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12/12 Kris Baker of SabresProspects.com likes Mikhail Grigorenko

Dec 11, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- -- -- About him so you know we're gonna bring on gross acres of prospects dot com are great website by the way and at Christmas right now sacred site. Good morning Howard Jeremy unfortunately. Listen in the show you know greater wrinkle can't play quarterback you can do a lot of other things that can play hockey. He -- a little -- and he's he's doing really well this year I understand you wanna get to consulate. No you know -- the only time I had a chance to watch and Chris and it was really just a few shifts when they had that challenged the team Russia vs Q and JHL. Challenge game was on HL network one night but you know we're trying to get Patrick while Michelle -- I think might -- on tomorrow because he is just putting up some. Incredible numbers so how well is he doing up there. Well you know he's been up and sort of dominant this year for the Quebec ramparts. Thirty games into the season. He's bleeding all out Keating junior hockey 29 goals through thirty games. He's one of these guys who actually issued and absolutely equal aptitude 150 points. Through its first thirty games this year. I think he's got twelve goals in the last and he just on fire really over the past couple weeks we talked about. That's subway super serious urging Russia played against the Q. And he didn't really get a lot of action in just twelve minutes per game medical assessment yet. Eight minutes and certain games we've used sparingly in the second game patted down and -- or that he wasn't really sure where he stood. Hadn't in the world juniors but it's no coincidence they ripped off its amazing streak of cold after that. So he's got a lot of momentum going into the international tournament that can start the day after Christmas sort of looking really -- How much when you look at numbers Chris -- and I mean I look at number two I don't see the games Kerio has a reputation for being an offensive league right. So what do you do you do you should I not get carried away with stats. You know yes don't get too carried away with an actuality when -- look at told I mean you have to do. Really looked inside of his game itself and and see the thing that he's doing right now in shooting the puck more. His vision atop the -- really what I've noticed a direct -- He's spent the clean -- sound so now when you're you're trying to translate what he's doing right now against. Potentially young and our kids Michael -- and -- gonna translate when he gets up to her potential training camp. He's he's. Battling the wonderful and battle a little harder so yeah I'm cautiously optimistic analysts say yes these numbers mean that he is going to be. Interspersed -- kind of right away is gonna be work to do. But in terms I mean you can't ask for anything more. And what he's doing right now at a level that he's playing at. When you watch him play you know Chris. We had talked about him. Around draft time he's player that came in highly touted he dropped on draft board because teams were scared off by. Illness and injury. Questions about I don't know work ethic who knows what it was it was one of those things where you hope -- Very talented player drops off. And you can grab in the sabres did that he was compared to Malkin he's compared to Spezza he doesn't look like the fastest player when you watch him. But will just say about that for anyone it's watching and thinking doesn't seem like he's got it doesn't have a -- speed at all. Nobody is level guys on his hands are amazing he looks like she's you know and many skating not. The most gifted skater but he is one of these guys really smoothly lipstick on a rail and really get a collateral I'd like -- and you compare him to a clear life. Maybe she'll -- when he comes into the zone trying to move around it could -- through the pocket excellent vision I can make that type player you're getting. Now he talked about Malkin. And some of these other guys. And again it's a very tough situation her an eighteen year old can be compared to one of the best players in hockey right now on the world. You know multiple wasn't the lone player. At nineteen point eight idiot today you know the confidence. To read more surrogate and physically. And I'm not sure -- You know I can -- cook could be that same type of player with more confident I wanna see what happens when. He'd get up is playing at -- -- -- couple kids that he'd been through that hack and whack in that goes on NASA would hardly gonna react. We we can't really judge -- portal make up as a player until we see that happen but for now again. The numbers the production. The pockets of people spilled everything is and -- To get him in here and -- we've got going on right now and in the first camp. Chris Baker minister sabres prospect dot com he'll be in the juniors try to make the Russian team right. Do you well it's -- matter of you know seeing how they used them in that series. It would not at least not first -- third line but rest can be very talented team they're the host country this year and that -- that they wanted to typical back of course DP candidate here in buffalo -- -- -- A lot nickel -- -- much of the and the hunt squat. I quick question on army because I heard you as a few weeks ago though when your wallet Kevin Sylvester -- sabres hockey -- like you were talking about. It can cautioned issue or maybe two incidents with concussions for him what's going on with -- -- that something we should be worried about. You know I'm gonna keep an -- and the second concussion that he had. So mid November was actually -- -- after the -- -- Kenny out of all around for the first time this season. Coming across the middle. To achieve sound really gadget can cross checked -- and had army went down -- yard sale. He stayed in played the rhetoric aimed -- after the game what an insult -- -- -- -- -- he missed five games. But then that came back last week and scored a beautiful goal. They want -- -- -- -- was aching to move and he's got quickness coming out of require going to the -- that army. Using his hands. Beautiful backhand a maniac came back and played again another game. 21 minutes on Saturday didn't score but you know the concussion issue there. You know it. I don't update a rite of passage for hockey players and give them seems like let's get right there -- more prevalent and -- it from you and I am but I don't get too discouraged by. And I -- cute -- -- going to have a good tourniquet is going to be in Russia for the world juniors as well. Got healthy at the right time -- got a lot of momentum going this year current double goal scoring case from here -- by its first 24. Last year the curious ten. -- we could get to that 25. All benchmarks so. You know little milestone to watch him hit but you know concussion -- it a mild concern but not into the world let's get them over here and get a -- can protect this with -- -- Got all these other guys and let them play a game. Chris Baker -- prospects dot com it's cool website recaps and on. All these guys and how they're -- in their respective teams there's video links you can watch cement -- rank those goals. A list ranking of of the sabres prospects it's really great site. And it makes you feel good about hockey again through in the midst of in the midst of the -- Chris thanks for coming on it's nice to hear from you and appreciate you coming Alice this morning. --

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