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12/14 Buddy Nix takes fans calls, discusses Chan Gailey, and the draft

Dec 14, 2012|

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But it's Howard and sell good morning how are you good morning you get pretty well thanks buddy. You're approach I playoffs you're you're mathematically still alive realistically it looks like a long shot so. How do you do you look at the final three games are still thinking about 281240 US the GN. Look the final three games and and start evaluating for who will or will not be here to help out next season. In Iraq. Think we evaluate debt the same every week -- we're I'm. You know we we won't win every game in ten and that's our mindset we don't do what. Is best to win -- -- -- do both of these things man you can -- evaluate and may look at it papal and that can mean to see if anybody's. Effort drops off and I think that's a big thing with us. I was trying to think about guys that may be would normally wouldn't play. Could you put him in their for these last three games I mean we get a ton of calls. On Tavares Jackson I was thinking about a guy like markets easily in terms of the receiving game not just the return game. Should -- and put some guys in there that might not normally play just to see what they've got. -- -- you that day you know India and we don't play the best guess we owe it to everybody on the team and we certainly owe it to the premiums and actually -- to try to win the game and 8080 you know you guys are making a big deal out of it which. Some of those -- we would like to say polite but we've seen a good -- them by now anyway so. We're going to play the gas that give us some best teams that makes sense would you like to see Tarvaris Jackson play in the last three games. Well no I -- -- -- to -- and then and it would go put -- -- bits gives us our best chance to win any mentally and good and and that's what we have go do you think. -- and I know it's a coaching decision like when we bring it up with -- he had mentioned the problem is that of ours just doesn't get -- he doesn't have time. During a week to get -- that he knows the playbook should you got him some reps during the week -- I mean I mean yeah you make a trade for the guide you said -- isn't really an insurance policy but he -- for the guy he's a freeagent. So you're -- to make a decision whether or not wanna try to keep them from next year but. You really all you've seen of him -- bills uniform was I think a couple of hand offs against the lions in the preceding. He we know Tarvaris Jackson and there's nothing about. He'll not be enabled -- learn the playbook during occurring right -- he's a sharp pain. That -- role playing it. That number are you guys I'm sure you don't totally understand investment there's only so many reps and and they -- let's -- -- be in the game. Has got to be the one gets man mean there's just not enough for you don't have enough tam. To go around now no that's not the answer you want here and I'm sure you go ask you began a few men. I'm not gonna wait a few minutes. There -- terribly the site I got about I guess buddy my question is I don't Ryan Fitzpatrick a quarterback we understand that. There's no upside to just seeing what -- can do in a game with the -- system I mean you've seen him play for other teams but there's nothing. -- evaluate how does she look. Playing with our playbook running our planes so to speak. Where we turn to win. And we thank -- views based. I'm before I get to the calls I want to ask you about Chan. He is under taking serious hits these days from fans and media outreach to the punch I know you're really probably don't care what the fans and media say. But he's taking serious hits you have been 100%. Supportive of Chan -- any time the topic has come up on the show I'm assuming. You have not change that stance why do you still believe he is the right guy for this job in 2013 and going forward. You know I know you guys ever get -- you know on an essay question every week and stand there. But I'm not going -- -- that are already. You know already talked about it my stances. He know what -- is and it's alias. Yet no concerned about how he's coaching the team -- That my stances -- same as it wars. You don't think the fans deserve any kind of answer where the fans I mean I love the fans we got the best. You know everybody says they got the best fans in the NFL week we do -- and in rap video form where are all frustrated. And again. Amtrak gave his answer that that -- I mean they they do paid the money doesn't buy the tickets to help support the franchise that question. Ads live and if they're frustrated -- not happy with some of the coaching decisions you don't feel the need to say anything about that. Well I mean I am what I assays not going to change fort defiance. From Maine -- here's where we definitely we've sent. You know everything in the last thirteen years has been saying it. You eat you detect how to define hands is not going change what they think. Are what they did not what I say is not going -- anybody out. Between now and Sunday we need to win and win and won enough games well that's the bottom line what you consider aiming the fans could hear you say that. You know I'm gonna evaluate -- like we evaluate players after the season though the last comment about -- From you was basically something about how you know you can't fire the coach every three years that's is not the right thing to do and I think you know having seen. A five and eight record in some of the questionable play calling decisions and things have happened since you made that comment. You could tell the fans that you know he's up for a valuation just like everybody else in this organization -- -- this. -- don't know where