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WGR550>Topics>>Jerry Sullivan with so much to react to from Bills/ Seahawks

Jerry Sullivan with so much to react to from Bills/ Seahawks

Dec 17, 2012|

w/ Schopp and Bulldog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- Jerry Sullivan joins children the Bulldog and brought you by New York's only -- later what's your round laughter. Mike show with a Bulldog on Buffalo Bills football Monday with Jerry Sullivan who is back from Toronto he didn't have those. Problematic connections through Tulsa or Cincinnati or something good about it you know drag update but it -- and that would have -- Spewed red neck with the pats on the radio but I'm not -- -- -- -- sleep in cars. Those 31 to three and next thing you know. You know they get a shot -- so great so somebody that the -- -- that you read -- the -- yes summaries tweet to tell me on Twitter that they're Brady ran -- speak Jefferson and yet from what I know about that I didn't see it Rangel about that play. It was. A play he called to get something out of the defense not something -- that you know is a fallback but a spread. Formation -- just you know wearing that so I can't I guess I can't say that it never happens right but. -- Patrick was different that was if you believe them surely know that they didn't go down it was. That was well what we want to do here isn't going to work right so this is the best we can hope for this guy I can I get both them on the record I believe their story -- -- -- but the week before was that he. Not even the eight most egregious things happen but I I was aware that's where it will win twitters his greatness. You write you know -- people -- activists like -- and just corroboration -- they didn't not know what -- was today and I write for it hasn't. Got that that point that's -- -- yet although I like I don't well I I like the fact that at least they know what down this yet. Well I got I got to take that I posted my blog yesterday before reverted to the post game comments there's you know -- itself as the game was you know unfolding. In the final half. Ed so I didn't -- I I correlate really built on that debate and what not once but I've you know I accept there exploration to Jerry. The week before he didn't know we yard line was -- URL to kick a field goal right and is there 110 of 1% chance that Tim went -- to. It's at the games and here's our story right because we did forget I I I wouldn't I wouldn't rule it completely out but I wanna I wanna I wanna. I -- accept their explanation I hate might put. Jury I hate my football team I hate. This it's not even grinds on even appropriates an insult the groundhog days from its not even groundhog days anymore. It's like it's like groundhog seasons groundhog monthly we start in September. They were holding and what we know about some of the guys on the team of their flaws are really true who who don't like a -- -- and see what we've seen that we think will limit them. And be optimistic and by October. Were were hoping maybe they can right the ship by November rope to hang out by December it's like coombs aired for every dollar about Eric Mangini. But I I -- I'm robotic. A lot of -- man. Like I did you you got a guy won a little bit about -- with Jimmy doesn't know. Biased by wanting him to get another job got to -- -- tell -- I'm just so fed up and and what's more -- I hate them so much right now that I think that whoever. If they want to hire a guy who had a job in this league I would immediately think there's something wrong with a why would -- but their beds at that -- me like I I would major combat deaths US auto -- my football team got toilet my football team. I have my saved adjective. You know thing in my computer in my mine is download it uninspired. That's would be I would call them inspired or that I'd be with the why would anyone to come here. And -- -- was no longer calling any shots. Mean there aren't but he Nixon and and Ileana. The guy everything and are down from and after those guys. You're really wanna do this so but they're only 32 of them. But and I'm apparently go back oh miles that this is not. The 32 best job and in football it's like sixty. There are a number of college jobs and better -- number of coordinator job in the league that are better it's not one of 32 that you wanna get breast. It's opened her sixties all -- and a number. I don't know what I think in my premise. And again this is an exercise in redundancy after -- on the team but that that might have been the most -- -- -- mr. reconsider everything. The circumstances surrounding them and how bad it is for the quarterback in the coach and the GM and Ralph from the franchise in the game's final Marshawn Lynch comes. Roland back in there and it's like he drove a car and ran away again. How bad was that fifty points. First team in 26 years in the league to get above fifth bought 45 points four times in the year and that's five times and go back into things in fifteen games and the court and Russell Wilson a rookie and what happened with Graham you tell me a game in the history is. Franchise that was more humility and don't previous Super Bowl game where at least they were in the soup global and the other teams. Or fifty and they scored seventy yeah. There was played out of the country right right right the -- this and this is really interesting to me Jerry you're all only only because of this like it's usually. It's such a sore spot with so many of the fans and it certainly is with me. The -- that they do this