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John Clayton on Bills Coach Search

Jan 3, 2013|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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    for the number why get to go issue we now know no hyper hasn't in the third round has a right tackle and kill a good guy to have a good teammate Mike show. The number of course going to be cancel because every time you see and you know there's going to be action. There's always good stuff going on there and Bulldog. The only one of the great characters of all time. One of the guys you always remember. Yeah everything right seeds might show. You skywalker coming in the ultimate heroes is far from so I guess you could say you can go home. Football or something like that and a Bulldog. And then number one and this is the. Is the sad part about it you don't you don't have a coordinator coming back and 11 of the great villains of all time to me that's number one. Mike Hsu for the bulldogs. They not bring them back. John will be with Thursday. Johnny Bench is scheduled to join us on Thursday. Big card show memorabilia show in the TV this week and two days at Batavia downs gaming and benches among the many. Sports stars scheduled to appear wonder what his thoughts on wart power rankings Monday. Well you'll have a chance and hopefully get console little bit higher. New asking Johnny Bench to link Star Wars characters. Well if you ask me that's a serious question. There's not one that I take lightly you know what that's a serious question. Two things on bills close then back to calls which may get us back into Adrian Peterson. Which is a serious thing. One. They won the first week wearing all white. They want last week wearing all white. Your home this week I say stick whether it went back and forth earlier. If they had plans. To Wear blue. If they wanted to change it. Russ Brandon texted both of us I went back and forth from a little bit he says that. The decision on jerseys. Is made. So. That probably means not only will they not be wearing at home Sunday. But at all. Again the rest of the year he didn't exactly tell me I know I know they're wearing blue on Sunday I got I got a text from Ross. That. If it didn't say that no it didn't he said saint enemy July we got a problem in July. There are legal requirements he said a dominant mark Holden. Told me blue wants them. You know so there it is thanks for listening guys Tibet. I'm getting used to the like it in the white helmets. Fresh start new order beholden to any other but the now all I like I do like the Bluetooth. But I I like how they look at the all white but the blew it and get rid of the but elsewhere that they were aware of years ago and my soul. Like the dark dark pull it out it's that would that would say look with that right down the rule might get behind the Bledsoe blue. So call to public Bernard Gallagher better than sabres. The blood I was horrid. The the more like a throwback blue and on a program like the white throwback you know. And so on day one upward that was one. Here's two on bills close Sunday. Assistant coaches at least some of them were wearing this red jacket. Did you see that I did not I sought reference but I never saw a picture over and died in school. was wearing blue I think we were at the games so I didn't see this from TV I think he was wearing blue. Assistant coaches were wearing a red Jim Schwartz for instance short sleeved jacket. The white standing buffalo I'm not sure there was any blue anywhere on the jacket. of that right there. Is the first bills. Clones. I've wanted to Wear. In a long time that red jacket. I love like a light jacket yet so. Another time blue either. It sounds like maybe I am. But I've not but I love that red jacket with a white buffalo. I had a visor the last bills close I ever wanted to was a weight off white. Bills visor with the red standing buffalo is also no that I love that but it so often that it just turn this Steen yell it from sweat. I have older you get reliable white new Cap I was given a gift from my four year. Braves cap sabres built cap and bill's cap is that white with a standing buffalo I think has. Were built in one ball. To others blew on it ruins I a little ruins it. Still the you don't need the word bills all right you don't you don't want You know I just on Saturday but I don't even remember but I think it doesn't work that's what was so great about the jacket I just realized it from what you said no bill you don't see the word built bigger on the back. Hopefully now you don't see the word bills on is just that awful I did not see these fuel. You've made it over to hang out with Germany for a little while with a game Jeremy what a morning show he what he had we ran into each other OK you know ought to. Some some garment a piece of that he was quite proud of you don't know OK I was Saturday and he had gone out to the bill store. I'm able image of himself may be sent them prudential. On he capital store on Saturday and bought this. Probably not quite but be bought something. And I'm wondering if it's this thing yours music cultures but I don't know he was so excited about had with him when I saw on Saturday but he was like. I flame like these but to have the best piece of teen clothing however. One of the emergency room. No I didn't notice. When someone's wearing. Pink feather bullet you on notice anything else so that's why I just did notice for Germany where else Jeremy board relief dominates like soapy few people Wear them. Maybe yes. And let's go to. Let's go to Jake. A Jake. Tea Party there are things. Would like to make a couple comments one about the the NFL protection notable scandal and another comment. Actual solution they sort of issues First stop you know there's the legal standard for suspending writes. It is beyond a reasonable. Now and then there's the had a pulse standard or suspending players. Which is a privilege. In the NFL doesn't have to have that beyond a reasonable doubt. Standard or suspending their players I mean. With there's the video or at Pearson. That's. There's the pictures so I think they're more than enough evidence. Now for most people justifies suspension. Goodell hasn't a word on which is really disappointing. And I think you know the top job. Well let you know the NFL has to stand up and lead in these situations. You know Secondly. Domestic