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WGR550>Topics>>12/12 Darcy Regier discusses his draft picks and the NHL lockout

12/12 Darcy Regier discusses his draft picks and the NHL lockout

Dec 12, 2012|

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    WGR Sports Radio fifty. Make a change at quarterback. Kyle Orton who there. You make a change at quarterback and one thing that I hope we all understand it's. It's not all teachers all. we need to get better production and obviously out of that position. What can you expect from a backup quarterback. just 35 and 35. Most cases what you can do played sixteen with a backup quarterback you can expect me to so what's gonna end up happening maybe. The district the bills that eight Nate I don't think that was the higher the wanna have a winning season this year if they don't it's gonna be a disappointment. Very curious move on this Monday today EJ Manuel after perhaps his work. Think it's a great opportunity for him sit back now you really look go back and got a lot of film. If you think that if the work on. And and go ahead and work on and so from that standpoint I think it's more of you know the player and how we. Did business or how to go about. Correcting those issues and work look. It's not always so I mean you know it. And the Kyle Orton there is under way Howard Matthew here on WGR. Now why annual it eat you up Howard let's go yet what's the best. Hear from me go back and watch or should watch his last game which a week seventeen showdown of meaningless football teams or should watch. 2010. Which is the last time you played meaningful football watched the 171 out yesterday. I would go back. To his best years is that stretch 2000 O nine and ten okay now go doesn't it 910 the Broncos were three with well yeah I just and turns his numbers point touchdowns nine picks 21 touchdowns optics Boca yeah. Yeah way to go to and we Denver and that Iraq the record got worse they were indicted 687 and three in ten. But he threw 59 touchdowns in 33 interceptions in those three years I'm skeptical of the whole check out his last game because the Eagles the Eagles really bad defensively and it's a game that neither team needs. His last performance. There were a lot of open wide receivers and game that. Hey good this is I think this is a great development I also think it's terrible that on two different levels. There's there's ago there's good news there's bad news. The good news is the bills are alive this year the bad news is long term direction they appear to be shot. I think they need another quarterback. Yen minority wrote down a list of the guys in the 2015 draft last start watching quarterback development and sixteen drafts ago. Because now they have no first round and GM kind of the tandem mass that. I think. I disagree with the decision I'm not surprised. And I know we just played John Clayton curious now I don't think so I think they looked at it and thought. The quarterback cost of a game on Sunday. And the divisions wide open. And if you did the division was wide open and you watch New England last night than you would now say the division is wide open and I think the quarterback cost us the game we've got to get better play there. That's the position that's dragging them down. Think it's curious that I think he figures. That's a huge game in two weeks with a New England Patriots you're gonna make the switch. Get there in their now get a game under his belt against Detroit it's an NFC game so it's not as important in the standings because two of the three games after Detroit. Our division games New England. The Minnesota and then the jets so. I'd I don't think it's a curious decision I think they felt EJ was killing them and he's got big games coming up and he needs to win football games from around. So now's the time to get Orton in there and get a game under his belt before they play the patriots. I'm not surprised that. I start of weird feeling last week about this nice when you write about this last week. Houston was a big game big swing game for perhaps the season but for sure for EJ Manuel and they should've won the football game so. I disagree I I still think it's four games it's fourteen starts. Is that the whole offseason was designed to help out your young quarterback figure the guy can play and after one month to decide he's done. I think it means they've closed the book on him he might come back and play at some point Orton gets hurt but I think that means he's toast as far as the bills are concerned and I just don't agree with the decision to you aren't the impression that the EJ Manuel is over I think for all intents and purposes yes it's over. I wouldn't group I'd be surprised. Well it doesn't have say it doesn't have to of course not it doesn't have to be I think I think from tents and purposes and it. I can might still be on the roster next year they might say. You know Kyle Orton under contract they might go out and find another young quarterback maybe draft the guy in the mid rounds QB on the roster and say quarterback competition what happens but I think. For all intents and purposes he's finished here. Well I think. One of the reasons we can say he he might not beat that decision and I'm needing him to get back if they wanna. Have their quarterback and he wins games and that's fine and if they wanna go and get somebody else and he went schemes that's fine to care with a quarterback is Corbett to be good. But think about young quarterbacks though it Russell Wilson and lock these guys have released few whether or not a guy is supposed to be good. Inside of that skewing of whether not a guy can be good right away. Is also the if he's not good right get here fast it's it's changed that timeframe and everybody yet it used to be that you know what manuals not ready. Let's you know let's take a field goal or for now. And each is still a long term plan is he's not ready yet you know we drafted him we knew via project. But down the line seems to be and thinking about Mikhail Gregory in this in this spot right there are top line NHL players shall they won in their rate. And then if you expect that from guys that are ready you're gonna have taken by them for two to three years. And then maybe they'll come back and be ready at that point so it's different sports different scenario but. The Gregory ankle things just kind of hanging in my head where he looked like Boston busters and a lot of people and now it's like know nevermind he's up. He's OK he'll probably okay give me even more time and then you'll be okay so Manuel. Who knows he won't get anymore right he won't it along practice because the way the NFL the now stuck in the rough to get out. I think it's a great date for the bills. I think I would think bill's fans are actually. Excited energetic 24 hours from being severely depressed. I think this puts a little. Energy into them coupled with the patriots getting blown out I divisions wide open. It's the patriots is 85% for me. They're not good. Make it's all gonna they're not they're not though the division is wide open and edit it what it. Second place was wide open now first places and like no question first places that the division is there for