every your band but that's usually the thing that I have to really make an effort to not. Lead the mean you know whatever I had to say about the game afterward. And. It's an afterthought but what's so bad was such a pathetic effort. Especially on defense. -- I don't know one little slip public Eagles have played in Orchard Park I don't really need them but I give you get might set the draft for a -- before after the games than the front part of it's an afterthought to meet that was. Horrendous. It adds Gerri. But will be seen for touchdowns. As uncontested looking. And looking good for another -- -- tackled right S army and also for Seattle rushing touchdowns but they work seven on seven and training camp against error. It's like the heights high school game were you know class for a -- isn't the school this you know for fundamental. And they run their plays like you said late buckets practice and -- things happen to be there in the call the dogs and gave him sixty tuneup. That's will look like and that's that's pretty humiliating when you know that. They could've beaten a much worse have a problem with the punt run your plays that fits on the feel with five minutes left. But if if they needed Marshawn Lynch to run yesterday and play football for -- game. He would add 200 yards just like Adrian -- fit a hundred yards and in can really use -- it was like. He did it was like this -- thing except you know -- -- laughed and they had 329 yards of offense at halftime. And and they really the turnovers the blue led to the score they they didn't do a lot on offense in the second half and again. So is -- out. I don't think so. You still don't think so. I don't think it's automatic I don't the way they do business around there I don't think they know they they know that a problem. I don't think they. -- have a TO coming Andrew Miller they brought to run back in this very similar situation they were done with them I was called can be fired. It was a joke ever for the day they didn't fire coaches did that they're gonna throw -- his coach and the -- they were bringing him back there was no explanation no press conference U member on the day. Russ Brandon announced boast that they go yet they'll fire -- like other teams now we're saying it was on the day that Mike Shanahan was fired by Denver. Yeah I almost lost my mind at the -- we found out about it like 5 o'clock and and I just. I don't know whatever laughed more hysterically or in a more deranged sessions on the radio than I did that. Are you earlier about me now is there that. Because there have been here awhile it's like we're gonna spend ten million coach wouldn't joke that was -- -- didn't buddy nix and Chan Gailey and the old the personnel department for for much less than ten million. And worse think again. We're so opposed oblivion fired cheering delegates because they can't Solomon because that he may -- quit out of this thing I don't. I don't know what to expect from them I don't know what they've got up -- up their sleeve I think. There'll likely. To send fits out of their first I think the culprits -- -- is the player the one Palin from TO is they sell players. And if they can't sell -- that's where the -- he's going to be the guy and and he is he's a player he's the he's probably the biggest problem right now. Although you know it's all right -- -- of one another game if they had a better quarterback. They a lot of problems that Iowa and on the other questions. For their record be if this that put the same team out there -- last year healthy. -- -- That Mary Williams added one victory on animal. Mean that. It's what's the difference. They beat that team and they get blown out four times said -- one of the worst defensive seasons and instantly -- know they've been improved lately but. It's amazing that that that wouldn't be any different you just wasted all year with a over a hundred million dollar contract how much difference didn't like it. Gotta stop -- last question because just know you're gonna bellwethers I think I I think it's it's been numb. I think they need a quarterback badly but. The defense has been fit fifteen to 1745. To 35220. Going to be you can end up. I mean -- deepened just kill -- -- games -- worst. The openers the game for the season. It's that you have the niners the patriots the Seahawks is there's no excuse fifty points but. The jets put up 48 in the they had 41. Early in the third. Opening day all that offseason hype and excitement confidence seemed genuine -- all written and your opponent is perceived is pretty much on the same WR maybe even below as the season started close. And they came in the first half was 3047. Was that for Marty score requires serving at thirty for a seven report with them. But whatever was mean the game was over. At the start of the third quarter. There were friends that day who said. This is what we've got the big charge this team at 3 o'clock and opening day and if they did so they were right. It meant and yet I think that was the worst of them but I still have a little more respect for the jets than a lot of people and that. Point I respected them more they're the team -- always beats them and they beat them and was it was stunning the way it happened. When you -- respect you when I was six with Sanchez. They weren't ready for the season the same coaching staff that didn't get them ready for yesterday didn't have -- for the opener for how to play with a new defensive line. They play soft too conservative and when you think about it technically they've they're