violence child abuse I think that. They're the product the trial but that's circumstances you know in the home. And I think that primarily. That's a role for government. To try to remedy those you know education. Trying to create better economic. Circumstances. But you know I think there's a role for the the play is well. Whether it be creating you know afterschool programs. I know they do the and a they succeed saying. But certainly for to get socially and all they have. I capitalist you know. Yeah I guess I agree Goodell as a leader is a disappointment. It's funny he was labeled. Harsh he was labeled as harsh players. Talked about Goodell some players would tweet about him as though he were draconian like he. Was super tough on players it was as one writer put it. It was and the monument to Goodell would would be that infidels mind or at least in terms of his reputation. But it never lived up to that. That was really what was so harsh. I think it Goodell I think give them. Those big hogs on draft night quite the opposite. almost all of harsh to players if somebody be harsh to players I can tell you ought to do it. You know you get situations like this news they know our league is not gonna stand for that here in the rules and comment neat union. Having your turret you you position in the union as some sort of soft on crime outfit and goal from their. I think maybe now there's an opportunity for the league to be like that and maybe even get the unions union to go along but it can't be with Goodell. He is. Read it it can't be within the league wants progress he asked a goal they put someone else in there and that's the that's the purpose. It can't be with them. I really wonder I mean I know he's got the support of the but you're starting to hear. You know sponsors. And there are some skepticism. Out there that I'm seeing on Twitter from media of reporters. People cover sports business. Commenting that sponsors are serving themselves by writing newsletters are not taking any action. They're getting their name out there is being against this and it's it is it works for them. You know and and I I get that. But it comes to Anheuser-Busch. I mean that is more the freaking debt coming amenities you coach. If they were to really throw their weight around more than just a letter saying hey. You don't watch him. Could the commissioner really be in prayer went through the whole thing probably from ESPN. Early last week. I read this on Twitter said maybe he said it on the year in abuse of his colleagues in the opinion tweeted. This looks like a slow walk towards the end for Like the whole thing is setting up what it it always it starts slow and their support. But it just builds. And builds and there's one thing after the other and then he just he just can't escape anymore and the only the only way out of it for the league news. We got we have to we have to make a change it's the symbolism of it will be powerful. And something has to be done. And I really wonder mean this is. You know the second we can were sitting here in Buffalo, New York. National shoulders are talking about a more than we are. And our our Biden a lot more people when we. It is sadly it right here it's everywhere so sadly because they're not nearly as interest awfully of course so. That I good that really bears. That certainly bears watching. You know the other thing about you know. These two situations it's certainly weaken weaken view from the outside say both players should be suspended of course What what the commissioner of the hardest part of that job is setting that precedent. And like where do you go from Reuters that last hour what what becomes of the next guy in the next guy Mike. Are are the crimes comparable and offer the accusations. Comparable and often like what. Does does the punishment fit the crime and like all of this sort of slippery stuff you end up on. It's it's why what they have been doing all these years. It's just. Welcome couple games border over there are people forget about a man in the come back and it'll be fine thank you probable cheer him in you know whatever the Old Republic. The less of a big deal we make out of it. The better off will be I think that's been the mindset. Were. Fifty years. Well the those are off to New York to buy the bills or at least. Show while they're going to do it whatever it is I think they actually pay for them. And will they not see the commissioner. You go to New York for that wire you New York who do you see maybe you don't but maybe you do. Man. Want to enter school we want him to keep the team in buffalo and you don't have it still be fun. Make them good you know these kinds of broad. Goals. I'd respected if he had a conscience Ralph Wilson's conscience. Was the thing of the thing about him I liked the most. Most else. About Ralph as an older. Tended to disappoint me that. Whether it was. Firing people that. He lost his or couldn't get along with. Just the record of the team over time. There were lots of reasons to just beat up upset. But. Not that. The effect that he. Cared about Bieber I really I believe it fully I I respect him for this fully. That he cared about we deem any cared about. The image of the league doing what's right Wilson was big that. And so. It's okay with me if the next owner is like that. What those other things and sometimes. One can get in the way of the other you know that's the whole point here with Goodell having a conscience. And doing hard things. Well actually is it easy and it's risky. That's why sports commissioners never do it. You can't get that from any commissioners anymore you can't get real leadership you just get. Spokespeople for owners. So. Conflict of interest sure you know you talked about it before with respect to. Affecting. Competitive balance Adrian Peterson is important. So what do I do I don't really have evidence. I've got some I don't have. You know prosecution and I don't have. Any sort of guilty verdicts. On him you do have Peterson saying he did this. Mean yes he I mean that's that's not that's not enough that I mean that's that's him saying like yeah I did this I you know I didn't mean to cause as much harm and physical damages I did and I fell badly after word but I believe in this kind of punishment. It's how I was raised it was good for me and I are responsible for injuring that child went. That mean he's not