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12/21 Buddy Nix answers fan questions on Tarvaris Jackson, Fitz, and more

Dec 21, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But in -- online and takes your phone calls 8030550. That's right 8030551. -- 31888550. To 550 we encourage you to -- be a part of our discussion of the next fifteen minutes -- so. Why double fault lines. Join us ask questions tossing comments body good morning. Good morning and are you guys were doing all right happy holidays to you happy holidays -- -- Merry Christmas and never went out there listening as well buddy let's start with with this past week's game before we move on and that will last two weeks of the season when asked actually ask you about some. You know your schedule come scouting and in pre draft stuff because I think that's when. Things get busy and fans might wanna know what the schedule looks like put. As you look back to what happened against Seattle. You know many people sort basket the team looked prepared or what happens so in your conversations after that. Game against Toronto against Seattle in Toronto what did you take out of that game which was when he -- to the season. -- you know really I was kind of stunned by. The way that thing we -- then you know those things happen once I start. Steam rolling but it just seemed like we work. Maybe I have to step by late. At times in. They've really played good idea bad to me on this -- the atlas rocket team are. Playoff -- him and another one that one go. -- can you put anything on that it it seems like there have been games this year where it's kind of on that -- team gets some product via and then it just kind of it's cruise control from there in the game is is over a good halfway through whether it's the San Cisco game or it's this one against Seattle for whatever reason getting off the mat after an early yacht. Early hit it seemed to be a problem this year. Yeah you know let's say then just seem like it's been that way you know you go have a game. The lack Seattle probably deer in the season just about everybody and it's. You know but to have. Three or four -- them like we have is. -- explained I just know that. That makes me -- nervous current I don't know what to expect when would go after we played good for four weeks in a row specially. Our own defense in you know had a chance to win games at the end and and then there's when we were never mean so. It's something we got to fix in its ye ye go -- get where you show up every day and and you know I've heard a lot of old pro coaches it's been in that Stafford. Fifty years say that you know give me and yeah that I know what I am going to give every Sunday. I don't have to have warned that it's -- via. Our MVP. Caliber this Sunday and next Sunday don't play very -- because you don't know what to prepare for what to expect him. And it's it's importer and did he bring it every Sunday and that's what you have to do initially. When it comes down to preparation I mean is that what it is it can you talk about preparing differently errors there's there's some way to fix that well you know -- out of -- -- there was ever any difference in. In preparation and Noah you know GM keeps. It's. He he keeps a schedule that the players know an expectant. And it's a week to week it's that way in -- you know I think think a lot of it has to come from from the players. Leadership and not let that happen in. And you know playmakers step and rap artist -- Edith skeen led the snowball -- somebody's got to stop. Buddy Guy signed Craig urban to a four year contract extension you have some other. Free agents in the offseason that you're going to get to and I know the policies you don't necessarily talk about contract negotiations let me tell us if you you know you'd like to have. All these guys back -- bird in the beach read Leodis McKelvin pal Warren even restricted free agent Donald Jones and where they stand. You know eat the guys you named -- left Ambac remain that we won't keep all our good players are quality players and and the ones you named they are and Guillen if we started talking about where are we talked about agent last Snyder. As you know you couldn't do that you never and never be any end to it Pizarro. We'll do just like we did with Arabic cat one mourns none. You guys will be the first to know. 8030550. In 1888550. 2552 more weeks left and invalid Asian time I suppose is that. Complete organizational if valuation for the next two weeks area you you feel like you. You've been watching the same spots are you're watching things are are things popping up that she maybe thought you didn't have to look at before we -- absolute. They evaluate everything we are mainly due eighteen and of every year and this year being no different I mean we'll start you know in. Every body that's connected with it will be. You know will be evaluated in Nam and -- make decisions and based on net and I'm glad you -- -- -- -- you imagine the first two weeks I hear all time that you know. We the playoffs now and apply for. Play this guy experiment -- Baghdad you know. And there is something apply for arming we've we've Hammond and -- whale and that. AFC east in three years in fact we won one -- -- a year and we got a chance to win I have found this year -- win the next two. I think that's apostate stay up. And and -- -- initially the two this is a eat even when you -- and you contract as a -- error as a coach or whatever. You sign up for sixteen games at least from the going get paid over seventeen week period do you is that job to do. And you go do it and you do it demand seeking and that's what that's what professionals. -- And in and then another thing is. And they should be NF Pratt and to that you don't only get -- up no matter. What the situation news and I hope -- can of people we -- panel pressing kind of players we get and we need to -- Our bills Giamatti next joining us here on W -- phone calls just -- I wanna follow up on that nobody we talk about everyone that's involved in the operation. Has a valuation to face once things are done. Is that a good thing for for guys even. You know whether it's Ryan Fitzpatrick who says he you know guys are playing for jobs and he knows he's one of the guys it's under the microscope Chan -- is even admitted you know that he also. Coaches that way is