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WGR550>Topics>>12/17 Sully expounds on the Bills giant loss to the Seattle Seahawks

12/17 Sully expounds on the Bills giant loss to the Seattle Seahawks

Dec 17, 2012|

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    Each stuff always sign image you know at film at all and you don't film when you don't I don't know where there he met. Obviously with the request but did in that one fight game on the road last year there's no 14 out of five when he goes last year. Billion with a overtime and we know the type of players that you get to mention that they. You know the better players and productive both on offense defense special teams are funded even as really fast food. The they were back. There's talk themselves. I feel what the fans think when they get loud they try to measure of one each week what could be little more. Previously done WGR. Sports Radio 550. Lights out but he'll be charged with producing power in Matthew today. I'm reminded in the matter or you don't reminded how long it is between Sunday. Now in the middle football season again yeah. You know what I don't know the first part of the week has gone by fairly quickly here for me it's what once I get to Thursday it's almost like auto pilot because. Yet college football good game tonight by the way Auburn Kansas State okay you got NFL tonight and had a great game it's still it's NFL football. And then we get to Friday and you know it's all about this on Friday so. Yeah Friday feels like it's football day in Saturdays and other data wait. You plays though on Saturday in an awful state. So yeah long time between Sunday but yesterday it was it was a good day for the Ulster Google was approved by the finance committee unanimously approved which is not a surprise. I expect him to be notion expect unanimous approval from owners as well they're gonna vote I mean you might get a situation where a few of the owners don't vote. But maybe show up maybe just figure. Pattern on and I can't imagine one no vote put that guy and I'm wondering if there would be a no vote at the jail they'll be awkward discounting more if you know what's gonna go through you don't we wanna be When Google walks in the schools walking their first owner's meeting like yeah I've against a I don't want anybody I guess is it will be unanimous and what. Reason would you give because it would come out I mean it came out when when Ralph and Mike Brown both both voted against the CBA. Everyone knew they were the only two when Art Modell moved the ball to the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore. People knew that I believe was Ralph in the Rooney's were the only ones who voted against that so somehow comes out what reason would a guy like Jerry Jones or whoever. Have to say yeah I didn't vote for this guy or scrambling that would be a little. Ridiculous sought expect unanimous approval the most interesting part of yesterday's finance committee vote was that our finance committee meeting was that. But Adams owner of the titans Tennessee Titans said. That goal is new stadium. That it's something he's interested in bulletin says that but Bud Adams did. And it's not a surprise for me to hear that. NFL wants the new York new stadium. But for the and a lot low ball was Bud Adams for it to say that he party kind of note that the goal is it new means that it's been talked about. It would have been talked about two other owners in the process like I'll hot you know how does he feel about it what's the plan down there the idea that. Another owner feels comfortable. Saying. Yeah he's aged in a new stadium to me is habit is kind of big story. I've got I agree that we should believe that he's in new stadium I would think that any. Had say that in the meeting. He had to tell them that there's the only reason why that comes out excel absolutely I think mark I think that has to come up well what year. Or you what your plan to keep that team viable in the future. You know that stadium's 42 you know give it give any thoughts on that. K commentary and yes will they be at our thoughts are that we would like to have an estate and at some point. And they would be able to say both viable now the right we're buying because it's viable mountain down on the road ten years fifteen years from now. Do we want in something you know to say it's something they're interested in. The current stadium just had a bunch renovations and these nice nice stadium people are kind of like. Re introduced to how can actually be kind of a nice place but a lot of improvements that have gone over very well so you would I don't know I guess. I wish I I'm not surprised but I I do feel like it is big news that another owner feels confident enough to say that. That's the the bill's future is interested in a new stadium. So like taking that away taking or would take away from that. Take away from that the idea that it like it is openly talked about while public in these committee meetings at the NFL and the Openly talk about the future and talk about the next stadium for this franchise. Adding any of those meetings that's always happening and we just don't know about it. The NFL didn't become the NFL without people planning those kinds of things for the future mean they talk about you know getting a team in LA in the future they talk about. Expanding to internationally maybe. What ten years from now is what they talk about they talk about how television rights will change they plan for a lot of these things there's no doubt in my mind Jeremy. That the owners the commissioner and even the new owners of the bills are already actively talking about. What's gonna happen with that stadium where they will be ten years from now because. This is for all the things the NFL has done this week that we're talking about in such a negative main. One thing always seems to do pretty well is Ford plant and forward think about these kinds of things. In the business model that's right in the discipline model that's right in the in the business model for sure. A 30550. Got a lot to get to today we've got a lot of guests. Got Jerry Hughes at 730 Childress Kelli at eight. All Hamilton at 830. No I've messed up all right pet as a company Jessica Jerry 730 Ted Nolan at eight. Paul Hamilton 830 Joba at nine sabres opened camp today. We might get more news on the bills' front. They've let the charger Andra Davis at 900 interview be