been tried but he's I mean the league. Would have. No trouble at all like in that respect I wouldn't think the guys admitted doing what what is accused him. Here's Rick next on WGR a correct. Any shot a lot jacket they celebrated the bills or is pure red. White and the Perfect art of actually shot. got up around him. It's out of the pocket and we don't let intellectually. They aren't there are on every got you early. Little outlet to come out the wires phones. Place all. I love I love you thought in my running the day I spend eighty dollars. On something to run in he's always really. sure there are different but I always time. Rick times it's found a link to. Like a Macy's it's a Macy's page Rican buy for 85. The only us all three excel though I found on NF. There all right or school crap you know there's like standing buffalo a lot of yet another the running not look at yourself. Don't want it. I only want the one you like. All right well it's the bill store for me maybe is the first bills the thing I saw in Jim Schwartz. Who I really have no opinion at all by the way I'm still there and Jim and But I. I did like that jacket on him that's the first thing ever had to say about it I like the jacket on them and I may have to have had to buy first build item of clothing. Since that buys that would have been like 2002 maybe. Ever but a the visor locks. Long time ago and it gets it compliments on the where did you get that that that advisor brought. Visors back. You can go to. Right advisors when you sort of seemed stunned when I said that about spending that kind of money and so yes why would he box. Adjustments. Do you know what. That stuff is just. justice costing me All I buy I have stalled road yeah well yeah. I mean I have what I mean we ensure I have garments like that but I buy them clothes out it marshals for what he blocks like name. But in my shoes that's it while I'm an adult penal bought whatever you do that that depict him beat. The other stuff bowl and it's good stuff but it's you know whatever it took the barge to get this jacket. Running. Joba Skelly has been watching tape will have him to talk about what he's seeing from bills dolphins game approach is more bills talk. The jacket doesn't count. Should know about countering that so. Real bill stock ahead WGR 550 dot com I know how shocking. Jeremy is all 22 analysis my column today on five reasons why they'll make the playoffs in five reasons why they won't. Back after this year and WG Bill's fans there a lot. Good contest but don't say so myself at WGR 550 dot com I've. Hesitating they're because. Of that I wrote this up there but. Joba his work looking at the game back Jeremy he's got his all 22 analysis up your column from Sunday. Paul on the sabres. ever driven a tough time it seems at this. That's what guys turn of angry angry but yet the film review stuff is is is to me the highlight there and Europe I've read your piece of but Jeremy Scott is ultimately to review up Joseph opus joins us now live on the eighteenth he hotline. Should have his film review up. Wind. Well iron about. I had about five minutes ago in the second quarter Clarke got the stuff the this diluted starter on 11 o'clock this morning are still got some tough. Any anger is there anything you're seeing in the game that. Surprise you to see when you watch it back. I think the the overall surprising. years. just the way that the defense of lying genuinely dominated. The Miami offensive line and I'm talking rock Williams. And there are communication got that offensive line partially due to what the bill defenders did today and mark still Daria took. So many double team than in really. a lot of the stuff for trial lawyer in them or Mario Williams and or Jerry you to be able to get those one on one matchup than McCain window. I think that is really what stuck out the median and that was one of the keys heading into the game too because we thought that that with a winnable match up. And it surely happen that way or the bills and of course have only happened but that was the the over well big factor for me that potential was just something else. Joseph is posting. Bits and pieces as he goes in one such piece of funny we. We talk a little bit about the middle of the bills' offensive line and I mentioned left guard and I didn't elaborate but one of the reasons. I'd I'd I'd mentioned when I mentioned about maybe even still having some issues at left guard was one red zone play that you put up there where. are just got. Just got chewed up the meeting was absolutely responsible for no gain red zone run. Yeah we're it was a negative to what the guy I mean he would throw that guy right here author and entrepreneur player. But Williams should not with his side. thrown into that side like he was that particular why don't the he had them yet commission that they get together. Even though that was the case. In in I still think that Williams. Is an upgrade to what they had last year and I don't know that the saying much but. He either at least showing some semblance of and life than. In the ability to play the position but they're plays like that that completely blow things up and it she held that blocked. There are bidders a chance that Fred Jackson has taken a ball. You know 567 yards and getting them closer look at the end and we all know. The result of that red trip and ended up in a field goal. And and I think Chris Williams and it is walked on a one on one matchup with a victory. Yeah I think for Floridians who like. Here players and coaches say over the years like well you know always the moon looking at the film is just one it's one thing or another it's one guy. That played the of the highway you show from behind the formation right from those behind the bills. Looks to me like everybody else does their job in Williams just. Has a draw with his man. Even Jackson might. It in the end zone on that play that wide open but the guy would leave them fly in the ointment is the guy that just you know through William's side. Yeah that was the concerning part there is another player who. Didn't buy or didn't hesitate. Bill read option that EJ Manuel ran from the back in a blocking scheme was so. We're so the linemen were all. Shading toward the left which left. The electorate and the bad of the Miami defensive scheme three. And rather than. Rather than you know holding its form and