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WGR550>Topics>>12/17 Ryan Fitzpatrick defends Chan Gailey and discusses his teams loss

12/17 Ryan Fitzpatrick defends Chan Gailey and discusses his teams loss

Dec 17, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We say good morning to those quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick with us now here on WGR a -- -- Howard and Salinger out thanks for coming on first -- all. The program good morning. Well listen you know we we brought -- -- -- -- like to get your thoughts on it as well it it felt like you guys at the team were taking steps there were some progress that look like there were some improvement. How bad a setback. Is yesterday does that blow everything up. I think. You know it's it's not all based on one game but that was that was -- -- game yesterday. This kind of relate at all unfolded and -- they got to be -- currently we we have the ten point 22 and a half. You know getting the ball first coming out the second half and then. To have all the turnovers and put the game out of reach that was that was tough definitely. Disheartening Ferguson. You know you just -- in try to. Figure out -- little wrong and move on it's it's hard to keep things. Brian you're gonna be asked I'm sure today and you were asked yesterday about Chan and his. His future with the bills and I know you've been very supportive of him and I ice I suppose I'd be stunned if you actually said. On the air even if you felt that which I don't know you do that you thought he was losing the team offerings at this way. Why do you would you remain confident in Chan Gailey is ability to turn this around his head coach of the bills. I think. -- has said that you know there's been a lot of questions about Sam's -- the last few weeks is especially. Turkey towards me and other guys. There's so many guys on this team. And you know I mean me being the biggest example. Guys and he's good -- and there's kind. Really did have a chance bird didn't weren't given a shot before he got here that are really flourished and you know if you look at the offense. Scott Cameron Steve Johnson. Protector and those are the guys and the guys up front. You guys they're really knows so much to Chan -- he's never gonna lose this is players just because. You know he's he's given so much to us innocuous I think not just a great coach but he he's a great man he's a man that's respectively in the locker room and so. I don't think there's anyway that he loses the team because what we feel about him. Right two part question number one early in the game you went deep to TJ grant you went deep again to start the second half to CJ Spiller. Hey how much good part of the game plan was really trying to test the Seattle Seahawks in going over the top of them and be. TJ -- specifically had a really tough day yesterday. As a quarterback and a veteran with a rookie wide receiver like that what can you do to help and how much faith do you have in him going forward as a wide receiver. They get the bottom feel that we wanted to try to do that a lot of what they did defensively was just dropped their corners deepen. Place to linebackers in the safety and underneath coverage soon as it was tough at Times Square. Just from the streets there on the sidelines when things when we try to couple of them weren't successful -- -- TJ TJ -- up stay with a couple of drops yesterday bit. You know. The kind of guy broke does not competent to him just like encouragement are competent to all the other guys are out there and so. Usually when that happens to try to make -- point it's just talked and the gas pipeline that -- not used to kind of throw the ball I came back. And it's a hard thing to do you lose confidence like that beginning but he came back to make -- is being in late in the second half there. It's his company got to move forward from forget about I think he's going to be fine he just you know we had a couple literate thinking doctors had a little bit. -- Patrick Willis here on that WGR Buffalo Bills football Monday. Brian. Where you go from here I mean and obviously him in the playoffs were you know -- long shot but now you're officially out. For the thirteenth straight season the bills throughout the playoffs. Another losing season has clinched where how do you pick yourself up where do you go from here for the last two games. I mean that the -- it's a tough question is yet. You know in the playoffs the last few weeks hitters did it give hope we're really you know unless we're gonna be sitting at. Seven and eight and every team that hadn't been so lost every game -- we're really gonna be a possibility it and so. That was that was not really a reminder in this game it was just getting back to the right direction here and you know righting the ship I guess that. Obviously that didn't happen is that. To -- -- to do opponents and that's that's going to hang your hat on -- there have been a professional and going out there -- prepared the same way. We did it begin here. When and excitement was there when the -- which is starting. -- -- you know when you've got to be pros and what we do and I think their biggest thing stressed this week. -- Patrick this year. On Buffalo Bills football Monday and WGR arrive appreciate come and all of us and a best of luck getting back to work this weekend with the game in Miami will talk again next Monday morning. Here.

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