it good. Four people in your opinion to know their jobs are on the line. You know I don't know whether it's good of mail and I do know it's a fact I mean we all know in. And -- everybody does so. It's it's a fact laughter it's it's part of the business it's it's a bottom land production business in. I mean -- -- -- How about the assertion some some. People like us in this spot will say that a GM is probably more likely be loyal to his guy. You -- that troop it be that the GMs are loyal to hit that -- guys would you be more loyal to one of the guys that would be maybe considered or guys vs someone else. Listen I might get -- answer that very easily map I am loyal to the buffalo bales and and I don't want my guy has the meals and and don't forget and I said that when I came here. -- where every decision we might equal the what's best for the meals we came we came get wrapped up I'm. You not heard. -- combat GM's going down in play this guy he's a draft horse. Mike Cassel looked better in that draft -- it's all about women and it's all about -- -- and we haven't done enough -- badly. You made a reference of last couple weeks actually about. Trying to find you know wide receiver to help out in the maybe you -- most devious Latin that would help out you even referenced. You know what Cincinnati's -- -- the Andy Dalton and AJ green in the group there. But you can't just -- -- -- get all these great players in the draft I would assume money because you're not rebuild mode I mean you spent a lot of money in the offseason and that thought over one bills drive us to win now so. The question is do you have to go out and free agency may -- grab that wide receiver do you think you can get the young quarterback you've referenced in the wide receiver bowl. In the draft and have them as young players command. You know I think not think we we might can but we don't know -- a -- If if orgasm available during free agency we certainly don't be enough. In the battle and -- not thank dire both we we know. That her core of our team we need to -- through the draft we've. And the last three years I think we've drafted and we've hadn't -- Sam picks and 19 -- -- our team last year's team last year's draft. We've had bad starters off last year's draft trap on the start apportioning. So that that is got to me out thanked him Cold War but as we've said all alone free agency is something that you. Take some of the pressure off but cars. As you know the draft is somewhat of a gamble you don't know -- -- there. And you don't know preschool will be there when it comes your pick will last year's us spending in free agency hinder you in any way to spend this year. Well on you know I don't. He he. Obviously we want to have as much but I think -- We can be competitive in them that you you know we just got to. Picking cheese and make sure we go after the right people and Nam and I yeah I think we are -- will be able to be in the hunt. You know 3 o'clock until -- callers in. Providing next Eric you're on W -- bills you embody next. They are doing it all. The ordering a question everybody -- Content both Washington and European there -- -- Well I was very personally ask you before the dog -- a little electric in the third. Who questioned the war are -- A first round pick people better than Barkley give me. There's -- to view the first tropical island global economy -- I woke up and he can't comment on Kirk cousins as a player by about Matt Barkley and maybe you know where we're cousins but he could say this in terms of league draft grades on because people are seeing what cousins can do. We're already fit in with this group of quarterbacks are you or your allotted coming on -- may -- where you had -- last year in terms of this group that's coming out this year. Now are you know I think acted media. Can interpret it is today -- -- -- -- but it is right to you don't now. Everybody gets excited about one gained -- -- quarterback comes the end -- games and and then and there are good example as -- -- -- West Coast. They do want that. And to have my doctors took big money quarterbacks that. That'd add one or two good games and and now they're baca so he got to be careful about to -- Knee jerk reactions. But he went out and -- traded for Tarvaris Jackson earlier this season and obviously did a lot talk about the fact he's up like first of all. Can you confirm or is it can you tell us is that a seventh round that your team. Gave up for Tavares Jackson in the second question is. Was the plan all along that he probably would not play unless you really need them to or was the plan that maybe he would actually sliding and what you just never got to that point. We know we don't talk about terms of trades -- terms of contracts but. If -- did you know to morris'. Then that's a coaching decision that day and I'm not passionate about cars we Marty Meehan Macau's. We won't need more competition. At that number 2 spot it pan am and two -- is I think he's 500 in the league as far as starts so. He he's got some good things -- bad images and worked out that they've felt like it it gave us Sebastien used to wind map but human Guinea. -- next that was go to Fred. Fred you're on W -- -- she -- next. -- -- -- -- -- -- moral low I know my question is well why do we acquired first sharks and regardless never gonna be practiced I mean it's such Pro Bowl since being named starter he's a career backup quarterback. And our understanding this is his best behavior order their position. Well you know that's your opinion -- year Italian titled the bat met. Again and you can't -- we'll go to airmen and handicap. Coaches not saying. You know news -- these games don't matter we're going. We're going develop this -- And that's a decision that. Coaches Mike in there are responsible for paying into it. They think did we think. That they it's gives us best chance to win in 030515 except Denny on W chairman bill she -- next -- Denny. Anybody Merry Christmas spirit and -- -- -- more Christmas yeah. I have a couple of questions first question really is about. Kirkwood comments appear. And so about the parameters and also toward Wilson's. Comments as well. And less please the fact that it that -- doesn't seem that those working if you look at the record it's one -- three our home record. It's much better than that and the one entry record as a very