at 930 so it got lots of gas so if you wanna get in. Give us a call 8030550. And one 8550 to 550. I don't need to talk with a stable they today's I think it's worth noting that another saying that is is fairly significant for the for the bills QL. The playing the chargers and I know you saw this on Twitter last night Matt Miller as his name Ana FL out. The that was apple I I I've. I've had my share of exchanges exchanges with him is you know he can be anybody. He's said that he'll change his Twitter profile to. The bills logo if they beat the chargers pretty much gas ain't happening right here bridge guaranteeing that it's not gonna happen any. Writes for Bleacher Report OK so you've got immediate member doesn't matter who is. Proclaiming like this is lock of the week which is ridiculous bills aren't beating chart yet they're favored. By how much two and a half now it's kinda like being an underdog right it is supposed to be favored by three at home. Why it actually open up a pick. OK so so to start most people thought OK neutral field San Diego's winning by a three. They go to buffalo give them back that three points right. In San Diego when in my six okay. Now the money search and a little bit. The batters. Are taking the bill's side. And the money goes to now than lying goes to two and a half. That's where we stand now okay. So it's let's call close to me I I think that's right exits about a pick them game this is an even game. Because there are things bowl teams do I think he can cause the other team to have problems. I will be surprised that they. Really I will. Wow I want I'll be RB surprise I wouldn't be surprised if they lose I won't be surprised that they win this to me is it really is almost like a coin game this is. This is a one turn over or one big special changes this game in the outcome. Maybe I mean there's. Maybe he'll be by turnovers between the two teams that there's a lot that can gold right for the bills are blocking that can go wrong. I don't know I'll be surprised that they went but I will be surprised if I was common right down to it. Picking who's gonna win the game. The chargers beating the Seattle Seahawks to says upon. Not just beating them but putting up thirty points to put up thirty points against the defense that is really set the standard in the league the last eighteen months. Maybe even longer than that to put up thirty points against that team. San Diego's throwing the ball very well whether it's rivers to gates to be that have now they just they look good. San Diego does in reverse. As thick as a starting quarterback in the league his record is tremendous. He's had one bad year as a starter the rest of like. He just wins games he gets them into the playoffs he he's a good quarterback in this team against good to great quarterbacks. I'm ready I'm ready to see that test and and very easy how well they play like I think it's a real test for the defense the bears game was a real test for the defense. Cutler and rivers are often considered kind of the same because their personality in the fact that they're both big arm kind of guys that can they can win games. Yeah I would rivers is. Much. Really yes tell wiser just think overall his career arc. Everything I would take rivers a hundred times audible on virgin echo the reverse is not nearly as careless with the football. You know as a starter his record is I'll find his record as a it will surprise it's very. Wanna play a game last year in Cincinnati by the way I listen I'm not mean the rivers is terrific I think that. You know if if the 2004 draft plays out a little differently or whatever you the bills come away with either rivers or Roethlisberger some way shape reform. we don't have the same last ten years that we've had here in buffalo that guy that been through he's and he's going to be all Famer river when his career is over yet it wouldn't surprise me he's borderline right now I think he he needs a few more good years. And I think he is a a hall of Famer. That said they you you're all 22 every week and what I do is I look at the upcoming opponent I do a scouting session and I say the bill should attack. The I watched that game against Seattle very impressive but I'll say a couple of things. Number one. Rivers ran eleven times that game. I looked at Jeremy the most he's ever run and gain ever up to that point in his whole career six he was running for his life they do not have a great offensive line. And on top of that over the planet for holding calls me he was he was honored to wrestled that said. Is he's amazing. Amazing at getting rid of the football. I outlets this week on the bills you're gonna always the guy. You can't let's you're gonna send a guy is gonna get rid of the football he's got guys draped all over And just like looks like a shot what Antonio Gates touchdown passes amazing. So I think the bills. Can really do some damage thereby putting pressure on him and at least forcing him to do some things and then the other thing is I Ryan Mathews has not. But a huge factor. You know who has been as would and now with Matthews out damage to see. Does would have become your main line item to worry about him doing all those things that he does on third down so there are some things at least help the bills in the situation. real 550 is our phone number on ask a question of our listeners and of the bills fans that are preparing for Sunday. It's to partner cute like are they for a real to you yet the bills to an all we've done that are they for real conversation before this isn't the only new year of that. Are they real to you is this to annul an indication that this is a good team but should push for the playoffs forty in need to see this week's game. I'm. I I'm not gonna say that they're not real but this week's games gonna go a long way. Rivers has a better than 21 touchdown interception ratio for his career. We 225. Touchdowns to 105 interceptions he protects the ball. He throws touchdowns he protects the ball. He has 4000 yard seasons to his credit. 