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Stevie Johnson Still Playing for his Coach

Dec 17, 2012|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Retail banking in the mid Atlantic region. Three years in a -- by JD power & Associates. What show for the bulldogs out of the stadium what's talked to Stevie Johnson as we look forward to doing each week here on WGR. Autopsy. -- First ball nice catch. That was. One of the best catches I've probably ever seen an NFL game was or something. -- by his questions kind of a weird question maybe it was a sort of about the catch that. Makes it easier that it -- duplicate almost an impossible -- Art -- they'll only -- years. You know the bill moved this follow Chinese solar spectrum. Mr. DiMarco you know everything goes. Well it lips move you're not ultra Hughes chipped up and air guitar brown however. The -- move but you know pretty must bought Paramount it's very. You had another good game another 100 yard game. But obviously. I would think that that pretty much gets lost in. In a pretty major shuffle with a with a -- Quite it quite a collapse by your team. Did that every bit. You know did you battle over. I was -- we ought to give back but it was no little mustard. You know period and go our way. As far as large. Albeit you'll tripled academic patch and and you know blog and our cutters and is they've you know are we generally control and conduct. Just a little momentum that we had. Well we used throughout movement movement law fellow Mubarak and going to score nurturing a picture or -- -- -- Something else that it involved do you personally the year -- your your. Your touchdown that the spike. We've talked so much -- -- over the years about different celebrations in trouble you've gotten in with you're your your coach in. Even the league. For different stuff that spike. Was emphatic. And I don't want you or -- to swear on the radio but there was a certain exclamation point looked at that to that point. Did you know those little frustration and and it wouldn't you don't give everybody high note that built the sport and development. When her greatest comebacks you know so they would lose the base of of those things go straight out of a lot of our thing. Stevie what is going on with this team you know like. Our our principles to think that the team gave a full effort yesterday which you wanna stick up for that. Yeah I can't I can't say that there would god given -- I thought you know even all. It seemed like it was quite an industrial all local or. Stop all in all -- down. Nobody nobody gave up market -- I looked around and somebody you know perhaps. Well -- sort of where they'll be nobody else to nobody given you know it is. Is do you know we we be if you play the way you -- look back all the speed and there are more Coca. -- you could get several ways but. Look -- at -- news is due plated that would bears that we. Opportunity. Straight authority so. Now I look at it all in all look at -- as good part. -- we reject -- felt better every day every week here no dispute because Barbara. -- -- -- All the years that -- talk to different guys including you you often players watched if he offered to film I would imagine that's right right. Yeah there's Stevie is that the thing about the scheme and believe that the install your offensive player in this is really -- pointed criticism of the defense. But the touchdowns at Seattle scored. It's like they were practice in against her like nobody -- these guys. And I don't know I think it's I think fans myself I have a hard time. Thinking that guys gave everything they had this NFL games to not -- would look like. Yeah I mean. I have a one year I'll know you know what what Chicago old piece it -- People responsibility but. You know. From what I -- you almost feel. There was it was as if you know to god we're player put it sort of Dodd you know him. In. Is art that is part of control running back like like that in there and control of local quarterback back a -- like Reynoso. There's just updated there's got the best of -- you know oh. I don't I can't say that. They were that they were better accuracy. Our god didn't give of that effort it was a you're -- AJ about and they executed the plays. Such remorse over -- they're Uga went in front of all the law of the -- excuse orbiter. Stevie Johnson with -- us here on WGR. Dvd is still your coach is back. It definitely got up -- we are planted last okay because. He's not like I got there a little earlier -- seek progress you know what what would detain you know what. -- you play the way and -- Beazer. So you know play these these these games are big here to give. Oh you are well the other the other -- -- There's there's there's been overture. You feel like. These two games are important for that. -- that you know -- nothing like they're and interviews that they deal. They all looked out the risk though of players and coaches closer so. If they didn't -- as far as it -- -- these these next two game. And I argued that when it appeared out leaflets are in the business of being nothing based based -- say you know what a year. -- bureau outfield error in this -- -- that. A few why don't all that but you know we -- every day because there have been caught the very day we know they don't want and a lot still don't regard that statement and in my guys. That we give we could finish out strong in their way it was due out next year. I I hear you hear -- on on your coach and you know admit it makes sense I mean you if you become a star in the league. And and been rewarded for that while this -- been the head coach in and I think fits in Freddie and some other guys could say the same thing do you. Do you have a sense that your teammates are. Onboard with that sentiment about supporting the -- -- -- There are very -- Soviet and other. Repulsive as that little -- -- I know we play and was sentenced that they they call that they call on multiple plays well it and then -- we got to execute our. You know get out playing good and illustrator because of the -- also are army to make the players you have made our special week that's all we haven't. That we haven't done noted this season you know we. That a mobiblu have been consistently. You know while I have thought about. Civil backs order past that we always work on him about it a bit mad that get the upper plate and got to be made you know and you know that that's that's where it starts a good start to open. So like you know pocket make these plays -- -- -- are here so there's so we'll have they've majors like that. Boy this would win this season's over even if you get these two wins Stevie may be especially if you do have got to think this is going to be a really bitter. Off season for you for veteran guys I mean just because. This this year there was higher expectations I'm sure you've been asked this a lot maybe even by us -- mean this is the year that wasn't supposed to be like this you know. It's that we would not be. So felt like you know would that would often moon bay with a trap we. You know we can you know been in the played all but you know we did not being even if you know that have great inventors who sees Google whatever. Any team that don't make the play out well better off these so. You know it is what it is you know they barely got related. And it not be Carter we all although -- don't say about that the -- You know we we gotta we gotta finish out these next two and in. No work on off season. The comeback comeback scroll -- partners. You realize. How young you were when this franchise was last in the playoffs