waiting to see it EJ Manuel going to keep the ball he just crashed immediately. And back in combination with Chris Williams is beating side by and operate that Made that play just crumble but. It Williams held this block I think Jackson probably get it into the hole and it we follow the now you know the deal by expect our. And and then they're able that you know kind of change up the play call a little bit more what yeah I would it was a bad week for Williams. And that it we are red zone woes that play. There is another place where the bill or on the dolphins twenty yard line. And this is critical recognizes one more than they will Williams play that we're talking about. Because seem to block it completely. Shut down his his core pack. And and was able to kick it up over the the wide open manual written by yard to yard. That's some people they hated what can rub the wrong route that you know jackets skinny enough about. But other people say and you gotta hit that regardless of where judge judge where where he would anticipate we're going to go. Bill either way it was a miscommunication between the Q and that the type stuff that can't happen in the red on the African And make you put field goal in production now that that's just something they could not do early that game came back and bite them if they're. But going up against. Better offense like San Diego they're gonna have to capitalize on his red opportunities are sure. Joba with us on the AT&T hotline for me and I'm sure this is even saying that much. The reason why the office is playing as well as it is and that the winds are coming. Is there are just not that many bad plays happening turnovers in just loves you know even a couple of missed Rosen your describing once now but. Not many egos and the biggest one maybe we'll turn is big but. No sex only one sack against the bears against Miami with Cameron Wake I think from what I'm watching. The reason for that is manual mostly America. We're talking the offensive line you guys I'm not sure yet like I think it's still right to think. The questions that we are asking before the season are still good questions but. Are you timing it or do we do which you will disagree with this that manual. Is throwing the ball. Earlier or just early. not timing it but. Yes he did and I think it also a product. Of what Nathaniel Hackett has done early out of its feet and I mean I don't Egypt's. A lot of credit for band but I think he should get more then get it because. He's he has an annual in a position. Both played throughout the first two games that he's aware. He knows what he's doing ever play you know what we're going with the ball competitive spirit out his receivers and I'm glad to get in trouble. The brunt of that trouble that come his way because it's. The adult players are the dolphins are bears players were able to make a play. But a majority of plays manual. Is confident in the pocket he knows who designed and he knows what he's supposed to do and and filter its first couple of Mean they get in opt out for a and I think that's why you're not seeing in. Get pressured as much you're not seeing him get sector much there there is certain certain amount to be said for what the job according to land at. And the in that they utilized especially against a guy like Cameron Wake this past week where. We're chipping in with Scott Chandler running back for all back. I think I think a lot of it after that to be a tip of the what an act that. And of course EJ Manuel who has averaged I think he's played within himself to play within the system. That we haven't seen him in a really adverse situation yeah I'd are eager to see I doubt that it doesn't back. Sort of scenario in a regular seat and by. At a point where they'd been in control and and they he hadn't really had to go out and make too many plays that they they've been an a plus group. But I wanna see what happens when that that inevitably does come in and you know because they're not gonna continue to be ahead. Four let's see a hundred a 118. Out of 122 minute so I wrote a book of redeem or not not it. And trailing to. Realized right they they trailed early in the bear game tied it up right after that and since then has not been kind of it and even though you know of course came back and tied up. Our scallions joining us here on the AT&T. Hotline. Joseph speaking of what they did not wait. How how much recognizing that you're not yet to halftime of your film review. What what what they did a variety of different things what what are some examples of things you've seen so far that they did that were created tried to way. I'm sorry you know what is that. Wondering what they did to try to negate wait to give just Anderson some help over there. Yet there was a lot of it's got Chandler being a couple of times that operates Summers threw one. There are also other times where well Anderson was on zone out there by keywords. He was. It was a more of a quick acting play where the the build up and were able to get the ball out quickly and and there wasn't as much worry about children understand. But he getting beat by Cameron way. So there are a bunch of different being the variety of different things that they did tried camera placed. And and they did they did a pretty sound job of that Iguchi. What does they're already heard from the only time he got close From what I seen so far it weren't trying to came done and what the inside of the and the and even failure and get close enough to it. To make it it makes an impact. Jeremy has a lot on that with the bills did and his article at WGR 550 dot com. Game plan fizzled there's a lot of it how about this that Joseph that we talked about the beginning of the show how the bills rank higher. In yards per play. This year on offense where they rank I believe it was six theory. That they do on defense. I think that the quick reaction that would be that the defense has had more to do with there wins. But done you're looking yards per play which I think is a good stat and it says different. Yeah I think. What you're seeing them do it is well certainly. I think they're a concerted effort through the first two weeks based on how the game gone. To not run at any place. And maybe that's just the waiter approaching the speed and knowing that type of offense in the quarterback that they have that immediate he's now ready to lead them in