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12/12 Darcy Regier discusses his draft picks and the NHL lockout

Dec 12, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sabres GM cars are here to give us a little update on not things that are going on of the Buffalo Sabres play questions -- -- it's the lockout so it hasn't quite been. Atypical season -- good morning it's Jeremy and sell. -- -- -- I know you've been obviously keeping tabs on the organization but tougher for the up. Average person wondering what you might be doing during this time and what have you been up to. Well a lot of trips Rochester I was there last night for their little rabbits birds had gone -- seeing is some of these junior players great call players like are there. That try to watch as much art he has like candle at both the national hockey that. Is there any redeeming value to this star said -- you you'd probably rather watch your team or you know have the team that you put together beat on the -- competing but are you finding it. I don't know any sort of positive in this. I -- car and I say we it's collectively. -- coaching staff that's been found in Rochester helping. -- Ralston has coaching staff working more individually one on what players there are. I think that's been a tremendous benefit I think it's given our staff here an opportunity -- I better get in a little better you know those players there and help them work with -- -- more insight into what control. As you're in Rochester you have a few players that are in -- Buffalo Sabres like -- odds and it is one markets fully know yet. You know a lot about them when it comes to the other guys DJ -- and I know. Has so really sort of come on of late one year seeing your players. Like -- -- be Connor Knapp was -- younger prospect is well on -- against. HL talent that's kind of got some NHL filtered and is almost like up. But a hybrid like you get to see them on the highest the DH Shelby. You really go out last week virtually out of Philadelphia are -- -- and -- -- got breaking it great -- on their. Creature created those are true players that are. You know. Very good manager at a young age they're playing against them or sorting options -- -- I think it was back this again. But you get a bland. Very good young NHL players were there that what -- some -- all of us. Stay with -- Jim nursery here on WGR. Darcy in a weird sort of way could some of these guys were playing down on the farm who may not have had a chance to. Maybe make the big club this year by getting that experience could they possibly push out somebody who may have had a roster spot ahead of them. On the sabres this coming year. Well I don't know though they won't push people out but they certainly have. And good Spanish person just trying to -- world. There -- they're developing. They continue to get better and unfortunately for some of the other guys they don't have that same opportunity somewhat play in Europe some controllers but. If it happens if it does offer them you know a little bit of an advantage coming into camp ruled it -- to see whether or not they can push their. David sabres Jim nursery here Darcy how about the guys that are. On your roster that are overseas -- you. Allowed to keep in touch with them are you in touch with their agents and what kind of updates can you get a Tyler Myers -- report that he had an ankle injury is gonna miss about a week and -- sure what kind of bomb. I don't know correspondents is there or how much view of the keep up with them. While we track they're changed. You really just over the Internet and and we may be able some changed it came with their coaching staff what was terrible management although there is that the old. But words were able any kind of a is only way to keep track of what's going on out there injury status. Unfortunately for the guys and how it injures including how to -- it appears -- older it's not. Well. But we don't speak directly with the players says since. For the most part -- All right turn off the sabres Jim nursery here Darcy when we talk about this lockout maybe beings than others but there's talk off. A 48 game season obviously we've -- a lot of time it's canceled through December 30 if they come back and have a 48 game season a shortened season. -- thought this today what happens of the trade deadline I don't remember what happened last time they did this in 9495 is is it is it -- orbit -- it does not exist. Well -- be subject shouldn't CPAs but my guess -- just guessed that that would take place forty days before the end of the season which is the current. Schedule I don't I don't think that would change. And what had do you remember the last one was it was a much quieter one because in a shortened season I think everybody's gonna kind of think that there. But they're in it to make the playoffs. I I don't remember what I remember about the last is that 48 games this season I think it was like four. Was. That was a spread of the art it was tremendous you're playing every other day. And it was essentially just burned from the time we started which was a -- January 20 I believe until the end here. News that your memory of being good hockey good solid -- hockey every night. I thought it was great hockey and every game obviously mattered in the short she's like that's the competition. And that the level played what I accomplished. In your opinion like an 82 game season