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WGR550>Topics>>12/13 Joe Buscaglia on Bills drafting philosophies and CJ Spiller's head8

12/13 Joe Buscaglia on Bills drafting philosophies and CJ Spiller's head8

Dec 13, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joseph this guy joining us here on WGI Joseph. Important and you should just -- in the draft mode. Right now yeah. Quarterback our quarterback or linebacker first -- You get you have to go quarterback you -- I mean. If you have that sort of situation where you're thinking about a guy and and you -- you need a quarterback of the future and -- -- election let's say that it's. Birdied expert that the player has to be or the quarterback has to perfect I mean you look at. Successfully. Of course of action and in the first round of Turkey's secular Turks or -- so well. I mean it's it's astronomical problem I have a percentage -- is it in terms of their -- and in. In the NFL. Or outsource our quarterback candidates and any other routes so. Well I I think I would rather play the first to look at what a lot of time in which sent in actual game and hope that. He knew if solely I mean you -- obviously you have you're you're aware -- from time -- -- That you know all. It -- by the I am and and up. Because they get hit after. You know he obviously a router which has like that. Five or 6% equity or something like that. Mean if you go the first round here at -- at double digit sort of sort of situation so if you walk. Your best bet they're giving it quarterbacks that. Your stretch for the long term and a young one at -- then finish probably do it in the first trial so. So if you -- that -- quarterback -- I have met early every evidence a minister quarterback because it's the most important position I mean linebackers especially on the bill. -- do they necessarily play every doubt it's that the situation that they ordered that a bit more detail with that being. A situation where he replaces Brian Scott and key becomes an effort alive free copper and nickel situations. Those theater. These -- these are questions that you have entered the parts they they don't make an impact than -- and we'll play it. The first OPEC which you're you're thinking about -- -- Ers linebacker U I guys don't make an impact and -- and change the way teams approach. Your approach your offense and thought I would go back -- -- Now Seattle went with a quarterback in round three last year you know and cheering in there stocking and a Russian Wilson yesterday. And basically it sounds like he said look the guy great intangibles skills all that. If he was a little bit taller he would have been in the mix at the top guys in the draft. Oh what 511. Really gonna sit here and talk again about you know a guy they -- -- intangibles leadership all the -- dot. Skill level with the top quarterback to win but he's not 61 or six -- -- we didn't take them. Our -- what goes back to rule I mean of if it ever since buddy there actually has gotten into. His position with the bills. What they -- -- prototypical. Measure benched. Pretty much -- wide. The only one that really. Really hasn't -- Matt is you know or maybe a guy like Justin rockers are are remote -- to try to tweeters. And at their positions but. You look all throughout the roster. I mean there are off until lying they could they draft guys and I -- -- to -- just a huge. Huge happily admit a specimen. And he has the quick feet to go along with it with a huge mall in size. And so and so -- -- for that sort of thing in the quarterback -- -- Aaron Williams upload guilt or. Bigger stronger quarterback switched with very good street. And yeah it's it's just I think Beck goes along the same lines with which quarterback. You know this is this is a situation where. I think they would rather have -- -- story -- up quarterback acts just because they believed it in the science department and it's it's not. Eighties they see you know. A theory that is always backed up because you'll always have exceptions the role I mean hackers. There are two exceptions the rule on the roster -- bird and into levee treat those guys. Are not the prototypical size of their potential what they -- overcome that. But but when one party -- fiction can change really -- it. They've stretched its first size or in in terms double wide -- actually drafted for speed. A much with the later -- so it's so I would -- -- shocked at all but what Chan Daley -- about that that's just par for the course with what this regime has done. 8030550. Jobless guy analyst Joseph one of the stories of the day yesterday was CJ Spiller. Meeting with Chan -- And we know this has been an issue all season long in the media and with the fans the fact that he hasn't got enough touches but this -- CJ Spiller set on Monday am gonna go talk to the coach about the whole getting -- that stuff. He did. Yesterday you know say it's confidential American Italian much about it. -- how -- promise is now between head coach and running back. I don't know that's going to be a huge problem. There are concerns that -- -- that problem. I don't know that's going to be huge problem because well you know -- couple Packers won because they went and had that conversations. And to. Because projection it's no longer. An option for the penalty used in the back field. So I would expect CJ Spiller could get the ball as much as he can handle over the course of the last three games. And I don't think there will ever church in nearly state CJ Spiller was one particular the attribute it to be quite I don't. I don't know that whoever what what is -- vacuum that you Jewish so. I think I think that that's going to be at the end of of change really using that as the as the explanation for it. And I also think that. You know CJ Spiller will look at the ball as much as he can handle throughout these last three games because while there's nothing stopping him now and and you know change really secure a lot of valuation voted -- she -- you to -- it's. Its rejection continues to have a couple of problems won an injury concerns and into trouble -- so that's. We're going to be testing procedure Ella is well forget that thing. Joseph before you go injuries pal limbs has been taking Wednesday's off so I'm not concerned about that but there's a long. List of guys on defense who did not practice yesterday. Any idea who might or might not be playing and how much of a concern that could be at -- a lot of people. Well it's early in the week yet so we don't really know play. And it you know in terms of starting players that we're now practicing. You know that's a lot you know -- spurred. And it's getting getting what should where Leodis McKelvin. But -- put -- -- -- got a little early on in that game -- number yet they. Yeah. Like two fusion and which -- just have to work for a really. Bad -- so I wonder that maybe pick up little -- out -- immediate need that Wednesday off Leodis McKelvin and you know that's. You know heat he had -- limited at practice -- last week. Spencer Johnson has been limited at -- at all times that throughout the past few weeks. And martial arts has been like for injuries to -- I don't know that's a huge concern with any of those guys are to get to see how they approach it at practice they if they don't practiced they obviously that's great red flag. But. For the most part out expect most of them if not all of them to get back on the field today. Jobless guy when this Craig you're on WGR which go right ahead. Morning gentlemen are are well scholar. Eight -- you'd get out there -- generational number. Greg -- -- what what's your point. Thank you for your call Joseph thank you very much revenue days -- talked to him opera football Friday. But but I thought our.