a no on dole. And today type of attack that some of these other team in the Buick. I think also with the defense. There's a certain amount to be said for. Working trailing the bills in in late situation than needing a bunch of yards and piling up in in those bunches so. I think with what they've done on offense so far. It is clear they've done a nice job there won't play in particular I member of the that he watched. They would they would but what we're seeing a lot been able to middle of the field it and was a whole left side of it. For a thirty yard gain wide open and manual it have been struck. That would set up. By a lie route ran by marquis Goodwin on the opposite end of the field that took out the quarterback can they Why and what they're to corral the caption I mean there no one around them though that just the type of stop inflating That we're talking about in media a wider. Ripping off bigger than it work this time last year picked them. a year older in this system he's in your the quarterback. At least they would like to hope so at least he's proven in your game so far and now just a matter of hand doing it over a long period timer in the short Simon. And but pile means he has done a nice job and and back yards per play that that it is well what Joseph watching upon. Joseph do you ever know if if or or baby pink or suspected terror telling him not to keep the ball on on read options thirty think he's just making is he making the decision. Based on. Really what they're given him an easy making the right decisions in those situations. Yeah I think I think he's making the decision of what they're telling him hey. Don't keep that were anything but I think what they do you probably. And hammer and a reminder that more. I think that's that kind of stayed in his mind based. The injury that happened in Cleveland last year to not put himself. At risk to potentially be and that's that's one of the biggest things with him. All right Joseph thanks rule but I'm sure we'll check in tomorrow media day a as bills start prepping for San Diego thanks. Jones of those brought to you by New York's only look at what's your outlook. Plus important time for our show but the conversation about the 20 Buffalo Bills. Continues for a couple more hours are at the top of the hour with John Murphy. And John Murphy show live from one bills drive Denver joins me now live from drug preview of that program John Leo I'm good RU I am great at the given what the best September in my life I don't demonize him I don't need to get in all of it but that things are good that's good advantage to build the two locals are part of it. Sure yeah I saw your last week about the offense three touchdowns in two games can they keep winning this way. I blow thinking about the fact they've been behind for like 111 I have the bear game midway through the first quarter. Yeah like that's it. Yeah I think that is boy that is some comfortable plane and it. Yes I think they're they are first of all I think third incompetent bunch right now obviously after a couple of wins and minutes would come from behind have receded to win that game and right now and give that Garrard on this will last but I think. There's a sense on this roster elect just hang in there and things things will work out for us just hang in and keep in a way I think there's a lot of that going around that locker room right now. Yeah what what I think is schools that there there to dole. And they're getting. I don't see so little because they're you know they've answered when they needed to answer the answer that in the interim bear game got tied. And even answered on Sunday when the dolphins put together back to back drives him and he scored touchdowns boom boom both times. So the offense has given them enough but it hasn't been prolific and like if there's more better as the season goes on in manual. It's and a while I don't know like playing more than just twelve games. I don't know it's fun to think about where this could go for them. Absolutely yes and I do think the offense will evolve and change it. I threw that out there is tonight's topic to sort of get the conversation on but I firmly believe that they just kind of scratch the servers of what they're going to be offensively. There strong running team again their big play running team so far this season you know they obviously with. big running in Chicago and CJ's big run last week again there a couple of days ago. Against Miami but I think there's more there I think there's. A different dimension to the running game and and certainly a different dimension to the passing game that I do think we'll reveal itself over the weeks ahead. While this has to do with who they're playing how they attack these teams. You know I think I heard you guys discussing earlier today the pace of the offense hasn't really been exploited yet this. The season and there's there's time to do that and I think there's the capability to do that too loudly demonstrated that last year what he got on the show tonight. Tonight on the show com. When we got we got Hillary deem the new linebackers can be Winston studio. Got an author of book called fourth down in Dunbar that's a a neighborhood enough Fort Myers, Florida the hometown of us Sammy Watkins also Deion Sanders. And the author David Dorsey has written about. The players that come out there in the challenges they face. And also the president of the Pro Football Hall of Fame David baker will join us at 830 they've got a couple of things going on their including a visit to Orchard Park this coming Sunday. I saw your to your it was a good it was a good tweet was a good teasing tweet because contended askew but I don't want to give it away they considered for later but I'm curious as to why he's going to be on the sidelines on well and a Okay right see you you can tease me a per second anybody's gonna tell right now but no we. At the job marvelous to thank you as John Murphy coming your way. Right here two hours just heard schedule so make sure and keep tuned in. For that that wraps our program up for a Mike showed today people are just on I'm I will be back here to do this all again. Tomorrow straight up at the 3 o'clock. Probably tracked down Paul Hamilton at some point of respect from Trevor city. Media out the stadium central Australia surely will be a part of it as well. We'll you'd think tonight.

