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12/17 Chan Gailey embarrassed by his teams huge loss to the Seattle Seahawks

Dec 17, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There's no easy way to say it -- embarrassed at how your team looked yesterday. Very disappointing. I would play. -- we did. Really big getting better in some areas in. Lead. Did not play well at all effort was there but execution is Lackey. Ottawa if you think ever was there could at times it didn't look. I think I think effort was there -- I had never question I guess character effort by our -- education but I don't I don't question our effort. I don't. It's. When you play bad it looks like you're not play at heart. But I don't think that's ever question you said last week after the game that you know. The thing that you do in situations like this you show up everyday to work you become a professional that's what you have to play four. They look like at times especially gets the read option maybe not as prepared for what you're going to -- -- they do that last week the team show up every day to prepare the way it is supposed to prepare to play the Seattle Seahawks had they did that see in the speed of the practice field. Quarterbacks in the speed of the real life quarterback is two different things in the and how fast the play east. That replay comes out the back to work. We just got out run back out the back door a couple of taxes. Guys I think knew where they were going what they were supposed to do then. Just biggest -- age on the quarterback read him and then we couldn't name came up and -- situation -- -- eight. He made us look slow. Felt like we'd looked a little slow on the field at. That I thank you lose him like in this looks slow -- don't play -- Kendall. Is that the most distressing party yesterday mention it took a moment ago like look like there are some things that are improving. Certainly the defense looked like it was -- and then yesterday Obama I mean -- US. Maybe the lowest of the low separatist it was pretty bad but I mean in terms of the defense it just when it it just exploded yesterday. Yeah. May just out of nowhere because we had been playing extremely whales so. I think. -- the players where. Over there. Trying to get everything organized but they had had to do that while. They had had to regroup and awhile so. And it was you know a little bit of a different feeling. For them trying to get over there and and and figure out the run hits and where everybody was supposed to -- and that was supposed play it I'm sure we'll watch the film. This morning and see where if one guy stayed out how to block a little bit more one guys statins had a -- but that's what they -- Option game is supposed to do it supposed to make you monitor threats and he. Exactly what you're supposed to be a lot more than a base running again. In in the pre season and early in the season you mention their a couple times you thought where. You know. Something bad would happen -- the defense didn't handled adversity well and attended to snowball. Yeah happen again yesterday and early early -- first and a touchdown secretaries touchdown and just kind of went south. -- early I thought that -- a demo we're able to get -- to have timing get things suggested a little bit better I thought you know I. I thought it was -- I thought it would have been better and had zero yards to go. To scored touchdowns in the second. I'm gonna asking them to predict your response -- to say much about it do you have any comment on the fake punt at that situation again no problem. Changing the Pete Carroll after the game coming. You did Tommy cheats at golf right -- time we had the conversation you said that the same kinds of people that cheat at golf. Okay can you in your coaching career have you ever felt that your message stopped getting through to guys do you think they're getting through this team. Never. I've been fortunate in my career that wherever we went to turn something around -- keep it going and we've always been able to do that. Whenever we've been asked to do it we believe we've done it so. I don't. This is new territory for me to this going this long without winning. Misses. This news. Harder and from Lleyton and I'm not used to it and so. No I don't think the message is. Is. Falling on deaf ears and and I think that. I think it. They understand what we're trying to get done. -- just not get it -- do you I mean -- yet and you said in the past you feel the pressure that you got to win every week but here's. Stared at five and 93 years here no playoffs again another losing season I don't know there's there's the pressure grow exponentially. Battle and no it doesn't and a. Is there. -- -- bashing coach every day. You can't worry about it staff it is. Eat if you worry about -- -- you're taking your mind away from the task at hand. And -- and that's my responsibility. Is to help us win every game that we on up. To play that has our name -- that has my name on it and each player's name -- an H coach's name on it and the Buffalo Bills on. -- -- responsibilities to try to win every game that we play and he if you worry about that thing he you can't controllers are you placed a brain cells. What that you and body of both maintain that you