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1/3 Joe B on Chip Kelly and Bills Head Coach Search

Jan 3, 2013|

Chip Kelly in the NFL

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Now this -- to report so we can chip is both head coach from a guy who. A lot of college football. -- And six when some guys bond -- for -- very good Bobby Petrino combined. Just fine thank you because -- head coach before the well. And Seattle would be concerned about the college coach coming in part to. Coach I don't think it's any NFL experience you know how about playing in the NFL can do in a head coach New England in New York the good. As an assistant coach Saban had been an assistant coach what about the content was zero NFL experience. -- Person. That's a huge. -- -- -- mesh that was. If you can overcome. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- bad. Troops could -- head coach offer. -- I -- Jeff Sessions judge talked about this really you know it's the it's attractive. And in terms of -- this -- offer that would do well obviously still there would we -- in this offense trying to work out perfectly for him. The bulls had to offer Chip Kelly. Actually the court. -- -- -- Okay. Just begun here. -- -- -- -- -- tell people. And Smith -- Talk about the last night I think it. I would I think competitive with if. -- The group. Just because you can come and we just. Actually go to go. I would just okay.

Are you still holding out hope for the Bills to make the playoffs?
  Yes and I will until they are mathemtically eliminated
  No. This loss to Kansas City sealed their fate.
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