somebody like it might be the worst division a couple good big and it might evidence that the division winner here what nine and seven. It might be more likely win the division and you get a wildcard. If you look around the league now like AFC OK who's gonna make the AC spot one of the teams in the AFC west. And then it's I don't know maybe it's she kind of good. Maybe Houston can find a way to stay in that mix depending on who they play they play a last place schedule maybe Baltimore Pittsburgh one of those two teams. Cincinnati. All of sudden it looks like wild card might be off the table with the division is available. New England. It's. It's and it yet watching the end watching the end they were off last night. Off all I mean the whole thing was off and the chiefs are not great but they ran through New England like it would they were like that the three time defending the city chiefs Monday ran and passed a monitor in Kansas City there are a lot of teams is a recipe for disaster. But that's not supposed to happen. They were dominated they were pushed around crushed yet in that every single way that it was fun I gotta tell I. Monday Night Football a little a little bit late for us when we get up at something in the morning I usually make it to halftime it's around 10 o'clock gonna go to bed. Did you go to bed last night with a page to getting for hitting me now enjoyed a football game like that not involving the bills. In a long. Long time I stayed up till I did it all the he is that he scored to make 3047 in the fourth quarter and an about it thinking. They're not coming back from 27 down and fourteen minutes. And I think you missed was the pick six which was I mean it was like watching 31 and nothing it was like. Another Todd announced we can have another touchdown. It was a lot of thought I don't know the bills but the jets dolphins are good enough to get by the patriots they might beat it should be. But New England has it looks like New England has its worst team in ten years is maybe fifteen I was gonna say here's how I think you you you're right. I don't know off Miami in new York and the and the bills are good enough to get by them. But New England is bad enough to be gotten by. Anyone that makes grammatical sense they are bad enough to be passed yet the patriots beat Oakland by seven the teachers inspire other other adult raiders are. Just fire the coach of dolphins smoked. The patriots got beat by Miami scored 23 straight points the bills it was no contest against Miami. If you were watching last night's game of the many things that had to go through your mind by the way. The distance phone lines open here we go EJ Manuel been benched the first round quarterback. Out Kyle Orton in the patriots get blown out. 24 hours ago we were sitting here depressed at least I was in the dollar. Now how you feeling. What kind of buzz you have an energy you have do you agree with the decision to bench manual. Orton going in and patriots getting blown out where's your mind that this morning. How how much how much is your blue jays 830550. Let's go here for me grab and and bring it as they say 888552. By fifty Yet it's funny among the things that you watch last if you watch the patriots game last night you saw by the way they could not stop the run. That Jamaal Charles and Al Davis were just running. That will mean they were they were getting into the second level numerous times for like untouched. And then you watch Brady in the office. And you sit there thinking. It was like I thought you might have during a bills game. Like Brady can't throw the ball downfield. There's no downfield passing game they can't demeanor he's yeah he's getting hit. They're not trying to stretch the defense gronkowski. the part that I saw had one catch. You want from your outlook too late okay so other Q targets in and three quarters in one catch and he got one late okay. I thought Al Casey I got that part fantasy players out there the minute delay talks on an endless. Anybody in the regular. So you know their offense that's why it was so much fun last night they're offense was terrible their defense was just flat out shred it. I mean Alex Smith picked them apart. cities by the light the chiefs are gonna play the bills here this big tight end Travis Kelsey. I looked like a monster last night anyway. That was up. That's what was to we heard New England didn't look good. We heard Tom Brady was taking a pounding right I and I've read that list of students at about knowing. Then you watch their defense you know Belichick specialty give up more than 300 yards in the first half last night and be absolutely. Clueless. When it came to stopping the running game the passing game it was. A thing of beauty to watch last night now remember the bills made the decision before the game last night but I think. You know I think Doug said quite honestly one EJ is in good. Hasn't been good the last two games cost the game against Houston and this division is wide open thirty beat Miami. The jets are. Floundering right now one in three there have in the same discussion geno is bad they might make the mistake in the bills are not making my butt kicking that guy right looks like rights of their having those problems in New York. And may were watching the end of knowing that I think looks and says I've got an opportunity to this divisions and play. If I can win some football games and I should've won a football games Sunday were not for the quarterback rating that's why you made the change now and he makes it. Because she's got New England on the schedule in two weeks and wants navigate before that game. And the jets game a couple of weeks after the New England game. Well all adds up through the season feeling like it's brand new. And while the lost at Houston felt like Armageddon of socket it's terrible yeah everything's branded into. You know what that I I don't agree with the decision but I'd be lying here and tell me if I'm not like I got like a little burst of energy here like well okay. Let's say I mean I don't know what Orton gonna do I know I look at those numbers he's a 500. Quarterback and he had couple good seasons and he had a a winning record his first year Chicago but he threw more picks than touchdowns. You know a winning record in Denver and but eventually lost his job to some guy named Tebow. So you know there's a mixed bag here he's not been the most accurate guy he's in his career percentage of completions as if the eight. But I'd be lying if Was considered Dahlia but I felt good about played the last two games with. So Orton comes in in you start looking at this thing different thinking maybe can sneak it into a playoff spots because the division is extremely. Winnable. last time we said that well yeah those are couple Edwards said many times. You've got a lot of fans that are afraid to called patriots for what they are you look back. But if they didn't have the name patriots on you know 00 that they were wearing different uniforms neglect other teams the team tonight good. But it is the patriots like. Someone wrote this to me last night they're like Jason in one of those movies where you think he's dead he's he's not you can't you can't turn your back not