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WGR550>Topics>>John Clayton Wouldn't Fire Gailey but says Bills Might

John Clayton Wouldn't Fire Gailey but says Bills Might

Dec 27, 2012|

w/ Mike Schopp

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But still welcome back Bulldog is off this is Mike show joined by John Clayton of ESPN -- -- I'm doing well happy holidays he has. Happy holidays Merry Christmas what was your best Christmas present this year. We didn't want to do much shopping to get the that is Christmas present was earlier this year. One Bob -- -- child how also for myself in my life and so I think. If kinda splurge on that it was a good move because it's just an absolutely great outs and so what we've been and it's since March it's perfectly into its. -- better than I've ever expected so I guess that was my Christmas present became a little bit early. Very nice how much of the actual building did you do if I may ask. There would be -- This 21 of those things where it's been a still very nice area which they're still building them by the way it's like a 110 I think gut. Places it's right near the water it's kind of a lake front community and so. They did all the work I did all the moving in doing all the living. And you have a football room. Yes a bit right now iPad two rooms one room I guess you can call the call the media room. And so the -- moment right now and is the rumor I have little all my little nick action although football's -- one from the draft. Prediction things that we use to do with the Seahawks have won about ten of those themselves. Have although the couple hall of fame nick -- have got. A little things from teams. That's there and then of course the other room is what we have for the TV and in that I have all the nice awards -- have been able to -- through the years you know hall of fame plaque. You know pro football writers president's award got. My two Emmys for sports that are so. It didn't you can't the kind of take all the stuff that was pretty much on a Florida pile and put an -- nice place to make a look night. I guessed good for you I'm glad to hear about all this. No Oscar yet but maybe that's still out there you wanna have don't have something to shoot four. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tend to think of that might be in the running off all the -- short. Hopefully now. Well John let's -- to football and I'll star with the obligatory. Question or questions about. The bills in the future. We've talked about Natalie with -- and after your appearances here for a few weeks your feelings on change -- future what's the latest on that as well. I think the latest still comes down to how well wolf and guilt when they have their meeting and -- cabinet. Still that's one would know for sure that's why I think it's going to take a couple days like it usually does for the Buffalo Bills don't see any announcement coming on Monday but. -- the more you think about it the more you kind of get the feel -- probably not in the good state for Chan Gailey and the should they make a change I think now. But I'm not making the decision to drop Olson's decision they've got to try to see if it's time now to go get another coach Jimmy look at the three losing seasons. -- still think the future can be bright but also to look it's not what I think in many ways is probably not what we think is what rob Paulsen thinks and I think that the -- he's not going to be happy with this this is not going to be one that is going to be going in with a great deal. And this very well with the fourth year of the four year contract coming up could be the last -- Chan -- With due respect John I think -- you might agree. If a fan is left to think that Wilson at age 94. Is really going to wield the hammer for this organization that doesn't exactly sound too promising for fans. No probably not. No police you know from the fan's standpoint that how his feel is was I think reflected last Friday when they worked out the deal to keep the team in -- which I think was huge. Yeah you got all the details -- that but I think that it that was. That was a good thing because now I think -- a little bit more than -- that this franchise is not going anywhere and I think that's good I think it does show that. No well the night before is still committed to this community I mean obviously. For a long period of time and I think that's great I think it's great for football and northern new York and I think it's great for football in the in Canada so I think that's wonderful -- standpoint but also too it's like. But there's another crossroads and it seemed like we get these crossroad every two or three years and I still think stability is the key I think to try to build a roster that has stability and now there at the stage where it's okay if they're gonna make a change. What offensive head coach are they going to bring him to -- ought to be the next quarterback because you do get the field now. That this might be it for Ryan Fitzpatrick thing may just have to -- the contract or they do. Keep the contract and that brings somebody else and whether it's going to be a rookie or veteran and you know change in the coming because of the way this season has transpired. John I saw one piece just almost a slide show type thing online yesterday. Where there was speculation that as many as fifteen coaches could be out now I think we both. Assume that wouldn't get to that number but couldn't beat ten what do you think. I think it could be Kenya. The very least I think it'll be seven. He could get that and there's an outside chance it could get the twelve because usually what ends up happening. Is that there's always one or two surprises -- sometimes we get hit the surprises sometimes we don't it's. At the surprises no one that I think we'll know pretty early in the week is whether Carolina and Robert there's going to be able to keep his job. I hear that as long as there's not a bad blowout. On Sunday -- May play -- respectable he should be able to keep his job in Carolina no guarantee of that but I think that though he may be wanted to save his job and they'll whether we disagree or agree with Jerry Jones down in Dallas. I think that Jason -- going