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12/12 Paul Hamilton dumbfounded by Chan Gailey and the Bills

Dec 11, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All. Why are coming up the bills Christmas carols. There are yeah. -- well could you just ask yourself questions and incidents like it just keep coming up now that's -- that's not polite. Whether it's 8030550. Calls coming up as well actually we've spent the first couple hours this morning Paul your thoughts to talking about the deaths. One -- days one guy leads that Patrick Chan Gailey who stays who goes and why. If you if you had. I had to make a choice. Well probably James Billie can I just think. You know they need some fresh ideas and let's start from the top and I understand prognosis. What he says that I and I don't disagree with. He can't -- blown it up every three years you know we're gonna get anywhere but on the other side of the corn if you don't have the right person. I don't. I don't see why you would just like you just keep moving forward -- just that you don't want to blow it up every three years and I think it's become very obviously don't have the right person right now and you know I think I think they have. Don't move forward fit and try to find that right coach. How much guy you know it in the things have been talking about a way Paula take your questions on the bills 803055888550. To 550. One of the things -- even talking about is how much that's Patrick's play. As affected Gailey as a play caller and how much. Daley's overall role of decision making lack of field goals not giving the ball to -- how much has that impacted overall that the the football team and and the entire. And I think the daily decisions over in -- in Moran. If if you have a different coaching is that you have to be your quarterback hopefully you would have approached that. Where it would. Big game plans to move them around itself which you have on the team. And stop insisting upon this is the way I do things element of the offense I want a rug and I don't have the players to run a program run it anyway and not play to your strengths and that seems -- he would really does. Dion yeah one of the you know one of the things you want to get -- talk about don't take your calls to data drove by -- is what happened with CJ Spiller yesterday I. If you win did is he not win did did he jog up the Chan Gailey is off this to show that he wouldn't get wind did when he wanted to talked about like keeps saying he's when it all -- Yet he hadn't had a chance to talk to them tocchet than he wanted to. As he said he I don't wanna give and no match against my head coaches with the media. But he says but let me let me put it this way I'm in shape. And lot of it -- -- that in the I've. Do them. An athlete that. You know it's prides himself in shape and I'm in shape and they just kept saying -- The many did finally say that he wanted to grow up and talked she and daily about it and see where this coming from. Because he didn't quite understand. And he warned that while cheering -- this little bit light on it because he he didn't get it because. You know I mean I think I think he's a little offended by -- just and he doesn't understand the -- -- these guys pulled himself after the scream past the one time. And that he told the print guy who runs the personalities couldn't go back in right away. After one play and and that's the thing when when he Wednesday when he does come off because I don't know how long was something he's he said I'm ready go after play. There also -- on the sidelines for the rest of the series in the next series and whatever and so but yet he's his -- best variety he has to understand. The you know I mean the idea. Tapping out as they refer to it or you know taken a play off for couple plays often that happens everybody knows that receivers running backs are gonna come out. But I guess the confusing part for me Paul has been. And that. -- the first drive of the third quarter was one of those instances he'll come out. I was like about for a breather it's one play or two adults and then you go back in and it seems like when he comes out if -- -- did. It's an extended amount of time on the sideline. Yeah to a point where. You know I don't think that -- the Kamal I mean which is not good for the football team. I mean this secret that there are a lot of newsprint that he should -- for one play and then -- -- back and go back and bit if you're. If you're just sending a message that well it's about who picked up you have to go back -- -- twenty minutes. You know that's. I think that's sending a bad message and not you might wind up with a guy who just tired and there are whatever. And little knock them do the right thing I I would involved you know. -- he did not even know I should. I wouldn't because it was like watching it tomorrow you'll because that he left a message that -- for awhile. You know Israel 550 Paulus and down the comets and CJ Spiller Paul's got a story about that at our website. Check it out at WTF by fifty dot com Jeff -- employer on WG art or bad. It's thanks -- all got our agree Ricky. I think in that -- -- coaches. And buried -- Patrick Geithner. We kept him around for next season -- find a way to really fight. Wanna keep the quarterback is his main guy -- You know one of the things. I think we like about -- is he's come up with some really unique our game plan in unique offensive things he's done. But he's failed aren't a lot of the basic stand. A lot of that we see these these last few games and I wouldn't -- that is. Media you know beginning indices and her first order by. I think the soften the blow maybe bring in Dave Wannstedt and the coach kind of leave him in charge of the defense. Or are new offensive coordinator drafting quarterback let you know the court -- worked your quarterback and chief trip through the back broke through here uses Smart and his knowledge. You know help the new guy that the -- Well -- go our way. Subtle little -- is the Tennessee game hunter wants that right. But -- arrest -- -- fired Iran has said our assessment review Humberto which would do that all I would I'd be looking for fresh face. You know. -- You know something somebody like that who. You know is just had a robust successful in the -- or whatever and nobody and that's that's part of that too I mean the last time the bills had a bunch of people the more popular and mentioned it was not the first surely. -- got to a point where you wonder. Who whistle what are we said yes. You know so here you are yet to that in consideration Jim and Jim Harbaugh wouldn't that wouldn't come here. And he you know -- -- stay -- historic step forward. And looking for an NFL job. He didn't know he says del sol. You know it's. The other but that's part of it still. What are they don't want that now Paul. I think it would yeah I think this process. Done much much better. The he's gotten them to apply -- all these simplify things about. Or whatever but he's gotten guys to stop doing other people's jobs and do their own jobs. I -- and still. You know I kick it out of my mind that last -- though. Where they played lights out native you know going into the last ride bicycles. Both of Saint Louis. They don't give up 200 yards all day. And then they give up 84 yard drive and and that certain days it's like what happened here. To me it ruined all -- -- I think defense that played a fantastic game but they can't say the defense had a good base. After they give up an 84 yard drive in and can't. Can't be sealed the deal when they have a couple of interceptions and then. -- go all the so they didn't put pressure on me yeah hate to have one -- define your two injured your day. You have to because that and drive was the one you needed somebody to step -- make a play nobody did it. 80305 if the -- Paul Hamilton with -- this year latest on the bills sell off today back to work tomorrow and of course the parent for Sunday's game against Seattle. In Toronto. Tom you're on WGR Paul go right ahead. Good morning gentlemen extracurricular cultivate. -- -- This court one of the first illogical all relative to that. He was ordered all the century can't do that this. Running back by committee hearing just wasn't gonna work whatsoever. And he was against it and look at the -- it does work. No carries. Ruin a -- basically his career Chris gore could be running up some big numbers. That's -- first point the second thing was our question what ever happened at Marcus easily this week we didn't utterly would -- I saw. It wasn't just it was an active. While he had a big game the week before a couple nice plays and we don't trust him in in little -- Martin. Well you missed it is important big game wide receiver you have one kick off. Mckelvin was back so. You know of course we killed Wednesday -- kickoff return and so. Eight yeah I didn't understand during that took during the game you're talking about. Ruvell Martin did play receiver obviously didn't. I remember thinking to myself by. You know Ruvell Martin super special teams whatever he's not here to be a wide receiver. And he's pretty good blocker for the wrong -- -- and that game they were running the football that was the game they were at 46 times. But I was a little surprised that rebel -- was so versatile -- easily. On the -- -- -- thinking this time a year typically with the bills this time of year we start talking about how the end of the regular season is basically an extended pre season for the next year. And to give guys a shot see this guy can play and I was thinking. Sure I think it does anybody beyond easily mean a lot of the younger guys. Are playing you know Ron Brooks is getting a shot now a lot of these guys are out there should day and any talk yesterday from -- and should -- Are there other guys I guess like that easily outdo the last three games see what. This guy. I'm sure people young screenplay -- Jackson or anybody in your mind you like you know what screw it three games -- -- -- -- this guy can do. -- -- You know and he admitted during your show he and made a mistake I thought. The other worse than me he found out. Afterward that they were so a lot of things said. You know I would hate to. You know have things fall your way and then have them not take care of their business. You know for a playoff run so no they're not in that mode -- -- -- -- and you know we can still make playoff mode and in this thick -- just and to do that anyway is that too often you see coaches so you'll start. Playing. Other players and sitting other people that separate thing you just don't see that in a -- that -- Is there anybody you'd like to see. Get playing time these last three games and he's there wide receiver. Know most of the guys that I think are pretty promising. -- in there yeah. Maybe easily a wide receiver possibly. I'm not sold on the wide receivers Stevie Johnson's so. Of course Nelson but Nelson right now -- stop playing so you know put other and that. -- very very desperately need wide receivers. Guys that's -- said Brooks is out there. You know Gramm's been playing brat and has been starting. Sir she's been getting time with Wilson had been sharing time it. The other safety spot so yeah that's -- -- don't know beyond Tarvaris Jackson -- markets easily it is really anybody else -- be looking at saying give that guy shot get him out there. Maybe what particular. -- Actually you just. That's wanna -- -- mr. -- those Christmas Carol good job that that's -- -- -- and accept but so thank you for contributing after wrong. -- we'll have a good day. --

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