that I swear he's not that. It's over. You remember. You were called Jeremy in your time here. Any bills road games where they started off bad and it to snowball and it they're just all of them thank you things work out that's how New England looked last night. I don't know a bills game in Dallas just came to but that's how bills game in Miami when they got smacked that that's how New England looked last night and I don't mean to make this more about the patriots in the bills but just at its. It but it seems like hubris at this point the patriots do moves that they you know was they get credit for with that the bad moves they trade away one of their starting offensive linemen quarterbacks not happy about how the line look pretty bad that started two rookies they consistently. Neglect wide receiver. Entirely. How's that look for them. Terrible it looks like what it all away actually and gentlemen ever but like. They don't have downfield and used to be hall of fame unstoppable threat he's still really good and really got Brady is still really good. But it's team. That just does not have what it once had and I mean this compares to last like anyone watches the Premier League you can maybe get this they look like Manchester United. Where it's this franchise that wins all the time in like wait what happen to them they got blown out again freedom. Think everyone's gonna get a kick at the Cannes this year Manchester and a war of getting. Pounded by teams that no business ever beating them and now that the chiefs 41 to fourteen win against doing like. Yeah the division enemies seems like it's wide open. That there are bigger conversations about the plans quarterback and what this looks like I think this makes the GM look terrible. The bills GM to even though we're sitting here talking about how. They've got a potential playoff team and they couldn't make a push for which I agree with with Kyle Orton. That it GM looks like an amateur. Based on the manual decision so there are different ways to look at it he looks good because he's got a roster that's good enough but the manual decision. Is just that the most gigantic. Case against his draft day decisions they drafted horrendously if you knew this was gonna happen four games into the season you would have you would have done everything different in the offseason. Well that's why sets me look I understandable when it cultures second 803 over for the by the way. Patriots schedule the next game home Sunday night against the Bengals. Then at the bills at home against the jets. They like. I understand the decision I get where he's coming from. Lot. I still disagree with the decision for a number of reasons and and one of them is. The semi lock in straight now when the bills made the trade wasn't lit it. You know nobody wants to see him give up a first round pick especially in light of the history of the team of the last fourteen years that usually pretty good pick. And so I didn't want to give a first round pick but I was not let that a lot of people were and to this day are still. Angry about that trade that you just never make a move like that no matter what unless you're getting quarterback you do not give up that it. To me yesterday. Made me angry about that now thinking okay so you had to move up five spots and had to give up first round pick to get too young quarterback. And after four games in his second year you decide. We've got to get the young quarterback out there. If you know. Of course Kyle Orton wasn't here when you're drafted but if you questions about your any doubt in your thinking at some point we might have to pull the plug on this guy and you're number two. Why would you give up the first round pick to go get a receiver when you could have gotten a tight end or receiver staying right where you were to help out whoever the veteran backup quarterback was going to be it just. To me that. That move. You brought in a quarterback coach. He traded up to get Watkins you've brought in some offensive weapons you for the senior offensive assistant you've done like entire offseason was all about. You've retooled the offensive line. Pardon me your entire offseason. As it should have been was all about. Doing whatever they could to help EJ developed they'll ultimately it's up EJ Manuel that that you know be able to make plays on the field and he couldn't the last two weeks they pulled him. But the entire offseason was done to do that. I have a problem with saying that after four games when your entire offseason plan was fixed the office Dell BJ. After four games you say. Acts he's let's get out. So I just in to me. I just don't I don't like the move I don't get it I I mean I do get it I just wouldn't know. And and it just doesn't make any sense to won four games and maybe should added back to the draft. Maybe should at a better back up plan and Kevin. And had a real competition in training camp last year maybe should have used this past offseason to do something better than Jeff tool and that floats. If you had your doubts about EJ Manuel between your number one in your number two which is. It just doesn't make any sense at like how they manage this whole situation. I think four games isn't enough to figure out whether EJ Manuel and I guess that you and I might have a difference of opinion there. Him coming out now to me I think it's basically the saying Domenici Emanuel might actually play again at some point but. Can't Levy's actually do anything and Odyssey how he gets better watching Kyle Orton played for 8030550. To join us 888. 550 to 515. Will goaded Jordan in buffalo here on W jogger right ahead. He had to let them I mean I about game and my concern is that Brady get her. Back upcoming and it was that there was an M I'll let them a little scared of their back look at Yes you meager apple yet he's a user I wouldn't be as. It was pretty impressed that I mean I know he might not have been against the skirt around that angered by. It's amazing how these back other vote them back up quarterback that are so good like I was sitting where we could have gotten them you know guns. Yes Looking at and thinking. You're playing here what you think about. Sorry about I think that dated Tom Brady leaves the backfield in New England the bills and should have great. It's Tom pre edit and it was garbage time that he's a rookie was as good quarterback in a good career eastern Illinois and people like him. I think that good Senior Bowl on whenever he's a rookie. And that was garbage time so I I wouldn't get too concerned or processor four receptions last week right on Thursday night. Against the giants foreigners options like. All these teams don't have great back up where the teams at their back that are going to backups in winning games their car got injured and they brought in my glowing from Penn State he's really nothing against the raiders fan. Kirk cousins might be better than the starter. In Washington but that's not saying a lot. He's ball off the map he can't stay healthy I would not be worried about the patriots backup quarterback in this. 30515 to grab a line 888550. To 550 Mike in buffalo you're on W ought to ahead. Good morning I don't know where you. One of the things that disagree