to be -- I think most of us think there should be some consideration for a new coach down there but after that. Anything goes and it usually means bad things and I think. -- Monday could be is called black Monday because of all the coaching changes we could have as many as five or six coaches just like bill on Monday. Do you have anybody maybe just outside the head coaching ranks or perhaps a head coach that you think will be relieved that you really like someone do you think. Got a raw deal may be. I'm not going to be a raw deal at the -- -- ago we still don't know how good of a coach he has. I think ideological Lovie Smith ago because he does say what you want to -- if they don't make the playoffs but I think they still can't make the playoffs and maybe. -- that may not be enough to cap and keep his job but I -- still think that he's given them a good defense and a good defense that has nine. Turnovers and they turn in the touchdowns this year. And even though the offense has not met expectations. You know there's still every year battling -- the wildcard or that division which is usually kind of going to Green -- so I still think that would be very unfair. But there's going to be a lot of unfair things and and -- It's a matter where too many owners make too many changes too many times. And I don't know necessarily the helps the franchise totally impressed. Ultimately. It's more important in many ways to have the right quarterback because the quarterbacking cover for the coached. Or at least by the organization time to fix up a lot of things we're seeing it more and more each year. Yeah I agree with that. What do you know about buddy -- -- future anything. Odd that they that they want him back and I think he'll help the meetings go at the end of the season. Will determine that he's going to be back because I think that you know he's going to make the recommendation according to what I'm gathering to keep Chan Gailey. If -- in other people any organization forced the idea of change. That I think it puts -- and compromising position where I have to make a decision. Does he wanna go ahead and go to another coaching search. Still -- is expand on that but I think that if all things go to normal that I think but -- is going to be back we don't know how those meetings are gonna go because that could make things abnormal. Right and if he isn't back or the way it transpires is that he's that on or with the new coaching search anything like that. That of course the bills and want to replace him first. Which they probably wanna do pretty quickly. I think they can do that internally they can promote Doug Whaley and maybe get him the job -- -- -- One of the options. -- the one thing that I think that. Don't they don't wanna try to do because it could be as many as 67. General manager jobs open and -- -- talking about ten coaching job but there's going to be six or seven general manager jobs and so there's going to be a scramble for that. So that they expect the scramble for a general manager all the sudden now they're delayed no one or two years and a court -- two weeks and that's going to be the case. It puts them at a real proposition -- whoever comes in as the new coach if they make a coaching change to get the right stuff. I think the one thing that we're starting to see right now. Is because this league is not doing a very good job of developing offensive coordinators. That what ends up happening is sometimes you can get a coordinator hire. And it just doesn't work. And that that's going to be indicates that everything goes backwards because I still can't say what you want I still think that the respectable job with the office but what he has. And you know does that mean and can they get more Alabama to one thing that's going to be scary that is not the year. But you're really not like this past year were meant -- -- gold mine for quarterbacks. Expect gold mine is going to be dried up this year you don't know how good the quarterbacks are going to be -- in free agency -- work in. In the draft and that's going to be the case. You know it may be noted that as the next J. P. Losman coming -- maybe is meant to -- he hasn't. And what do you like most by the ways and brought that up in the draft quarterback. It's -- the guys I'm still trying to get a -- on you know dismissed -- and it's you know if Smith is like Josh Freeman. Then I think it's a good thing I think -- pretty well acknowledged that he's not necessarily a top ten pick. But doesn't mean anything because if you need a quarterback to take a quarterback. But it got Freeman came in the lower part of the first round and I think. Don't even know he's having some struggles of late but still think he's a very good quarterback committee be a quarterback I've felt very comfortable at Filipinos like Josh Freeman. That's good the other I like. Matt Barkley but I like Matt Barkley much like they do Andy Dalton. -- -- don't incident at a low first round pick he ended up going in the second round so -- like I like these guys in and maybe not necessarily be a leaked. But still -- good about the you can win a -- Josh Freeman won ten games for Tampa Bay one year. You can you can look at Andy Dalton dummies out. Problem -- last year playoffs could -- and the very inefficient quarterback and so I think. It may not be the star quarterback but he's seen this year but I think they can be good enough to try to do some positive things. -- I would be on board -- there's a way to take them and that's a lower part of the first round I'd do it better that way as -- that try to taken in the upper part of the first round. Yes I myself I'm not inclined to under sell Dalton to play -- years in a row is something he's done it for a franchise that was known for losing. So I think that that's a pretty good job and people talk about how he's not as good as certain other guys. You live here John you come to really X respect and admire winning. Even on a modest level like that I think that's a good job in Cincinnati I have no I see no reason to poke holes in them. Now I know what I can see out of back there watching the the -- game against the Steelers. You can see that they're building something very nice and they are doing