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12/19 Bills CEO Russ Brandon on frustration and more

Dec 19, 2012|

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    stunned by the kings nine to two Anaheim beat Philadelphia for one New Jersey appropriately wins total one that. They beat Edmonton on the same night that Marty broad durst jerseys retired also Dallas beating Minnesota for three in OT Calgary with a 43 win over Toronto in football there were reports that an arrest warrant could be issued for bills running back LeSean McCoy at some point this week after he was involved in a bar fight. Philadelphia police have reportedly completed their investigation into the alleged nightclub assault. Of two of the city's off duty police officers and in college basketball UB falls to Toledo. For updates at the top and bottom of every hour or right I'm Matthew Collin WGR Sports Radio
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    that certainly earned it 803055188. By 52 bucket you wanna get back. Trent dilfer's comments on cam Newton's post game. Are interesting and new and quoted Vince Lombardi. Fatigue with the wrong way to that next and a beach here.
    I applaud him for not panic you go back to 2005 when Peyton Manning lawlessness and it was a divisional playoff game. Made one comment decree criticized protection of his team he's still regrets those comments. Trent Dilfer speaking audience in radio he goes on to say after that. He's still regrets those comments to this day and talks about regretting saying that after the 05 divisional game he said. Let's just say we had some protection issues and try to be good team it puts it waited report. And Dilfer says that it was that. Comment sticking with Peyton Manning's speaking to him a little bit. That let Manning to be. He said he he changed he wanted to then beat the best teammate he put that. It was until 2005. That loss that post game comment. The Manning decided. I can't do that anymore I've got to be the best possible teammate and I'm gonna pride myself on being that best team so. You know for anyone saying that Cam Newton might have to mature. Maybe you are right. And Peyton Manning went through very similar process that in 2005. Learn a lesson and changed the way he approached him losses in post game press. I do think you can learn a lot from post game press conferences about a player about a person. I'm not sure you can really take much away from a Super Bowl loss when a guy's facing that after what he had just gone through in the level of frustration. I do give him credit like Trent Dilfer for not making excuses and not trashing teammates. Because if he had gone into a full analysis of everything that went wrong
    story's plot for many people's decided before the outcome and hypothetically. If Cam Newton and got up to his post game press conference exude in confidence will be back. We didn't play our a game we
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    would tend to believe it's more about out. Mike quarterback is not. Cam Newton it's Tyrod Taylor if Cam Newton is quarterbacking the bills right now. They drafted Cam Newton and well of course coaches would have been fired but anyway my point is if Kim knew it was sheer Greg Roman

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Russ it's art and sound good morning how are you aware that it throws -- -- -- We sell -- in training camp obviously a lot of optimism at the time we talked viewed -- and you talked specifically about. It was time to take that next step the fans deserve -- -- you know they they needed all this other stuff. You obviously have not taken the next step as an organization having been officially limited from the playoffs what went wrong in your arrest in your estimation this. Where you know Howard grow warmer said -- training camp. And I know we've answered the exact term -- uses his time person take the next step. And I truly believe we would I mean our focus. In the off season was to get better and felt like we did. Obviously senator Mario and and Mark Anderson and more importantly. Ours who says importantly. -- -- -- continuity together. Are. Solve our core guys that we resigned. In the during the season and in the off season last year obviously Stevie and all the guys that know about so. You know we were poison take the next step and you know at the end of the day we didn't and will. We -- win enough games. -- it's unfortunate we're in this position right now. But we just got to keep slugging away and it's it's frustrating. No the fans are frustrated were frustrated. And and we understand their frustration what do you think happened where the plane go wrong. Well you know I don't know if it's a plan that went wrong rated and other then. You know you know were a couple plays away from. Parent you know from being a different position but we are who we are and there were five and -- football -- And that's not good enough. But you know you know looking back -- it you know some of the key moves that we made. I think from a personal standpoint we're certainly. A better club than we were. Three years ago. And -- we've improved every year. And there's a lot of positives to that but you weren't you know win business. And when you don't win there's frustration. You listen to the frustration you acknowledge it. And then you just keep working to create the rule the winning formula. You know in leadership's about it are you respond as about the energy that your brain. And it's it's how you handle it. And and that's what you know we need to focus on what I need to focus on here. Because it's. You we talked about play meaningful games in December and we're going to -- fired two games in other than playing. You know for pride and passion and and and for our community. You know we're not player for a playoff spot and that's frustrating everybody here one bills drive controller France. How big that you're you know part of your job obviously is that the sell tickets and to make sure you've you've got people in the seats how big of a setback is this season. Well it's obviously it's too early to talk about you know be effective -- have. You know going in next season by you know we focus on getting better each year Howard and you know it is is you sit there you you -- is -- well. You know you sit around sit what you can use cell we've we've never sat around and said are we gonna sell the product you know it's the National Football League. And in our focus is. You know we take a thoughtful approach as -- go into the offseason we try to get better we try to make the experience here for