without I'm with you as far as I don't believe that you pulled him now. What I do. Agree with That if he's got to be better we know that but the bottom line is a a young quarterback like him should not be throwing the ball forty where it is out running game. And where of London was being criticized. Did you do well within a back billboards CJ Spiller also had. Analysts say anything about that the problem is is that. Pat did the rolled those guys that are a don't meant sorry. That you don't. Have a court everybody that Russell Wilson. Everybody not cabinet and by the medical. You protect your quarterback by running look bad on making him throw. Out of necessity like the old Pittsburgh teams big it was a young man. Maybe 1520. Times again and grounded pilot skill he developed and he learned at all bit. got Malone. Got pitched no fire no nothing okay day accidentally got a list. But at the same time how do we know. This doesn't have made tornadoes on your job what you great. Yes I great I was great on what. They want I was not so you know no look I agree you're two very good point the at the line the last two weeks has been terrible. I mean Jeremy given the that the fault when activities blow up some yesterday and it's just applying the backs weren't helping. In terms of a blocking and now some of that Michael on protection calls they might have the wrong calls in a lot of things we don't think about his. It's Emanuel is its ruling that out and that's one of the reasons that the bills like. If you see the offense out of sync which it's happened it happened last year but the offense the offensive coordinator his job is to. The office and it looks on coordinated. It could be because got its. Calling the plays protections when they package plays is he running the wrong place. Because there are times when it looks like the receivers think it ultimately with the one. I know that it's easy to get hack it and around and I don't have a ton of faith. In the coaching staff right now or the GM epic that much of anything to go long term plan couple weeks but short term. and I couldn't. I can have a little bit of fun at this because the defense does look really good. And they weapons they have talent they load up this year with at Watkins makes a short term. Okay a look at the division I think this this is something that could be an endear fourteen year drought penalty your American and promotes global. With Kyle Orton the point is they need to get better in the short term they think that they did do. There's a golden opportunity the jets are bad patriots are falling annual Miami three straight times underdog round. So there's a little bit different quarterbacks and I can do with a or let's go to and buffalo next on WGR. Exactly you don't. A lot to gain. They'll look what William I love that he no New England looked at any time anywhere. I'll let I think I think you know you go back adult buffalo saying no we're never to that you know hot and now won that game. We would be. And parts of what you know you got to take it. You know the waited so I'm happy but I just think you know I mean I'm not happy that he's got bit. But at the same time you know we got to give these guys like from the older guys that can't. Political soap and they'd been for me to think about it you know he's been So long he'd worked out and policies that change your body so And the estimates that it you know open and and try to make the playoffs you know so I think you like is that you don't hear you Geithner and it in the short term. This is a good decision a long term I don't know what we're gonna do throughout the you temperate ordered some of these other guys who might lower what do we do right now you know right now out into the. I'm well thanks 8030550. To join us 888552. Effective DEJ out. Orton in. And the pats were porch last night gravel line let us know what your mood it's like that I what do you think what do you think of the move the bench EJ. What expecting from And if you saw the game last night you can join us in a discussion about the division being lied open grab an open line and join us more your calls coming up in a moment on WG. Yeah. And physical coach reportedly. It was likely. that quickly deployed on the gulf war with them while you can. Got to step for that they'll they'll chat line he would. He did. Q but why doesn't usually do the drive by handshake and get. Blasted in a game yet That's typical for him Belichick is the best known object he was asked to evaluate his quarterbacks that they have reporter was essentially trolling like. Number to drop lower in cities regular court acts and I'll up I'll pull Belichick's answer ready here is beginning now. How do you spell that and a site that into the computer it's it he looked And and then look somewhere else and then went on to another question I got editing it's. HM. PP HH I think it's just an HH EH right now has had. There wasn't meant it was ma. HMM and eight author of I predict cultured moment out Orton and that's think. Don't fast for a week. On skip the lines being. Can we do that. I don't want the lions game to represent anything because I don't think it will. yesterday's that I think the bills will lose by 24 lost the lines that change quarterback maybe they'll run more. We'll see. I don't think that the lions game will be a very good indication about how good Kyle Orton is I'd rather against New England the lines had an offensive line that is a just as good as the bill real close if not just as good. You'll face defensive line like that many times throughout the season and the lines are very it's a good team. I don't that there are not great yet there three and one. The loss at Carolina and to Jeremy last night Ron Amadon rate it was the guys and on the Monday Night Football show we're saying they felt. We'll talk about it after the game how are or the Kansas city's offense and they were saying how before the game they had discussed Detroit having one of the better offenses they've seen. In a long long time think about. Way the bills' defense has been beaten this year they've been beat by San Diego got the various green Fareed he's huge really good tight end. They get receivers coming across the formation when they get a nickel on and on a third wide receiver slot receiver matched up against like Preston brown. And the lions have three tight ends to. Who I think are very good this to go with Calvin Johnson is right I forgot groups builder plus four and in Bryant LeBron on his first thoughts on last week it was Calvin Johnson and regarding bush and they brought in Golden Tate and they have joint belt line Reggie Bush a different guy caught a 59 yard touchdown against the jets last week. In Matthew canceling anywhere so. Defensively the bills have their hands fall. And this game. Penalty or does much. To to change the outcome of this game. But going forward. May don't you think that's why he makes that that former Olympic this week. Like Nike arcade take one last chance right and can win in Detroit if you're gonna. You're gonna make you make you have playing now because you're targeting new England and you get some live wraps right it is got a New England Minnesota and the three games before