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12/24 Jerry Sullivan talks about another Bills loss

Dec 24, 2012|

12/24 Jerry Sullivan

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I -- morning 630 on WGR Jeremy -- -- about GO here on the WGR with Buffalo News columnist Jerry Sullivan. For buffalo global money good morning Sally aria yeah. I'm a little under the weather had been it is highly rugged and welcome to the club barely a Merry Christmas. And you guys. Comport with what you wanna begin sharing. Hopefully analogy officiating I would be out of the notion I was wondering you -- -- -- almost every single content. That these two games we decide she until it featured ball like that. Have a hard -- believe in capital there are a lot of people would -- that was what was at stake here. Yeah I think it makes I think it's kind of -- the idea that it would hinge on two meaningless division games. One of them next week would we -- against Greg McIlroy I like the jets are. A shell of the team that has been in the division for dailies entire tenure with the bills so. I don't know what kind of you know what they've put on these two games. It's tough Gerry -- I don't know do you find it tougher than ever to really figure out what they're going to do. I'd like to tell that I think they're gonna fire. The coach of the gonna make it change the deathly gonna do this is this that or this but as long as they continue to talk about like their clothes and like they're getting better. It's tough to panic. Debate goes to work together. Yes and it didn't pick on a function that potent. To be hard to solve the coach and the quarterback but they have so openly journal on something itself. And LB it's sort of subliminal. -- from. Police and not give any stadium but. I don't know I don't know what people go back -- do it but I'm meg kind of assumption. Mean right now in my outlook doesn't like surgical coaches who doesn't like paying them not to work and other body -- and that is coach. And they say they're getting better so I'm posting work and change favors. I don't know what's gonna happen. -- element here on WGR -- -- Jerry what do you make of Stevie Johnson's game yesterday in. On every play the kind of window he had pretty pretty bad day especially by Stevie standard but overall it's not a very good day at all. -- are part of -- because he was racing and his mind you know studio very emotional guy I don't know are taught them. Tashard Choice -- really animated not yelling at beginning of the Big Brother of speech it's like I've seen. Should get a book -- under the name and your you know your great don't -- out those kind of broken down on yourself. Bennett is going to be OK you indeed. And it looked back at it at that as the upon people not very clear that he down against you get married in -- -- to our. Mean bottom right these they're cliched and never too hard too little studio I know -- of people while the guy he's so. And here are a couple of odd I think that it -- to -- aren't too low because they have very emotional -- And the great captain and but he admitted that thing about change and I think you mentioned you think about it I would not cooped up in my head he said. The way I run my pattern that -- very patient to great road runner and we just to practice today and that produced. A lot of those mistakes I guess I am not -- eroded the newspaper. Report on the coaching situation billion. -- got people thinking about the wrong thing you need your -- you -- organizations. That might decide the coaches say that these two games. Maybe a postal down for the players that you know one week acquitted yesterday there's sort of confused it's just -- and you don't look good for the coach. And -- one thing about his comments and CJ Spiller as well Steve you know one out of his way and based who's had put this game on meet Spiller. Apologized for his 62 yard run. -- sorry I didn't score there you know like he's making everything happen and he's their best player offensively Spiller is he. He doesn't get the ball off -- yesterday you did any still finds a way to apologize so. I don't you talk about accountability and in wanting that from this team I think the bills have. Individual players who are not afraid to to take but you know responsibility and and showcase accountability. But there there's some sort of disconnect when it comes to the team as a whole overall showing that because it doesn't seem like. You know you talk about guys that have lost their jobs around here it's the punter like it's it's -- the -- -- joke that Brian Mormon was let go because production. And really nobody else really -- is. You know and all that it they would amendment one guy who stick out again I've poked my head there in Maryland people on the make a big party list votes change and he's talking about turnovers and short fields. And again and -- He's not the only problem I putted terribly yesterday's right tackle and I can remember it was actually -- card. I know when I watched you stop in one on one and he just like that we report you can't -- in this sort of like obligatory putted on -- and and then because it doesn't really -- he's short but you should. He should do what Stevie and Spiller -- in the coach to let go out there wasn't very good I I their responsibility I break that record they let speed that they're not responsible it's what happened. They are taken the battle. And it actually. You know what I would have done it feels like it really but he would grade school. It's streets that you clearly disappoint -- and ultimately will be this year they aren't going belt player isn't good enough and it doesn't take responsibility great. Why is the question is now. Where does this team go from here Gerri I mean. You're around the that the guys you heard Eric what's comet just a -- fully expects some sort of changes to be made are are you kind of 5050 not knowing what's gonna happen you expect change to be made where you with us. I I'm more about and it's not war -- you know right can what happened but I mean -- What is except but like the kind of here and -- -- up there even question about