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12/12 Paul Hamilton thinks there is something wrong with the way the Bills are drafting

Dec 12, 2012|

Paul Hamilton on Schopp and the Bulldog

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Paul just tell us -- during your talk police. What I think -- one -- you've been asking questions about sources of football season started is. You know why haven't the -- taken a quarterback one about a guy like Russell Wilson and -- second give you information a white adults and take Russell -- Yes this is interest and yes I guess. The would be they would take them later. -- have -- rated that highly and -- -- that he says he was too short they wouldn't say. Haven't that he did. I won't tell -- that he he acts was impressed with Wilson when they spoke before the draft. They chatted for a while it will also and also talking to him on the conference call today acknowledged that conversation. He said that get a lot of respect for daily and -- wondered maybe the bills might be the team. They have that would be but Gillick that she and a lot of scouts around the NFL they had questions about pipe being viable product. And they like the rest of the skill set that they -- willing to do that. And they were interested in him that they weren't interested enough to invest the second or third round pick in him. If as Gailey said if if we were common ground at the right time you know they would have definitely considered it bad for them. But the Seattle Seahawks the right time was the third round. It's it's it and what it's worth the -- that they were impressed with them but the thing that was I think the most impressive about him -- that strikes me is the most impressive now is. -- He is intangible seem off the charts like he just -- And and I I'll admit I didn't know -- of the trap door you can fall into when your when -- talking about the draft and trying to. While we don't do too much of it really. Give you opinions give our audience opinions about these guys that we rarely seen play I know he's he's too short I didn't know what an incredible. Work her and the like the intangibles and teammate and all this stuff but he saw the Turks and all -- stuff that things. He has he went actually. I -- never spoken to before I was very impressed with the 567. Minutes -- -- all the I mean you -- to me seemed very intelligent very well spoken. Really seems like every yet -- together and understand why he's playing football and and will it might take him and that type of thing I have to admit he has a chip on his shoulder because many. -- -- -- -- feel bad that you that he was too short -- so -- we go back. I've played football for the right reasons and uses I wanna be a role model I -- you know those types of things and you seem very sincere about it -- seem like the but Maybin walked in the first day when he walked that we could see right through all I mean he seemed very sincere and wait he was talking and everything and in other that I have -- knew about him and I was impressed by abused by telephone conversations I can imagine. Yeah it was oppressed by until that might get it takes you like your point you've been making for how long now. You got a guy who has until you see that ballot maybe you just gotta say I have a character is about a lot of girls. To not do it year after year. Reflects what seems like just -- a lack of appreciation for how old. Important the position has become in the sport -- Imported is to have great quarterback play this isn't really fair to say like it's a factor in any field that you guys might agree. They had they drafted Russell Wilson in the fourth round even that he'd be sitting all year. They don't like their ayalon and that's just you know they probably were gonna do this morning they -- I would I'm I'm I'm Monique Adam I might be -- That they -- and is open. -- -- third string. He would be third string data at thinkpad -- for the reason they do now he's got a little experience familiar with the offense some business like that. And Wilson and I think you know is just. An opinion I can't really say that they would do this but it it's my guess he'd be the third string quarterback -- Look at the Seattle -- they had Jackson matter they went out and got land. And I think when they went out got when it was to replace Jackson I think they've bought when -- was their quarterback this year. It was a highly sought after guy he -- a little bit of a tour and he got. He got not you get knocked out money but he got big money for -- went slightly differently at all. And so they went out got him but yet. Pete Carroll was open minded enough that by the end to training camp he realized. Well wait a minute because somebody better here. And have the courage. Although the burst into laughter but other teams did not feel that 511 would work. Second of all. They have the courage to do I we went out and got this guy. Maybe order to take some criticism about bad guys who went out got this guy and that we -- -- -- quarterback and our rookie of air. They did they