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John Clayton on Bills Coach Search

Jan 3, 2013|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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    Buffalo Bills for. 550. Buffalo Bills well. Northwest savings. It's time to make the switch to northwest Biden. Cross blue shield of Western New York there's everything you need in blue blue cross blue shield of western new York and buy New York's only outlet liquor. And as we start our Friday bills round table width. Joba Scalia and sell the pot you know in studio joining us Mike Hsu over the Bulldog. Is there any way to connect the points system or something so that I could take Joe's coffee if IE sort of disagree with him about some thing when you think maybe I've made a bomb on the right side and. Argument and they're all it was a rule there's also some hot chocolate and there I don't know pure and that will next yet. Moon. Yet what's this. What's gonna look closer. Should be and I'm unfamiliar to guys here. I'm gonna be the moderator the judge I've never thought I thought to be the moderator mixing hot chocolate in history and all that. While I used to do that. Oh I was much younger. Working late night pizza place but knowing full well that he full evening was going to ensue. Around 111130. We all around it makes them hot chocolate with with coffee mixed together and I. Right the staple that I don't. Also is off to a sporting a chart here. Sell sports news sports is out there and god help us out here. So what what does this game at the jets feel like you guys for the bills. Well to me it feels like it a big chance for the bills to finally. Take hold. I guess that the hold that the jets' head on them forever it in over the past four years certainly a MetLife stadium and certainly whenever they've gone on the road it's it's been a struggle for them there. Now they have an opportunity against jets team who is a week in a lot of different areas. Do you potentially steal a victory and get to 853 level at the halfway point of the season that is a weighted. Considering how the the start of the season kinda happen and in and the quarterback situation. For them to beat five and thirty after three times oh yeah that be an outstanding job. I'll tell you what I'll answer it by telling you exactly what I told my wife on the way over here she dropped me off and she's that we think what the teams and and I said you know. It's just really I think an echo what you said about an hour ago just kind of worries me that. Man if they lose this one for two weeks we got to deal with where are we with this team. Are we gonna make changes its foreign wars were really nowhere better than what we thought they'd be. But so much of the opposite is true if you win for two weeks you're thinking about possibility. That can be down the road. Getting up five wins at the midway point with a very I'll say winnable schedule not easy not soc LC winnable schedule. Of games in November it's such a big swing. Between those two differences this is not losing to the patriots in October when your two and one or one into. This is the jets on the road the difference between 445. In three going into your buy in May be be halfway to ten wins. And a bigger deal I opened up the show today sing in each each week so far this year. I've Ed really not a lot of trouble beating somewhat positive frame of mind on the Friday before these games. But history is kicking the crap. Yeah but recent history with the jets and just just the bills and generally when when I I've made my speaker don't make and its integrity again here. Mike Mike's interjected you don't trust them and that's it exactly like I didn't how. How can lie awake long bills and even just a recent bills and the fumble have been observing them for a few years trust them to goal. Wearing this thing home. That's really its pulpit to struggle I. And therefore I think he'd like I need it badly this week for me to come home with this and then you know November looks looks pretty invite. Yet not to mention that with this jets team in getting a victory over them. It's more than just a victory over of one and sixteen I think they're better than one in six. I think gave. You know fallen on some tough times they've lost some close going close games and that's on them but. I still feel like they have a little bit more talent then then what their record indicates an especially with the addition Percy carbon I don't know how much to be used this week I'm sure it's only going to be a handful but. All that said I think. I think this bills team has that opportunity that you talked about to instill some trust in the fan base because you're. You're just like everyone else there'd it's a very. It's a very. Big crowd that is going well you know I just don't know about this team just yet in it that's that's kind of a struggle. It halfway through the season if you don't have a good gauge on your team then you'll be able. What the heck are we can expect in November or the go it. Cleveland at Miami and and that and before the the real fun starts in December. And so there's there's a lot there's a lot to be done here on Sunday. I think these teams are probably really close zen that the schedule is maybe the biggest difference between them they have played a lot of the same teams but. The jets were little unlucky against the bears the bills were a little lucky in that seem matchup Detroit was a game the bills released hole with that field goal kicking. So it's not like there's a big difference here but I would rather have the bills' roster than the jets roster when I watch the jets they see they're just an offense. There's not really anything happening. On the rothmans the quarterback I think is a little bit of a victim of that not that he's excellent but. There there are the images you guys watch that all 22 for the bill's other people watch the jets and point out doing nothing geno Smith can do. A lot of the time it seems so I'd rather have the bills team but. I'm not sure how much better they are they're jets they're right there than the jets of course the record is much better well the jets. Are not a typical one and sixteen and I agree with that. But they are one in six because of that offense doesn't have playmakers they now have one person Hartman. Their quarterback is completing since week one at less than 55% of his passes last week is the first time he didn't throw an interception he's not. Really progressing to the point they want. But he really wanna know where everyone Qaeda. Who knows about these things and has a feel for it. Views these two teams this is the first time in history and history that he won in sixteen is favored in Vegas over team with a winning record. In NFL history with the first time that's amazing. There because that's news to me. I think with the with geno Smith and what he's done and what he's been allowed to team to do to your point. I really think the offensive line in front of him has let him down in a very very large way. The right side of the line is not good at all with with chuck meaty and Willie Cologne. Mangold is the solid but he's even letting up some pressures up the middle at center there