under a million dollars in the -- and -- get our act does need that coach. Or Wannstedt that they they have this guy is gonna make things different and they are here we are in doing it hasn't main -- that they'll have won five games of last year's team. All right yeah I I think back to that that original question I don't I don't have all of our heavily to stand on its record. I don't and I'm wondering this Jerry Cobb how much. Who could constitute quitting. Came up in -- -- all that it's it's usually you know your bureau asking for a flight when you bring it up by. That defense yesterday just. Didn't look like they were to -- got to watch the lynch touchdown back holy cow you look at the -- -- -- -- I remember lab I said -- lot of quickness to him CNET reports earlier than it happens in some other gains that they don't. They don't want -- they don't have a stomach for the physical play at some point they know there really. Outclassed and they don't wanna be their -- by point about the trial thing and I hated to have always hated night and a I don't really within either it's just it's my argument I think people get tired of it. But I think it's worse than a road game I was scenario Signal -- Road games sometimes teams can draw strength and energy from being on the road right in this in the clear. You know you're clearly the enemy. And the cheering against you. They look up when things go bad and trying to think they don't know where there are I think that's worse I think that's more it's confusing and demoralizing. To not have. Any kind of energy. In that place to draw on either as a visitor or home teams I think they have seven home games -- they -- -- in every game in Toronto that's like. Road game. Magnified. That's pretty bad that's why anyone who thinks they hate. That paying the way we made it Bulldog and your Mike hates it to you should they get more. I wouldn't buy us a ticket to watch that team if they did this and had a game in Toronto. And I know I don't buy him anyway but. I I just wouldn't stand for appear to reach lie in the team that's what keeps it here and I've said -- all along they need to play games around to keep the team there shouldn't be here. I'm sorry. And I've always argued that they don't. There's no question that it's been a windfall for them but they get this. Ass from a lot of give them the media the national media some fans I guess not all they get this past that it's necessary. How how is that to be determined what determines whether that's necessary. Necessary hull more brands is better than fewer. But they're alienating. Their core fans by doing that and how many fans are they really gaining up there just because they have some. Knowledge of what percentage of their fans come from southern Ontario that's just that's a very shallow superficial level on which to analyze that. They have they have caught a hole. In in their fans with that game they did for money and I for one it never bought the thing if you that they needed it if you wanna argue that they needed. There should be some financial strain on the organization should they're not. So they're just they're not be some evidence they needed to make that money that they need that from a business standpoint and they sent. We do not. They don't need it to drug those answers southern Ontario those people come to games in Orchard Park and a lot of them don't go up there. They don't like that antiseptic atmosphere. They like what they have the real and a -- experience in buffalo and the crowds keep getting smaller even though the tickets got cheaper. To what what do they what they sold them out of their regional allies. If if the people up there aren't on the games they they realize the franchise by having people from Toronto come to watch the games and Orchard Park. There's cruel and of the southern Ontario and still. I like the idea of it being. A tougher game than a road game makes sense it's just it's got to be distracting I tried to get that a Stevie Johnson that is gonna be strange to play by the neck and you see your own band colors in the end zone and stuff like -- It just got to be distracting to be in that environment I think you know you talk about. Drawing strength on the road I think of the game in Foxboro this year you know that the great teams all doing that as a rule they. They rise up on the road -- There you can't lift them up you can get lift up by and the negative. Energy of the other team all right their everyone's against us that's the coach -- say let's go. And -- that's what athletes their whole lives they're used to that home rolled the way you -- energy in the way you. Expressive on the field this thing believes them flat missed them -- flat app effect out there. And is it any wonder that they would not try to tackle people. I mamet's and it -- done that I've seen it here -- team on the road I've seen fourth quarters of games were like. They just got run over and they were completely demoralized this seemed different. Even early in the game and I I thought coming into this game I've picked him to get blown out I didn't think they'd have -- the and I thought the trial thing that's part of -- that you don't. In the desperate situation coach Ron Allen -- draw strength and heart from -- in there it's it's just the opposite. Almost like you're playing and so middling bowl game. Something in the crowd is not really with tear -- share lots of empty seats and don't travel well is this important is -- is important someone.

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