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WGR550>Topics>>1/2 Joe Buscaglia discusses the Bills coaching search

1/2 Joe Buscaglia discusses the Bills coaching search

Jan 2, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joseph has gone. -- So. You think anything's gonna change. In terms of the Russ Brandon and and his new newfangled -- Where the bills go from winning the franchise you know the whole losing every year missing the playoffs all the time and getting a change other routes out of the mix. Well. I you know on paper look great at that point. What kind of truck -- -- -- sure you guys or about that but overall sentiment took. That's some of the reaction of people when they upon hearing the news of -- granted. Being beaten in the team president. And reacting to it negatively in terms of -- being -- Brandon being the guy in charge where of the when really there -- big story is Ralph Wilson and getting up all his power. And and saying OK you guys go make that decision for -- and have to consult creating more. So I think that was the biggest part about it -- What and that happening remains to be seen in older they talk a big game yesterday and incorporated is the top of the game for a while now. So and so this is I think. I think when you look at what or is about to cope with her -- open older vote in the coaching search of the coming weeks or for the autographs and things of that nature. You have to you have to say okay well they talked a big game frustrated they're going to attract world class. People to the organization. And and empower them. And if he swings and misses ought to be prepared coaches and everything we know that or useful in the global war. You know Ole I guess they're into the next generation of -- -- production approach. You know it will be a -- so it looks great on paper right now like well anything changed or disaster latency. Yeah this you got the problem Joseph I think yesterday was very significant and you could walk away from that going. If you felt the -- the owner was the main reason why this franchise had been dragged down the last thirteen years well that was now taken out removed from the equation essentially. So that would make you feel good but. Here we are the very next morning the morning after this momentous news conference sitting here talking about the possibility. That the front runner for the nude for the head coaching job is a guy who's 45 and 51 and his NFL career. Yeah and you know that won't sit well. Obviously. Ken Whisenhunt is is that what you're talking about him you know -- Without watching every single. It was -- -- intimately. You know appear that there is a lot to be -- about what is what is Caesars World like you know. I I think. We hear me and every idea here people are less enthused about it because. He has been head -- doesn't -- win loss record where -- he knows -- you're talking about -- like -- -- -- -- in every a better coach at circular head coach but he's a little bit more increasing just because there's certain. Of out of this streak you have to the fact that he's considerably younger and up considerably younger -- younger than. But no the other candidates like the police he just turned forty year old so. As -- was -- Whisenhunt. You know. He's -- so so interesting. Decisions that in games over the years that that kind of caught in a lack. I know he -- apartment side the forty -- -- -- world record yesterday so was it hard to me is. I know he's he's someone that's. Or that the -- -- describe it has having had success in this league because he brought the cardinals. Are within. I'm pretty much of a couple minutes of winning the Super Bowl but. And by -- our Cheney's parents disappointed in Arizona because they've they've felt. You know cultivate a quarterback. And you know that's at all this all. The -- productivity out of the kind of forced him on. With a positive. It was announced early herbs are top I've never really liked the federal appellate via. But it's a good situation from start -- You know that they also felt that draft another quarterback or bring in some competition world let's Skelton him -- -- back hole a little bit tired. This year they have rightly glee. Cover and pro or at last -- it has met the same but if you get within our technical aspect maybe five's match or -- so it was -- to check to see. Hell he is him in in that situation maybe you know treated to scenery but. You know it it doesn't look did terribly and placing in terms of their opinion just based on record. We get some calls and hear -- the note was may be remembered -- -- arguments are brought up. He punted more often inside the forty than Chan Gailey did that the bills since 2007. Or whatever it is. Let's go grab some -- GOK. It's holding on your -- which go right ahead. Hey guys happy new year do you guys in Nokia is safe and now prosperous new year. You know work. Quickly when it went when you went. Did this research did not Wikipedia it love it. First of all. Let's let's change our mindset. In South -- let's look for holes let's look forward leader. That's what we need on the Buffalo Bills we need a leader and I believe based on Lovie Smith. Experience. Are the ball he's a mentor Tony Dungy