at the right Blake -- because first. They were lucky enough to get AJ green who clearly is one of the top receivers to come into the league in the last several years you know both -- and Julio Jones. Being exceptional receivers to come in on the 2011 draft. And then they get Dalton. And now restarting the surround them with the right type of receivers. And it had an injury problems with a guy named Marvin Jones who hardly anybody knows. About but you can see that he's going to be a good number two wide receiver very good outside guy that at all inside guidance on injured reserve right now all -- it's a -- Please go to this -- got. Once they get those three guys healthy and together which they really didn't get. It's -- new and Jones together because of injuries this year but by next year. They're three receiver set is going to be really good. AJ green the pro bowler and a superstar. And then those other two guys are real good and that -- being a Smart quarterback who can make all the throws and do all the right things. -- they very well are now in the mix for the division every single year. John Clayton from ESPN my guess this is Mike show on WG dark before we get two -- seventeen. And we talk little angles there but the name David Caldwell John from Atlanta's front office came up in -- Don banks article today. About the bill's future he's a buffalo native I'm told he went to Saint Francis high school here in buffalo I don't know much about -- all there was the colts for a long time. Can you tell us anything about him and what might be his prospects. You don't like Jim Caldwell they got it now on Baltimore. David Caldwell he's the director of player personnel for a -- yeah maybe you're not familiar with him but. You know in in Don banks article SI dot com today he's mentioned to someone that could end up here I don't were back to an earlier topic but if the bills were to be. Looking for front office. -- wanting you to come and I think that. You can see there's going to be a lot of up and rising guys and you know it. He's -- on the staff who. With. Published in the trough and Thomas you know comes from the patriot organization. As you know good good staff and you know they they were able to get Chris polian on staff and if anything -- -- to say. Scott purely which we anticipate he's going to be fired by Kansas City don't be surprised the PC Scott land and that's -- right there and their promises the guy that I'm sure going to be promoting some of the guys for jobs around the league that he has because he's that type of a person and so. Bill Caldwell would be a name that would be thereto again but I still think that if they do anything if but he doesn't wanna come back for whatever reason. I don't think that Doug -- we get a good chance at that job but L I would opt I think that the idea is that you wanna try to keep as much. Stability as possible because dealt too much change I think. If you've seen so much seen through the years -- maintained as a running back change as a quarterback change this system all these different things. And if you're feeling like you're on the stationary bike everywhere you keep changing and changing and changing minute but the five and eleven. I know but of course the question is is the change responsible for that. And I I I know you're saying to some extent it is and I wouldn't argue with that is question of how much. You do you do need two things though they run against that you need good people. And you need to well one to sell your product. And and not changing. Brings both of those things into question of course that's the that's the dilemma about. But I think it really and -- far as that by the personnel moves and things of that nature of the biggest thing itself is okay. What are they doing at quarterback for next year and they are they. Don't -- it is buddy nix who has been talking about this talking about getting a young quarterback this is the time to do it. If so how were they going to get their young quarterback to take -- high in the draft or do you take them glow on its better to take a lower than high. This particular year but regardless I think the emphasis has to be on quarterback because they can't get the right quarterback. Then they start getting better and they start to win so. I'll I'll have to think that. Still has. People are gonna -- David Caldwell Doug Whaley and -- and -- any of the people. All they know that cycle was this new guy and what is he going to do -- have been the call -- commanders that I can get to this quarterback and his quarterback can do that. Well then that would be at peace summit to consider. Right or this coach that's probably where it starts you know if you bringing in a new GM if it happens that way. Which our -- got a minute left I I think comes a week seventeen is always fun especially have a team that's and it which we don't. Dallas and Washington is fabulous. What are you most looking forward to. I don't put import of that game -- because it's interesting to see -- -- where. You look and say -- get the young people Washington never rookie quarterback and a rookie halfback. And -- only had fourteen turnovers this year. Does the Dallas Cowboys experience window closing because of age and it got 26 turnovers is that the game but the cowboys lose. Interest in step with some of all up. This is the that they wouldn't and the in week seventeen that's the worst the National Football League this is the third time they've got to win or you're out scenario what are losing your out were you when -- -- And so -- they're open to -- blocked by seventeen and forty and 37 points does so because I get the illiterates in -- -- Yet the giants last year was there an eagle game and their two. -- was an eagle and it was forty Fortis. And right and the -- here last year they played would injury with the giants have lost the giants joints mobile going. Yes right well John it's always a pleasure talking with you happy new year and -- the order avenue on next week. Written. -- ought to be back of course John Clayton Thursday's five a clear what more I've read -- David Caldwell and the question that all bills fans are talking about the.

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