starting pay eighty. Not a rookie but he's making his second ever start against the bills. That broke the left guard Odeo Bushey so there is a lot of potential there for the bills defensive line to get to him and couple that would geno Smith holding onto the ball. Much too long in longer than he should especially behind that offensive line. And combined with that was lack of play makers you can really start to see the problems for them on offense they've got taken a little pressure off geno the past couple weeks with the with Chris Ivory performing at a high level. And now with Percy Hartman being added to the mix but. I mean it's been a struggle for him and he hasn't done himself any papers but it's been a struggle for sure. Wanna commend Joseph here as we round tables and Joseph in with a us here a public show in the bull and a huge yards last week Joseph called out for making up names. Vikings lineman they were sort of common sounding names we comes up with old dale Belushi and now. That's partly cloudy out but hopefully continuing to conjure up and made up people. And is not where I can tell it where it went to school what position he played great I can do that for myself there ovals. What I would say it. The name game you know atomic Tom had to say is this a real player or not. How much how how much concern should there be about 150 yards rushing the Eagles gave up to the vikings last week. I did a little bit because we saw the vikings attack them. In a different way than any other team has attacked and this year they they went after the perimeter and the jets while this guy. Has lost his luster over the past few years they have a guy who can get out to the perimeter and Chris Johnson. Now they featured Chris Ivory for a good portion of time but. I do think that having that little that little duo there for the jets is going to help them against this bills fraud because. What we saw always nice to Brad I'm getting covered up by blocks he was overrunning things he did not have a good game last week at all. Preston brown. Was their best linebacker Brandon Spikes even knuckled up a covered up a couple times. So I think what we saw Minnesota do. Was go to the perimeter and open things up on the inside because that they'll start getting concerned about the perimeter and then they are able to have some success on the RR Vinci revealed how projects overture. Without getting some some steps weaves and things like that in fact on that point. In my home I didn't looking at the jets and their numbers today. They've run more times outside to the right on the right and and anyone in the league they like to attack that area so that's a Mario is this weekend. He's got to be disciplined he's yet to be an edge setter a little bit more than a pass rusher maybe this week and be somebody that passive nature he squats on that turns things inside because I agree. What date they had way too much free reign on the outside out there and it just seemed like those players the outside just got blocked a little bit too much and it's also product that the picture point the corners are in much in run support I get that. And maybe gonna have to do that all of this week but that's for sure some to be worried about especially with that Johnson's. They know what that's a Mario has been in the past three years he's not then the pass rusher right in we've been expecting him speak he is more of the edge contain. Tried to push the right tackle in two into the quarterback and then getting a sack and that way. Rather than just beatings guy all of them off the line of scrimmage. Though I mean it's it's going to be a little bit. More of the same from him but that that he needs to be a lot better this week than it was last week that last week was his first relief that game. You're going back to sell the beginning mores of a broader view. Of where the bills are if they lose. There's been this. Recurring. Obstacle the jets have presented New England has been. A bigger one and a different one but there's this jet one where I know I can't even really be that. Close if I can't be better than they are. And so here's another chance for me especially because it's a road game I think they usually it often beaten them here and it several years Hirono they've lost there a chance for them to show that they are. Decidedly better than the jets maybe even. You know they would certainly push the jets were last place and it would be them in Miami for second place that would be progress. For these guys and while there is that. Point you referred to if they were to lose the game how we'd still be just. It would be mostly feeling like the same old bills I think if they lose to the they're tires or spin your wheels where are you everybody had a different at all. We hear it would feel different. And is the nicer the wind is the more different I think you would feel. No doubt I mean you get and I think by most measurements every once they're going into the year hey you can win ten games you're getting the playoffs and you might win the division. Five wins at the break is obviously Matt kitchen to ten wins at the act now we know the December schedules a little bit different. Who knows why and you don't know where. A team like Denver is at the end of the two games left of their resting people what new England's doing if you can get to five wins now with the upcoming schedule. That you're setting yourself up to have a nice little run in November may be at least that we looks at where suvs is and we got action we have action for sure going to December I think that action right. As far as November's concern I'm just root for John mentally to the Cleveland jobs or could see him but due that is as it may. I think a loss here would put a lot more pressure on the bills to its weak November. As when you get into the territory of December. And to sales point yes anything can happen Peyton Manning could get hurt your Rodgers could get hurt whatever Denver game is at the beginning of December I didn't have gesture and I don't care probably but right now I mean I can't say that plus Green Bay has struggled the starts with a going to be labored for some stuff. Lately that. Oakland is just terrible so whatever and the new England and Belichick and lays down for the bill. It's fixed it's that simple if they get to seven and five which they could even do with the loss here. If they get to 75 that will be either best record through twelve games since one. In 2000. You know win over four they came on. The oh. Eighteen was seven and six they climbed up to seven and six and then lost the oath or you may think 06 and six at the although I think out there were three and write access right to felt right for. So it would still be. Well we haven't had is. Through November. A team that was interest in November is when it has died. If they can keep it interesting past Thanksgiving that would be different. I think that we have to look at if you look at the November schedule totality to the the game in Miami. It's also a short week you're going down there in Miami that's it that's an underdog there it's a tough deal for anybody that. You can even be a better team than mine that's hard thing that you can go down Thursday night