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    football we've got. What amounts to a -- On the league level. Adrian Peterson now the second allegation. Text messages and even eight of them. Talking about kids how many kids again is it. Albany moms.
    it gives you chills. Watching. While not watching but seeing pictures. A Adrian Peterson's son. With scars all over -- and then hearing Peterson. Or having it be described by police. Want. Allegedly happened. It makes
    the league doesn't need it and dare I say Italy doesn't need Adrian Peterson . The -- does -- child abusers will be doesn't need men who hit women in public or anywhere but -- doesn't need
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    line genuinely dominated the the Miami offensive line and I'm talking -- Kyle Williams . And there are -- communication without that offensive line partially due to what the bills defender did to them are sold Daria -- So many double team them and really keyed a lot of the stuff. -- trial -- before Mario Williams before Jerry used to be able to get those one on one matchup zone and window. Joba -- joining us just before
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    would I. Let's begin with the Nazis -- yeah okay. We was. Herman Edwards and -- talk. Brian thought Brian Dawkins talking about -- All I saw this segment earlier on TV I didn't pay much attention to see the whole thing but
    Jews while their talent to drop in prison or doesn't. -- that's Herman Edwards like on TV. Sold. Do you care Herman Edwards way and thirty. Stock shares bills. 45 stock shares Houston. And 45 stock shares Arizona. And then. Our IP names. Your parents

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So we talked to John Clayton. Ralph Wilson had a hand in decisions Chan Gailey was the bills coach it was 2012. And we're talking about the upcoming. Big game with the jets all right the stretching a little bit on the last one now. But a lot of things are different we have John Clayton with -- -- again to start 2013 through the Super Bowl were excited about that John hello and happy new year. Happy new -- what do you make about. What do you make of all the changes around here. Well -- I think it's great just knowing that there's some stability I think that's wonderful woman just knowing that. All the sudden it's he's not going to be up and moving someplace I think that's good and I think it's great to see that there is a partnership is trying to work together and then ultimately. TB the long term idea of a new stadium I think that's wonderful not a matter of trying to make sure that they get a good team to play in that stadium so. Some good and right now unfortunately some bad. You have a favorite. For the bills in their coaching search who would your money beyond. My money would be on either Ken Whisenhunt or Lovie Smith I think that the -- Why not go with it is somebody that's already established as opposed to giving a new coach can't stay at -- would learn on the job and it's not a knock him Mike McCoy here. Jay gruden or some of the guys like that. But in my way of thinking. You know -- got a proven track record of winning. Still if you go on the opposite side Ken Whisenhunt has done a good job of winning you know he's been able -- to a super ball both -- been to a Super Bowl so. Go with established as opposed to somebody who's not done it successfully before. Column hope reduction -- beat by woods tournament record because it's it's under 500. And -- public. When you look at it don't matter the quarterback and now. You know what he had a good quarterback in Kurt Warner that he was able to win. Like every other coach in football if your quarterbacks aren't good and you know he made a bad mistake and went for Kevin -- and it didn't work out. And he paid the price by losing his job but still sometimes you look at need to look at the physical way that he's been able to. Don't do a good job of coaching -- get a stability L last year he was able to be at -- Nate when they really didn't have a critical football team's overall. I think you Leo you give them the benefit of the doubt because he was. He had been successful just about every stop when you run out of quarterbacks to just kind of -- to that he has I think everybody knows them a couple of different times. College can you tell us if anything about Mike McCoy is he's sort and in the bills are said to be ready to talk to him this weekend. And done he's somebody all this that I I haven't dumb you know I paid a lot of attention to. Well -- I think it's a -- one thing you know they made enough play calls to get Tim Tebow to the playoffs and -- -- -- -- to -- go to the field right now I think he's that good I mean he's. They'll learn a lot coming through the change is that port and a conservative offense that. John Fox wouldn't allow him to do a lot when he was in Carolina. -- he goes to Denver all of a sudden here's Tim Tebow and so you you look to see what he did last year now you know when he would -- play pretend Tebow. He had no idea how -- gonna be executed the but somehow he cold enough good plays that people won seven games went to the playoffs. Was able to what a playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers and then gets it you know Peyton Manning in -- able to add things to Peyton -- game that -- -- And so he's just a good coach if you could pick Tim Tebow to the playoffs and believe me he didn't seem to have that happen with New York in the limited time to do without there. I think you deserve the chance and so because of the fact that he's up to date as far as running some of the new offenses that are coming into the -- from college. That's -- good thing he can no that you know he's got a great chance -- Peyton Manning go to the Super Bowl committee. That's a good -- John played with -- us John you said before speaking of Whisenhunt. Obviously so much of a -- success ties to who the quarterback is if -- if you were the bills in this search or any team wouldn't that be. Priority one in trying to analyze these guys and just appraise them. How how would you get us a quarterback who would it be what are you looking for. And I might think you pick the guy gives you the best answer to that. No question absolutely that's a 100% and that's why I think you can see that the trend now is to