is it just hard to maintain that level throughout. I think you're you're subject to a lot of that -- injuries. -- and I think it is probable outbreak you know you can on the unused or are hard about the shortened season. It was as though you should finish line and that was struck. Sabres Jim nursery here here on W chair Darcy one of the things that is being suggested her. At some of a major sticking point which in the NHL in the NHL PA seems to be contract limits and in term limits are you. Rather get your opinion have you. And try to figure what your blog sandwich -- not a lot savior if you would support the idea of a five year limit if you. If you think that would in impinge your ability to sign players like how would it affect the landscaping do you think that. While owners might like it like how to how to GM's. Approach that when you when you think about the five year limit or -- seven year limit or any sort of constraint that's placed on free agency. Yeah I'm I'm really not at liberty -- commenting -- -- turned -- you know on. You obviously they're supported -- while you're trying to do not regard. But that's much like this as follows sort. -- that's art fair enough. Maybe if it goes but once it goes through he'll be at liberty to talk about it because you could see -- landscape changing. In free agency odds are seeing a finger be revealed that he had offseason back surgery -- probably. Wouldn't have been ready anyway for the season can give us any update on that do you know anything about that. I do he's progressing and ban on daily basis. He started to skate. And because he was not a locked out player news is true is injury. How we've been able to continue to rehab and work with him -- he's making good progress. Who who can play in Rochester I I believe it's players not only their entry level deal can you kind of sort through that with that's exactly who's allowed to play. In Rochester who's now. It has its players that are on their entry level deals meaning in most cases he is the first three years of their career professional career. As well polished players and did not finish this season on an NHL roster. So that is the makeup of the American hockey great and I said it's this tremendously in a very high double play. Speak with sabres jammed our Sergio Garcia on Mikhail -- -- agrees that you've. You had a chance to see him. -- since you've drafted him. And I IE draft the player for their abilities you might have some questions about how he's gonna respond to certain situations how he's gonna grow into his body and he still very young. What do BC from Greg -- since draft day. Well actually there at the age progressed in the areas in which we thought he had to do -- actual -- would improve because of that you which has more of the physical aspect of the game getting more involved and fox. I see progress in the air on the other side of that he is sort of -- -- -- very skilled. As -- tremendous vision and ability when he does -- the optional. The focus such as gift. -- that's what we're focused Armand and on the other side of the it will be important for him like all young players to develop. Consistency and and and they all have to learn to work -- and another level end to that extent you know he's made some. It's a big strides. Within the organization. Is -- -- level of excitement about what he can be mean what you talk about him. As a prospect he was you know considered at one point to beat potentially our number one pick candidate and had a top three talents come out of draft class and have slipped to worry -- -- On just how high is excitement about what he could potentially turn into. Well I think he has the potential to be -- first line player and it'll be every -- it will come down until. Other things athletic players young players have to develop which is you know again to competing for the part when you don't have a competing to get it back. Is what you work around. That really it's all about his work when he got on the part because when he does have a parking will -- -- -- match. He has. That it's a tremendous ability to make plays. So it's just going to be. Bringing up the areas election that I in areas where does not have often and I think. Astute in the limits -- just play. You know like I believe it pretty wide open right now. -- the one -- this organization. Since you've been here but even beyond that before that. Has been the debt at goaltending throughout the organization what do you lights out of what you've seen from David -- -- pattern at data Rochester so far. O'Connor's. He comes to a a lot of size and that last week and he played all seeing that outstanding Friday night. I by David let you know who has experiences finish lakers won a championship over there is a local talent. On the buffalo area. And continues to get better it is incredibly hard work good battle are. And last night as a good example where in order issued notes. He stopped also shooters -- and -- when you see that type of battle on not improvement I think yourself although it. Hope and believe that he has a child's play in the national park is. -- Jim nursery here here on WGR. Darcy. Thank you for the time and best of luck against in this whole thing settled if we if we if we if we do I think. Everyone's an album -- rocky return my guess is you are swell. Oh yeah thanks I appreciate it well.

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