and he I mean it's you you're just not probably gonna do that. And I think that's hard ask anybody look at San Diego go to Denver last night you know we lose by fourteen points so I think that's hard sell you look at it. Either Kansas City coming your team you dominated last year it still lost because of the tool XX the team was undefeated when they came here yet Cleveland coming here in November yet the jets coming here. This is a really big game because all of those games I think. Then become even though they're important you're looking at them the winners but maybe Miami uses when you're gonna take home. Sell about Jo-Jo was guy with us Mike show in the Bulldog here Friday roundtable public the running backs here. For this game Joseph width Spiller and Jackson both out what should we expect. Well I would expect Anthony Dixon to get the first shot at it to be honest I know that they love Anthony Dixon. I think they've been really impressed by what he's been able to do and in what has he been able to do remind me it's. Special teams they've they've viewed him as. More a special teams guy in in just a short yardage back and what they've gotten from him as someone who scuttled it more of illegal to own and but maybe they were at first expecting a bit more speed to them maybe they were first expect great run in the first game Newton and he had a few solid runs against Minnesota to mean he had three point arc nine yards per carry against the vikings. So I would expect Anthony Dixon get the first crack at it and in a Bryce Brown will be filtered in. Eight in which which go on the back up over the schemes or brown back up. He he would I think you'll probably be this. Team which is not quite the back not quite that back up route 35%. I think that's fair unless Dixon struggles mightily. I know everyone in fantasy football lands like right. It's gonna happen because he's WP PR machine now I would. I would tend to believe our record now yeah what a person or at a reception yes keep up bars. Anthony Dixon to me is going to be the guy it's the first crack at it because. The coaching staff loves them and not to say that they don't love Bryce Brown I just think that they probably look at Dixon as someone who deserves. I think there's another part of that too and I agree with Joseph. And that is that if they Dixon is not a bad pass blocker I mean for Jackson might be the best running back in the league when it comes to pass protection you're losing something no matter who we put in there but. Not so sure they know about right round yet he has to prove that he can do that I think they're confident he can. But at least with Anthony I'm pretty sure they know that he's gonna be competent in that role and that's a big deal you're facing a nice a good defensive line it's gonna put out a lot of pressure so. It Dixon being on the field at least helps you where you know you can throw the ball also have him on the feel. Do you think not having Spiller in Jackson. Seriously hurt their chances of winning games I think down having Fred Jackson does. I think Spiller. Is less to that degree Spiller has the home run potential no doubt about it but he also has the potential to serve up some duds but games and we've seen that buyer at large in 2014. I think having Jackson and and what you lose in pass protection likes Al brought up even though he with Haiti are against Minnesota one play it's the first summit in with that art. In in quite some time. But with Fred Jackson. I think you get a little bit more on third downs when when you. When he when you throw the ball to him and it's a third eleven and somehow he just managed to get twelve yards out of nowhere even though we take two or three hits mean that's the type of guy he is and are gonna lose him for that. But I would anticipate that. They're probably going to go. To the airshow this right because this jets' secondary is begging for. They are. I don't think they'll listen this week. Because the way to beat the jets to throw the football. And I'm telling you guys oh my god be your chance go see that the pictures that put up the jets' secondary. The cover for unlike Britain random first and second down and does that in this league especially Rex Ryan team. Which tells me that he just has no company. Confidence in his quarters or played everything over the top blanketing insane so where are we get laid off and play quarters quarter quarter quarter quarter nobody's gonna get past this because we don't trust anybody playing in a man he never see that isn't it. Working a little bit though mean they're not winning but if you look at Denver against them Denver in the big. Plate not a touchdown bottle long past the first play of the game in bidding what do pinball machine numbers. Against the jets the bearish. Big the bears statistically were pretty good but nobody's really. We'll play very well. Even Brady. Last week. Didn't have a great game if you look at I look back and watch that game he threw for 260 something and three touchdowns but. But I'm telling you at 75% of those yards were run after catch because they just threw everything down low and let those guys take it and Iran and say OK you're gonna give us ten yards will take the ten yards. I think the jets and Rex is philosophy this year as opposed to most years which is I'm a lock your butt down the line his velocity this year is. Ala to catch a front I mean you're not gonna score and win that you work for everything. I'm OK with that I think that that's what I'm saying I think it makes little bit cents in the big the games and think you know work tough gains. That they lost New England. With the jets doing the ball they want you are blown out in nineteen minutes Denver Denver's one score. With like thirty seconds to go or less than there was an interception and returned for touchdowns. That that score yet and here's the thing I mean against. When and that's that's one of the games I want to the jets because it was last week obviously. But even when they were in that sort of reprints title defense early on. There's there's a safety that is completely blew his coverage. Decided to run down because he thought he sought already blowing out of the right a little bit shame Regis look back and he was open for such wide open so these guys are not. Exactly. Even though they're playing the defense they're not exactly pro does he within the confines of that call it in at any given down so what they relational one there. The third giant crane touchdown they had a chance and not yet on the last drive anywhere and for what to fifty you're someone that they did not turn the ball over the over 400 yards of offense and they still lost a game. And it kind of built first two I think the allegation of outrage that some people tweet at me when I talked about this hold what the jets secondary they said well. What tells you to do gets Cutler and rivers in Manning occasionally I didn't went back and looked at and gets their car they play the same thing. Is Eric how are they don't trust their secondary Rex says I don't have the same quarters as opposed to when CME breaks the huddle against new England and Darrelle Revis is basically standing over it you can smell is breath I