Tim and Tony Dungy came up with the Tampa to music innovator. Defense if you even look at. Important twelve. He had been bears breathing and take -- sleeping in the end and RD I'm not scored on me yet it. Definitely a no -- He left the barrier. -- attending six record I -- so when you start talking about Ken Whisenhunt. He's Marco but let probably slip into a leader and that's what the bill and he. Brainer by the way -- offices were terrible and they missed the playoffs by the last six years there's your leader they missed the playoff -- the last two years. One of those -- this year -- he's ten and 61 of those is last year -- -- 73 before Cutler gets -- and they -- five in a -- Forte got hurt -- they -- -- riddled with injuries levity -- it massively he's got a little -- -- record in December he's under 500 his career round in December 17 in nineteen. -- teams typically have ultimately the year but ideally here's what I would say about that. We all pretty much agree that your quarterback your coach is as good as your quarterback right he had eleven. Any as a record over 500. Eleven different quarterbacks in his nine seasons. Made to a Super Bowl try extra like there's a guy who in my opinion is never had a great quarterback and has a winning record. Whereas Whisenhunt had a great one for two years and was five games over 500 tech -- for the two years. And overall has a losing record so mean Cutler is the best they've had and I don't think that's all like that so I need. I -- -- media Lovie Smith that's -- -- -- get a better offense B that's a good coordinator if that's the rookie quarterback somebody get it done I don't know who's on his offensive staff but. It just seems to me to make more sense than than than Whisenhunt based on what he's done. I know. I think he when you talk about what he's mister Howard brought it up very very slightly part. In all these years he's had four and hit the chievo the bears play the saudis yesterday. And reported out. You know in all police -- years we have they have. An offense that ranked in the team's only watched. And that's that's stock to our products from books for GM talking about former coach. You know Lovie Smith -- as good as his defense is that they have at times over the years. An offensive earlier haven't been able to match match that and you know bringing in the in the in deciding -- Or or you know to try to stick with Rex Grossman threw all of that they did it. I think they're value cherry color a little bit more that your future report. He's not that that's not to say he's the best quarterback should -- even in the you were in the top five or discussion of the top seven. I think she's gonna have to -- question. Them and you know the errors. You're after starting seven -- what -- wish to -- On the 35 record. With a 35 record and in so they really. They were critical to negotiate so. What we're talking -- -- vs China intently -- you know there's there's good and bad football guys. It that the caller talked about with and without being a leader actually. With the fluctuate nick I have I remember humans even from the bills game. I think -- that the -- all back. My equipment regular or shall without. -- -- he is he. Gained the first -- to spike the ball down. After after the plane got junior Kelly you know lately due in -- team's situation. And ways that -- just absolutely bullied into -- the other side by and that that's that's good to see the you know for being -- it's fiery type of it's a leader that they look at coach but. Not ever -- to him and so. Bill you know it pitch it's a matter. I think it's more better road like cheer reporter now fighting your quarterback -- -- And to be Pinochet was that your position they can find. The guys look at and consider the ideals of the organization of what what this new. Younger. Decision making crew is looking for them that they're going to be as the most important thing about. On disciplining him being upset -- players Chan -- want to -- once. Benched his best receiver -- a flight after a touchdown so -- get -- first down I getting shootout were never oh no I understand that it wasn't firing but the idea that like. Discipline makes you a good coaching daily bent bent Stevie and I'm not that this agreement -- -- saying joke. That the that the thing about this idea of Whisenhunt that is just key to -- if the bills don't hold yesterday's press conference Whisenhunt is a top cell. Holding it makes it a thousand times -- When you go up there and talk that game there isn't a personal watching things that he was on. Can these get a guy that won. You were games in the bills this year and it's two more wins than Chan Gailey in the next in the last two years is more conservative. Then Gailey is an offensive coach that hasn't developed quarterbacks. Just like Chan -- like everything about him is too much like Chan -- even if they didn't have expressed Roberts yesterday. I wouldn't discount the fact that should you know that they're -- they're going to be talk they talk with with a attitude they're going to be talking with a great or I would discount the fact that. Doug Whaley has significant. Impact on the security surge because those are all that -- guys Cingular Brooke -- Today they came up together in Pittsburgh. You know Whaley played out -- best of what is your relationship like with with those guys in the public that impact coach or she didn't really speak to the latter part portion of the question but it sets. You know they're -- he had a great relationship vocal that they want Super Bowl expert. Wouldn't discount here. Trusting those guys implicitly based on their time at Pittsburgh for a reason but that being you know so highly sought after are built here. But you're on WGR we joke this guy you go right ahead. Good morning guys you don't -- we're getting. Cuba under the radar to key ingredient to bolster its way -- -- these -- situations can what was the situation in a subject. Reason being is that -- like so you were just talking about back in Pittsburgh are really work list. -- as a secondary. Will hunt us as all that side of the ball. And that same time doing those years. -- -- with a wide receivers go to Cincinnati work which had. You know and that's exactly same thing England but because as far as the leader. All went with it would it would Lovie Smith -- remember where Jay Cutler. Are basically crude on the scene the -- stood up for the whole Chicago Chicago the whole world's in the quarterback didn't. So -- double every -- back up in this used. Opposite side of the ball and -- -- -- -- Jackson along with Lovie Smith has offered according and he embodies their cultural work Ken Whisenhunt the head coach and in you jacket off a coordinated yet audio it will work. So I think it's really good situation as long suit jacket is the key ingredient in in -- in this situation. Now remember coming up rate rate or your brain or can come home global war Campbell followed Kennedy -- -- -- here in this city. And get you -- eight -- and the old seat and in new vacuum with a hundred anecdotes. -- -- -- if you got if you got -- -- -- and you -- -- -- -- -- office coordinator -- -- had a decent record here. There I -- we got it so I mean RRR are all guys. I agree with you guys with webpart will he's doing it. But don't forget Hugh Jackman is. Back at Cincinnati again but he's in a weaker departed and he was -- -- -- sugar -- back today to check -- -- I'd probably -- have a great holding in waiting for a head coaching jobs open forum once again Europe maybe in -- according to John I don't know another yet. The -- this conversation is higher at all. Yet if I'm Hugh Jackson my guess is it Whisenhunt gets the job here my guess is he's going to be the primary play caller. I I don't know what the setup was it be out of coordinator and Arizona but if I'm right in Todd Haley for awhile right. Todd Haley got the job in Kansas City object is that yeah. -- wasn't what the play caller I would really does play caller on the head when they had Warner and correlated to a job and in Kansas City and obviously didn't work so he could bring it I wouldn't I would expect what color. Wise and what -- do just decide upon. What does value not I am not being a jerk I mean. What is on the -- out. I mean I mean takeaways. The last three years I mean most places there that coaches and that's certainly. Hasn't necessarily the got a cult all the ultimate place. In the offensive coordinators. There's is pretty important that in in most other cities other than awful over the last three years. Well I gotta tell them non plus. No I'm not not impressed by by it either at. You know they -- probably two worst. But but that's not the way they were talking yesterday am and that's why Italy to that Jeremy points if they do hire Whisenhunt. Then it's going to be. Somewhat of a disappointment for a lot of people because. You know how bigger game they talked in the electric -- out -- They bring it that they incorporate these world class people to the organization. That's -- that's. Not exactly. The most enticing option so to speak but. On the restart earring -- That there may be gaining traction with somebody bigger name guys that and maybe it'll it'll feel a little bit better so it's just it's just. Merrill latency and I'm not to note jumped to a conclusion that it label wish this new. There's new receive -- failure or because they're talking to Ken Whisenhunt first I want to see what ends up happening with the coaching search result from there. Well I'd be and should see a very thorough exhaustive coaching search ends up like this week with Whisenhunt getting the job. Annika and anybody it could let's say the scenario. They they let's say they they interviewed him last night and they love the guy now they have to have you at least a minority candidate because of the Rooney rule. Maybe they go through the motions they interview -- -- Or -- McCoy -- right tonight. But if they walked away last night loving Ken Whisenhunt they do what 234 more interviews to make it look like they actually had an exhaustive search and I was -- I would -- probably via -- state you know you never want higher. Through the first guy in Italy because you just wanna see where else out there but. You know if stated that there are hard so I'm not alone I guess there's not much you can do. -- mr. B thank is always our. -- -- good morning.

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