to turn means we -- all. And we do it every week we do every day we do in the year but in exodus 8030515. Let's get some calls in Cuba itself. Buddy do you think seeing that the the success that rookie quarterbacks have had in this league this year especially over the last year how quickly some of them have come along. Do you think the rookie quarterback. Your philosophy a NB this offense could come in. To this offense and be able to grasp it handle it do you think they rookie quarterback would you be OK with him playing right away in the -- according your philosophy. Excellent you know I'm not afraid to play young -- I am not afraid it. -- active player young quarterback. I think he's I think he really look at all these -- And and normally the winds. You know there's exceptions are always met. The ones that command to good teams. Got -- -- they got a chance to -- did. The ones that commander really bad things I watched it last night 12 year guy and 11 year. And and you know they struggle Solomon in there warned this got the best gas around them usually do debates. 8030550. I -- follow up on Russell Wilson which would get you in a moment to get some calls and -- Sean your -- buddy -- here on WG yarder right ahead. Good morning mr. -- I've been looking forward to speaking to you for about the last month. I'm a diehard frustrated Buffalo Bills fair and I feel like. Cry right now on this phone call could -- -- -- socially compatible -- and I'm -- and Huckabee and punching -- electric -- -- National Football -- I'd like to get people like to not -- -- my first point. Ryan Fitzpatrick is not of franchise quarterback he has. So -- limited to have the deepest instinct grow up that role. He -- he -- -- admit -- political game if not all pinnacle game. They'll let you can get BP got -- -- -- -- it's not quite. -- like it but more importantly. Can tell by X error event even. He is pretty that in the European works -- international. -- That is not progress that the nick who can not -- -- that Patrick. And they're back here -- eight. Because I'm speaking 000%. Paid leave. It Google both of those who you couldn't clinics are paying the open looks and appearance. But Caylee for that thanks for your call and figure out a fair question and that some more our requirements that I want -- he wants to know if you can win with Chandra and Ryan Fitzpatrick well thank you know you will with -- silly I mean we have won enough. And I know -- field. And to me honestly -- -- I feel the same way I am as frustrated as anybody else and -- really. When by. The collar yes now and ended it -- it sent out there. Forty or 50000 that sent out and the rain and the cold and Watson Watson meals by it. Art hard bail out my hands are the -- reason. And I came here to start Amin is in it hurts me -- that was at -- Then the fans -- -- I'm just when you win and don't come when you lose and support she can she win. You know they are going to be that sang I mean you got those in every city. But the ones we got that are are. Passionate fans in -- with The Beatles. I mean it hurts me morning. And not be able to us say yum in -- award winning. And we're working men in that now we get parity here in -- and -- to be patient again accounts. That's -- you've heard for years. And the way it's hard to look at the roster. Concede -- we are better in every spot. We need one -- two. Grades I'm not going Gideon know what they are but we're working to feel low spots and we're working every day. To get better in every area and I think we might might big jumps in the last three years with the Patrick specifically. Do you think -- better there -- you were last year because most everybody would say his game is worse than it was last year you know even you and say dad and you get. Statistics in that -- buying bad. He actually. Answer ratings and a police stance and -- and hearing read them to leave it. He's better this year than he was last year. Interceptions are down from 2313. Three of those were against the jets in the first gains are. -- passer rating Indian is better. He's. Close to reaching 3000 yards for the third straight season only GM -- he's done that I may not. You can take stats and I and I know Roubini I I watched and listened to him -- to -- Phoenix then that -- it. That we haven't done. In the gadgets quoted -- record that's the bottom land and it's not GS PX is not just the quarterback. And it's not just say he would coach we've. We've had a great all the way through these three years. And we've made progress with steel and Sweden we needed to win more games in the third year note at a bad. Why agree with your point that is not just the head coach and the quarterback coming your defense was killing in the first half of the season but as you know. But aiming at the head coach is the most important coach on the staff and the quarterback is the most critical position on them and Ashley. And and if you're not getting the production in both those areas mean you can look look at the record you guys said -- I'll throw out all the stats. The only stat -- uses what everybody is ultimately judged on your wins in your losses and -- You know five and Q last year than one and eight and five and eight this year so it's six and fourteen in the last when he couldn't. I got no answer for that is not enough. When won enough games that's the bottom -- and you're exactly right and an idea and it's it's frustrating but I know -- You've got to keep hidden in the right direction or feel like you are and you got to keep working toward it. He you know -- if -- You don't report fingers at anybody and I'm not but if if if you win three games if forty Mike Warren plight. If we might more imply where eight in fact. Now before he knocked the -- down the fort there and bias against tennis