get more offensive coaches because. They at least seven April what's going on as opposed -- I guess I'm not a big Rex Ryan and I like him I think it's a good coach. But also took -- X and pick Rex Ryan to make the take on the quarterback. It's not gonna be successful some guys on offense the quarterback position is the most important. So I would have been my way of thinking would be dealt -- you can't necessarily say that the one pick is going to work out because it's not that easy. This year is not an -- year depict the quarterback because. The college -- does not really providing -- top -- talent. Even though some guys may go in the top ten and so because of that you may have to -- to get somebody. But that doesn't work out you have to be in the position to say okay if this doesn't work out we tried this guy. You've got to try to turn that I mean look at Seattle Pete Carroll came in first year he decides OK let's stay with -- back. Then what is Vivendi decides to go with. You know Charlie Whitehurst and that didn't work out then the next thing you know he signed Matt Flynn and then he goes with Russell Wilson and now. Russell Wilson hit on that they've got -- salt. That seemed coaches right now are going to be defined by their quarterback if you don't have a good one in May not get an and one year that you gotta get him some time or you're not going to be the coach. Do you have an opinion on Chip Kelly. I'm not a big Chip -- guy coming into the league and not because it's not a good coach he is a good coach and I just down the road isn't such a great job down there. But the problem I have a college coach is coming in because. You know college coach is that limited NFL experiences and the fail and I go back to Nick Saban and Nick Saban had experience in the NFL. He came in and you know the problem in the college coaches have they -- their own teams and college. They -- personnel directors -- everything that they want they're going to get that's just waited in college is not that way and the national football -- look at nick when he goes to Miami. -- the guy that has total control could do anything that he wanted he decide you know what. I want from breaks. We Drew Brees and the you know -- all the sudden that doctors. Got to the owner instead -- you can't have Drew Brees -- shoulders too bad. And the next thing you know he didn't even seventh inning getting out of here in two years so I just think that -- even the control coaches can't take control. And that you can't it control you get disappointed he gets frustrating he gets ugly. But you know you mentioned talking about McCoy that he can run some of the college type offenses I feel like that stop these water. Kelly's doing maybe maybe even on fuel while I'm still -- it's that in more. The you skeptical that that kind of system can work in the NFL. No I'm committed to working right now and you CP times a year because they're running noble running in the Oregon offense in delinquent. And they started doing it -- what that Bill Belichick has been doing for years is running a good portion of the Mike -- Texas Tech offense. Which is what you could see you look Wes Welker runs out of the slot. And then what they did this year they run a lot of the organs. Offense too quickly the running game. But the fast pace in trying to get 8090 plays of the game so it doesn't work. The problem is people figure these things out and if you don't have adaptable NFL opportunistic on the counter it. Then the next thing you know you tend to lose games and lose. Your ability to BA coach and I just don't know if the depth there because if you can't force that. In the you can use some things but if you force it too much you have to go back on basic gonna -- with Josh McDaniels and Bill Belichick. Still they can go to multiple things I feel like the typical one trick -- to come in here with the organ offense. Then that may be a failure. John -- with us we'll talk about the playoffs and a bit in May be the combat team twenty years ago today hopefully we'll get a chance as -- won't question him the least about that. One more element to the coaching debate here is just how the bills look. Two certain candidate verses how they did three years ago when they ended up with Chan Gailey. And it seems the consensus here John is that they have a better looking team. Then they did then even though the record isn't better at all would you say. I don't agree with that because. On the other Stevie Johnson and it seems like the second and third options are a little better not great but still a little bit better. I think you can see that they've devoted a little bit more resource is to -- interior of the offensive line. No they haven't really done enough I think on the outside of the offensive line. I think deal with the additions of Manila Mario Williams that he -- they obviously -- a disappointing year but he still what talent. That they in the least get the right defense of coaches in there stay with a 43 I think they can build something here so I think it's a better team. You know that started three years ago when -- -- took over. It was just a matter of getting over the top and unfortunately for -- could get -- over the top. And Spiller you'd even mention either who seemed like you know -- opt out. -- called the label is it to have a running back as your best player. If you're running back is Adrian Peterson. It's vital because the injury and went in the playoffs. Have problem won't get a playoff win. But it's better to have a quarterback -- running -- unfortunately have a short lifespan I -- 56 years and all the sudden they start to decline. We're quarterback of good looking keep you -- the knicks for ten to fifteen years so it's okay to have a good running back in Jermaine Dye. But if your quarterback's not -- guy. It's still struggle to get the 500 and about. Now what are your thoughts on Ralph Wilson's -- ceding control of the franchise which is what was announced here on New Year's Day to Russ Brandon. I just hope that he's healthy I think that's the big thing I think that. It was inevitable that something like that had to happen just to make sure just in you know NBC and several instances because a lot of these owners. Are now -- -- is starting to get home and have to make sure that. Things are run right and -- those different things and so if I