insulting. He could take explain. It is inevitable -- and around -- planned sixteen games a year. There are honest about it these guys whose job he he's not -- no -- in the back intact but it happened when teams. There are successful so. I don't know I'm just. -- -- -- indictment that. There's definitely a court practical these six. Rookie dissect your cornerbacks in the playoffs which -- More you just happen so -- and call Verizon and the bill so I can occur. Though if you get that guy. Epic to look good luck I'd look good in the sense that he -- -- guys they're behind the curve and he's gonna get a -- 8030550. To join us you know Jerry last night watching Marshawn Lynch Ron effectively for the Seahawks you know he's one of the top running backs in league CJ Spiller you know once again we're hearing all these things that are mentally he's. Quietly emerged as a potential star is yards per carry is ultimately better than Adrian Peterson and once again you have a game where he gets he gets it off he shows you the big play ability but the thing about it is for me climbed. The five Jane Gayle King -- provide -- ruffles I should say thinking about Chan Gailey or whenever I mean think about it I think. That or 62 yard run. -- dead into the rams game. The Texans game and the and keep going back all the times that Spiller didn't get enough carries will -- -- what -- that that run of made a difference every time is not a. What's that I'm like you know I'm right there with to have written and not taken yesterday chairman and they -- that's a career high it's not a career because. Karrie in nineteen in this game -- fifteen and ran in carried seventeen and it came might have been the seventy RE eight yard never got a chance to do. -- what's funny is to -- watching the game I believe the thought pastor my head there were two times in this game. Where he actually got the ball three plays in a row. And I believe that's the first time that's happened all year be thinking back I could be wrong but I don't think they ever gave him the ball. Three times and -- -- they did that would bring Jackson several times this year. But CJ Spiller getting a lot actually three plays in a -- for the first time this year is very telling in the way they've mishandled them. You know I don't and I hope it's not system -- see it doesn't work and it was the -- of one of those third non accrual and I'm like good. All year long on third and short you have had a -- back in a vacuum -- -- -- it's called CJ Spiller you know I mean doesn't. Break a candidate like after untouchable on this side -- -- -- galway. That's a good -- I haven't seen. You know personally Jerry Sullivan let's get to deemed. -- you're on with Jerry here on WGR. Our -- -- guys. I hit just an observation may be a little Christmas wish. I get a harsh ever since they put polian on the wall and and shall I know you don't like polian. I didn't ever cider I got no way we raced out I do I love. Bill -- he's just not the direction I would go at all. Well we differ -- yeah I'd say there's something in the works with the long term -- and -- debt sooner. More than later I think we'll have a change of ownership that I think has already worked out. I think poll instrument back and I think we get polian back with a long term lease its clean house time and the polian. And a better owner we projected coached and the bet my Christmas -- anyways. It's been terrible year and I kicked -- is a nice start but -- She's approaching Gerard has the worst game -- coach I've ever seen then. We need to change gentlemen you know so I thought I'd say that exists thanks to Europe but not -- -- -- you know you're suggesting and ordered a new coach you're tournament a new owner like massive changes that I don't ever hear him reasonably that. In and you can't necessarily predict sort of ways you get a new owner and ruffles in the wanna sell the team so you know. I don't know what the puncher bureau and I'm really is. I'm -- I don't know. I just think this organization needs knew they did they need new ways they need new it is they need freshness they need. Whatever it needs. Life Jerry I I've made this point what the caller referring to -- your thoughts on this -- my. Issue with bringing polian back is it does exactly what we've all said we don't. Want the team to do anymore which is reach back for the past. With older people who've been a part of what happened before to try to every how great the future's going to be and to me I think that's the mistake that this organizations made time and time again. But it's out there people want it to happen where do you stand on this. Well it's intriguing because it's only has done -- several other places and he's won the -- -- he's eight feet. The great GM and an -- at a game and he's up there already counted that as a package this -- which blew things up and indeed. He -- older to give him -- -- -- work habits and scouts and people underneath them it would the end of the way you get to that he might. Give them more credibility attract a better coach and coaching staff that's. That's attractive but no but in the end it took another big -- in the league who wouldn't come up well I don't I don't think I need to have that you want to come back. We'll have other options -- I don't think you'd expect -- multiple people who who love this city he loves. Those teams don't we all need to talk to the other day about a comeback. I'll be coming back. Terry Sullivan in -- WG RI Gerri thanks for the that the schedule adjustment safe trip or even Miami right now. Orlando airport. And well and Fort Lauderdale and I got to connect involved Martin -- -- not. They are my chances of staying awake throughout the wonderful life are slim tonight. There's a limit their loved them sharpened well you know and what the couple actually so that the watch and -- probably you -- have a good Christmas. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- them -- on his -- here on W chair for his. You know Monday spot to realize that I don't 30550 Chan -- top of the hour your phone calls when we return on WGR.

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