did here here's this tool to be totally fair about it. We're not talking about Andrew Luck here with Wilson mean they have a good record eight and five of of very good team they're. Very good at running back their defense is excellent. It's set up they have a great home field advantage like the one team left that seems to have this tremendous home field advantage. They. You know we we talked about the NFC west is being how a big part of how the schedule is easy I think really it's kind of been the other way around. The NFC west is enjoying tempered. The rams until Sunday playing the AFC east Seattle has beaten New England though -- come off the track but just think. We're not talking about locker Griffin with Wilson and resort not a good player who's done a good job and they have a good record. No we are but don't sell short he -- in the league in in not quarterback rating. You don't want a touchdown in nine interceptions the -- you know -- an -- but I'm very impressed that he eight. In the league in quarterback at 9496. Were I wrote a story on Friday. And it doesn't turn it over guys I mean that's all right that's a good story right exactly yeah. About how about what's the Wilson knowledge on the bills like it will whether what what they would mean almost worth but he just. Two strikes me like you're gonna get struck by lightning unit outside you know liquid Carroll went outside -- like okay. We're open minded about this idea it's it's just restating -- time. I am a part time team bill -- is the open. And the Paul did you talk to servers Jackson today I -- not sure. Joseph did OK we have clips we have a tape of Jerry Sullivan doing that to asking him about. How low it is that he hasn't been active for a game and Jerry said write to him. Paraphrasing. Fans think your stupid because the bills make it sound like you just don't know the playbook well enough to play. -- that I can tell you right now that they know they've said that directly make maybe maybe they have do you remember Paul is that that set by the bills. No well no actually Jerry -- can -- same question is -- stupidity -- But he can't and tangled ball and he paper because he knows the plight. You know as I can go -- we can ask in this system that we can recite it back. Because it's a whole different story when you get out on the field. And try to put those plays and actually was that's probably -- we don't have time to give him props right now. So he knows what he's doing. It was his explanation. But he hasn't had a chance to go out and direct and he goes it's a whole different thing when the -- to quiet. And things are more quickly than it has sickened by -- reciting place. Paul Hamilton with us how about the latest on CJ Spiller and his coach ball. Yes it hit that one up and talk to the coaches that was a very good beginning he seemed pleased with that. Amin said he got the answers you want these it's confidential conversation and I'm not gonna get into it but he said. Why not be able to block and talked to your boss because that's always gets a dominant political up Erin and candidly. The same thing you appreciate. Spill are coming in because my doors open to any player on this team. I want to come up and have a conversation and he agreed with these -- -- that they did have a very very good long talk. About a number of different things but of course neither -- was gonna tell you specifically. What was what was talked about but it seems like they're -- out at least one way or the other. I'll buy gas that you might not -- Chan Daley used the word when it was -- -- CJ Spiller and that's just my guess well yeah. Did you. Always been told of the of the meeting with the media with Gailey is barely got mounting. Adversarial necessarily but you know these things can take on a different. Once the coaches can handle the ropes didn't have that feel to -- All that you can sell me not he's not like angry you're getting angry with questions -- understand the questions are going to be outspoken he understands. That there's going to be a fan base that doesn't want him to coach team anymore because it goes with the territory but I -- that he that I totally understand because. That's not gonna stop me from coming to work and that's that the thing that nobody doesn't. Seem to get agitated all the questions he knows they're coming. He knows it's our job to ask them. Who you know I just it was even have to -- becomes a distraction. You know that people are calling for his job or whatever and -- Hopefully he does but you gotta understand I'm in a cocoon here. He says you know I'm not out watching TV I'm not listen to the radio he's not doing those things. He's fit in an office what he had gained film about that the things so. Anything he cares about would be secondhand from the PR department or whatever he's not spending time you know dealing what you know we're listening watching. Or reading media so if he says it is those types of things don't bother because. It doesn't necessarily totally get back to him because of the cocoon movies that. Respects you know