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12/12 Whiner Line

Dec 12, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Number is eight point 30234. Super. This he's covering rallies to the listeners of WGR. Sports Radio 556. Season. You GR lawyer underlying -- -- do you buy that premier group wind may be easy. -- -- are still are not ball. -- -- -- -- Now it would. Gordon maravent and to could do but but spend a lot of trauma because -- -- aren't you and are we don't wouldn't. Well you all think it's. Ready for the playoffs around here. All he will be -- because. -- Years that the chair and stores are reporting -- getting Seidenberg told. You explore off the field but what the other team part of the bills -- I wish I could say I'm looking forward to training camp. But it looks like it's going to be neat but -- a year. And eat an earlier report can -- I'm looking -- street where here's the story -- at Fletcher who. -- -- that we want to do. They want to play -- pupils in the towel. Hours or worse even growl at her there. -- eight. Not necessarily Christmas -- known as the launch this creative. He bought -- no orders all who are charged Kirk. Well no -- bird. I'll talk to. Each awareness to -- Regular. It is cold out. Sums in Britain commuters on brought his -- to -- But it was cold outer coat. Like. If you're gonna go do the store. Tactically early to be outside from the distance it is from your card your house and back and your card the store right -- your inside -- seeded. Well you you put a coat on right why it is it's. Some -- -- out and you're not outside for four hours in that cold you don't like 32 senate in your still gonna work coat when not just do it yeah. Now it when you watch Major League Baseball. Pitcher throws on a jacket middle of July. They get to first base that jackets coming on me is gone right nine. -- and this is winter. Similar yelling. For. One extra once. Worked for. All -- -- that won't keep you guys are not our call awards are just. Spiritual and Aaron Aldridge spears would encourage all -- -- such as well. Yards left to pull off this whole -- answerable off the ball. This whole -- also falls school. We just -- weeks even more person. Cities in -- but we didn't come over just what they'll take you globe -- constrictor vote jingle ball will almost all our -- But I didn't want total control you know. The first spare -- this -- to me. Our drop our site. ET. And -- -- it -- despite what you get me choked -- Our our. -- -- On the third day of Christmas quite sure what gave -- need. Three locals are pretty jewel case stick archer RR. -- -- -- -- -- Lu one more or any Christmas we'll get -- shorts or -- -- during periods -- the job. What -- Jalen -- really -- in the end. He's it is to use -- announcement elite crowd Gailey now next on -- the client. That Laura thanks -- -- changed it partly paid out saying. Gary Strauss elite LBJ. Now that's. Some like are not are good like ratchet. Up. She did nationally and no she hired somebody should it. That really has absolutely Hulu Leah yeah just absolutely that really happened by the way on anyway lately -- was -- got it. Was he just the boyfriend I thought he did -- a -- another of these he was the hitter. Who might of and I thought he was skinny guy and I think the bigger guided heading opening gillooly was the hitter out we'll find out. But no she married Jeff Gillooly there was a different chassis. Our guys did -- Sean act card merry go and Sheen stance you go that far you hit someone thorough well managed as in Mary. -- -- -- That all really how it really happened yeah. And then there's so it's -- care he needed treatment after that in a rule. Parting marry Jeff school in 1990 which was nineteen years old. And then they conspired did hit Nancy Kerrigan in the neat with a tyrant with. At all right I've just gonna keep saying that really opposite you don't Lisa -- Harding is turner lifer. She's a really good boxer now. She she did because I injury holders of. Time -- Quote -- and -- out there and you're like when are these poorer. Which are like very good -- GE. Or color. Or are well. -- -- -- Who are. Clearly.

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