our fans. One of the best in the league. Bring their communal feel. The media is seven -- Sundays a year. And you know it's it's it's all about women and DR focuses -- we do that and roll up our sleeves and get back to work. But it it's you know it it's not all about we don't sit around him and talk vote. Shoot are we gonna sell this lecture. Don't you have to and he doesn't mean the -- also I know you like tell us there's -- business side and there's one ball side and you operate separately but -- -- Can severe impact positively or negatively -- barely impact the business side. This empowered it's it's always caesar's so we're gonna win you know that's. You know that that's pretty easy to do -- pretty easy to walk into your local coffee shop when he went to -- you you got to stay -- -- and you know from our standpoint you know we've we've had some frustration here. -- over the last decade and you know we just keep from a business side we just keep work -- and and keep the relations we have with -- our partners and we -- we've been very successful off the field. And it's -- all part and parcel to you know what we talk about a million times has reason lies in our brand. Which that's what we focus I mean I don't sit around and Libyan leaders and syndrome open about it to sit around. Figure in are -- gonna take it to the next level. And that's what our focus. Tests have been. We'll ask you the same question we have on our web Paul you mention a couple plays -- how far away are the bills from being a playoff team how far away do you think this team this. Well you know I have. I I'm very optimistic that I think were very close. Because we are couple plays away this year from. Being in in the mix right now had been in this game but we're not and you are consider uncertain since head all day long but. Know that the focus is is that from a personal standpoint you look at where we were few years ago and look where we are today. Look -- offensive line is look were rushing attack is. Look at the our defense of line you know the building box have that borders put in place. From drafts over the last three years are certainly paying dividends at this point. And you know I I truly believe were were close but. You know we can talk about it all day long. And he ended the year with proof in the putting in right now -- five and nine and -- Bill Parcells says you know you are aware your record says York. Russ I know you said you guys don't you know talked about how we sell tickets but. If Chan -- comes back after three straight losing seasons how do you market that team in that product to the football fans how do you go to your fan base and say. We're staying the course -- with a guy who hadn't had a winning record in three years. Well hard you know it is I said earlier you know we just focus on getting better and and how we gonna bring that. To our fan bases is you know out of the -- in the spring fifty years of non playoff appearances to their standards how did. You know you know year or -- where that you just you keep focusing on. The positives the experience. You know our community is unbelievable. When it comes to the support that we have. You know it's Buffalo Bills football and the brand. Is is a major major deal for our community. And he -- you have a frustrating season like we've had it is never reason. But like I said Regis will -- who's up and get to work you know -- we all know that. Were a very portable product. We always focus on that. And bury its -- that's what we're gonna focus on news we get ready to go in the offseason how can we. Bring a brighter better product to our fans and they keep it affordable and have a tremendous six. I think talent wise your better than we were three years ago. But unless you win both games. Well actually if you lose both games he'll finish with a worse record than last year so I guess that's my question the frustration in the fan base even if we agree. There's a better roster in place you talk about it's about getting better getting better you would not be getting better where they better roster you would actually be getting worse in terms of record. Yeah -- when you put it that way it's hard to believe. Court frankly. You know when you look at. There you know where we were you know or three years ago and where we are today. If we would have had this conversation which we didn't many times -- training camp I would never dreamed. That we'd be sitting at five and I'm right now I'm just very honestly. And I know our fans feel the same way or the media feels the same way in the frustration level is at a peak. Is we go into our wonderful holiday season. And in and understandably so I'm I've I have no excuses I will not offer any excuses other than that we have not won enough games and we understand our fans' frustration and we have that same frustration here within the building. Russia said many times that you know it's separated between the football side the business side in the buddy -- really takes care than the football side but how much input do you have or contact you have with. And as far as evaluating the head coach position. And if there is some sort of moved to be made at the end of the season is that purely buddy nix -- caller do you have any input with that with your conversations with them. Well but and I account -- have conversations every day as amendment and it's sport you know what we do but when it comes to any evaluations when it comes to football element. Within the building on that will be -- decision -- his original. Well now the owner would have a final say right correct. You talk to Ralph Wilson I would assume fairly often yes does she still believe that buddy nix and -- -- -- right guys turn this thing around. I'm record comment on mr. Wilson sort of feelings relative to that Howard you know you know when it comes to those conversations those conversations relative to the football. Side will be would barred him mr. Wilson and me and will grow from there aren't as the season concludes one of those to those happen fairly quickly after the season is over you guys we'll have your internal meetings with the owners and yet historically power and how we do it is sound when the season concludes we typically. Tom will spend some time mr. Wilson. And our goal over things from the from the year but you know better better -- -- period it is. You are usually -- pretty quickly after her at the end of the season -- help. As he expressed his thoughts to you about five and nine of what's happened this year. He says and I'll keep those conversations between the two groups. You sense. While no you sense the