mean I think the good thing is. You can see where -- intent was and -- intent was to make sure that this team stays in buffalo. Stated in this area and so that's good. And values -- get the control that you think is going to make this franchise fine and so. They'll -- is that a good loyal soldier for this team for about two years so I think that's good -- now be everybody knows who answered to about the matter just give the team better. John the road this weekend. I am ending it and two where Washington DC to Tennessee Washington and Seattle that battle of the two rookie quarterback. That's the best the best game I I remember the days when we talk to you Roy scored the best game. And I think this time you are. Yeah I liked this one game where I think that don't you've seen that there has been a nice little spike in recent years there's an eight year stretch where. The road team in the playoffs in the wild card round was able to win. If it's something that usually doesn't happen and a lot of that is because you know a great quarterback ends up getting a second place they like Aaron Rodgers Ben Roethlisberger. Eli Manning -- so he get more wild card win but last year. All for the wildcard visiting team's -- And this year I think three of the four visiting teams are going to lose the one team that you look at you think -- can you win the first round point that. Beat the Seattle Seahawks couldn't think they go in with the team it's a little bit better than Washington and a quarterback that can match up pretty well going against RG three. What are your thoughts on the other games -- Kelly there's no later than Minnesota's gonna have the success they had. On the road in Lambeau. Going up as they have the other the third time they've -- about six weeks and you have to figure that at some point. Dom -- gonna figure some -- not to give up some yards to the outside on the run to Adrian Peterson but also to your Christian Ponder on the road. And Billy he's about yield one point three yards per pass attempt off. In getting the ball down field. So now I think here you'll elect me about this last week Adrian Peterson get a 199. Yards and you're like is still scored 34 points I think. Minnesota is going to lose I think it's still going to be cup was -- to that because they're not all they're getting close but they may not be there yet to beat Houston. And then I look at the the Seattle game is being you know Seattle winning on the road and then Baltimore just think -- too much for Indianapolis right now. We'll ask you about the comeback came in a minute Andy Reid to Kansas City is that happening. It's happening yeah they're they're they're trying to get it done it's not done yet decided to look at the language of the contract let's. Everything seems to be in place barring a setback for that they get done tonight or tomorrow. What about Kansas City is so interesting them. It's a matter structure because he was very interested in Arizona and he's stored in house in Diamond Bar, California so anything. In San Diego would probably getting even give them a little bit of a hometown discount because he's a West Coast -- So. Kansas City given the structure as far as being able to be in control the the front office. Make that takes as far as the players take the general manager he wants which means Scott Pioli is going to be out. And so. But a tighter relationship with the owner. So with that. You canceled the flight to Arizona and San Diego and San Diego they knew they were gonna have a GM that's just. But it taken away some authority. Same thing there was going to be there in Arizona so from the financial standpoint they met all the and demands they're not gonna make probably seven and a half a million bucks. Do you think it. We know anything from this will want to draft first overall. Now it's too early to say because you know they yes certainly have the first pick but the first pick in this -- does not necessarily the quarterback because. Still more although it all these -- that are the quarterbacks are more low first round picks and so there's a little dilemma there. So what he has to make a decision you go get a veteran or what do you do. But -- know is so that -- a little bit too early to kind of pick that. Okay twenty years ago today bills Oilers. Review at the game. I will unfortunately not that the game because you know that's one of those memorable games that you just always. Yes like Dick head in the immaculate reception at one of the games he -- wish you were -- and one unfortunately it was not bad. Were you add another playoff game that weekend remember. Yeah I just can't remember what I was because I think everybody was so riveted. To that came attacked ethnic might have been San Diego or something like that would look into -- for a guy from Pittsburgh. Now we're on right now. Well do you have a thought on that team I know we've asked you about it before but it's a special anniversary for for that group. I think that that's. It's so well deserved because again it's like if figure okay. Billed as -- using a drop off when you go to the backup quarterback -- like OK it's ideally come back and they'll just like it was a miracle comeback and just watching it and you know here's Jim Kelly not able to play and the comeback there and -- Warren Moon and it's always remembered in Houston for their loss but I think more so than anything else. In detail how special that builds team was suggest. Kind of showed how deep they were. To me they were just on such a role for so long and like it didn't matter the starting quarterback was out but they were still going to win incredible game. John thanks for your time. You enjoy DC John Clayton going to see the Seahawks and the Redskins. That is the one game I wanna go to this weekend and maybe even try to pull off -- the rare double double the Maryland double -- there us. Baltimore a lot of money. And a lot of patience because traffic Baltimore and away and probably is no picnic that's what would the -- Yes. I don't even really know. Exactly where that is just not it's not for outside of Washington Capitals deploys its oil and dwindled to its on the left. You're right by the way about -- up to it -- on the left. But done to play -- games very close together on the same day I asked on Twitter.

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