47464400. He wins games eighty and fifty as a starter that's a great mark. This is the best second best quarterback probably they'll face this year. Manning one Rogers. Okay Rodgers to reverse and I agree there is some good quarterback they do they space for relief quarterbacks what wears red. I don't put Cutler up right after that I mean he's he's up there as well. Yeah thought Matt Stafford. If an enemy Iran Hillary you go through the list that you make it a lot scarier than I thought it he's one of the best though he's one of the best in the league he's not and that. Brady Manning Brees class that we were several Rodgers is now an act last year he's not in that group but an easy club. He's he's not below. What you're talking about here with a seated charge the team I think that. Coming from West Coast East Coast has not had a good record Nadal is and they're gonna play 10 o'clock start okay. For them and they have never they haven't really been good in those situations you can look up. Those particular stats. Always talk about are they for real. Here's the thing. They can lose this game and I'm back and think oh my god don't they are not right. Obviously I did it doesn't I'm not ask can make or break okay right it's basically do you need this game to be convinced that their idea I do not. I think they're pretty good team I still wanna see growth there some areas where they need to get better obviously number one. But contender pretender is kind of what we're doing here and yesterday I watched the same thing and ESPN and contender. And was contender pretender they got to the bills and Heath Evans. So there are pretender. But Willie McGinest said they were a contender so and then they had it out to the nation and you vote. Pretty close but 55%. pretenders 45 contenders though. Nationally the settlement is the bills might be there are we just not totally convinced yet and I think maybe that's kind of what you're saying you need this that. Little yeah I I'm not totally convinced. That totally I'd like Nancy I'm not teetering on the cliff it's totally phony. But I'm not yet. I'm not yet convinced. They don't real 550 and 1888550. To 550. On that scale did you know put people in a make him pick a side between contender pretender but how do you feel about the team at two and now. And what does this week mean to that. Made Israel by fifty is our phone number will go to keys in to open up morning key two run double each. Don't think I do what you I can't remember what we don't wise but it out for didn't make the playoffs. I'm not convinced that there are playoff game until all there in the playoffs. You can go ordered. They're gonna be a playoff game the it. repeat the patriot games like yeah OK let that are not a playoff game in the adult there in the playoffs ecstatic. I don't I don't think our cinema considering the hot starts we've had twice over the last 56 years. And bottom To be honest I don't think about that stuff I mean some people do I don't. You know you say you can't considerate so you beat the good teams when they are for no they did not beat any good teams along that way. It was Seattle Oakland Saint Louis set when there bad. Seattle their bat right Oakland Saint Louis and I forget who else was that formal start to not be very good team. But and that but just for years ago they did they did they gotta say when that five and two would be New England the beat Philly at home yes maybe Washington in Toronto. They crush them that was and then that was that its contract week up and then after that. The bottom fell out. But that we year I think the difference there was. All of the metrics said he kinda work and I hate doing that because I'm not the analytics guy but. Even with the eyeball test you could say they were getting. There are getting weird turn overs every week the bounces go their way. The just new kind of wouldn't last the whole year and that's kind of why they were in that position and sure enough. As the year went people figured out it's Patrick sentinel the shortstop they didn't get those bounces and they wound up winning six games seven games. 8030550. If you wanna bring in years past where they've had a good start you can. It doesn't mean much to me you know they've had years when they started what. To a spot that this sort of one and four and finished 97 and they made the playoffs in 2004. So next time they start one in four should be thinking about. That year that they went nine and seven probably not. The bills are one of only two teams that lead in the history easily too stark. A rolling three year and four make the playoffs have to look at it was 99. Mean look at exactly happened here. There there one of only two teams never actually do that. Well the Malarkey they're one in four that's right and they won like eight in a role. So I don't know like I don't think about that year when they start off poorly so I'm not gonna think about the Fitzpatrick years they were different coach David record back. The hold from that team are good players you know Kyle Williams might have been all over will hold overs from last time they were there are a good team. I'm David Nelson caught that its screen touch Greg Jackson he's not on the team Fred Jackson's hole. 1998. The bill started. At San Diego lost that was. Those that at least first game they at Miami loss come home to Saint Louis lost their own three of the buying. They won ten games and what the playoffs now. You wanna bring up Mears passed. Go for it just doesn't really. As a factor in from 8030550. How much do you need to see this week to be convinced or are you all already at that point where you think what you've seen is is a real team. And you expect. This team to be in the mix the entire season Jimmy in Cheektowaga Jamie good morning on WGR. Good morning I think they're gonna win and I'll tell you what we're reasoning behind it collecting built for real. Besides that they have a great defense special teams are playing great. They ever be running game in the passing game is coming around. We have chase vehicle traveling across country there are horrible for 10 o'clock games on the eat crow. Number two would just like Miami Miami had a great win against New England. Has let down comes the ball they're not playing as they well last week they beat Seattle. This is big rival Super Bowl champion coming to buffalo there's going to be elect out. Number three they rely on the passing game. What other sport to be bringing in windy. That's not going to be there advantage I think everything placed the ball well and I think proper clothes on the com they're there. Putting everything together they're believing in themselves. They have a great defense you're gonna see at the end of the year the dispute that is going to be in the top three for the NFL and stopping the run and stopping the so that's where