felt. Despite may -- can't tell the record that you felt you are making progress what kind how major the -- was yesterday that mindset. Did it hurts me you know because. Really what. I didn't see anything like that happened to be -- that is -- -- -- that at best ever. Ever. -- wade turned the corner. We're talking with Jane -- head coach of the Buffalo Bills -- We've seen RG three deal we've seen Andrew Luck dude we've seen we can do to lesser extent now up close personally -- -- rookie quarterback. And Russell Wilson -- it philosophically there's a conventional wisdom that fans believe that. You philosophically because of your demeanor that we coach maybe wouldn't wanna put a rookie in that position to play right away philosophically would you be OK with that you felt a rookie to -- To Buffalo Bills whether. It whether or not -- -- -- to -- Patrick are you okay what they rookie playing and putting on the field and think you can win and take the next -- he's the best player I am a -- True freshman quarterback is at George today with a fifth year senior coming back. 'cause we felt like he was the best football players to help us with the so there was -- it Brian was on this a roster next year in it was a rookie -- You would have no problem and you say over the competition necessarily but at the best man wins the job -- -- job on ocracoke. No question that's at every position well. There's no question about it. Chan Gailey -- this year on -- this couple -- wanna go back to what you said a moment ago you didn't see anything like that ever happened to us again I thought we turn the corner. OK so now where do you go do you feel like you're back to square one now. It you you you took -- -- Shot a gut. Now patty and a shot in the gut. When you least expected. When you can't step foreign. It doesn't -- bad but when you least expected it hurts our it hurts worse and -- -- -- -- -- -- Are you strong enough to get back cut and keep tightening keep going in the direction that you know -- -- people go. He talked about Ryan Fitzpatrick yesterday you tried some deep shots and on a couple of instances TJ had to step I think Stevie had a step -- a guy and the ball which is not where it needed to be. You did he -- her own just will be only we had two or three others called him. And -- -- ran back they split them and so we don't develop underneath -- And then. You know wait. We've done some good things as far as percentages. Of passes and and a percentage. We're not getting. Some run after catch that people -- but sometimes I -- are not that position and excuse me we just got to work on getting better at the deep ball and and hit a few of those interviewed those and make a difference of about game that. But he's got to keep working on patent. And safely can get better -- thing about it is we don't gripe practice in namely get -- ball game and it's it's different pars so. He's got to keep working you ever look at a game like that well actually two parts and do the first part TJ Graham what happened yesterday -- Godly I don't now. Tough day for him. -- thought he had really just started to come income income and and have a better practice days in. It is way. I don't know maybe getting mental owning you know Ricky sometimes they become a little fragile and when adversity it. I'll everything you've been a little positive. A building positive pasta -- -- one of their snowballs -- little bad there. Then all of a sudden who worry in my normal notified to don't catch an excellent and you don't and then. You hear a blue or two and then he gets under your skin if you're not careful if you're not. Those those guys. Those guys hadn't played much and they are trying to -- way ended on a consistent basis that struck. Do you think it reflects badly on the organization. That you know you traded up to get TJ and he had a miserable day and you didn't wanna take Russell Wilson apparently because of the height issue. He has a monster day and the guy you took in the third round as a terrible. Let you make decisions all the time. Good and bad. Those. It. And you can play that game when every came in Italy in every draft. Did you complain that it. You think teams are beginning to take -- the screen passes and -- said something yesterday after the game about Spiller had tried to get him the ball in space and couldn't do it. Mean you've used the screen a lot and successfully you think you're now finally seeing teams take -- Well there's darkness they start to play it -- -- Two weeks ago they signed the defense of lamb and home on the screens to play yet. And this past week. They can't they can't bomb backers hanging around a little bit so. Is just it gets harder and harder right now because we have been so successful they know we're trying to get it back. He'll -- coach Chan -- with us -- the last two weeks. Do you. It's it's totally different from a fan's perspective from a coach's perspective you wanna win of course you wanna put the best players in the field but what about the philosophy of maybe. Playing some guys that haven't got enough time to get them on film may be before the off seasons you can evaluate that much of last beyond that. My philosophy is what I said earlier my objective is to win every game. Every time my name is -- -- -- -- team's