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12/17 Sully expounds on the Bills giant loss to the Seattle Seahawks

Dec 17, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- good morning more solid. -- so here's my first question. Everybody keeps telling me how they think the bills are gonna bring back Chan Gailey was yesterday's game bad enough to get empire. Yet the polls but probably agree and we talk about the bottle bill Tucker. You know actually they examined situation. When word go -- an artist shouldn't it just doesn't do the right thing. Should they have -- Marv Levy should there are prospering -- -- GM should. They have kept old wreck their pretend shares through their hard but you -- out of the back room to ask you. It's not I don't know what I'm not really adults that would fire a whole lot of my weekly how to get back and do that so. Good luck and you know predict another six. Well here's what he let me ask you this so it may -- this is why this could be different the bills. Our business to you know that there in business to make money. And I keep maintaining that if you bring one -- both guys back. I don't know how I expected to have. You know your season ticket base were -- and stay where it is and sell tickets and all that. So maybe eight. The owner says I have to fire the coach because that the CEO goes to him and says and Ralph are not gonna get -- tickets next jealous we do something. That brought mixed immediately cared about it and when they were desperate commit a lot of cricket I don't Obama looks -- by an excuse it in my view -- -- court. Of the 40000 people will vote no matter what I -- bit. That they're gonna have problems but. They can -- -- -- that front office and they might just record back and say you know we're gonna burn these people we think we -- -- don't care what you say I. Just perplexed myself who have felt the department has a new coach you think people come -- that I wouldn't them coat could be anything different. -- and a -- organizations. And that and that any question in my but he should buy tickets -- not an extra -- school. They they will plaster CJ Spiller all over the marketing campaign next year that is the number one selling point that they'll have going the next years they have this dynamic running back. That you should come watch but also here's the other angle Sally. They're gonna sell the fact that they're playing a really tough schedule a great opponent in Baltimore come to town. And Carolina -- cam Newton's -- out Atlantis Connie Talbott the sad part is that you have to market the other teams coming here to be able to do that. If the F a product which to some extent -- themselves. You -- tailgating and and I would look at six and try to get a great product at Merrill in question predictive market again. And are kept well back -- -- -- -- yesterday and Joseph whitlock reporting and other people. Another well blame to go around it but Mario Williams should step up and be a man and a leader on this team. But once again I can beat him on teams that are very pleased about in at least not being like the coach and of course reckon they've put a minute let me refuses to do that. At a hundred million dollars a year. I wouldn't want it actually just go back. I think -- date date the only way to sell this team is the avenue coach and new quarterback and and and you're selling the new direction. That we have to point that it's important to debate and that the NFC title game. Well -- vs Wilson a rookie. And a guy who started fewer games you have felt -- Russell Wilson potentially to rookie quarterbacks let me. Greg thanks -- here and the rookie quarterback and look what happens if we can once again it's just so it's depressing for people with the other built up behind occur. At a time when all these young guys are playing and writing they've decided. The true conservative to take a shot at one of these guys that but you don't drop dead you know airlock they won't they won't go get a guy. -- How they aren't even Kirk cousins. -- Kirk cousins filling in for RG three and what he's doing I mean he's got back up to the stud rookie quarterback he's the rookie quarterback even performing. No I don't get how -- I -- so complicated that the architect you can even -- back -- reps there at that point in the NFL. That they've achieved nearly as their -- It's so complicated. That rookie infect your quarterbacks all over the -- at driving the debt. Anyone know how to -- And I do not allowed to go under the law because I accept I get. I -- think about the people won't -- why do it by. They buy because Sully you were Red Sox fan for how long before they want a World Series. -- that's -- there was a lot of management dysfunction there and I. But no I alerting network I would check out -- and remote into. But. I don't people -- deep experience I mean there's a lot of bad. And sports there are good people wanted to sabres for the NHL experience them when they were. This man it's up to you what what are you decide to spend your money only -- the year. Are people -- this I have don't forget bit. They are not our ticket it would have been years ago me. But Hendrick can't put -- season ticket -- -- got people back remember you know it was from Tokyo he should be and shouldn't do that. And -- shot. It's not falling -- it's not so I'll -- relevant results relevant match against the people that out but oh yeah we opened people heard him. This team is irrelevant embarrassed themselves by an international stage at stake. -- I mean what would. But they can sell. Parent cell that garbage up until I don't. I would check I assume based private drug -- can't -- -- -- You not take one I didn't put it up there because I didn't you know I decide against -- it's worse than being on the road. It is such confusion I believe in the I don't players. When things start to go against them up they're like they don't know all of a hold on the road in the road you know we Europe against the low noise against you you've beyond that you're always. If you're twelfth man to -- on that up there like not think. It's gonna -- we want to expand around what has run through him like dirt but it's -- well wherever we go. -- people buy tickets because it's their team they like to go I still the Mets are are. And our ridiculously bad franchise they still buy tickets to this team at Citi Field I buy tickets to see him in Toronto. I buy tickets to see him in Pittsburgh where fans we buy tickets that doesn't make us. It doesn't make as -- is it doesn't make a stupid there -- team we support and we hope they win and we like going to see our team play period. Don't think people certainly -- and come back America that marginal group of and I need to look at stocks -- from 57000. Whatever thirty seven's there's. That group of people on the I think a lot of people own they're gonna spend the money anymore they're destructive aspect of it. If I suspect we kind of restart bottom point and it won't be worse. There's really no way to get those people back and -- cup winning their threat and yeah act like there's some technical way to dispute people back now if you get -- daily -- Patrick that might -- but really that's what are. It looked. You right -- When people see what happened