torture and -- we. Much younger we all were but the DP do you think about what were you were your life in 1999. And so long ago that is it in this league where there's just so much. You know seemingly so. Which the other like -- -- -- -- it like third period of Hillary. You're pretty young guy world is there is different for us mean you guys have the professional pride -- you're stake in the game by. You know I think that it's been so much longer for us talking about the same things and watching them lose. Right these like try and got on the Australian. You have to stop our band. How Old Republic with for years. Yeah it's right there Cooper you're gonna end you don't play -- I'd say they're spending over and over. -- identity no but. A change -- cover WW. Though and don't say is look at a rally though we try to get the pain that. That was. -- -- want to go back chain. Now now look at that you noticed they are playoff great you know player also I think you'd upping your thoughts are nothing if it was. That would really good -- really -- but I mean they they had -- I mean really they've got a rookie quarterback that really turned that that franchise around. And -- maybe look at Washington and say the same thing and and I think. You know to to to think the hearing -- be so confident -- admired about you that you're so confident that things will change but like what. What will be different if the same cast of characters came back in all the important roles is what. Why isn't gonna change just because you want to. I'm award you know you gotta put an alert. The right combination of of players not. Like you pointed out quarterbacks. Saying the but it not only a quarterback -- -- say to -- you'd be at the poker player could be -- another receiver. Run him back in the other a lot of things also. Wouldn't want to see what it is what it when it comes out Toledo we got two more days. About and then we got got a bit off beat -- I want began in what you yet. Who was see you won't be here and then you know without the -- wouldn't you know it worked together -- we could make mr. Stevie Johnson with -- us here -- WGR before this game yesterday. Last week they're there was some talk perhaps it was precipitated by a body next comment that you could end up. Being a slot receiver next year and let them like this give -- again about that is that something that it would. -- -- Here. It is not it is not a problem but you know I'll figure. Figured that I thought -- -- -- and -- that we can that we give. That had -- he's Yugoslav army like. If -- -- on the outside like a bat out orders in the slot also. I think with the coast and how would look look -- and -- topic is going to be an event that we have over over -- He -- talked to. David Nelson about those comments I'm I'm curious. Have died -- -- bailout of super will go to work -- -- very popular work work together a pretty good. These detectors and then in the -- and -- -- -- items should be you know it would be it would be a problem -- we have Somalia about what you share. Mondello with DJ Donald not it would have it would be good. They Stevie said yesterday. That. If the bills have been way ahead on the fake punt and -- and done that that you would have been okay within I don't think I'm. Misrepresenting your position on that a lot of fans would have would have agreed with you did. Because fans were too bad mood about the team like you know that you sort of -- is -- your team to get punished almost but like is that how you feel. Yeah every like there's there's -- -- -- and -- that will be bad about things like better army general would be. General would be better if we would not -- we will then we wanted to get and we -- -- -- -- part. I've got fairly solid solid the united particular hazard that we talk about you know if you have any of it'd be cool but. You know it we have seen that apathetic fun though we're down by -- points and they'll be able to make it a big deal out of this applause bill float built some of the -- So do you think it's rich right to say than most players would goes way most players wouldn't take it personally. There should be civic items to be picking you up if you if you break -- -- well. You know football morals or whatever you do you as a bad move to the debate -- I mean though. In about board vote. You know obviously. We -- know what would the coach Dave why he didn't about whether you know it obviously bought into the. He said he said he regretted it -- is not about morals to borrow money for her he would put their money but. We say 5050 -- is not that I mean I guess you guys are bigger fish to -- by the time the game was over haven't lost fifteen to seventeen but. Where their guys in your locker room that were mad about them from the fake punt when they're up by thirty. Yup -- -- belt would doubt the least of our. Thought much about Bob about why he did it take part umbrella to distribute video light. Like -- earlier Albert here in a row that that he that he period no. If somebody else could be argued that that's terrible Cotto by. By barred by coach Cheryl. But you know it is what it is no commitment there. Well mandates of its. It's just like it's so familiar to us you know into YouTube by now you've been here long enough -- -- amid the bulldogs have before these mid December gains were. It's hard to make it it's of course different players but for fans. What whether you wanna watch these games and sitting through a game like yesterday's top plus you have. It being in Toronto which gives fans here even sort of worst taste about it. -- many fans at least -- what was that. With what was the atmosphere like having a pretty small crowd even for the the games up there was a sort of a strange feeling to play yesterday. It pretty much target like it'd all the time you know we know is not. Kind of present -- it would 90%. You know bills that are gonna show up -- will be pretty much. You know. Split -- due to lose a little bit dark side but. The basically up there affidavit I have a very what are they wanna see. They'll receive that would be entertained and that's and that's about it you know we know is not we know it was not. Not clear -- the -- we we understand that. But you know we got to where we WB word -- and at a at a -- the more how well the Toronto gave. You know well. We have we -- wanted -- -- like that. No issues there is so Upton is something to keep keep those those spares up there. Right all right well two games left although it could be off vote -- talking to next Monday Christmas -- happy holidays junior family. Certain order by aren't India all the best yeah an item on the on the next -- if you and so whenever. You can talk to him for a while -- not told until it comes up to your cottage right churning out -- that'll happen. I am thinking that a lot of fans in Toronto that's your five and some people would put down on the big money to buy -- five years were those game. And even if you didn't even if you just bought sort of a modest price ticket yesterday relatively speaking to you paid fifty dollars and for the ticket which. Probably was less -- the face value certainly one time we would have -- Are you know sing somewhere today going -- I would wanna go to one of the qualities. I don't know man I mean you know every NFL game is it like that right but. The atmosphere it just everybody says it's stinks you know the but the bills have delivered on nothing these five years this year is the biggest disappointment may be a ball. Just a totally non competitive game yesterday.

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