the buyer all. Extremely winnable football and very important you know. Yeah of the four games that are left this is maybe the least important Minnesota in this market and games but you should be so. I don't I don't I don't wanna say I'm throwing away this game still counts obviously in the win column courses as well as tiebreaker right and because I'm not doing that it's just. That the overall picture for the bills that changed or I get it. I'll get thing that surprised yesterday one of the popular things there was you'll be surprised if you haven't watched the games. Or if you thought that the team would just stick with its plan which is not some sort of offense that you don't know football. If they had kept EJ Manuel Even people that didn't want it to happen would have had to say like I understand they believe their guy. They've ditched that it's fine bunny. I don't know how much better they'll But watching the patriots last night in seeing what the patriots have gone through four games this season. You know it to me that's as big a story the division is it's never been more available. The patriots might have their worst team in ten years. 8030515. To join us. Two next in the fall skip thanks for holding on here on WGR. Yet want a government I that you guys just. Good old Lleyton who all wrong and Whaley the CP got that the ball. And related move because. They've met up while Carl when he locked the Betty or they have the wondered evicted that they ought to what they can make it. little bit. If if you read Joseph this guy is blocked it doesn't sound like was involved in the movement itself like Rome basically made his mind up. Went to the GM and said here's what I'm doing and then announce that to the media so it seems like this was. You know all on the head coach and you know it could be and and you know what. Don't have a problem with that you know the GM puts the roster together and the coach handles the roster makes the decisions who's playing who's not playing. I don't have a problem that it's the head coach his team to decide who the best guys are in place so I would. I have promised rounded design zone and it sounds like industry Joe's blog this was morons. And that he said. He eventually got agreement. From upper management when he told them of what he was planning to do. But that it was around deciding to a legion and go with Kyle Orton. Probably right. The division is probably more in play you gotta figure. Who we talk a wild cards here the number. Shoot team in the AFC west Tennessee looks really good now in Denver's going to be good. San Diego or Denver it's it's an absolute wanted to add personnel maybe three teams in play in the west it adds that he's that good. Maybe I'm not sold in Kansas City Hall I mean they were great last night that they lost opening date of the titans by sixteen at home yet so but the number two team in the west for sure. And then number two in the AFC north of the bills and chiefs have in beat the dolphins by double digits. The bills that she's really might be in the same boat and I think watching last night at fans watched last night probably ask themselves or their friends this question. Kyle Orton Alex Smith. Alex Smith rear his career record he's nine games over 500 is a good he did look at these pinpoint got the ball up fast he's spread it around I thought he looked really good he's got a good coach. His coach is proven Andy Reid wins games. So can Kyle or B Alex Smith. While that gets to a question of do you want him to be that I think a lot of fans would take that Alex Smith. His touchdown interception ratio he is almost applause. Forty. or a minus four so Smith has. For a few years now been pretty good at protecting football his first years 2005. He goes one touchdown eleven interceptions in his first year. But since then 110. This 62. Touchdowns interceptions that's a guy that protects the ball and throw touchdowns he's not thought to be a great quarterback but he's got. Do you want Alex Smith there there's a good debate in here. Inside of the seasons the answer is yes if it's the offseason you want Alex Smith you wanna draft for strong quarterback. Like the reason the bills drafted each Emanuel are they got rid of fits and they drafted in the first round. For the potential to be great that's why it was done by Fitzpatrick we knew we ceiling Kyle Orton you probably know his ceiling. Alex Smith we've probably seen here is the idea of drafting a quarterback in the first round to that was to roll the dice and say. We wanna be great. And that is not. Played out that way at this point so you know if asked do you want Alex Smith when you look Roland greatness which seems to have come up snake eyes maybe do. It think I think if you look at numbers it's kind of a mixed bag. You know if you if you're into the hole accuracy completion percentage don't look at Gordon's numbers it's 58%. Yards per game passing. 200 so neither of those are gonna pop out but. 83 touchdowns 59 picks in his career so. Plus 44 there is yards per attempt and six point six EJ last year with six point four so. It's a mixed bag numbers he's had some success he had a winning record his first year Chicago. At a couple of winning seasons. As last when Chicago and the first one in Denver now he's nine and 21 in his last thirty games so it's. It's been a mixed bag for Kyle Orton in terms of his success but I think the bills are banking at large part. On him making better decisions. On him running the offense better maybe they got the again maybe they feel they've got a veteran quarterback that can put more things we've been talking about open up the offense where's this where's that. It BJ couldn't handle that they feel with a veteran he'll make the better decisions may be it's having guys in the right spots maybe it's protection calls. Maybe it's temple of the offense made I think there're a number of things they feel. He will give them because she's got seventy NFL starts policy experience under his belt. Read it probably won't do joint things that he has no idea what they are right in terms of I've seen a little bit of well there goes the read option part of times as run the read option this year. Once for a touchdown to three times he has never run it. How much different is that. It'll real thought that if you're on all hang out get caught once and get back. Appreciate folks be got a full bank calls lot of folks on hold to get to you when we return. Joseph the skyward joining us in studio today from eight until nine and we'll talk more about the decision to end EJ Manuel and start Kyle Orton. What did your thoughts of that as we continue and WGR. Physical therapist assistant is a growing field and Villa Maria college has the program for US PGA program night is Wednesday October 1 at 534 details and registration village dot edu. There now it's not an airport. West that I care what you write you hear me talk about your teeth and wanna make sure your teeth are in good shape which is why tell you all about west Meyer mark and I don't care. But it was the they know it's more than just your teeth if there's something wrong with you that can affect your overall health. Oral health affects the rest of your body missing can