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Joe Buscaglia Expecting Change at OBD

Dec 26, 2012|

w/ Mike Schopp

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back and be careful it is snowing out. It's finally snowing out. News reporters bundled. -- key locations. Cars out behind us in the parking lot. Getting buried although not that quite yet. Forecast that I senses. It'll get. Heavier later. 91011 o'clock midnight. And then by tomorrow morning. Be. Gentler. This is just what I was reading two days ago. I think two days ago certainly yesterday about the storm 4 PM it starts heavy at night. By morning. It's pretty much over this continues to be what's happening and what the predictions is what the predictions are and if this does all happened the way. It was predicted what are we going to say about the forecasters. It's the complete opposite -- -- redeemed jungle by a team where. And what did it say about that tonight storm. I'll tell you what though the weather and the 1910s and twenties was different dust storms yes. Which is worse. Dust storm I agree always. Here's jobless Gilead to join me on the show joke. -- Mike how's business. Are better. -- together in -- in taking in the the -- looks out of the whether that he that -- -- What was that like at the stadium today considering the finality of the the season here. Well you know there was that that under current or maybe not really an -- so you know just the the -- looming uncertainty. That that exist over there because. By the time Monday rolls around we could see and know what -- guarantee that we could -- in the the head coach fired the defense coordinator fire that are back -- coach go to that the dot -- or go to it might happen that the entire staff goes along with but. You have you have that we McNair the quarterback. Could be it could be eradicated in buffalo so. There -- a lot of things that can change over the course of the next few days here and and so it's it's kind of an interest in -- you know Ryan Fitzpatrick who never really admits to worrying about his job or anything like that. Seven so many award today you know it. It's you know it's hard the focus something important you have all of these rumours around that they're going to be looking Eric walk back and but the -- and tapping on -- as as it landed. And so it just human nature to sit there and think well you know may -- my -- -- -- -- and and he expressed a little bit of concern -- that today so there were out. Few different interest in fact it's to debate certainly. Did any player. Say any thing there was particularly interest thing about all that or. Memorable what was there a certain moment today. When someone gave you a quote that just stands out. I think in -- Wilson and eight I'd get I get a voice erotic exits so you might reported in sports throughout throughout the date today. I'm George Wilson. -- you know it. What nobody knows what's gonna happen and who. Everybody should be scared by the way by the way this season is going you know this is. This is a situation where they came into the season with. Oh on the hope and optimism than on paper look at the council heavyweight better and they have. And perform the way under expectation then and now they're sitting here with the -- -- record. Going up against and and another division opponent which as they lose then. Well the only capture one wins in their division each of the receipt of Chan Gailey has been here so he said Bridget and -- Wilson said as much as. No one should feel -- The way this season has gone and and he's absolutely right they've they've underperformed by leaps and bounds. I guess for me it's it's fine that the players are talking that way I mean I I think they should be but. What matters to me is. That the bills at some point demonstrate. That that level of accountability. That that they are to be expected of that they are to be expected. As a team that. That Adam. Would consider. Making changes anywhere so I guess after all this Joseph like I wanna thank. Especially with the coach specially with the quarterback a -- think that the players. Nervousness against during -- he is justified. Yes I think. A lot will be telling. Monday you know a I'm I've shared my thought about it. Who online and on the air and you know battery in it seemed like everything set up where. There should there should be changed because. In no other -- -- -- -- -- -- your coach who's ten games and accord equities and games at least each each of their three years. And and then be able to survive after that third year so. You know I think. I think the nervousness should be justified in in terms of people losing jobs and people are being held accountable for not. Producing in what many people in that organization -- production based business it would. Almost be hypocritical I think if if they ordered that there are in and not make some legitimate changes over the course. Of this policy and when they're sitting there and saying that the way that the years have gone are not good enough I mean this is just. The Tuesday a big step back in my opinion about. Up with a way to achieve -- -- -- dog and a lot of plays left on the field yet a lot of things could have gone away that didn't put. Are also a lot of things that went their way that. That curtain that necessarily. Could've gone against them so. And so I'm not I'm not subscribe to the theory that there to replace the way from from you know eight and seven or whatever it is. You know they it went against them for a reason then and so I think there should be held accountable toll from that. I agree with you by the way you are what you are the point differentials that with me there almost nine -- hundred. For the years have gotten killed in games against good teams I don't have any -- on the same page there. That the thing that it would be different -- their record would be different if if you if you just decided to say. Tennessee. At New England even the ram game if you decided to say the bills relief could ever should've won all those teams are really haven't lost close games. Just. If you want me to -- lost -- really close games by. Or I'm -- one. The close games Arizona game is the only super close game that they got me beat Miami at home if you want -- -- I'm making this relief confusing now. -- if you if you give them the whole. If for a couple of plays argument. That put them at say eight and seven. Still. I think -- at their own fans. They would be suspect. We'd be talking about -- they that it changed the succeed I think there'd be a lot of people saying well they just get killed if they got it. But they got to do a lot more than just flip a couple plays. To convince as a as a respectable team that's. Totally agree and my biggest thing which we Chan -- airline that's Patrick. You know since each have banned in. Positions of power that came into court -- the most powerful position on a culture we I think we're all agreed there. That they've been in that position. Created this regime -- only one win over a team that has ended the