mean that's basically what you have when you corner like that they don't have that. Now with Miller OK and you need their cores that the game. Well you heard him make up some names. Sampras is wrong Joba skelley it was delta podshow here are bills roundtable. Continues double talk about Kyle Orton which I'm noticing we're never doing. Just never doing that maybe that's. A good sign for Vegas it probably is back with the added more here on WG RO. Put our hand eye coordination pizza had multiple. Lord said that it brought. Because you know Bob all of last night's battle has legs Kate tackled amount. Things got has legs today coupe got mama. How has that he's got today's game to mama about mess things got nasty things he's. It's a great thing. Angolan problem so embrace that. Thank. Bob possession telling you where. And jumps in now so much days then I. You know now I'm now seeing the things up and Jackman. Beers and how did the Smart they should give us some but not good job. Okay. Because you know while all of last night's battle has legs okay. Okay that is our man Tom snitch and it's really cool that is simply outstanding town Bravo all about last place. Or restore records. Thank you Tom. Now here's Bulldog with a contest let's get you are Seneca resorts casinos qualifier. For this Sunday's game between buffalo and New York is name is Thomas Green. Of buffalo and he predicts a final score of deals thirty jets before. For qualifying you receive a fifty dollars an acre resort casinos give target. Build toward any resort services including dining concert hotel accommodations and spot services it's not built on gaming. If he nailed that score bills thirty jets point four. And went 5500. Dollars. To good luck Thomas Green a buffalo. Thanks for pointing. It occurs to me that hardly ever are we talking about Kyle Orton and which is a break from tradition. On this radio station on the show with respect to the bills quarterback is that means I think. Inherently that's good for the player. Because without them much to talk about not that much bad how good easy Hogan is even you guys. Didn't. But it's been better than any human. It. They needed that's. But the party's state statement there at the jays struggled in a lot of the files and can certainly do better with because he has experience adds the teaching he adds at the time to go through. The rigors of regular season. I think I'll lore and this year. As help the bills kind of shipped in to eight different philosophy that have been talking about past week and hampers though. Because he's able to row with anticipation which EG Manuel did not do. Because he's able to fit the ball in tight spots sometimes which Emanuel that not do. Then you have a quarterback who. He is competent by definition and he can your team and a good spot especially when your offensive line. Is a wonderful her. And can't run the ball over the past week even though that's what they want their identity debate or. About half an Iran about judges he was in the let his guys they play the crystal and he sure I mean you know he's almost double covered there he says that it might actually I mean. I don't wanna make this about Egypt because each day's been out of the line for a few weeks ago but he. Just didn't trust himself that chances are as Kyle Orton is to. I'll do this all that and he's gonna make some bone headed by that's what with the. Mike you said this week that they played Holden right. The balls in bounce but that's right it just might sound it actually stood out to me at the I was not out of it might seem overly harsh but how many sideline throws it received from annual and the how many games in the and a plane here and in 4:14 morning. That were just. I mean he will. She's not it's the end zone view of the fourth its way to Chandler. He threw the ball. Jim it was still running straight ahead and did he threw that ball before Chandler head even turnaround he knew exactly where Wanda quit or that the time. Exactly Jodie said it's as a patient in the tight window he threw it it is just something we weren't getting. Confidence to write well. The or Jordan thing or manual and out of bounds it's just a little bit more. Example another example maybe all of this don't. Make mistakes kind of football. It's how the coach always sounds to me. I think that's what they were beating in the manual and TV network for him. If you don't believe in yourself and that's what you wanna hear wreckage one game manager you know that's the season started the first two games were team manager games. Don't make mistakes and what does a quarterback. Now wanted to make a mistake do with that pass if he misses he misses why he hasn't missed in the middle. Were can be intercepted that's were Hogan's body was so it is just imagining what that reward of that is that really fair but. He made to throw Orton made that throw you know possible it was a it was a possible catch hears us say about I think what Orton has shown us in three games. He showed us why he's been able to survive for eight years in this league survivor. He's also shows why he's been around for five teams. In eight years in the sleek all in three games he's shown us he's very careless loss of all that's right and but he gives you a chance to win he's a natural thrower. But I can see why it team. Would have a new regime for example. Watch him play a few games ago I just can't live with this guy gotta have my guy who's more careful with the ball but I can also see why team let's say I need that veteran here he's given us everything. I think with Power One of his most. Enduring qualities as a back that is that. He just doesn't care. If I mean if something happens. But it. But it's not as though it's crippling him from wanting to make a big plate for the team. For instance there's a few plays that come to mind the the try of him when he's about to get tackled in someone's ripping at his arm just trying to force the ball ahead. Mean that that probably would have crippled. And out out and another 12 weeks ago. Against New England way and a guy eight. Came free on third down and he just stood in the pocket and held it for four seconds even though the I was straight ahead of them was gonna hit him it was gonna bury him he's like that whatever people not people and that's the type of guy is and that's the way of the cross two and that's. That's kind of what they needed out of the quarterback position because EJ Manuel cared too much eat and it. It really just. Put a freeze on his mind. From what he was able to deal on the field and whether that was coached into him whether or not that's how he's reacting to adverse situations. We won't know until he gets another crack at it but. What what I'm saying right now is Kyle Orton is abrupt breath of fresh air is a year long term are no should give you that way now. Go find yourself a better quarterback and after the season after the season. You be looking to replace them. And. Disease you'll be your next year because they'll be higher well they want me because of these if you are right it's his option right. He'd maybe make it a competition and Joe's line the X 63 against Detroit the first time we Solomon I've action. Policy through that awful