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12/14 Whiner Line

Dec 14, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Number is eight point 30234. This he's covering rallies to the listeners of WG ER Sports Radio 550 PCs and WGR. I underline that drug do you buy the premier group wind may be easy. Well -- -- -- -- you're -- Buffalo Bill me later here bill watts they're critical. To your daughter who like. If you don't. -- ever thought. At all and -- -- It was like nothing kind of mumbled. Something about game. Basically saying. Those fronts so little as best parents prepared. History. It is plain for this I thought he said Chan Gailey has the best game average yards per carry could make it's and it is the -- is doing. Yes. All the players. Over to the -- Up -- what are. The you -- warriors it would -- we couldn't cope with all. I'll ask you mark your book. You can't cook for. Our luck. You don't mind being a parent if you're running car on an up or pop pop Warner football humor and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- this group the water tour regards it will not college football here so much want to explore what shirt what got you got to ask it that's what. Even I get even better idea it's -- they don't -- ready guys that are out right here we got its draft day the bills are in their draft room. There up on the board. Okay bills fans text your pick. -- whatever number right is -- like 55550. And we all well. And whichever answer you know -- -- they tabulating everything -- like what ten minutes to get this done. The fans determined by popular vote who they. But you know what's gonna happen. Some kid -- -- watch and from Appalachian State University might be six router she's -- get all of her friends select text and like thousand tax. And also in the bills are taken like the six string running back from happy state. Whose great -- right like the idea but I doubt it but it still happened that's the problem they've ratified by their right. What are probably a little stroll -- this sure all error. Won't. You go to college I thought I college -- -- -- mutual. Yeah yeah you -- -- people. Don't like him is eager. Court. Ordered don't want to shop. Or. The actual. OJ as well what are. Who ruled -- girl buffalo. Armored cars you agree. -- or below record books he yeah Holland orange and here we. Want. We hurts. People who are currently -- -- colonel Laura. Coach period because we're -- Colleen weren't aware of our. Firmed up Danica I should've brought this up. Last week any chance you kids are you saving all of these bills Christmas -- because Christmas Eve our show Christmas again. We it is playback all right under -- bills Chris mr. Yang let alone Idaho maybe sell the CD but what about Michelle. I can compile let's start compiling all these for a wonderful Christmas Eve special sure. But my fault -- -- as I thought that was you blocked uncle Bernard reform. Work or -- world. Early. Number they're very sure about. What's mediocrity here are a little bit forever -- or else. -- -- and others. Here's ER RER. -- -- -- We were talking about sports social orders what we talk about sports question in -- Years well my pregnancy now. You know. These horrible and it and -- -- what their. The ball. I know what -- it does shoot six or other week he earned it will be ball. We just talk about that's what it's like we did I always talks on the -- I watched over the knicks lakers last night absolutely love and. Angered -- no clothes. Move. -- -- -- It's cool movie hope. The old wounds. Was -- -- dreaming of it and done -- What if I'd. I think so I had done daily like I fired my -- yeah I think so I think that's what you say I want to line. Grudge about it from a group wind maybe to.