lead to stomach issues and shorter lifespan. So west Marten is all about complete health dentistry. And they're all about helping you from sedation dentistry to new dental implant technology the doctors at west of our martyr at the forefront of dental advances if you have good oral And a great smile it means greater health overall that now the gateway to the rest of the body so you've got problems like missing teeth Inflammation or gum disease it can increase the incidence of heart attack or stroke even complicate diabetes at Weston. You need a consultation they're free so whatever problem you have. Missing teeth inflation gum disease whatever you should get it fixed you can restore your complete health get a free consultation give them a call 5084107. went up 50 wait 4107. A free consultation and get complete health industry from west in my and dental care. I know calibrated choose there's no way Tom Brady had a part of that if you devastated that he didn't tell look I made a mess on the middle we have released another series. X I I I don't have to be much golf without. He lets go royals at the background intensity last night here's something that K Tom we're gonna lose this game. Take tonight off music like get the guys hurt right. We've got an opportunity get Jimmy drop a look at some live let's let's do it. 803055. Let's get cut about some calls EJ Manuel. Kyle Orton and by the way our web wanna talk to buddy being benched if you agree or disagree with the decision. What are you expecting from Morton. And the worse don't last night which is led to the web poll if the bills are gonna make the playoffs what is more in play. First place in the AFC east or a wild card spot. Voted WG verified that the dot com call us at 8030550. In the formative days of my football watching youth. Happier people watching you who's close to mine and but I ask this question that's sure that our when our principles and black and white go ahead. It used to play almost every Monday night game in Kansas City last night felt right you know watching had right unless the bill for playing idea these platonic night games right advocates that while they were good appeals there a lot it because the bills are good and Kansas City was good up and go there and get. What happened last night yeah it was great I I tuned in I only tuned in right before the kick they had Cristian play out their bank in the big problem. In the it's everybody's wearing red in the places going nuts I've I've only been there one time. And should bills when the game but I've heard it's you know from tailgating in the crowd noise repressed It's one of the louder stadiums I think every capture the Guinness world records recklessness from understated but it's they really get into football whether it's a major event in Kansas What a great nicknamed the Nigerian nightmare. And what a great nickname. big big they have payment is Harvey Williams at the other guy. At home how I think I think you're right was there a second I know the very hard area where nobody is it wasn't Harvey Williams or don't until I played for Oakland. he went as a result rhythm very work was the second is a loser clay and Barry were ever there were heart and arguably it was like are you done. I can remember somebody Monday night games city Harvey Williams. I can picture warhammer 44911993. G along gangly. That's and so campsites look at very awkward to see exactly what very word from mine 901990 1992. With the decades she's won 1000 yard season let's go to Matt in horse here on W jogger right ahead. Morning guys morning. So yeah a couple in question and a I don't understand why some coaches have to be a pretty. Well cubicle on the QB controversy. Call them. You know from a businessman's point of view and good definitely businessman. I want I want to see my employees. Utilized separate last resource possible. On to be six and that's what I see the collision sent to him and I applaud them. Com and I understand that we perched on Eric Herman and we read the next one year. But there's you know an economic principle than you probably noticed that some cost. In basically want to spend the money is gone and you know our people and well. Invest in the first round pick who got to try to your money where the economically. Just true in theory it's it's gone to a nice start from square one with the resource. Let me get your first point and that was about the controversy because it can be a problem it can be we've seen here. You've seen it and other cities. You know it can be a problem what the coach says or doesn't say about his quarterback last week in Miami what was the big story pay wise and Joseph Philbin saying Ryan panels gonna start against the raiders. Look at you don't tell me in New York they're not happy and that's a heated debate right now Michael Vick vs geno Smith in Tampa. Yesterday when even say that might Lenin is the starting quarterback next week and just one in Pittsburgh. I don't viewed as one of ruffled Josh accounts feathers it could be a you can get you can have your own teams split inside the room you know some guys favoring one guys some guys favoring another guy it. That they shy away from it because it can be a real big issue big headache for head coach. And on the sunken caught the sunk costs. I I know exactly what that means what that is the sandy locked in straight was. Chasing after EJ manuals personal or first round draft says it's like let's spend 21 round picks to get an election because he's going to be Maybe maybe that's what that what's the point out some cost it's fine but the guy that sinks all the cost in in effectively. It's not unreasonable for him to lose his job if your charitable coming and if I wanted. Owner of the team moving forward like if I walked him I would look at I would say. Boy I I don't like can straighten one bit and you did it. To do for a quarterback that you gave up on four weeks into the season like that the bills offseason looks disastrous. If the if they were doing this right now if they're going to war in trying to make the playoffs. And they didn't have any pins but instead they had somebody else and their first round pick. It would be easier to believe in their future long term in terms of what they're gonna do is an exact. Or Kevin Kolb was supposed to be. The bills game. If you wanna go this cut ties on EJ draft a first round quarterback who knows where the wind picking which doesn't matter where it will be picking instead now it's. Well that it's only seven wins their first picks going to be 44. And that's not whole Lotta fun trying to get a quarterback of the 44 overall They real. I've if the calls coming up 888550 to 550 got a couple lines open if you wanna get in. We have ticket giveaway for the greater buffalo sports hall of the 2014 induction dinner is coming up next month Thursday October 16. 5 PM of the buffalo Niagara convention center prize value as a 190 dollars you must be 21 or older to win general content rules apply if you like a pair of tickets. Caller this number 6449878. And 6449878. Will take collars at ten. And eleven again a pair of tickets for the greater buffalo sports hall of fame induction dinner October 16 6449878. Your chance to win.