to have a talent -- what what they've done -- Saint Louis but the bottom at all what they've done interprets or other currency -- Didn't because it meant the Seattle so that it can happen quickly but after recognize we get an old coach double -- him. In an all bad quarterback that work. But what you do so why people at least make them come to games silently. And cut open that. Paula it depends look at stake Seattle for example is one of them one of the many depressing aspects of the game yesterday was here are two franchises. Both had hit the skids Seattle few years ago had back to back seasons with a went four and twelve and five and eleven. They fired their head coach they changed out their front office they brought in -- new GM he hired a new head coach who by the way 61 years old he's not young. And eventually found their quarterback and now they're nine and five so. What why you change your coaching quarterback because you hope that it works Seattle did that they fired their coach. It took them a couple of years they found their quarterback. Now they're winning and -- in a playoff spot and that's why you you changer coached and you change your quarterback because you hope to find the combination it's going to work for you. Yeah and they had they had opportunity in 2010 -- who has been that -- I don't linger around in the door announced a new respect goal and a rising -- terminally. Like let's need 38 years to sit there and Atlanta's front office go towards. The vote to Saint Louis and start making all these deals. And the and the same thing happened in Seattle on coach -- coach doesn't matter are the big coaches because basketball sixty. Let somebody could get young people under embryonic cutting edge of things in this league or one. -- -- celluloid iron occur okay 80305 pick them aggressive calls to cellular this year 8030550. You need to talk for number it's 88. 550 to 550 and we're going to normal leave Miami lead Iran WG apple on Monday with Sally go right ahead. A lot going out barely got by. But are they pick the morning characteristic quote we're know we're all a big question has been you have meet. But since this whole -- -- and -- there was post -- -- also consumed by. There's gruel of sorts in excess like -- all we won't -- he's gotten in four years these these big picnic and extremely street and allow more -- -- to. The best they've been able to do achieved explorer. You know what they're protect the care of that receiver outside that's outside it's easy. No I'm I'm I. What sort how well watch what the question of what the direction of what would kind of works but what a mystery out of school year. Wallets only answer that they think you're going to keep I think you brought up the fact that -- got no idea what the identity is this the for the -- I don't I don't know their offenses. Bit bear there spread -- -- -- -- to attack people have a quarterback about a stroke. They don't have don't have a weapon that. I think very competitive have been the trying to fill holes. Stick their finger in the dike because of failures of dysfunction and you cannot afford to miss on any picks that's like Nixon way it was it was impossible. To -- he's not good enough to detect. -- also spoke picked up a bit ago argue that all good but you start doing TJ Graham thank. And that's again quarterback in this and I'm not tech because Chris given this thing -- without their top receiver -- important tournament oh what impact. Was taken after TJ Graham boost thanks. And his regret but not knock and I was it drops and area and a big opportunity I'm more people are comparing them well Walton you know some people. And it stayed completely. Fall apart and that your -- You can -- no trade up for number three -- camp met. Until well troop regard how do they just he can't and you can't in particular Nelson picked it just be a -- -- their -- to -- good. They're not making progress period. It's funny you bring up the Darius pick. And I think party guest today it was frustrating because -- the battle of the third rounder is clearly TJ Graham. Was awful and Russell Wilson clobbered the bills. But on Friday when we're talking -- buddy -- about the draft him or talk about quarterbacks and all the stuff he referenced having watched the singles the night before. And he brought up the fact that in and there are now look at Cincinnati they got Dalton and they got green. And you know they've been in the playoffs and they're probably going to the playoffs again. And if you're bill's been listening. You're sitting there thinking. They got -- they had green in theory you could have had either one of those guys I mean AJ green was taken after the bills to Marshall stars in Andy Dalton was taken after the bills. Took -- Williams and for that matter Russell Wilson was taken after those to TJ Graham and it's it's frustrating because. Here's the GM saying gotta get that big outside receiver and at quarterback and both those guys were there on the draft board when you went in different directions. -- what big receiver and an amendment. Than she -- remedy if you're not big like Roscoe Parrish when you get that guy. And I read everything you agree to keep their boat bird call up argued that would make especially with that but that -- You're a runner up and she's I mean that he's talked about more deviant -- no -- Well -- dispute that actor -- you're in this slot guy he's not totally got right. And you need that other person to really take off and go go. You can have a good quarterback. Can have so many holes to -- you can't afford them this calculate and then Paris. And that's MLB was a good peck. If you compare what you read I have eight thick green. Or -- I don't know but you know what. You get to tackle some some of the pleasant after that trial in principle we told all of that would have been better. Related so I can get that's what we -- -- -- -- -- -- job to -- but like you said you can get the receiver you can get Chris -- later in the draft -- if you didn't get AJ green there so you can always find another you can find out players anywhere in the draft so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What their scouts are doing it and brutal ten years you know tiger valeo today talk about -- in North Carolina State quarterback Greg. Yes Mike London and yet there they are polite. Big guide to playbook material that I can think of -- and moved up again and John McCargo. Yet and they get kicked a grand academic. Maybe that kind of doubt that that's incompetent to Orton low but not challenged a player so I wouldn't trust anything they say -- that. Let's let the quarterback named Mike Mike and glad -- -- partner in Lubbock and also a person to person out oh. So earlier on this afternoon I'll -- solid. Sorry -- I know I'll have secretarial about it. I'll see you say the good stuff for shelf in the bulldogs' -- -- we can never even thought about very picky what's wrong what I mean I don't know that you know it's a -- farm but -- -- stupid to sell its. So really the Mets are stupid did you just stumbled on to that one you hadn't realized that before. But apparent threat but that's not personally I'm gone I'm I think -- -- -- fine thanks Ali but I.

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