pick six mean in this communications and who knows. Guise of scenery they're walking right past me and I'm Italian. You thought the guy he would no he was dead in that face no emotion. At all he just walk street with no whatever look on his face. It didn't look match in happy of course he just operatives is that it's OK that's it and that's what we get from all happened he's like a quarterback who gets the. A couple fans have talked about after touchdowns and just runs right the sidelines and that's exactly yeah it is doesn't may be the winning touchdown because I've and that yeah that was that's a couple of they've had this problem that gave us pull out any did that your. You know I I. I guess it's like my players that way but. That would I think it probably you can get the film ever it's kind of Georgia you go to our charities. We countless like you know write it. I'm not invested in this really are out here long term anyways so its grip of a mile million bucks won its Galilee policy sort of carefree about let's not twist this I'd I'd do not mean that he doesn't care about the state and he just got it just does not bother him when when it makes mistakes and that's a good quality and what it makes me think about is you know people who. Assume that they know what players' motivation is or they're lacking motivation because it looked on TV. And you know it. Don't mind the guy yeah I. Doesn't have to win win baseball pitchers. Scream into there glows. Two seconds after. The end of the inning but something bad has happened in the inning right immediately I think that's for show. The waiting for the can't beat all along it is the Camarillo on the and then there just like all this guy really really cares. And you know a guy can really care and not do that we don't admiral said this week about Kyle Orton was asked what you know about him as a person and your three weeks starting more. He'll set which overall. He said he's really really really competitive that you wouldn't know. But he really competitive and I agree with and I am I think he has I'm sure he has I should say if he wants to win but again he he doesn't let that Lowe's affect him is that guy that's been cut. From teens he's been around the league well what more what do you do to me but he did your eyes and I learned Monday night 102. Current starting quarterbacks who have played for five teams. Or to me and Ryan Fitzpatrick are the two. While. He's one of only two quarterbacks in history. To ever start is to throw with one team to over 283 or more three straight games to starting with a team Jeff George's the other one. My 283 that has most amount but but. It just shows you that he'd actually come in right away pretty big impact. Passing game we like his numbers right there a reason not to yeah. They've been playing from behind which has helped get them is infinitely but yeah I mean he's giving his receivers chance to make plays and outside of the New England game. Which I've I've listened conversational way and it drove me nuts that there were trying to get the balls and Watkins and all the first happened limb on a limited basis in a separate art yeah the two catches total. New England yes. They changed that a big way in now with Spiller Jackson down. You need to just force feed that points you need to give the ball in his stance though I don't get hit it. No sorry I know you're gonna have with wrote quote. No no like I wasn't but I caught it. Have but I wasn't I was gonna say it was brought up well they've been behind they've been behind almost two Rhoden in all three of his games the Detroit game. Only led after the winning field goal with a second or so left on the clock couple seconds. The New England game they never led in Minnesota. Just one. At the last played the lead in the other point and Becky I'm not sure that they did they've been behind for most of his three games bills that jets Sunday. That one. May be more on Watkins and some final thoughts about that match up here from the roundtable. Today next much over the Bulldog with. Joba scallions Alka poncho here on WG art. Right and here's your chance to win a pair of tickets. To go see the Tragically Hip. On Sunday April 18 the first Niagara center the tickets are courtesy of our friends at one time presents. General contest rules apply. It is Tragically Hip on the fully completely tour 2015. Will be playing that entire album front to back at the outset of the show omen or some other. That are big hits as well tickets on sale at ticket dot com 64 point 9878. Caller five its parity could see that. Friday roundtable talking bills jets much over the Bulldog Joseph was going to sell the Bellagio sell you brought it up. Me yesterday on Twitter. I didn't maybe tell me how it started the idea of the the Watkins trade to a Cleveland Browns fan right now. Every week by at least once a week I think to myself. What about the browns game and I'd be happy right now. With this trade and the reason I do that is when I look at the standings. Trying to figure out where the bills would be drafting. As well. Obviously you're in the twenties that's good for the bills but now on the browser and I think. But what they're doing they don't seem Watkins at a happy to have that bills pay. And to me I've always said this CME. Is a he can be generational talent wide receiver it's not like you have to give them back even after this draft he yours for the next four years at least and. I'm glad we have seen he likens in buffalo. If you don't like I think this flawed logic in I don't like the tree for the bills because of the quarterback situation essential that you get at quarterback and other ways besides strapped in when the first round who says you're gonna to the top six and you're gonna get I don't know Mary Oda where we think it is for the broad perspective. You know things that the quarterback of the future they drafted him Johnny and sell. They also Josh Gordon so maybe it needs any likens but when you watch him play how can you got to spend culture all I got I would love to have this guy and how did we passed a minute Josh Gordon gets suspended you probably regrets drafts. The the main management knew he was being suspended the work was Mike Patton didn't know yet but mean. You at the draft I don't think it's so much about how good Watkins is I would be surprised if he weren't as good as he's been. But when I see Benjamin or Beckham. That's when I think about the intelligence that this trade and why the why do I necessarily need to give up so much for this guy how much of a gap is there. Well they have they have talked about Samuel likens and frustrating has used this term quite a bit. Generational talent and for them to throw around that word that player better deliver. But some synergy between the sabres and bills now there is worth what it's generational right or with rice's upcoming hockey draft and also we Google's got a generational and want to receive interest. Jimmie. When I was looking at these guys out of college. I've got the drop off was there for him Watkins to the next guy and that's not to say that I didn't love guys like O'Dell Beckham. Raining cooks I really liked Mike Evans are gonna operating yeah they he's kind of