I'm extra should be it's it's very rare that a team as top top three in the run and the pass is because of your good against the run teams will pass a lot instead and vice Versa. I the way they measure yet it is totally are exactly I will this be a top three defense by the end of the season in any one of the major categories. Wouldn't surprise me. I don't know which I don't yet know which one pick though. But what what will they be numbers the number 12 or three and defensively should I picked turnovers should I pick. around. Game like run defense pass defense interceptions sacks in other number two in the league last year in sacks right so. Well I expect the defense and not. You know it's funny. It's a caller who's very convinced this is a great defense I'm not yet. I'm not convinced it's great what was that now what would that that to I the offense is quite capable probably and I don't say this to be critical I just. Like you kind of build this I'm confident the offense will have bad days you might even say that Sunday's game against Miami in a way they had. Bad stretches because of the red zone problems it didn't bother me as much about a lot of people but the offense will have bad days the defense. Has given up you know. Yards they've given up some drives their the defense right now going by how the NFL measures which is yards per game I don't particularly. Think that's the greatest way to do it because lots of time that Miami garbage time yards and a familiar and there's a million tractors what they do they only ranked when he first by the way in that category now that you'll like which is yards per play. I rushing yards per play they're fifteen their dead middle pack passing yards replace the seventh doing a nice job defending the pass. Per play but it's funny because even other seventh in passing yards per play their 27 in yards per game and again that's because. They played two teams like Jay Cutler then Miami had to come back late in Jake they were down ten points the first half they were throwing the ball trying to trying to get back in the game a little bit. Right two games into the season all those stats are going to be skewed by who you played right I mean check out Houston's defense my guess is it's right near the top they played Washington and Oakland two teams that are not very good offensively. On the you know the patriots play Minnesota and Miami Minnesota is a disaster played Saint Louis right about now they wanna game so. it set by the teams that Jacksonville's play against my guess is their defense is our ranked pretty highly because of that. By the way speaking of that. Houston can can they they can win in new York and the giants giants are awful absolutely they can be three and all the bills that Texans Campbell beat three you know going into the game. And that it would be right Fitzpatrick against the bills against EJ Manuel ball three NL in Houston where did Fitzpatrick go to college. Where when and where was that you had to help us out here to be a thick. This Alpenfels in the broadcast oft stated that you know the mine and and again I've heard bossier perjury is a Harvard this project. So it's possible. I don't real if he struggles that you know general talk about. 210 and in what you believe in do you believe in manual. Do you believe in the defense. One when we get back. Play a comet from Manuel about Sammy Watkins who deserves the credit for Watkins being open on Sunday against the dolphins three had his first 100 yard game and a touchdown so get that comment from manual your phone calls as well 8030550. To join us how real is this team and what does this game against San Diego do. For that and the way you look at this team chairman whites have got you beat cards here on WGR. Post a great job scheme and noticed the dolphins. Please call Reynolds. Listen to run great routes and open. Like I say you was when something notes allow things open and but it was Michael the receiver was. those guys they understand my involvement becomes you You open off as we still on route correctly and you run with speed and on a constant as in the form of. EJ Manuel accrediting offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett on getting Sammy Watkins open. On Watkins to shallow crossing routes one for a touchdown one for other and I 1015 yard gain he runs from left to right across the formation. And one of the plays it's it's it's nice old design Scott Chandler runs of that spot kind of sets a bit of a pit but Robert Woods. Runs if Watkins out is self. awards from the right side and does habitable wheel and takes that defender up with them on in both cases. He pulls that if that the defense on the right side which is where Watkins is ultimately going to end up deeper down the field on one of Watkins. Deep. Earlier by the way is that is the play they probably Randall at Chicago so Chicago sees that waiting run. We had a great catch aside legitimate run with now if you know this is something they've done in the past to be didn't. And in addition that there's a play where mark he's good good when stretches the field without the ball lot of people select got your deep shots the good one while. Sometimes you're not her beauty shot good because the other defense is focused and take take the 25 yard gain to Watkins over the middle which happened on Sunday. So 3055188550. To 550 what are we think about the chargers coming in here. Taking your phone calls on whether not the bills are for real. You know it's funny they'll be like Reno last waiting now for they do Texans what do you think about what. that's football season's kind of way that works. So do you believe in this bills team and how much San Diego's. The San Diego game really weigh in on that I'll tell yet if they beat San Diego. I will get to the point where play non playoffs would be. But collapse mean before re at all. Is. I know we've been there before. But to be three NL with a win in the division and a win against a team that has beaten the Super Bowl champs but I'll just I'll be. I've got to from a Tweeter who says it'll be hard to be even keel. If they beat San Diego and I agree with that it will be hard to stay. Even keel they lose to San Diego I won't be surprised that think the chargers might be. Really really good they lost late to Arizona won ten games last year two and now. And they beat the defending Super Bowl champion so I think it's quite possible San Diego might