name his own it and and -- somebody. Now. Tells me differently. Then that's the way I approach not only this game but every game and life he played a wind bags. It's I don't. I don't worry about. You know getting people for the -- they aren't the right to get over -- and we'll get animal for him fatal -- writing guild for him and I don't you know things. One of the guys. Would be -- a lot of people worry about was markets easily but he got hurt yesterday -- got a hamstring yesterday and I don't know how bad it is. Thought Arthur Moats. He had an ankle and I don't know how bad it is either Leodis and Donald Jones. -- Just couldn't practice full speed he was about 85%. In. You seem like it felt like all week. And so we just let him rest over the week you see if we can get him back to -- a 100%. And Leo discuss the game dangerous. Duty he couldn't burst. Religion wildcat in several weeks is something you've scrapped as it really -- we keep -- thing. Now we rent one Chester and we ran it to two times a week before not only for two weeks ago. I would united against. It was he Saint Louis in -- against him but we did to place the week before. And it's averaged about the last. Three snapped trees that it is averaged about eleven dollars -- It is we use it sporadically -- enough to make a mark on it but not enough that it takes away from our. The quarterback sneak you guys talked about afterwards yeah that it -- seen the play it wasn't going to be at the right call for a you wanna call timeouts they ran quarterback sneak. Put execs typically only gonna get -- in regard to is it better to call a timeout trying to run a play that'll work. You know way. We never actually we always tell him let's say about timeouts you know -- we always say that and it. And that one right there he made a decision that quarterbacks have to making games -- is it better to try to run the football. Where the play was called it maybe they'll be a little crease I can wake up in there for full work. And but he felt like that. That the safety wouldn't they would get up and then he can get the ball off to Stevie and like it is safe to put it back -- back there's so he ran. Logically where you'd say the the -- was was blocked at every game for. And would have been time that he -- -- I'm curious in terms of the game being up there and that there's no guarantee that -- the games here doesn't turn out the same guy may be just not your day in there and Seattle dominates even if it's an Orchard Park. But do you think yesterday's game in Toronto was a problem that became backed up to her chair just added to the issues yesterday. You know I think playing. They're last year. Was really good. I play an -- -- the issue of really bad Coakley won last year we didn't win this year thank you bottom line is. How you apply. And -- saying they achieved. Are excited about his play in front of your fans. We don't know that -- Where there were a lot of bills fans -- -- so I mean it was split more evenly than if you were at a at a home game understand net. And but. One of the advantages we have is is but it and I stadium that. We understand what the situation is and that that's not. -- you you don't have playoffs you don't have a chance at winning record what is your message to the team today before your final two games now -- a year playing for pride. And you played for professionalism. And and that's what your -- A pretty. -- I don't know of any thing has that you play for it to this point now. I think it they're division gangs you wanna be division opponents I think that's I think that's part of it. You know we don't like people and our division and in general so. You wanna beat him because -- -- -- So. Those are the main reasons. Stevie had a really good day against Eric Sherman actually did a great job against a very good corner but I'll -- assuming -- but he said on Friday which is that. You know maybe going forward they'd like to have a what he said big time wide receiver Stevie could be used in the slot more often what equal would you. Say about Stevie working in the slot and where would he fit more comfortable stars -- plays -- -- was playing the -- going forward. You know the thing about Steve he is state he's going to be successful literary agents that are out sat. But he could be a dominant inside player. As well as good as well as -- right outside player. Things that. That we that buddy is talked about he and I have talked about is is if you could get another big receiver to complement. Steve the all of a sudden now they can't just roll out to him. They can't just. Look his way and that's where. You gain an advantage now you got another guy. You can place the in the slot you complain outside you can blame opposite you can blame on the same side. You just create more problems for people when you have -- and you have another. And I hate views were big time but right -- another. Another legitimate target legitimate threat. That people really really respect and giving it a lot of double teams this year cheer when you look ourselves yet. He does especially the reds right. Chan Gailey and this year as always coach appreciate you taking time all right not a failure today pretty you know been talking to.

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