lost in New Orleans right now but. You know there's there are those receivers that are good. And can be a darn good receiver. At the end of the level but if you want superstar potential. That's it and there's there's no other way around the only guy who's close to that. And you gotta watch yourself because Sammy Sammy Watkins also has the maturity aspect and he's mean he's all business all the time at this point. O'Dell Beckham is outrageously. Talented and he's just scratching the surface. But there's in the off season leading up to the season. There's a lot of drama surrounding him so that's the kind of thing you have to deal with with him I think he has that would be wrote. I think on the point you make sale about you know wanting that 2015 pick they specifically for a quarterback. Which is a point I've made often enough I think you can even detach from that and just look at the trade but it never lined up to me. Not so much that I'd want wanna pick a quarterback in 2015 that first pitch but if I'm not all sad at quarterback to give up. That much to draft a receiver the last place I wanna be and it steals like this is where will end up. It is I've got to Orton here for now. I'm an old Manuel gets another shot next year maybe he and Orton duke it out but. Who's confident we've got our next great quarterback on the team I'll have Sammy Watkins I won't have any pick in the first round next year. And I'm going to be watching the ultimately do next year or the year after going why it is open all the time but I just don't have a guy that can. Click. I still at the inverse says you if you if you kept your neck and didn't make the deal. And somehow you've got to a quarterback by having that. You don't have watched as a throw the ball to. And I think that's where four years from now know what does it matter while in my money that ordeal docked him OK I got right. Our graduate in or some other receiver that Mike and it would depend again he's thinking where they are you know going for it to me as I said it before the draft Detroit was in the same spot right we're talking about them. They've got their quarterback if they wanna give up the store what it landed a few years ago to get Julio Jones doughnuts I just don't think it's a trade you can make if you don't have. Quarterback. You remember this Detroit won at Sammy Watkins yes could you add to that offense with Sammy Watkins on it. With Golden Tate Calvin Johnson and am that would be ridiculous I don't know what they were doing but that would be ridiculous but yeah I think. When you look at that trade in what they had to give up to do it and whether or not they sacrificed. Eight potential quarterback this coming year. Are the bills really a team that might be a new story with with new ownership but are the pills really teams that are going to draft a quarterback. Two years later in the first round after distract the answer is no. The answer is a definitive. No Watkins of a groin injuries on the injury report. Is probable yet he's got deeper you practice simple. Okay times up. Thank you guys think they're going and making the trip no problem you join New York or New Jersey Nets are at the coffee hot chocolate and were on board. That's aren't. If you name 25 quarterbacks in the blink when it enough it did name them but let me give you half credit for Charles what did you 1111. And it just funds will be duper fun name NFL quarterbacks. Might get a break here intent and I got to eleven not including the bills. I can name all eleven builds corner went for our traveling for a house yes party. Hook. We'll have picks or those are important definitely tune in to pay close attention write them down. That's after the update here much over the bulldogs thanks again to sell departure or Joseph was value for driving in for the roundtable today this is WG art.

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    all happening. At the time of the draft with no. Idea about Kyle Orton or anything being out there an and eventually on the bills to come in sort of stabilize things and maybe save the
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    and five and I think normalize still I'm gonna have to be Green Day . And I'm gonna have to get lucky in there and I I don't see winning in Denver. You know no me either

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So we talked to John Clayton. Ralph Wilson had a hand in decisions Chan Gailey was the bills coach it was 2012. And we're talking about the upcoming. Big game with the jets all right the stretching a little bit on the last one now. But a lot of things are different we have John Clayton with -- -- again to start 2013 through the Super Bowl were excited about that John hello and happy new year. Happy new -- what do you make about. What do you make of all the changes around here. Well -- I think it's great just knowing that there's some stability I think that's wonderful woman just knowing that. All the sudden it's he's not going to be up and moving someplace I think that's good and I think it's great to see that there is a partnership is trying to work together and then ultimately. TB the long term idea of a new stadium I think that's wonderful not a matter of trying to make sure that they get a good team to play in that stadium so. Some good and right now unfortunately some bad. You have a favorite. For the bills in their coaching search who would your money beyond. My money would be on either Ken Whisenhunt or Lovie Smith I think that the -- Why not go with it is somebody that's already established as opposed to giving a new coach can't stay at -- would learn on the job and it's not a knock him Mike McCoy here. Jay gruden or some of the guys like that. But in my way of thinking. You know -- got a proven track record of winning. Still if you go on the opposite side Ken Whisenhunt has done a good job of winning you know he's been able -- to a super ball both -- been to a Super Bowl so. Go with established as opposed to somebody who's not done it successfully before. Column hope reduction -- beat by woods tournament record because it's it's under 500. And -- public. When you look at it don't matter the quarterback and now. You know what he had a good quarterback in Kurt Warner that he was able to win. Like every other coach in football if your quarterbacks aren't good and you know he made a bad mistake and went for Kevin -- and it didn't work out. And he paid the price by losing his job but still sometimes you look at need to look at the physical way that he's been able to. Don't do a good job of coaching -- get a stability L last year he was able to be at -- Nate when they really didn't have a critical football team's overall. I think you Leo you give them the benefit of the doubt because he was. He had been successful just about every stop when you run out of quarterbacks to just kind of -- to that he has I think everybody knows them a couple of different times. College can you tell us if anything about Mike McCoy is he's sort and in the bills are said to be ready to talk to him this weekend. And done he's somebody all this that I I haven't dumb you know I paid a lot of attention to. Well -- I think it's a -- one thing you know they