be good and might be. A cut above the bills 8030551888550. To 550 to reach us also. I said but Adams and at Bob McNair but Adams thank you points on Twitter he's dead. But Adams says he also gave the finger to the bills that yes he's not the one that commented on mullah. Being interest in the stadium is Bob McNair so thank you to those of you pointed that out it was not a dead guy 8030550. Next up we'll go to mull in buffalo morning WGR. If a guy you Listened and but that's just fine line in the NFL reporting. A pretender and contender like it's hard to say I mean of course from some say contender. But if you look at the first week you know we should travel to tackle back. Can beat it seemed that I think bright lights are on par which he co chair of the fiscal their fiscal. The week number one while we were not favored to win last week Miami beat new England and New England these teams have already been seen that we. local and large are not so bad and so now we have India it will come an end. I mean had maybe Seattle but I mean that doesn't really meaningless to me it seems that we are trying to party. Pretty good change so now we got them coming and I think it commemorating. I think that ball early in our court I was still trying to Greg might you don't like too much honesty and chills actually just. It's really tough for me to do that. But I think you know we're on the right track and the agent she continues to grad. And our it's to continue to I think we do have a cap tried keeping its and that will be enough to get actually play out arcade cabinet. A lifelong built I'm 35 years old went to all the bad option that bounced. And that's without watching the playoffs again there's been a long term securities act and act. Our thanks vote yeah on on who the bills have beaten and who those teams have beaten I don't think there's any disputing that the strength of victory if this were college football. In this article and scratched his pre season rankings matter to Mexico for public Europe The strength of victory is impressive Miami beat New England by thirteen. And watching that game they really gave Tom Brady trouble. The bills got out front and didn't have to face the same situation pretty through ball 56 times against the that the dolphins. Where is easier manuals quark or won seven times the second half because it's it's a sizable lead. So the way game plays out affects that but. I I've got nothing this is nothing to disagree with about the strength of victory the bears winning at San Francisco. You know. When the bills beat the bears there is that columnist who wrote ridiculed ridiculously but what are we gonna do now the bears' season is over and less than I succeed then. Go to San Francisco they went on a Sunday night you know when Jay Cutler. Basically it's demolished and still goes back and throws three touchdown passes and four. While three other grand Marshal excuse for touchdowns any of less than 200 yards passing. But big they got it done and listening in Chicago is actually listen their shows on Monday after they lost the bills only here it's like how. I'll call the town of urged couldn't believe it. One of the callers couldn't believe they take season over. Cut and because of their schedule their schedule it looked quite daunting they play. At San Francisco then I think they played this week at the jets select. The jets was the easiest of their next six games in a look like if you can't beat the bills this team they're talking with a team going like three in thirteen or twelve and they go out they beat San Francisco so their season has been pulled out of fire and saved. And I like to see the bears have just I didn't think it was gonna happen just because listening to Chicago. Have no faith in that team like is this team will never beat him I. I didn't really happen either because she ever just goes christening their new stadium it was on a sunny night got to go but I'll say yes. I picked I wrote a prediction piece for WG this year as always do in one of my prediction was secret is or not make the playoffs this year. I don't like the niners this year I don't think they're all that great. They're not world beaters but that the deck the deck was stacked against Chicago when that game for sure they still came out now that said. The jets have actually looked really good and I think you know Smith has looked really good to he's got a couple. Mistakes but he's a good. They go to should they go to the jets next week the jets can beat them this week to week league is the point you just never know. Injuries played a big part of it. I think there's a lot of ebbs and flows that go on through sixteen weeks you never know it's all about matchups so anything can really happened Chicago still to be in the mix when it's all said and done. In their division I think. You know may be a game or two away. At the end they make the playoffs or whatever Cisco will be. You never know in this league the angle look at San Diego's last year last year San Diego team they won nine lost seven. Out of the seven games they lost. All very close games they lost one game by 101 game by eight the rest of them all 56 or less points eight. This is team that yet they lost seven games last year. But they never ever were out of a blown out there are very good team and they're gonna command units can be a close game this is gonna be probably three or four point game most either way. They play the Broncos division so it's automatically playing for second place and Kansas City was in that division they had great lucky seasons all I'm so you like. There are you know they were in tough divisional this year there might actually win that they'll Bobby you're next up on not WG are mourning Bobby. Morning guys. To no good. Last week. In in Seattle Seattle that. Deliberately wants. I think this week the bulk of the post import triple currency to a ball forty aren't post secondary it because it. I've got a question you guys well ego. Pull all this other occasional nearly earlier. They only sacked him because he's great at getting rid of it they should not blitz him because he blitz him he's still gonna get rid of it and you're wasting a guy. So the immediate pressure with the front four. That's why wasn't they got pressure but he gets rid of it all the time. Okay relevant to see how good secondary that's. All okay now albeit with a two minutes to go in the game you feel more apple watching these