season with a winning record that was New England last year. Mean out of fifteen wins -- you've beaten have been -- eight teams and worse and that doing what you know what thirteen and three. And that's. That's not going to -- in the NFL you it could be competitive you have to be able to. BP team on occasion and they have -- -- by -- large that they have not been able to do that so I think the only way to to really. -- people accountable and keep the player accountable that are going to be here Fiat of Italy. If the government that's not going to cut it that's not going to be acceptable and I think the only way to do that is. Perhaps some big changes with the coaching staff and maybe the cornerback. -- was -- my guest Bulldog is off this is much open WGR Joseph in the past when coaching changes were calming or were at least possible. You hear about these meetings that the bills have been Russ Brandon on WGR. Mention them again that what they have traditionally done. Is gathered together with the owner and and talked -- out. But this might this might be a situation where there can be considered unnecessary. Or just. -- typical. Of this organization maybe I mean really if the right thing is that the bills just like -- often don't. -- off like they are a serious team like the other teams I think -- serious team makes a coaching change on Monday. I I totally agree aunt and I don't know how long that conversation would have to be with the -- that's apparent about to a consensus answer to say -- this does need to be a change of the mixed. The -- double digit loss he's. I mean. You can probably count on one hand how many coaches in the NFL. Are still in. In our power still employed and have three C and where they've lost 1010 games I mean. I think insult someone that Andy Reid miners might have had that distinction but he's a barrel on time but the royal street and house. A team that -- that many games over three year span and and continue to employ that head coach I mean. Iran has even excusable compared it's prepared third Chan Gailey and I'm not saying the tropics usable at all for getting up for -- a bit. So this is that with a situation where it should be you know open and shut case in my opinion and I'm sure of the opinion a lot of bands out there are a lot of other media person. And now it's just to see the bills are willing to do that they're willing to. You know cancel the in the final year or eat the money of the final year of Chan -- contract breaks it -- they have what uranium are still some. Uncertainty to that. Factor of things but. I think it's an open and shut case. -- -- with me. Joseph how about what are your feelings on the way Gailey has been talking. On Monday here I was pretty fired up about just how. Defeated he sounds are the kind of the kind of talking that. When Wade Phillips sounded a little bit like that twelve years ago was pretty much an outrage around here. On the heels of a lot of winning now. Were not we don't think of the bills that way and I don't know what the deal lead to sound so. So beaten. All the time. If I were the bills that would be a serious problem what do you think. -- and I -- the attitude of of the game. Of the players in the game I mean. You look at that Miami and Seattle game and they work they were disputed before even made it even started. I think oldest overall body language and there are some guys kept up for for the Miami game token Iran by. Although what a lot of excitement on the sideline. And even when it seemed like they were kind of close. To getting back into it when when when the bills scored -- now and and or when CJ Spiller ripped off recovered huge -- but wasn't really any huge excitement on the sidelines it's just. It's kind of sort of the lackadaisical response to it and I'm wondering if that has anything to do with -- their head coach you know. Approaches situations that we keep now I'm totally in agreement to you Mikey seems totally totally downtrodden. To be perfectly honest I mean you look. I tweeted out a little bit earlier. A picture and it is opening press conference. With that when he was introduced as head coach of the bills and picture problem a week ago. I mean he just it looks like a guy that is aged. Completely over the past three years and somebody even tweeted to me well it looks like what a president done that before here in the office which is probably right. I mean that does so this is a situation where it daily. I mean you know this story you know -- job on the line and he knows things are going to play and I think that's really affecting him mentally and in you know I don't wanna go into conspiracy theory too much airport in I think that does certainly plays into a certain amount of things went. Your coach who looks and sounds a certain way and when are you really inspired quite a black guy anymore. It show last thing as whatever. Level of fan that I am as some interest -- in the bills. I don't want this win. I don't like it when the team has a streak against another team in minutes. That's I mean it's a pretty modest streak I know but the the jets have really dominated the bills and that it's been a a source spot it's been an issue. You know what division opponent this year the jets were so in the focus. I don't I don't want some cheap bowl win with a bunch of backups out there and 40000 fans. -- to have. Screw that up many. You wanna beat the jets when you're deserving of beating the jets that they have that we over Indianapolis. In the snow three years ago and I don't know like I'm I'm kind of a kind of -- when it comes to statistics but. The date they have a 31 to nothing win over Peyton Manning led team where he played like five minutes or some thing and it doesn't belong in the record books. Bill BI and I understand we're coming from band. In terms. You know. Who want to be indicative of how good did the build our our the builder a six empty -- -- compared to look at eleven game I think are a lot closer to the latter. The former and certainly they do win -- they have a lot to lose in terms drastic consideration too I mean. They could drop down 20. Likely tenth overall if if they end up winning their payments. If they lose they can be drafting a tire or the Philadelphia Detroit game go -- so. There's a lot to there's a lot to lose if they went at it which is which is gonna. Hilarious disable it. You know that were used to. I cried and and so a lot of people might want -- want to see them lose but you know I'm sure our world won't get a pretty solid. Indicator as how they'll look very early on that game if if there interest that -- -- it because we saw early on in the Seattle and Miami games that. And if that really look indicates so. And so we'll get a pretty -- pretty early indication from from the player's on field. Thanks your time Joseph Merry Christmas. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've got. I think I've got about fifteen coaches here I read it read an article about this today didn't write them all down by.

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