made enough play calls to get Tim Tebow to the playoffs and -- -- -- -- to -- go to the field right now I think he's that good I mean he's. They'll learn a lot coming through the change is that port and a conservative offense that. John Fox wouldn't allow him to do a lot when he was in Carolina. -- he goes to Denver all of a sudden here's Tim Tebow and so you you look to see what he did last year now you know when he would -- play pretend Tebow. He had no idea how -- gonna be executed the but somehow he cold enough good plays that people won seven games went to the playoffs. Was able to what a playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers and then gets it you know Peyton Manning in -- able to add things to Peyton -- game that -- -- And so he's just a good coach if you could pick Tim Tebow to the playoffs and believe me he didn't seem to have that happen with New York in the limited time to do without there. I think you deserve the chance and so because of the fact that he's up to date as far as running some of the new offenses that are coming into the -- from college. That's -- good thing he can no that you know he's got a great chance -- Peyton Manning go to the Super Bowl committee. That's a good -- John played with -- us John you said before speaking of Whisenhunt. Obviously so much of a -- success ties to who the quarterback is if -- if you were the bills in this search or any team wouldn't that be. Priority one in trying to analyze these guys and just appraise them. How how would you get us a quarterback who would it be what are you looking for. And I might think you pick the guy gives you the best answer to that. No question absolutely that's a 100% and that's why I think you can see that the trend now is to get more offensive coaches because. They at least seven April what's going on as opposed -- I guess I'm not a big Rex Ryan and I like him I think it's a good coach. But also took -- X and pick Rex Ryan to make the take on the quarterback. It's not gonna be successful some guys on offense the quarterback position is the most important. So I would have been my way of thinking would be dealt -- you can't necessarily say that the one pick is going to work out because it's not that easy. This year is not an -- year depict the quarterback because. The college -- does not really providing -- top -- talent. Even though some guys may go in the top ten and so because of that you may have to -- to get somebody. But that doesn't work out you have to be in the position to say okay if this doesn't work out we tried this guy. You've got to try to turn that I mean look at Seattle Pete Carroll came in first year he decides OK let's stay with -- back. Then what is Vivendi decides to go with. You know Charlie Whitehurst and that didn't work out then the next thing you know he signed Matt Flynn and then he goes with Russell Wilson and now. Russell Wilson hit on that they've got -- salt. That seemed coaches right now are going to be defined by their quarterback if you don't have a good one in May not get an and one year that you gotta get him some time or you're not going to be the coach. Do you have an opinion on Chip Kelly. I'm not a big Chip -- guy coming into the league and not because it's not a good coach he is a good coach and I just down the road isn't such a great job down there. But the problem I have a college coach is coming in because. You know college coach is that limited NFL experiences and the fail and I go back to Nick Saban and Nick Saban had experience in the NFL. He came in and you know the problem in the college coaches have they -- their own teams and college. They -- personnel directors -- everything that they want they're going to get that's just waited in college is not that way and the national football -- look at nick when he goes to Miami. -- the guy that has total control could do anything that he wanted he decide you know what. I want from breaks. We Drew Brees and the you know -- all the sudden that doctors. Got to the owner instead -- you can't have Drew Brees -- shoulders too bad. And the next thing you know he didn't even seventh inning getting out of here in two years so I just think that -- even the control coaches can't take control. And that you can't it control you get disappointed he gets frustrating he gets ugly. But you know you mentioned talking about McCoy that he can run some of the college type offenses I feel like that stop these water. Kelly's doing maybe maybe even on fuel while I'm still -- it's that in more. The you skeptical that that kind of system can work in the NFL. No I'm committed to working right now and you CP times a year because they're running noble running in the Oregon offense in delinquent. And they started doing it -- what that Bill Belichick has been doing for years is running a good portion of the Mike -- Texas Tech offense. Which is what you could see you look Wes Welker runs out of the slot. And then what they did this year they run a lot of the organs. Offense too quickly the running game. But the fast pace in trying to get 8090 plays of the game so it doesn't work. The problem is people figure these things out and if you don't have adaptable NFL opportunistic on the counter it. Then the next thing you know you tend to lose games and lose. Your ability to BA coach and I just don't know if the depth there because if you can't force that. In the you can use some things but if you force it too much you have to go back on basic gonna -- with Josh McDaniels and Bill Belichick. Still they can go to multiple things I feel like the typical one trick -- to come in here with the organ offense. Then that may be a failure. John -- with us we'll talk about the playoffs and a bit in May be the combat team twenty years ago today hopefully we'll get a chance as -- won't question him the least about that. One more element to the coaching debate here is just how the bills look. Two certain candidate verses how they did three years ago when they ended up with Chan Gailey. And it seems the consensus here John is that they have a better looking team. Then they did then even though the record isn't better at all would you say. I don't agree with that because. On the other Stevie Johnson and it seems like the second and third options are a little better not great but still a little bit better. I think you can see that they've devoted a little bit more resource is to -- interior of the offensive line. No they haven't really done enough I think on the outside of the offensive line. I think deal with the additions of Manila Mario Williams that he -- they obviously -- a disappointing year but he still what talent. That they in the least get the right defense of coaches in there stay with a 43 I think they can build something here so I think it's a better team. You know that started three years ago when -- -- took over. It was just a matter of getting over the top and unfortunately for -- could get -- over the top. And Spiller you'd even mention either who seemed like you know -- opt out. -- called the label is it to have a running back as your best player. If you're running back is Adrian Peterson. It's vital because the injury and went in the playoffs. Have problem won't get a