frustration -- don't you know the fans wanna hear from the owner from somebody to say it's not acceptable and we're gonna make changes. Well. You know Howard we're gonna very Ritter thing at the end of the year in I've told do and I'm nobody's told you that we're world and I'm sure Chan as the world frustrated. You know that's. You know -- goes unsaid and I'm. You know out in the community often and it's you listen to the frustration and like I said new acknowledges it. And I'm not running for many things and never remember will. It is not easy. To talk to your business partners is not easy to talk to your great fan base your season ticket holders I hear from people. Constantly. And responded every one and talked to everyone and here there frustration. As I've told him many times. There is CO this organization I'm also a big fan of this organization and the big fan of our community. And to see our community downtrodden. Over the lack of wins here is frustrating. For everyone and especially myself. But he's been fairly tight lipped as as I guess he should be in and you as well I mean you guys -- -- -- later offseason plans of course for a second unit. But but in terms of public comment a public perception but he is also said Russ that. You know the answer is not fire the head coach every three years -- and I would think you must understand. That being that the only public comment on Chan Gailey status would not go over well with the friend it. Right hard I'm sure you know the fans are the fans relative to their feelings and and and rightfully so -- obviously match and we listened to the fans and nobody. You know -- obviously we're not speak for body -- you know it when you look at the success of organizations. You know throughout all of sports. You're the one word. That always. Screams out to you is continuity. And and I'm nobody is comic view when you do change every three years. In everything that you do that that's not the formula for success either you know even though it might appease. You know the march crowd order the the offseason crowd. And you know you look at teams you you know I always point to a baseball team you look at the Atlanta Braves who won fifteen division titles. And twenty years and they had the same GM the same president in the same match. You look at to have the colts and I go on and on about that. So. You look at Tennessee under Jeff Fisher you know -- he was a coach or fourteen years and the and they missed the playoffs six or seven in a row they stayed with the program but. You know there's there's a lot of different ways to you to go about it there's a lot of different examples. But you like -- him I'll keep going back to we we hear and understand the frustration. -- the obligatory weekly any update on the Toronto. Situation or the leaks. You know it would be we will keep talk about this every week as but -- the -- you know we continue to have discussions with the economy in the state and we're making progress. Obviously with the Toronto game this past week we had some opportunities spent some time together. And -- making significant progress there. And you know those have been two major projects. That have been focus. Of our organization measured as well. I'm I mean it's kinda half getting the kind of have serious threat is your deal done with Toronto because after a game like Sunday would Rogers thing twice. I know we were. And I am not trying to be as Smart ass -- idea that obviously that was about there was talk about the worst day I know but that seriously -- was about in terms of selling your product in Toronto. That was about the worst day you could have. There was not positive powered I'm not gonna sit Hampshire -- that are Wallace but -- you know that was the best crowd we've had in Toronto. We've continued to see progress each and every year. There's definitely growth and excitement in the market. If if you were there for the weekend use all the different act -- act of nations around the game Rodgers is certainly committed to that. You know it is is it is -- we've talked about many times and their perception is a game is a failure or. That it is not going as it is his. Positively is we have laid out five years ago. But in we sold more tickets this year than we have been in years during the series. And it is I've said many times. There's never been the purpose of this was never to replicate the experience or Ralph Wilson Stadium Favre did you can't replicate. They're great experience that we have here in this building. Our goal is to work to develop a fan base to bring more people back to Ralph Wilson Stadium. Back to Western New York. So we can keep this franchise on solid ground and putting in I I don't know if you looked outside lately but. You know when I came here in 1997 this was a 47 largest market. In 1997 the salary cap was around forty million dollars. Now -- the 56 largest market. And a sailor caps -- on -- 129 dollars you know it is is I'm excited about the growth of were -- buffalo heading in Western New York heading. Many many different businesses and and regional activation are about trying to. Incorporate the border business and being more active in the GTA. We were out ahead of that and we're gonna continue to work at that because we need that five million. People to be active in our market not only for the bills put our businesses and everything that we try to do and our communities we continue to try to grow and build. And it's we knew was a long term players we went into it and we're gonna keep working. I know the answer you're gonna give me but him and ask questions as we get everybody's calling us saying how much -- asked about -- let me tree. You can get those guys signed before a free agent market opens up you signed Gregor Gregor Robertson CNN I did I hear it did you hear about that we've been reporting all morning absolutely that's -- people are calling and saying they gonna get go to the beach resent -- and so -- We're gonna keep work in the third game plan felons and you know I'm gonna give you the obligatory we don't talk about contract negotiation. And minorities see your -- You know -- you know I'm an answer and you know I'm a man's I -- but they have an offense. But then I get crap the feds say why did you ask about bird on the featured speaker and the I don't know I answered it that we don't talk about contract negotiation that's -- that's right just like you read and talk about Kroger bricks and you we signed him to it is so. To win against Lambert looked at at. I Russ thanks -- happy holidays happy holidays to you and your family Aaron thanks got -- to read it.