close to what our road record has been the last few years. I'd bring it up because. Terry grew owner of the sabres. You know chose it there was occupancies and appear to have west back to back games because he thought it was better for the team. Does that ever come under consideration or -- -- serious. But they're amount of wins Hillary -- may be lessened because we're -- -- our chance -- -- -- Thanks for any real quick on this the sabres can submit requests to delete -- and actually get to make the schedule buddy I know what it comes to scheduling in Toronto. He conversations I've had with people. Close the team in the past you guys don't get to pick who you play up there correct no we don't how much is -- how much input you haven't scheduling really at all. -- Does -- level there's a few requests at all. Maine new request but they might do it in my. I mean only if there's like -- high school championships or something may tell when your buildings not availability is out of Iraq something like that mechanism. Token now and then and I don't have much time we got -- guns as much as you want to answer the question about. -- well you and about Eric you know are we. Eric. Is his own money and he he gives his opinion any. From the organization's standpoint. -- it says something we feel like we have to do and -- -- -- that win losses. More didn't -- Being get a NAFTA we and against some people we played Danny -- where we play. And last year we shout out to read scams and -- TM or -- Saxon. It was a great crowd I left there saying this is -- play in their home almost you know and and then when you -- or implied by Adam main lesson. And this past Sunday. If you -- a plane -- it's just cannot lukewarm on the males. Eat -- probably don't change horses in the middle of that game in. We just didn't Yemen not to Holler back and that's our problem not not -- plate. Couple things to catch up very very quickly before let's go -- on WGR buddy nix guy can't. Rory expect Christmas to both -- -- and everyone. Thought it sort single orbit along brits are talking in our preparation be one of the keys and you can be prepared as they possibly can -- -- there's simply not there not at the that the key position and data recorder act -- A couple cars -- earlier alluded to Tarvaris Jackson and I can think at this point I like Ike and with all -- respect I think you're wrong I think you need to put it marked their. It's what he can possibly do I mean. We looked at this and what you can do and it's -- no you won't admit it and no wonder will he simply not good enough. And I think that the biggest single put the popular take that he's never. Then a proven commodity in this league and and I think you guys really missed the ball in the discreetly beat them and operating someone else they didn't. To possibly really really push for the backup position -- just starting position because the -- and equal last year the the starting position was was simply not good enough if you want to topple ball which I do and -- doing on a regular appearances. A -- watermark for this he -- get. To that point -- quarterback lovable persona Oracle's letter to compete for the division title and work even in -- team -- -- Well on I'd your thoughts body on that bobcat and I think you have to be one of the team in league since that that's -- coach and the quarterback standpoint but not the point is understood. -- I didn't get a question now that that's his opinion and I respect him and thanks for the Carl. All right well buddy -- -- I ask you about a couple of these guys and how do we get calls on a lot have you seen up close and personal Mike Glenn and Matt Barkley geno Smith. He tells have you actually watched them play and have done. Note some research and diligence and hours it really more in the college scouts hands right now and and you'll get involved later. Arm already involved I've seen those. Like him before he tells the about a now that there. But but you guys you're in the right ballpark a guy -- What's the schedule like from your -- Amy got salad bowl games and things. We start you know our scouts right now Aaron we just had meetings. Two weeks ago we brought him in here and and they start their cross if they had to have -- area. Reports -- only young they start to cross checks which. Each each get out it's a sand Tibet. And a draft a ball players in another scouts area so that we get to reports. Plus we got there -- -- -- national scout it's over the top down way Lee and chip cook. Our scouting and the top gas asks Lee is mania is acting and so we got a lot of reports only gas then we start. An All Star Games start we really get a lot then AMOCO UC anti Swiss -- -- -- Cindy hasn't. And a Senior -- all -- All Star Games we we're all over him. And then we start. Our preparation for the combat and will actually. Set to board but for the combat and now obviously and then stay that way week. Are constantly move in them as we see more and learn more any injuries and that kind of thing. And then after that we go to work outs we work Kamal after -- stadium. We we go to the command he's yet to see everybody today and it's graded act. We come back and enamored draft meetings and then put to board up for the final. Draft in April. Here's here's an idea watching go to the pinstripe bowl Jeremy and I we're gonna watch Brian just does play we can watch NASA than Smith you can tell us all about them. MEK if you look around you say we get two -- three meals there with a half hour. -- -- -- quarterback's not the only position is just the want you know you've been somewhat bullish on on. On -- on saying that you know quarterback something you'll be looking at this does that make the the preparation different if you're if you're so focused on that position maybe. -- an -- you say you have any each and every year but may be. More of the figuring out wells needs what and where you might have to get is their little more focus. -- at this time. You know I don't think curious -- act Allah I go back to the term. You know wing Cam Newton came out the last hour every one of those gaps and actually went to save him first in that. You know so it'll it'll be business as usual will get them covered. Thanks moneymakers are staying for a few extra minutes of us here he met thank you.

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