first more competent in the bill holding the lead with two of the Org EJ Manuel bringing up the open. Court. The winning the war. question about it my answer is always I'd rather be winning always I agree yeah I just atrocities are rather be winning. Then trying to get the lead I'd rather. like coach high school football I'd rather be people say would you rather be. The team that's on defense when someone's going for to you now the team on offense going for you to win. Ready team on defense I have believed I I already have delete. They make one mistake I win the game. And I'd rather be a defense in basketball final possession that's not. Always the way that I feel I mean there are games where it feels like Webber has the ball last is gonna win and that's true sometimes you know it. They're being you know if your quarterbacks Peyton Manning. It's a pretty good about paid Aaron Rodgers had two pretty good about that I'd Rogers over the Packers defense or breeze over the saints defense. But. With bills team I'll take the lead and try to protected and I feel that they didn't overtime right they. It multiple times against the bears they held them to a field goal and overtime. There's got the ball first Eagles held them. ball back and on the game. So. Let's look at the team defense so far through two weeks OK because. a good job against. Other teams run games. Total net yards obviously legacy that can be skewed. Net yards rushing the have yet to allow ninety yards. By the opponent and he played Matt Forte and a Miami Dolphins team that really want to try on the although they were forced to do some different things that All in both games they got a double digit lead going into the second well nine points against the dolphins have 710 points against the bears so. And I mean average gain. On the ground four point virtually in Chicago not great that's for sure three point eight against Miami so good get mean that they're doing a nice job against the run. Industrial fifth you'll get Richard quickly rich good morning on the VCR. Good morning Gary era. I think for re liking it's far too early to it'll be written note even after this week. I think that our defense can be competitive against this football scene. There's a huge difference between Ryan and they'll install whoever's. I think that the either McCain aides are awful lot. We need to keep river out steal a look like air defense and hope there no. We call about we don't first down to people control the ball in a position where we don't do well in the right now. Equal to that field all day ethnic group Extra Shaq pack heat it's eating meat is about war. The red zone woes in all I heard manuals say and this is a good bite and I won't argue it too much that were visited his game organ and eight touchdowns is that a few goals my answer is. Maybe. Maybe a lot like you didn't against the dolphins to get touchdowns. And you won by nineteen. Well I could do that against San Diego. Maybe you well the don't know what you're gonna need until the games here so now about the red zone because I think 50% of the problem quotes problem. Was that they were playing for field goals because they were just Kruger cruise control is like. Pocket not driving faster like. I'm on schedule I don't need to drive faster and I'm not I'm not gonna be late for my meeting outline but he could get their faster I could. But I don't need to so I'm not gonna worry about it that's how I feel about the offense I. I've seen some criticism obviously of play calling in the red zone I get you know. Listen you could pick apart a play here play there should they run up made theirs they do this. Howard may be you yesterday that a great point. One play they called was a great play call it just didn't work why it was wide open in the middle field. The data Hackett called a great playwright there but they didn't execute it so sometimes your red zone. Efficiency and is due to the quarterback where the receiver the running back profit of simply making mistake. Played it was call that is absolutely going to work and design perfectly against that defense sometimes you can argue that maybe the play call should have been better. I think all of that is part of the process. 8030550. To join us Gerry up about chippy cards here on WGR when he returned. How your phone is going to tell you who you are if you have a certain kind of phone talks minute.

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    adrian peterson found at 5:02, 7:29, 17:47

    is understanding it. It has to take a stronger role Ray Rice. Adrian Peterson all the stuff going on right now what happened years ago and he was suspended and he served his time and he came back packets and the league. Reduced that suspension they shortened his suspension and they came back in the league. So eight we didn't mention it. Being. It's not relevant in this discussion because it was years ago. It's not current in the discussion it's also that the discussion has changed post Ben Roethlisberger . Roethlisberger. Should we go through the cases and what he was accused of doing and what happened with -- signed affidavits said.
    ever a I don't know if he was in the case of Adrian Peterson this is what is interesting to me about the whole thing and how the process will play out. He is guilty he did it. What's the trial about the trials to decide the definition of child abuse because he did it. Soul I don't know how the law interpret that well that's okay you -- the interpretation of Texas law and continue. Get a lead on that because a lot of times that's what happens in these cases Donte' Stallworth goes no contest write any. They sell or voluntarily accepts eight felony charge. Or what happened with him what does Adrian Peterson -- You got players got Reggie Bush saying that he doesn't believe Peterson did anything wrong and said that he will harshly disciplined his daughter when the time comes.
    treated said. Basically if you would bring in Ray Rice rate or Adrian Peterson for -- you. This is why you're behind the Mike could not GM of the football team with that. I don't agree
  3. 917 Howard Simon Show HR 3


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    adrian peterson found at 27:09

    know the vikings releasing a statement at 2 AM deciding to suspend Adrian Peterson like the whole. The whole thing is really need a commissioner. In the front page it's they don't have a commission hasn't.