say we when negate. If we score against and -- and all of you know this if we score that 1 I am against New England we win again. This past week I mean. You know as it it when you. Get a -- if we make an interception on that last -- That we had a chance it to him. We make more now then we're not sitting here talking about this worked organ about winning this week stay and then not. I mean it's just that fragile and I think -- that -- Let's go Q Adam next your ballot those gym buddy next our ability jargon that out of. Particularly coming out. -- As much parent who has three years ago it's in this young corner aren't calling each and every game Everett at short or read what it. Record center -- Hey you know arguably. You could say well you know the coaching -- might be able to regain GG Caribbean aboard an option. We cannot have a majority think a -- or. -- pretty. I have a -- that you have here that -- courts aren't. China went down on -- converted -- now. And it was that of the court back pocket to what are. Vick in court and it unfortunately aren't you aren't prisoner. -- back on the agricultural. Region according to pack. It in the background. A popular list secular and it was so quick your country your Wal-Mart. Story. On course I don't. Again Robert Horry under particular trouble but -- -- trying to help. Transmit and I have. This way. I -- -- right now I guess her body like no idea what I swear I'm not later but at least I enjoyed become much appreciated and that. I'm going to Toronto to do and we're going try our -- win the game now let me say this about I think there's -- him. It in in the era they -- and and and the development. Are your team I think is a time when you can move up. Around it taken out quarterback. And I think that tens and hamper us I mean if if the gas and -- say and it in a big one. If the guys there -- at night we'll target. As I've said before work. Drafted good quarterback we needed that young quarterback and we don't do our best to get buddy and Kirk. Questions are brought up the rookie quarterbacks don't ask about Russell Wilson Qian was talking about America is weakening said still lies everybody loved him but the question was his size. Do you is there a magic number for you in terms of height of a quarterback you have like a minimum number when it comes to draft. Thing a -- you know I know people that have done Matt Howard I mean be -- par sales fees if if -- measure both worked there height weight and speed. He was -- -- He can't do that I don't think and now beyond many bears success sport you know so that's his way -- do and but I firmly believe that that. It winners come in all senses. I think Russell Wilson was one we need that one week we spent a lot of time -- Russell. He was and he he was on our radar. But we had a one we felt like we had to have a speedy receiver they took command at third. You know that was a little half for us as far as our needs that. You've got Doug Flutie has a random for eight or nine years in and you get Russell Wilson I mean there was guy as there are exceptional. There today they are exceptions but they -- winners I know how to. To perform when the pressure zone and not -- you know why I am not a bit surprised at what he's done. But I know we need to get -- here though I know we talked about other positions and he -- specifically address upgrade let me ask you a specific position we haven't talked about a lot. And that's wide receiver they how much as. Losing David Nelson hurt the offense. This year and be where are you at in evaluating deposition with Donald Jones being restricted free agent maybe wanting him back in the growth of TJ Graham -- ally. You know we're excited -- DJ he brings. He bring something we -- hand and that's really exceptional speed. But we're you know we're. Wide receivers certainly don't are right -- -- Cincinnati last night -- Marvin Lewis. He's maintain years I don't know what their record was album. For the first six or seven years in -- may take. And AJ green. And Andy Dalton and that. Do you always. -- turned them around in my item up playoff contender and and I thank you gotta have. You know you've got to have bug add this like Andre reed was when he which I mean in Jim Kelly and Andre reed. They bird and and -- produced a lot of you need to restoring gas and you know we we are aware of that and we are certainly. -- certain -- -- -- -- adversary how how bad how much and hurry losing David help hurt this team. Well it can't hurt him a lot in in the slot cars we we didn't have a crucial -- when Roscoe parish you know Roscoe who got hurt and he was. He was what you're looking for in and you need somebody in there with. Some some exception and he had a great height and -- it was going -- tomorrow. And be able that. You know to make -- -- the slot in them. We're we're going getting back he's the only -- -- we're going put somebody else and thanks statement. You know Stevie johnsons -- -- Really if it's a slot whale. I was gonna ask you that body is keeping your Andre -- AJ green guy or do you think you got to get that guy had an had -- is a complement to that guy. Well you know and I think Stevie is he's in catching blame in the slaughter you play amounts that we. We need a big -- outside receiver in. You know TJ gives us a lot of that -- stalemate dead -- to get another bigger gat. They can land a bat game gets about win when he's covered. Buddy thank you very much first in overtime here gridlock on Sunday Campbell -- again next Friday I look forward to don't forget your passport this weekend OK okay I'm. I have to find it on the Saturday before we leave that's kind of important but it really take holes try to talk your way across the border -- Thanks -- body.

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