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    kyle orton found at 8:24

    the guy after four starts and expecting him to learn while watching Kyle Orton play. I don't expect much from Kyle Orton I think he would be better -- Vijay at the very least because Kyle Orton has seven the NFL starts on his Reza. But I'm not expecting much. And it becomes in the game to get two games as you get three games would -- -- against Detroit to go back to eject. I think once you've been benched EJ. I think you're turning the page in my opinion -- turn the page on Egypt and I don't believe that he gets better. By not getting practice with the first -- during the week and by standing on the sideline. Watching Kyle Orton run the offense I don't see how that helps his development. And it's painful to watch. And you might be saying Howard
  3. 929 Fred Jackson on WGR


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    buffalo bills found at 0:01, 9:05, 12:09

    It is Buffalo Bills football Monday a look at your calls made a 3055888550. To 550 but we are joined. The AT&T hotline by bills running
    get the dark dark. Fred Jackson with -- -- captain here on Buffalo Bills football money you know you mentioned the running game Fred. When all is said and done 44 passes 23 runs only eight
    know. Garrett Bret thank you for Jackson witness Monday's today and Yemen Buffalo Bills football Monday to -- on the AT&T hotline and brought you by northwest savings bank it's time to make the switch to northwest. By north out automotive companies the official automotive dealer of the Buffalo Bills and by Bernhard the case -- standing up for hardworking families okay.
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    not no I don't excitement and they finally throw on the field Mike Williams that'd jump ball situation he's on copper to blown coverage which. It's great by manually recognized it was awesome. But that's --
    absolutely respected that the Texans as projects that point -- -- Mike Mike Williams . Played a lot of decent cover one and you don't go back and -- -- 42 to see what they did. That

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sabres GM cars are here to give us a little update on not things that are going on of the Buffalo Sabres play questions -- -- it's the lockout so it hasn't quite been. Atypical season -- good morning it's Jeremy and sell. -- -- -- I know you've been obviously keeping tabs on the organization but tougher for the up. Average person wondering what you might be doing during this time and what have you been up to. Well a lot of trips Rochester I was there last night for their little rabbits birds had gone -- seeing is some of these junior players great call players like are there. That try to watch as much art he has like candle at both the national hockey that. Is there any redeeming value to this star said -- you you'd probably rather watch your team or you know have the team that you put together beat on the -- competing but are you finding it. I don't know any sort of positive in this. I -- car and I say we it's collectively. -- coaching staff that's been found in Rochester helping. -- Ralston has coaching staff working more individually one on what players there are. I think that's been a tremendous benefit I think it's given our staff here an opportunity -- I better get in a little better you know those players there and help them work with -- -- more insight into what control. As you're in Rochester you have a few players that are in -- Buffalo Sabres like -- odds and it is one markets fully know yet. You know a lot about them when it comes to the other guys DJ -- and I know. Has so really sort of come on of late one year seeing your players. Like -- -- be Connor Knapp was -- younger prospect is well on -- against. HL talent that's kind of got some NHL filtered and is almost like up. But a hybrid like you get to see them on the highest the DH Shelby. You really go out last week virtually out of Philadelphia are -- -- and -- -- got breaking it great -- on their. Creature created those are true players that are. You know. Very good manager at a young age they're playing against them or sorting options -- -- I think it was back this again. But you get a bland. Very good young NHL players were there that what -- some -- all of us. Stay with -- Jim nursery here on WGR. Darcy in a weird sort of way could some of these guys were playing down on the farm who may not have had a chance to. Maybe make the big club this year by getting that experience could they possibly push out somebody who may have had a roster spot ahead of them. On the sabres this coming year. Well I don't know though they won't push people out but they certainly have. And good Spanish person just trying to -- world. There -- they're developing. They continue to get better and unfortunately for some of the other guys they don't have that same opportunity somewhat play in Europe some controllers but. If it happens if it does offer them you know a little bit of an advantage coming into camp ruled it -- to see whether or not they can push their. David sabres Jim nursery here Darcy how about the guys that are. On your roster that are overseas -- you. Allowed to keep in touch with them are you in touch with their agents and what kind of updates can you get a Tyler Myers -- report that he had an ankle injury is gonna miss about a week and -- sure what kind of bomb. I don't know correspondents is there or how much view of the keep up with them. While we track they're changed. You really just over the Internet and and we may be able some changed it came with their coaching staff what was terrible management although there is that the old. But words were able any kind of a is only way to keep track of what's going on out there injury status. Unfortunately for the guys and how it injures including how to -- it appears -- older it's not. Well. But we don't speak directly with the players says since. For the most part -- All right turn off the sabres Jim nursery here Darcy when we talk about this lockout maybe beings than others but there's talk off. A 48 game season obviously we've -- a lot of time it's canceled through December 30 if they come back and have a 48 game season a shortened season. -- thought this today what happens of the trade deadline I don't remember what happened last time they did this in 9495 is is it is it -- orbit -- it does not exist. Well -- be subject shouldn't CPAs but my guess -- just guessed that that would take place forty days before the end of the season which is the current. Schedule I don't I don't think that would change. And what had do you remember the last one was it was a much quieter one because in a shortened season I think everybody's gonna kind of think that there. But they're in it to make the playoffs. I I don't remember what I remember about the last is that 48 games this season I think it was like four. Was. That was a spread of the art it was tremendous you're playing every other day. And it was essentially just burned from the time we started which was a -- January 20 I believe until the end here. News that your memory of being good hockey good solid -- hockey every night. I thought it was great hockey and every game obviously mattered in the short she's like that's the competition. And that the level played what I accomplished. In your opinion like an 82 game season is it just hard to maintain that level throughout. I think you're you're subject to a lot of that -- injuries. -- and I think it is probable outbreak you know you can on the unused or are hard about the shortened season. It was as though you should finish line and that was struck. Sabres Jim nursery here here on W chair Darcy one of the things that is being suggested her. At some of a major sticking point which in the NHL in the NHL PA seems to be contract limits and in term limits are you. Rather get your opinion have you. And try to figure what your blog sandwich -- not a lot savior if you would support the idea of a five year limit if you. If you think that would in impinge your ability to sign players like how would it affect the landscaping do you think that. While owners might like it like how to how to GM's. Approach that when you when you think about the five year limit or -- seven year limit or any sort of constraint that's placed on free agency. Yeah I'm I'm really not at liberty -- commenting -- -- turned -- you know on. You obviously they're supported -- while you're trying to do not regard. But that's much like this as follows sort. -- that's art fair enough. Maybe if it goes but once it goes through he'll be at liberty to talk about it because you could see -- landscape changing. In free agency odds are seeing a finger be revealed that he had offseason back surgery -- probably. Wouldn't have been ready anyway for the season can give us any update on that do you know anything about that. I do he's progressing and ban on daily basis. He started to skate. And because he was not a locked out player news is true is injury. How we've been able to continue to rehab and work with him -- he's making good progress. Who who can play in Rochester I I believe it's players not only their entry level deal can you kind of sort through that with that's exactly who's allowed to play. In Rochester who's now. It has its players that are on their entry level deals meaning in most cases he is the first three years of their career professional career. As well polished players and did not finish this season on an NHL roster. So that is the makeup of the American hockey great and I said it's this tremendously in a very high double play. Speak with sabres jammed our Sergio Garcia on Mikhail -- -- agrees that you've. You had a chance to see him. -- since you've drafted him. And I IE draft the player for their abilities you might have some questions about how he's gonna respond to certain situations how he's gonna grow into his body and he still very young. What do BC from Greg -- since draft day. Well actually there at the age progressed in the areas in which we thought he had to do -- actual -- would improve because of that you which has more of the physical aspect of the game getting more involved and fox. I see progress in the air on the other side of that he is sort of -- -- -- very skilled. As -- tremendous vision and ability when he does -- the optional. The focus such as gift. -- that's what we're focused Armand and on the other side of the it will be important for him like all young players to develop. Consistency and and and they all have to learn to work -- and another level end to that extent you know he's made some. It's a big strides. Within the organization. Is -- -- level of excitement about what he can be mean what you talk about him. As a prospect he was you know considered at one point to beat potentially our number one pick candidate and had a top three talents come out of draft class and have slipped to worry -- -- On just how high is excitement about what he could potentially turn into. Well I think he has the potential to be -- first line player and it'll be every -- it will come down until. Other things athletic players young players have to develop which is you know again to competing for the part when you don't have a competing to get it back. Is what you work around. That really it's all about his work when he got on the part because when he does have a parking will -- -- -- match. He has. That it's a tremendous ability to make plays. So it's just going to be. Bringing up the areas election that I in areas where does not have often and I think. Astute in the limits -- just play. You know like I believe it pretty wide open right now. -- the one -- this organization. Since you've been here but even beyond that before that. Has been the debt at goaltending throughout the organization what do you lights out of what you've seen from David -- -- pattern at data Rochester so far. O'Connor's. He comes to a a lot of size and that last week and he played all seeing that outstanding Friday night. I by David let you know who has experiences finish lakers won a championship over there is a local talent. On the buffalo area. And continues to get better it is incredibly hard work good battle are. And last night as a good example where in order issued notes. He stopped also shooters -- and -- when you see that type of battle on not improvement I think yourself although it. Hope and believe that he has a child's play in the national park is. -- Jim nursery here here on WGR. Darcy. Thank you for the time and best of luck against in this whole thing settled if we if we if we if we do I think. Everyone's an album -- rocky return my guess is you are swell. Oh yeah thanks I appreciate it well.

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