it's it be inching kind of funny in my mind like you say he has a couple of shows that he watches that he knows are safe this is like to he watches. Iron -- As he can post but secondly any speculation or scrutiny of his went went upon during like that and suddenly there was. Well. A bit of ice I don't read the paper I don't her on the -- watch iron shaft and they've got to mention punting at the third or it has got to slip that in. You know at times I wonder coaches might do better they watched the little lawyer shop for something else that's saying first sixty dollars a day going over game fell. And and then going all we get to our -- sleeping in your office or whatever and eating all your -- pitcher that's. Sometimes I wonder if you really. Optimizing first off this sweep operation on Sunday doesn't make you think collect police sometimes and maybe Chan Gailey could do a little better outside -- got -- sleep that. You're sitting in -- a -- -- -- certain -- and a -- coaches might do better if they did a little bit relaxing every now and then. And turned to -- game fell off at 9 -- 10 o'clock at night watching little easier. You know -- -- something a little bit different. Biologists excuse me for one minute and as Greg something Greg is it okay if I may request that you pull out all suggesting that change really want charge. Article I got a good artist. -- Injuries well what's the story through a lot of guys out on the -- ensemble. Yeah then we -- were hoping to talk to Australia he speaks earlier. Before practice Ali once this year or did he speak after practice -- not. That a PR department did speak with Yemen and he just went through the guys said that they were injured related. And they would be listed on the injury report -- did not practice and they include Leodis McKelvin. Jerry Byrd of course Kyle Williams and we talk about every Wednesday myself targets it was in the weight room. Spencer Johnson and Nick Barnett was the one I'm mr. took courses are what which we -- he he actually is the only offensive player about wasn't working so. You're on the defense we're gonna have to monitor as the week goes on to see. You know where that's going to go -- -- -- just one day or whatever and I've coached all of the next time will be available through -- tomorrow after practice. Paul would you mind a little hockey here for a few minutes. Away about meetings today. There is I wanna say again this sort of background. Bugs. That. We should be optimistic you know here a couple of reporters slip that in there seems to be this talk. Whether it's. Among players this what thank you Greg that. That may be at least one of the two sides have now both are going into these these next this next round of meetings. With the feeling that you know. Were close enough we will get this done. Before I bring up anything Mort do you happened if you disagree with that please say so but you have and to share in that -- Problem. And actually guys -- Katie Strang just a minute ago said the NHL PA continue to merchant mediators office. Who appears to be meeting on its own right now so. The meeting is overt nick cypriots that no progress -- remains on take it or leave it on the last offer. Which is basically well I've been all day when I'm reading all this I still optimism. As far as what this is I think respect what speculation by reporters it's like. All the pieces and realizes the best authentic and yet never and -- you know they're gonna figure it out -- so close and whatever and I I don't buy it I don't I wasn't buying it all they want. I would just as pessimistic that you ask that question before I got to Twitter and -- read but what. It was just very. I I actually won't be optimistic until summary of the podium and tell me I need to be a practice. Are you know what it is it when I mentioned reporters showed you all that comes from somebody. And it could very well be that that comes from someone on the owners' side of the commissioner. Who says we know they're gonna take. And you know. That's been. Work that's been looming in this has been a consistent theme throughout this that at some point the the players will have to take you know you've been put us take it or leave it. That some players that at some point the players will have to take it. But you know what they don't have to take it so someone on the player side is perhaps telling DiCaprio as we don't have to take it. It. They don't -- but the thing is and it said this earlier in the week CU and I firmly believe that. That. If they if they lose the data in this goes into next year the best offer they're they are going to see will pass them by. And they'll be lucky to get it back. Which is the offer from last week or whatever might be tweaked this week or whatever it seems like the NHL they're gonna feel that right now this summit if it's the gross correct. And that -- I think I don't. I guarantee you if they lose this season the NHL PA while not even come close to what they were offered in this past 78 days. Your time.

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