybody on the same page with -- on this this notion that -- Spiller gets tired. If you don't he's on one that says I don't. I I don't know thirteen yard. Plays when players are getting Russell what -- what I what I see is the running backs generally Jackson or Spiller but usually they're not. Replacement isn't set out there are in other words Jackson is standing next to Gailey in Gailey says. Bogut CJ it's usually CJ or Fred one of them like big. Run if you place and they like all right. We got another guy over there he's pressured to meet and they come up daily they worked together they're good teammate and I I think really Daley leaves it -- up to them. And dumb I don't know if it wants to come out that's Miller's decision it's -- at watching these games in person here but. Is it beyond the head coach to say after he gets a drink Gatorade go. You gonna get back out there you're you're best got white and never say friends -- Prince fumbling. And he went that isn't a problem he went flying over -- personality when it's always Spiller -- win because he's using it. Because he has no other explanation he can't get past again his own. He's in love with this. Coaching idea that he has an -- Teams of rotating -- more than they used to ensure that all CJ Spiller they have you know what he -- it -- it touches again my god the year the year that he's had. The runs he's had. However much of a debt. He's made on the national scene which are we think is is is borderline negligible at best. It would be a national story if we weren't operating a football -- that this guy touch the ball eight times in the game to -- had to win to stay alive in the playoffs. It would be all of -- huge story in the week. You don't have to think if it was it any thought netstat is the thing. It's not a thing. He's gonna finish with the highest. Though he was carries for about her back and enough. And it is -- yeah he orders that's another way it's they had size that expert care at the Buick and at the fewest carries any bowed their back and 78 years were. Because he gets when I remember -- -- forum fumble our mart might be ready to lose my mind where this little studio all the walls are added afflict our cameras are Baylor. Our. -- football team got a running back their all the interactive. And political and -- Brightest and other cities come up and but the roll their eyes about that they've they've left I don't know if it's just the right is they cover Italy I don't know if the Republicans Saint Louis and India are laughing at the bills that they care about. For ten years. We've been worried about them moving. Whereas as far as the NFL the national perspective. Is concerned there already gone. It's like we're on the polar express here and relate -- kitchen here bell ringing your junior the -- -- like what do you what -- -- talking about I don't hear the bell. For ten years and word about a moving. I've been and it's just like this -- everything that happens here to seems to go on noticed. Came out real quick with that in mind editors -- emailed me he wanted to ask you about the bill's chances at getting some much Chip Kelly. Hey we've got more to talk about maybe that 8030515. And is that someone like Chip Kelly that's a pretty good list. Well actually I'm I don't know guys are so that she is I know they always they've they've run plays every fourteen seconds.

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