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Dave Burns KTAR in Arizona on Cards Coaches

Jan 2, 2013|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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    calls continue to get reaction the bill's trade for a quarterback in Matt Cassel from Minnesota. And also a running back in the show on the court to give up Kiko Alonso. In the trade with

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now from Arizona is Dave burns of the birds and gamble show Arizona sports 620 KATAR. Relative. Competition in my congressman right now they enact -- law we need to make sure that vote will never get to know just all in -- together we can make them. Jack they -- -- hand in hand we did that we can change America one ball in that. We're getting right to that this relationship has grown quickly. Good day of what what can you tell buffalo about their apparent first two. Coach interviews here Ken Whisenhunt and then re -- Arts are what can -- and I mean I got to know all that statistical data EIE. I think you consider that an error or -- around here we are you here on our opening eat eat it's something that was previously thought to be. Unimaginable attributable -- -- -- -- -- the older you minutes and 36 seconds away. From winning the Super -- and -- he became along with everybody else and -- -- -- a rock star around here I mean after. Effort his first three years earlier on the cardinals. That think that it changed a bit. And he got fired in many ways it is very difficult for some around here to -- -- to wrap their mind around with the candidate they think to themselves. All are getting any better Khamenei took the -- brought up for an cardinals the soup or how do any better than Mac. But the last three years he it's just they lost her Warner. And I I think one of the big problem a lot people had with general -- -- what -- -- so involved in the personal aspect. Of the carts that -- was responsible. Our day in day out basis we try to figure it was replaced her water and they were your secure right. And they failed every single car and then and so what he would talk about the -- record back in -- kind of looked -- the that he made ready sleeping -- now and as part of the problem -- losing streaks are -- are the -- stubborn that did not make some changes that need to be made. Or proceed part of -- problem then and it's a target wouldn't doubt that this report out that out. Is it did this he blamed for the choices they made a quarterback like selected the players I am and I'm really asking here David is this -- guy that. Would be better off coaching and letting general managers and other people pick the players. I completely believe that our leader all -- and to question about whether blamed for the quarterback situation. I think by most -- I mean. The cardinals front office is kind of convoluted -- -- compare at all here going to be hot chili. -- in all the all the ingredients -- -- doing it took so long or separate them but I do believe. -- -- came especially the quarterback position that Ken Whisenhunt had a lot of what should the chaebol. R&B chart that I think a lot of our offense to hold him responsible. Or that Kevin are not what they gave up in terms trapped exit body and things like that but yet but they've had three years and they've gone through. Derek Anderson and Max hall and Kevin top that -- Scotland quiet little a year. In order in the first NFL start as a member of the car opener in and out. And that they are now here are three year later they're no closer to figuring out order or cute after -- and they were one distraught that started when he retired. Dave burns with -- us from. Arizona sports six when he KTA. Are here on WGR. Woody Allen had a line I would wanna be a member I would wanna join a club that would have me as a member there's a part of me here that feels. -- -- I don't want the bills to hire a coach. A coach for Mateen they beat. In -- we've been losing for so long and if Writely which we hardly beat anybody this year and really nobody could you imagine Bulldog that would go over I'm sure you have beaten the bills came home with Arizona's head -- -- offense. You know what's funny about that is that we had on our show itself talent earlier on today any at exactly the same thing about the cardinals hiring Andy Reid. So why in the hell would you -- our -- theory why you need. To -- here. Appeal last year and its chief deputy demanding NFC championship game why would want him her better than. -- -- Interest in the hope that that's. Sell that and Andy -- fair and apparently. You all know self made that abundantly clear that -- topics and of -- -- but yeah I I hate so I don't know why. Necessarily agree applicant I can sort of like a sort logic behind him behind that I mean you QB can -- about it -- That -- good culture. Keep them very intelligent. Man she he might be the smartest guy in the rule. Are so that -- discover that some of that leads to. And insistent that they cute way you'd -- way and domestic which is way you've got. Firm belief for the incompetence and sometimes that goes personnel well what are the the offensive coordinator Mike Miller what it was watched Graham intent or are in Phoenix have been called for Russ Grimm. But -- up at like coach skip -- year it was never. Ever ever. Are sticking with tried to law when it was clear that you need it to different directions things like that but he is a very intelligent man and I and certainly wouldn't given the right parts she's. America has coached -- it is the question of whether you want in picking. Who post hearts all our because it seemed like a Turkey really -- outlet. Out -- Orton goes. You guys to sit there -- with the cardinals today yesterday and today. And he has quickly grown in a very popular figure here cardinals defense command that they have been. That and you all want to work with wage skirt so how it is and people -- -- and everybody kind of response to something like that so. He's very popular guy and I think of most cardinal fans can -- order there're there're. Wish list. It would -- it. Greg Orton doesn't get higher learning and Andy Reid. Come on at the head coach ray Horton stated defensive coordinator I think most -- as well that arrangement. -- so -- do you think he's a real candidate for that job or real candidate further even like a -- job -- think he's just being patronized. I think it's a legitimate candidate I think it's far beyond just a really cool guy is in -- or. I -- I know he has a real candidate here in Arizona. RR I. You might be more fall back option that certainly felt like they set their sights a little higher on. You're Chip Kelly -- bill O'Brien but why are I would Lenovo right or when he had an interview with a built up perhaps they will well. They were Arnold to hire him but they -- what he interviewed very well last year in Willis you're very well with the cardinals over the lot or four hours. I'm pretty sure they're very well the -- will ultimately put them. You are -- or whatever those epic. Dave good insight nice to talk to for the first time here and though let's keep in touch. Thank you Dave burns Arizona sports six when he KT JR on Ken Whisenhunt. And -- or it's up.

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