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    billy volek found at 23:47

    Kramer let them in passing one year Eric with a -- tweets Billy Volek . That is correct just utter fantasy backup quarterback we all wanted and the last one -- -- -- Moses Moreno all that's

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- good morning more solid. -- so here's my first question. Everybody keeps telling me how they think the bills are gonna bring back Chan Gailey was yesterday's game bad enough to get empire. Yet the polls but probably agree and we talk about the bottle bill Tucker. You know actually they examined situation. When word go -- an artist shouldn't it just doesn't do the right thing. Should they have -- Marv Levy should there are prospering -- -- GM should. They have kept old wreck their pretend shares through their hard but you -- out of the back room to ask you. It's not I don't know what I'm not really adults that would fire a whole lot of my weekly how to get back and do that so. Good luck and you know predict another six. Well here's what he let me ask you this so it may -- this is why this could be different the bills. Our business to you know that there in business to make money. And I keep maintaining that if you bring one -- both guys back. I don't know how I expected to have. You know your season ticket base were -- and stay where it is and sell tickets and all that. So maybe eight. The owner says I have to fire the coach because that the CEO goes to him and says and Ralph are not gonna get -- tickets next jealous we do something. That brought mixed immediately cared about it and when they were desperate commit a lot of cricket I don't Obama looks -- by an excuse it in my view -- -- court. Of the 40000 people will vote no matter what I -- bit. That they're gonna have problems but. They can -- -- -- that front office and they might just record back and say you know we're gonna burn these people we think we -- -- don't care what you say I. Just perplexed myself who have felt the department has a new coach you think people come -- that I wouldn't them coat could be anything different. -- and a -- organizations. And that and that any question in my but he should buy tickets -- not an extra -- school. They they will plaster CJ Spiller all over the marketing campaign next year that is the number one selling point that they'll have going the next years they have this dynamic running back. That you should come watch but also here's the other angle Sally. They're gonna sell the fact that they're playing a really tough schedule a great opponent in Baltimore come to town. And Carolina -- cam Newton's -- out Atlantis Connie Talbott the sad part is that you have to market the other teams coming here to be able to do that. If the F a product which to some extent -- themselves. You -- tailgating and and I would look at six and try to get a great product at Merrill in question predictive market again. And are kept well back -- -- -- -- yesterday and Joseph whitlock reporting and other people. Another well blame to go around it but Mario Williams should step up and be a man and a leader on this team. But once again I can beat him on teams that are very pleased about in at least not being like the coach and of course reckon they've put a minute let me refuses to do that. At a hundred million dollars a year. I wouldn't want it actually just go back. I think -- date date the only way to sell this team is the avenue coach and new quarterback and and and you're selling the new direction. That we have to point that it's important to debate and that the NFC title game. Well -- vs Wilson a rookie. And a guy who started fewer games you have felt -- Russell Wilson potentially to rookie quarterbacks let me. Greg thanks -- here and the rookie quarterback and look what happens if we can once again it's just so it's depressing for people with the other built up behind occur. At a time when all these young guys are playing and writing they've decided. The true conservative to take a shot at one of these guys that but you don't drop dead you know airlock they won't they won't go get a guy. -- How they aren't even Kirk cousins. -- Kirk cousins filling in for RG three and what he's doing I mean he's got back up to the stud rookie quarterback he's the rookie quarterback even performing. No I don't get how -- I -- so complicated that the architect you can even -- back -- reps there at that point in the NFL. That they've achieved nearly as their -- It's so complicated. That rookie infect your quarterbacks all over the -- at driving the debt. Anyone know how to -- And I do not allowed to go under the law because I accept I get. I -- think about the people won't -- why do it by. They buy because Sully you were Red Sox fan for how long before they want a World Series. -- that's -- there was a lot of management dysfunction there and I. But no I alerting network I would check out -- and remote into. But. I don't people -- deep experience I mean there's a lot of bad. And sports there are good people wanted to sabres for the NHL experience them when they were. This man it's up to you what what are you decide to spend your money only -- the year. Are people -- this I have don't forget bit. They are not our ticket it would have been years ago me. But Hendrick can't put -- season ticket -- -- got people back remember you know it was from Tokyo he should be and shouldn't do that. And -- shot. It's not falling -- it's not so I'll -- relevant results relevant match against the people that out but oh yeah we opened people heard him. This team is irrelevant embarrassed themselves by an international stage at stake. -- I mean what would. But they can sell. Parent cell that garbage up until I don't. I would check I assume based private drug -- can't -- -- -- You not take one I didn't put it up there because I didn't you know I decide against -- it's worse than being on the road. It is such confusion I believe in the I don't players. When things start to go against them up they're like they don't know all of a hold on the road in the road you know we Europe against the low noise against you you've beyond that you're always. If you're twelfth man to -- on that up there like not think. It's gonna -- we want to expand around what has run through him like dirt but it's -- well wherever we go. -- people buy tickets because it's their team they like to go I still the Mets are are. And our ridiculously bad franchise they still buy tickets to this team at Citi Field I buy tickets to see him in Toronto. I buy tickets to see him in Pittsburgh where fans we buy tickets that doesn't make us. It doesn't make as -- is it doesn't make a stupid there -- team we support and we hope they win and we like going to see our team play period. Don't think people certainly -- and come back America that marginal group of and I need to look at stocks -- from 57000. Whatever thirty seven's there's. That group of people on the I think a lot of people own they're gonna spend the money anymore they're destructive aspect of it. If I suspect we kind of restart bottom point and it won't be worse. There's really no way to get those people back and -- cup winning their threat and yeah act like there's some technical way to dispute people back now if you get -- daily -- Patrick that might -- but really that's what are. It looked. You right -- When people see what happened to have a talent -- what what they've done -- Saint Louis but the bottom at all what they've done interprets or other currency -- Didn't because it meant the Seattle so that it can happen quickly but after recognize we get an old coach double -- him. In an all bad quarterback that work. But what you do so why people at least make them come to games silently. And cut open that. Paula it depends look at stake Seattle for example is one of them one of the many depressing aspects of the game yesterday was here are two franchises. Both had hit the skids Seattle few years ago had back to back seasons with a went four and twelve and five and eleven. They fired their head coach they changed out their front office they brought in -- new GM he hired a new head coach who by the way 61 years old he's not young. And eventually found their quarterback and now they're nine and five so. What why you change your coaching quarterback because you hope that it works Seattle did that they fired their coach. It took them a couple of years they found their quarterback. Now they're winning and -- in a playoff spot and that's why you you changer coached and you change your quarterback because you hope to find the combination it's going to work for you. Yeah and they had they had opportunity in 2010 -- who has been that -- I don't linger around in the door announced a new respect goal and a rising -- terminally. Like let's need 38 years to sit there and Atlanta's front office go towards. The vote to Saint Louis and start making all these deals. And the and the same thing happened in Seattle on coach -- coach doesn't matter are the big coaches because basketball sixty. Let somebody could get young people under embryonic cutting edge of things in this league or one. -- -- celluloid iron occur okay 80305 pick them aggressive calls to cellular this year 8030550. You need to talk for number it's 88. 550 to 550 and we're going to normal leave Miami lead Iran WG apple on Monday with Sally go right ahead. A lot going out barely got by. But are they pick the morning characteristic quote we're know we're all a big question has been you have meet. But since this whole -- -- and -- there was post -- -- also consumed by. There's gruel of sorts in excess like -- all we won't -- he's gotten in four years these these big picnic and extremely street and allow more -- -- to. The best they've been able to do achieved explorer. You know what they're protect the care of that receiver outside that's outside it's easy. No I'm I'm I. What sort how well watch what the question of what the direction of what would kind of works but what a mystery out of school year. Wallets only answer that they think you're going to keep I think you brought up the fact that -- got no idea what the identity is this the for the -- I don't I don't know their offenses. Bit bear there spread -- -- -- -- to attack people have a quarterback about a stroke. They don't have don't have a weapon that. I think very competitive have been the trying to fill holes. Stick their finger in the dike because of failures of dysfunction and you cannot afford to miss on any picks that's like Nixon way it was it was impossible. To -- he's not good enough to detect. -- also spoke picked up a bit ago argue that all good but you start doing TJ Graham thank. And that's again quarterback in this and I'm not tech because Chris given this thing -- without their top receiver -- important tournament oh what impact. Was taken after TJ Graham boost thanks. And his regret but not knock and I was it drops and area and a big opportunity I'm more people are comparing them well Walton you know some people. And it stayed completely. Fall apart and that your -- You can -- no trade up for number three -- camp met. Until well troop regard how do they just he can't and you can't in particular Nelson picked it just be a -- -- their -- to -- good. They're not making progress period. It's funny you bring up the Darius pick. And I think party guest today it was frustrating because -- the battle of the third rounder is clearly TJ Graham. Was awful and Russell Wilson clobbered the bills. But on Friday when we're talking -- buddy -- about the draft him or talk about quarterbacks and all the stuff he referenced having watched the singles the night before. And he brought up the fact that in and there are now look at Cincinnati they got Dalton and they got green. And you know they've been in the playoffs and they're probably going to the playoffs again. And if you're bill's been listening. You're sitting there thinking. They got -- they had green in theory you could have had either one of those guys I mean AJ green was taken after the bills to Marshall stars in Andy Dalton was taken after the bills. Took -- Williams and for that matter Russell Wilson was taken after those to TJ Graham and it's it's frustrating because. Here's the GM saying gotta get that big outside receiver and at quarterback and both those guys were there on the draft board when you went in different directions. -- what big receiver and an amendment. Than she -- remedy if you're not big like Roscoe Parrish when you get that guy. And I read everything you agree to keep their boat bird call up argued that would make especially with that but that -- You're a runner up and she's I mean that he's talked about more deviant -- no -- Well -- dispute that actor -- you're in this slot guy he's not totally got right. And you need that other person to really take off and go go. You can have a good quarterback. Can have so many holes to -- you can't afford them this calculate and then Paris. And that's MLB was a good peck. If you compare what you read I have eight thick green. Or -- I don't know but you know what. You get to tackle some some of the pleasant after that trial in principle we told all of that would have been better. Related so I can get that's what we -- -- -- -- -- -- job to -- but like you said you can get the receiver you can get Chris -- later in the draft -- if you didn't get AJ green there so you can always find another you can find out players anywhere in the draft so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What their scouts are doing it and brutal ten years you know tiger valeo today talk about -- in North Carolina State quarterback Greg. Yes Mike London and yet there they are polite. Big guide to playbook material that I can think of -- and moved up again and John McCargo. Yet and they get kicked a grand academic. Maybe that kind of doubt that that's incompetent to Orton low but not challenged a player so I wouldn't trust anything they say -- that. Let's let the quarterback named Mike Mike and glad -- -- partner in Lubbock and also a person to person out oh. So earlier on this afternoon I'll -- solid. Sorry -- I know I'll have secretarial about it. I'll see you say the good stuff for shelf in the bulldogs' -- -- we can never even thought about very picky what's wrong what I mean I don't know that you know it's a -- farm but -- -- stupid to sell its. So really the Mets are stupid did you just stumbled on to that one you hadn't realized that before. But apparent threat but that's not personally I'm gone I'm I think -- -- -- fine thanks Ali but I.