playoff win. But it's better to have a quarterback -- running -- unfortunately have a short lifespan I -- 56 years and all the sudden they start to decline. We're quarterback of good looking keep you -- the knicks for ten to fifteen years so it's okay to have a good running back in Jermaine Dye. But if your quarterback's not -- guy. It's still struggle to get the 500 and about. Now what are your thoughts on Ralph Wilson's -- ceding control of the franchise which is what was announced here on New Year's Day to Russ Brandon. I just hope that he's healthy I think that's the big thing I think that. It was inevitable that something like that had to happen just to make sure just in you know NBC and several instances because a lot of these owners. Are now -- -- is starting to get home and have to make sure that. Things are run right and -- those different things and so if I mean I think the good thing is. You can see where -- intent was and -- intent was to make sure that this team stays in buffalo. Stated in this area and so that's good. And values -- get the control that you think is going to make this franchise fine and so. They'll -- is that a good loyal soldier for this team for about two years so I think that's good -- now be everybody knows who answered to about the matter just give the team better. John the road this weekend. I am ending it and two where Washington DC to Tennessee Washington and Seattle that battle of the two rookie quarterback. That's the best the best game I I remember the days when we talk to you Roy scored the best game. And I think this time you are. Yeah I liked this one game where I think that don't you've seen that there has been a nice little spike in recent years there's an eight year stretch where. The road team in the playoffs in the wild card round was able to win. If it's something that usually doesn't happen and a lot of that is because you know a great quarterback ends up getting a second place they like Aaron Rodgers Ben Roethlisberger. Eli Manning -- so he get more wild card win but last year. All for the wildcard visiting team's -- And this year I think three of the four visiting teams are going to lose the one team that you look at you think -- can you win the first round point that. Beat the Seattle Seahawks couldn't think they go in with the team it's a little bit better than Washington and a quarterback that can match up pretty well going against RG three. What are your thoughts on the other games -- Kelly there's no later than Minnesota's gonna have the success they had. On the road in Lambeau. Going up as they have the other the third time they've -- about six weeks and you have to figure that at some point. Dom -- gonna figure some -- not to give up some yards to the outside on the run to Adrian Peterson but also to your Christian Ponder on the road. And Billy he's about yield one point three yards per pass attempt off. In getting the ball down field. So now I think here you'll elect me about this last week Adrian Peterson get a 199. Yards and you're like is still scored 34 points I think. Minnesota is going to lose I think it's still going to be cup was -- to that because they're not all they're getting close but they may not be there yet to beat Houston. And then I look at the the Seattle game is being you know Seattle winning on the road and then Baltimore just think -- too much for Indianapolis right now. We'll ask you about the comeback came in a minute Andy Reid to Kansas City is that happening. It's happening yeah they're they're they're trying to get it done it's not done yet decided to look at the language of the contract let's. Everything seems to be in place barring a setback for that they get done tonight or tomorrow. What about Kansas City is so interesting them. It's a matter structure because he was very interested in Arizona and he's stored in house in Diamond Bar, California so anything. In San Diego would probably getting even give them a little bit of a hometown discount because he's a West Coast -- So. Kansas City given the structure as far as being able to be in control the the front office. Make that takes as far as the players take the general manager he wants which means Scott Pioli is going to be out. And so. But a tighter relationship with the owner. So with that. You canceled the flight to Arizona and San Diego and San Diego they knew they were gonna have a GM that's just. But it taken away some authority. Same thing there was going to be there in Arizona so from the financial standpoint they met all the and demands they're not gonna make probably seven and a half a million bucks. Do you think it. We know anything from this will want to draft first overall. Now it's too early to say because you know they yes certainly have the first pick but the first pick in this -- does not necessarily the quarterback because. Still more although it all these -- that are the quarterbacks are more low first round picks and so there's a little dilemma there. So what he has to make a decision you go get a veteran or what do you do. But -- know is so that -- a little bit too early to kind of pick that. Okay twenty years ago today bills Oilers. Review at the game. I will unfortunately not that the game because you know that's one of those memorable games that you just always. Yes like Dick head in the immaculate reception at one of the games he -- wish you were -- and one unfortunately it was not bad. Were you add another playoff game that weekend remember. Yeah I just can't remember what I was because I think everybody was so riveted. To that came attacked ethnic might have been San Diego or something like that would look into -- for a guy from Pittsburgh. Now we're on right now. Well do you have a thought on that team I know we've asked you about it before but it's a special anniversary for for that group. I think that that's. It's so well deserved because again it's like if figure okay. Billed as -- using a drop off when you go to the backup quarterback -- like OK it's ideally come back and they'll just like it was a miracle comeback and just watching it and you know here's Jim Kelly not able to play and the comeback there and -- Warren Moon and it's always remembered in Houston for their loss but I think more so than anything else. In detail how special that builds team was suggest. Kind of showed how deep they were. To me they were just on such a role for so long and like it didn't matter the starting quarterback was out but they were still going to win incredible game. John thanks for your time. You enjoy DC John Clayton going to see the Seahawks and the Redskins. That is the one game I wanna go to this weekend and maybe even try to pull off -- the rare double double the Maryland double -- there us. Baltimore a lot of money. And a lot of patience because traffic Baltimore and away and probably is no picnic that's what would the -- Yes. I don't even really know. Exactly where that is just not it's not for outside of Washington Capitals deploys its oil and dwindled to its on the left. You're right by the way about -- up to it -- on the left. But done to play -- games very close together on the same day I asked on Twitter.

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